How to Test the Idea of an Online Course?

You are happy because you have shown that around your idea there is interest, curiosity, need for answers.

Well, here’s the best part: you won’t start producing materials like a madman right now, no, that’s the next step.

Producing an online course is hard work and before you venture into a crazy and desperate job you have to make sure that your course sells.

And how can you tell if a course sells before you do the course?

Listen to me carefully because this step is fundamental.

Prepare a reduced version, so to speak, of the course: a beta version.

A version that still offers a valid content, but has a shorter duration than the final course.

The curriculum of the beta course will be open and flexible (I will explain it later).

At this point, with transparency, you can launch your beta product, stating that it is the first version of the final course.

At What Price Should I Sell a Course Online?

How do you know what price to pay for an online course? Let’s distinguish between the beta course and the final course.

You can offer the beta course for sale at a fraction of the cost of the final course. Concerning the final price at which you want to place your course, you will act in proportion to the sale price of the beta course.

Let’s say that you could vary from a minimum of $27 to a maximum of $197, depending on the type, of course you want to offer and the type of access to your person you want to give to the students.

The more you give access, the more the price should go up.

But let’s stay focused because we’re starting to connect dots along the way here. Let me get this straight. You’ve found an idea that seems to be suitable for an online course. You’ve seen that there’s widespread interest in your idea.

Now you’re about to find out if that interest can turn into a real purchase of your product by people.

If the beta works (bingo!), there’s a high probability that your final course will be a success as well. Hurray!

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A Precious Piece of Advice

Let’s get back to why beta should have an open resume.

Clients who have subscribed to this initial version will give you many suggestions, ask you questions, have doubts you may not have considered.

Well, this is very valuable information because you will enter your answers in the final version of the course.

Your final course will be built taking into account the arguments of real students.

Of course, those original (and courageous!) students will be given access to the final version of the course.

They helped you to build the final course and gave you confidence when no one else was around, don’t be stingy.

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