How to Maximize Your Online Learning Experience?

Modern technology and advancements ask for added commitment and hard work to produce tangible outcomes. Studying at home is a bit more challenging than college because we are surrounded by a comfy environment that kills productivity and encourages laziness. 

While studying online, students approach online studies with a laid-back attitude and take it for granted, completely ignoring the fact that equal efforts are required for online studies as for face-to-face. 

Scholars and educators have put together many ways to achieve success in online education and utilize its effectiveness to build real-time skills that could help build a better career and pave the way for job opportunities.

Time management is key

Time makes us or breaks us. Effective time management is the predicament of successful online education and career. Multiple effective time management techniques could be employed to make better use of time. Pomodoro is one of the methods which one could employ to do assignments and even prepare for tests. This technique will help us sustain our productivity for a long. Effective time management will help you follow better study plans.

Make study plans and schedule them

Don’t just randomly sit down to study. Plan your day. Jot down your tasks on a daily-to-do-list. This way, it will become easier to work or study. Scheduling can clear our minds of confusion regarding what and what not to study. 

Plan a SMART goal: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound

Planning achievable goals will make work more comfortable, and you won’t have to rush deadlines. But a study plan won’t work unless and until you are studying in an active learning peaceful environment.

A good study environment plays a vital role in stimulating your brain to study. Choose your place wisely, a place that has minimum distractions and would encourage you to focus on your studies. 

Also, try to avoid distractions like social media and cell phones. Tempting distractions are the sole reason for killing your productivity. Stay organized and clear the clutter that’s causing distractions. 

Determine your productivity place

Experiment with which places suit you best, either it’s your kitchen table, a library in your vicinity, or a coffee shop. But keep all the resources available at hand, so you don’t have to rush every time you need anything. Make sure that the place you opt for has a stable internet connection. Additionally, it’s good to reward yourself once in a while.

One of the best tips to remain productive for longer is to reward yourself after achieving a goal. Self-bribing motivates you to perform better next time and put in your best efforts. Since online learning is lonely and there are no friends to celebrate with, hang out with friends whenever you score an A grade or even a B grade doesn’t really matter. Hang out with friends more often to keep your mind relaxed and socially active. Just sitting back at home and studying will make you numb and socially awkward. 

As online education does not give you access to sports or other extra-curricular activities, one has to take time out for this stuff to keep the brain active and to move.

Now that you have started your online classes and it feels relaxing to sit on your favorite couch while taking classes, the laptop in between feels like a barrier between you and the teacher. You are not able to convey your emotions precisely the way you want the teacher to interpret them. This could be because we are not used to taking online classes and are unaware of communicating impactfully through a third medium.

Participating in an online classroom is equally necessary as participating in a face-to-face classroom

In order to cultivate strong relations with your instructor and peers, it’s essential that you communicate and actively participate in online discussions. Participating more and more will bring you into the limelight and help you get noticed. Teachers also usually focus on students who are actively taking part in discussions and arguments.

But there are multiple ways your communication could get better and effective.

Firstly, remember less is more. Make your point concise and to the point. Don’t talk a lot because there is limited time, and everyone has to be heard. So, make sure whatever is being said is crisp and conveying your thoughts with limited use of words.

“Social support is desirable as a way to foster knowledge work and collaborative learning; it provides an environment where communication is encouraged; e.g., anecdotes and personal experiences encourage trust, which fosters receptive and creative learning environment” (Hranstinski, 2008) Another thing to focus on is your answer should be complete and precise.

Communicating online is a bit of a hassle in a way that multiple participants have to be entertained simultaneously, so the answer has to be complete. Choose your words wisely, which conveys your thoughts and words impactfully.

However, apart from studies, students have to take online tests and assignments to complete a course it’s necessary that students take assignments, tests, and courses simultaneously. Students find it a bit easy to take online tests and assignments rather than face-to-face exams. 

Just the thought of taking an exam from the comfort of your home is itself very encouraging. Students find it quite fascinating not to have to bear the exam hall pressure. The exam hall pressure is itself crippling and is capable of shattering some students’ confidence. But the thought of taking exams from the comfort of your home builds up confidence.

Assignments are also a crucial part of the university degree and have to be submitted on time. This is where the trouble begins because online education seems to make students a bit lazy than they are on campus. Students start procrastinating more often hence delaying work. But when the deadlines are near, they begin to panic, and therefore stress and anxiety begin to take over. Students have to be mindful of the deadlines and manage their time effectively to handle things in an organized way.

In order to make the best assignments, one has to master their writing skills. Online assignments require students to write a lot, and if they lack the fundamental ability to write and format, things will get tough for them. Writing is something that is being instilled from childhood and is undeniably necessary to ace assignments. The inability to form a basic sentence structure could cost students points. 

Formatting is also an essential part of online writing. Multiple tools could be used to master formatting. Online writing is useless if you are not focused on formatting. Appropriate formatting makes your assignment stand out from others, and faulty formatting could potentially drain your efforts.

Writing skills are not necessarily innate, and you can easily master writing by following just a few feasible steps. These steps could potentially help you in making your assignments look good.

First and foremost is the sentence structure. The main focus should be the sentence structure. The sentence could make or break your write-up. The best and most practical way is to read. Read a lot of books. This could help you in fixing your sentence structures. Reading gives you the ability to improvise your thoughts in an impactful manner and is fruitful if you practice as well.

Reading will not suffice if you are not practicing your writing. The key to a masterpiece is to practice a lot. As the old saying goes, “Practice makes you perfect,” it is correct to many extents. Practice your writing to structure it beautifully. If you are genuinely invested in improving your writing, try to make it into a SMART goal. This way, it would become measurable and achievable.

You would also be able to witness tangible changes in your writing. The advancements in modern technology have gradually incorporated themselves into our daily lives. Each aspect of our lives revolves around technology, whether it is a career or education. The modern world is wholly dependent on technology, and we cannot deny the fact. Modern inventions could become more fruitful if we channelize them effectively. Gadgets and tech products have made our lives easier to an extent people from medieval times can’t even imagine. Education is made more convenient and accessible than in the past.

We just have to put in a little bit more effort to enjoy the technology wholly. As human beings, we are completely aware and in control of our actions. We have access to an ever-flowing sea of knowledge. Knowledge is no more the need of the hour; effectively utilizing it is the hour’s need.

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