How to Manifest Love in 4 Simple Steps

Did you know that you can also use the law of attraction to attract the man or woman of your dream or a great relationship?

Over the past twenty years, manifestation has gained increasing interest. Clearly, this is not a case of mere coincidence. It may sound impossible to imagine one’s perfect life and make it a reality, but it is possible. 

In spite of all the skepticism, many people claim to have benefitted from this approach. If you are curious about the mechanisms of love and want to learn how to make it happen, you should read about this topic. 

In this article, we will show you the steps to manifest love.

Step 1: Commit 

In life, you don’t get whatever you need or whatever you want; rather you get whatever you commit yourself to. By commitment, we mean becoming one with your mind. Commitment here has nothing to do with people but embodying resourcefulness towards your life. 

First, think of the kind of person you’d like to have as a soul mate & clearly decide the qualities you want him/her to have. Do you want him/her to be affectionate, abundant, ambitious, caring, beautiful, charismatic, or creative? 

Now, imagine that your soul mate, the person in possession of all those amazing qualities, was looking back at you & seeing you like you’re right now. Out of how you know yourself, do you think this person would be proud of what he/she is seeing? Do you think he/she would be interested in dating you? 

If your answer is no, you must develop into the kind of person that you’d be proud to date. To find your “right person”, you need to be the “right person” for the other person, i.e. you should become the kind of person you aim to attract. 

You need to commit yourself to becoming the kind of person you want to attract & realize that it’s not all about finding a person who’ll love you, make you happier & so on, but is rather a journey of growing yourself & improving your self-love before recognizing & accepting love from your ideal spouse. 

Start committing yourself right now, “I fully commit myself to welcome my soul mate upon my life & developing myself into the kind of person that I want him/her to be” 

Step 2: Come up with a clear vision 

Who is your soul mate? What’re his/her looks? What about the qualities? What attracts you to him/her? 

Many of us start manifesting love by pointing out what we don’t like. At times, you may find yourself in a very unhappy relationship where you argue a lot, fight a lot, & are generally unhappy. 

The solution to avoid this is having clarity in what you want. This will enable you to identify it whenever you see it, hear it & feel it & more importantly, you won’t involve yourself with someone who doesn’t possess the qualities you desire in a soul mate.

Below are some of a few tips that can help you gain clarity: 

The soul mate list

Make a list of green light attributes & qualities that you’d like your soul mate to possess. On this list, define all the non-physical & physical personality traits you’re envisioning in her/him. 

Let the list make your heart sing. I would suggest you start the list by indicating whether the person is single, gay/straight, available for a loving, healthy long-term or short –term relationship. Be specific in that manner; include where the person lives, close or far. 

Deal breakers 

Clear up deal breakers. Deal breakers are the red lights that you should keenly watch out for when meeting new people. Make a small list indicating a minimum of three qualities that if you find them in the person you’re keen on dating; your interest in that person would instantly wane. 

Deal breakers can include; if the person is a drug addict, married, abusive either verbally or physically, or even rude. 

Your gifts 

Did you know that your partner isn’t meant to come into your life to rescue you, save your life or make your life happy? This list indicates the things you’re bringing to the relationship. List the unique gifts you’d share with your soul mate. 

Step 3: Send out a soul call 

Sending out a soul call is one of the best ways of inviting love into your life. A soul call is a powerful process where you can establish a soul-to-soul connection before you even meet your partner. 

How does this work? The answer is simple; everything in this world is first created in our inner emotions & ideas before it starts to materialize. Research shows that people who are miles away can still affect each other’s capacity & heart beat to feel love by merely thinking of loving thoughts for one another. 

To send out a soul call, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set an intention: You can do this by saying it loud or writing it down. This can be  something like “I now open my heart to welcome the love in”. This statement alone can do wonders. 
  2. Open your mind: This is done by believing that your soulmate is out there & nothing can part the two of you. In this case, you can utter assertions like “My loving partner is on her/his way to me” or “Nothing is going to keep my soul mate away from me” 
  3. Open your heart: Visualize feeling what it would feel like to be in the arms of the one you love. Try to experience the love & warmth of his or her arms as if you were in his or her arms right this instance. Let your imaginations carry you forth into the arms of your soul mate.

Step 4: Clear the decks

The process of development & spiritual growth is one way of letting go of the past & embracing aspects of yourself that you intend to manifest. 

For you to welcome your soul mate, you need to clear those things that hinder you from having the relationship of your dreams. You can do this by healing your heart, releasing the past, decluttering your mind & making room for love.

Healing your heart

Humans are susceptible to physical & emotional wounds. If you experienced a challenging childhood, or you were rejected or abused in your previous relationship, the fact is, deep down you were emotionally wounded & you need to heal.

Healing is a form of preparation in readiness to welcome the love you deserve into your life. You need to develop conscious healing. You heal by clearing up all your past anger, hurt, resentments & anything else that has built a thick wall of distrust inside you. You can do this by using the power of forgiveness.

Decluttering your mind

Clear your mind by releasing any limiting beliefs or fears you’ve about love. For instance, some people believe there are some fatal flaws or secrets that can repulse others. Women normally believe in something physical while men concern themselves with career or finances. These petty insecurities lead to thoughts such as 

  • “I am not ready to meet my soulmate until I am financially stable” 
  • “I will be ready for love when I lose 20lbs” 
  • “No man can love a woman with no hair” 
  • “Every man is a jerk” 
  • “Every good man isn’t single”

Releasing the past

Are you still in love with someone? Do you’ve any unresolved past relationships? If you seek love with some hope for your previous relationship, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You’ve no room for someone else. Let your past go, not by stopping to love the past, but by finding a new place for them, a special part of your heart for all your past love stories.  

Making room for love- As you’re right now, do you’ve the energy & time for a strong, healthy, & loving relationship? Perhaps you’ve been single for quite some time & have been working until late thus have minimal time to go on dates. Perhaps, you’ve been helping others so much that you don’t even love yourself. 

Make time & space for your love. If not, you’re sending messages to the universe that you’re not ready for one. Consciously start making room for your soul mate.

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