How to Make Yourself Worthy With the Law of Attraction?

As I was writing the first draft of this guide, I went through a lot of different ideas for how I wanted to title this module, even though the content itself was always going to be the same.

Just a couple of examples (of at least ten ideas I was choosing from) include: “Are you worthy of having everything you want?”

“How to tell if you’re worthy or not.”

“You’re already worthy! Here’s why.”

So why did I finally settle on “Making Yourself Worthy” (And Making Sure The Universe Knows It)?”

Because 99% of people who learn about the Law of Attraction always seem to be under some false impression that they have to “do” something in order to deserve happiness and success. This is all in spite of being told by almost every book or program out there that they’re ALREADY worthy. They refuse to accept that they don’t still have something to prove. They don’t recognize that just by being born, they’ve already paid every last one of their dues for receiving the life of their dreams.

This is human nature, of course. Getting “something for nothing” doesn’t really compute for us because our standards for survival on this physical plane always involve some form of exchange.

In other words, we assume that if we want to “get” …then we need to “give” in return.

The issue here is that we already ARE giving. We just don’t realize it. We don’t see it because the “giving” that’s required isn’t in the form that we’re used to. Our “giving” is being accomplished by having desires that automatically provide the Universe with the opportunity to expand in response to them. In other words, our work is already done.

But even if we understand this on an intellectual level, we’ve still got the

ego creeping in the background doubting the truth of this anyway. And that’s why you never seem to get very far with any of this.

That nagging suspicion that “it can’t be this easy!” or “there’s no way it’s so simple!” is EXACTLY the reason that it hasn’t been “easy” or “simple” for you yet.

If you could only just know in your heart of hearts how much the Universe loves you, how much it really is in your corner, how much it wants you to have what you want, and how quickly this can all really happen for you — your head would spin, and you’d barge in on every person you love, shove a copy of this guide in their face, and tell them to just try the methods out already.

Here’s the thing — since there’s most likely a very important and influential part of your mind that refuses to accept that you’re already worthy — then we need to find a way for you to “earn” it in terms that you can accept. But these terms ALSO need to add to the quality of your life (so that you’re in the proper frequency to receive your desires).

You’re already worthy. And the Universe knows it. Now it’s time for you to finally know it as well. At your deepest level of being. To really ‘get’ that there’s no shortage of good. There’s only abundance. You need to readjust your perspective so that feeling selfish becomes impossible and feeling worthy is inevitable. And it’s easier to do than you think.

Here are 2 highly-effective ways of achieving this improved state of being:

#1 – Live A Mission In Service To More Than Just Yourself

This doesn’t mean that you need to commit to some ambitious cause that will demand all of your time, energy, and money. You don’t have to move to a new city. You don’t have to change your lifestyle. You don’t even have to volunteer for anything.

You simply need to remember that we’re surrounded by more than what our senses detect. We’re literally swimming in energy. And we can effect that energy through our intentions, our moods, and our emotions.

So make the choice to live your every moment as a source of positivity to all of those around you — whether you know them or not, and whether you physically interact with them or not.

Be willing to serve as a vehicle of light for anyone who might need it, no matter what form that might take. It can be through action OR through stillness.

You get to decide.

But however it might appear in any given moment, you are essentially committing to being a conduit for love, light, positivity, possibility, abundance, warmth, compassion, support, strength, and joy.

When you walk into a room, you literally radiate the energy of any or all of those qualities. That is the impact you make on everyone and everything around you. You make your world a better place through this intention. You brighten the mood of others without them even realizing it was you. You intend happiness and success for all of those around you.

When walking in nature and passing trees gently swaying in the breeze, you acknowledge them and understand that their swaying is just the Universe saying “hi, I love you.”

Silently return the sentiment with your thoughts. Commit to being the kind of person who supports others when they need it. Be the kind of person who says something kind to a stranger when it’s clear they’re having a bad day and could use a quick pick-me-up.

Live your life with a code of honor that you consider fair and just, even if others are unable to live up to the same standard. Begin each day with this intention. Literally say out loud “I commit to being a vehicle of love today. I am here to radiate positivity and joy, and to offer those around me good feelings, hope, faith, relief, confidence, and any other energetic support they might need. I know I will come into contact with the perfect people who can contribute to my well-being just as much as I can contribute to theirs. And if I don’t see how they can help me, it doesn’t matter. I’m a wonderful person who brings ease and joy wherever they go, and I leave the rest up to the Universe”

Feel free to take real action as well. Do good things — but only choose things that truly make you feel good.

If volunteering for ten hours in a soup kitchen feels like a chore, then don’t do it. Everything you do should always feel good because that’s the frequency that invites everything you want to manifest.

And there are plenty of other ways of doing good for others that you can enjoy while still making a difference.

It’s all about feeling good as you do this. Of course, you’re most likely not going to feel good 100% of the time, and that’s okay — especially since positive emotions are always more powerful than negative ones, so you can easily tip the scales of receiving in your favor. But just because good outweighs bad, that doesn’t mean you should voluntarily allow bad experiences when you can just as easily have good ones instead.

So you need to do nice things for others that also feel good to you. You’re not being selfish or petty or unfair by requiring that you enjoy it. If anything, you’re being selfLESS because when you enjoy doing something nice for someone else, you’re going to want to do it even more, so you end up helping more people more of the time. The Universe loves win-win situations, so give it what it wants.

For example, if you’ve got a few bucks to spare per week, you can take a sticky notepad, write a quick hopeful message, stick the note to a dollar bill, and hide it on a supermarket shelf each day, where a stranger will stumble on it.

Imagine the relief and joy you’ll give someone who’s having a bad day when they find the dollar and a note that reads:

“This is your reminder that you are loved, money and success are just around the corner waiting for you, and you deserve every last bit of it.”

…or “This is your reminder that you are loved.”

…or “Miracles happen.”

…or “You found this note because you’re awesome.”

…or “You were meant to find this. You’re also meant for more happiness

and success than you could ever imagine.”

Or anything else that inspires hope, faith, or simply a smile.

You can use this ‘good deed’ as a manifestation method as well. As you put that dollar with the note in the supermarket shelf, view it as an investment with

compounding universal interest — and visualize/intend it multiplying by tens or even hundreds, and finding its way back to you (in some pleasant way that the Universe will decide).

Based on this one example alone, it’s obvious that it’s easy to do at least one kind thing for someone else every day, even if you don’t know them.

It could be as simple as sharing a recipe, giving a kind word, recommending a book you love to someone who really needs it, buying a book for someone because you know they’ll never do it on their own, or showing kindness in any other way.

Regardless of how much or how little real action you take, make it your mission to make the Universe a better place just by being here. See yourself as a vehicle to inspire others, to bring abundance, to be a beacon of light that anyone can sense in their own unique way.

You’re a spiritual warrior fighting for the happiness and ease of all those around you. But you don’t need any weapon because you are the weapon. You are the sword that cuts through negativity with just your intention. You show people with your presence alone –without having to say a single word — that life is a miracle …and so are they.

The self-worth you experience through this process is so healthy that it makes it literally impossible to judge yourself or feel bad about who you are in any way.

You automatically become a better version of yourself. You experience a renewed confidence. You finally recognize a sense of worthiness you never thought you could ever access. And the frequency you vibrate at when this happens is so magnetic, the floodgates begin to fly open because the Universe recognizes how genuine you’re being as you do this for others.

And just feeling good from all of this will help you effortlessly radiate a frequency of joy, which will then elevate everyone around you.

Know this — a healthy and powerful you is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone else because from that position of positive influence, you’re much more capable of helping them when they really need it.

So manifesting what you want actually makes the world a better place. And by realizing this, you attract it faster, you enjoy it more deeply, you discover more resources, and you help both yourself and others way more than you ever could have hoped. The best part is — you’re also blazing the trail and making it easier for others to follow in your footsteps and manifest everything they want in life as well.

This is also why you always remember to extend this very same level of kindness …to yourself. There’s nobody in the world more suited to helping you …than yourself. This brings us to the next highly-effective way of pushing self- judgment to the side and inviting self-worth instead.

#2 – Be Open To The Possibility That Things Have Always Been Better Than They Seemed

As human beings, we tend to think we know everything. Again, it’s a survival mechanism. If we can make a clear and final decision on something (especially something important), we can file that in our minds in a predictable way to base all of our other choices off of.

If you see a poisonous cobra in front of a plate of potato chips, you don’t have to expend very much mental energy processing whether it’s worth the risk to go near them. And if you see an adorable little kitten there instead, your decision is the opposite, but just as easy. But again, we don’t always know the ‘right’ answer. 500 years ago, we thought the earth was flat. 100 years ago, we thought air travel was impossible for anything except birds. And today, we still believe we have to struggle and suffer in order to get what we want.

But is that really true? Genuinely ask yourself this question and be open to the possibility that it’s not what you’ve been raised to believe.

If you were told growing up that airplanes were an impossible concept, would that stop them from still existing right now? Of course not. And you’d be in for quite a shock when someone finally told you about them.

So maybe it’s time to consider the possibility (or, let’s be honest — the truth) that you really are worthy, you always were worthy, this is really how the Universe works, and until now, you simply weren’t aware of it.

Maybe it’s time to admit that we unreasonably hold onto outdated beliefs because our ego is worried about what might happen if we adapt.

Maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror and realize that, while they were only looking out for our best interests — many authorities in our lives have inadvertently conditioned us to think we’re not good enough. Perhaps a passing comment from a school teacher (who was only trying to teach a lesson) could have easily scarred our self-esteem when we were way too young to recognize it was happening.

And if that’s what really happened, maybe it’s time to stop allowing that moment to dictate your entire life.

You are pure light. Positive vibrant energy.

An individualization of god.

You’re worthy simply by the fact that you exist. Your desire is literally god speaking through you.

If you only knew how important you really are and what you mean to the Universe, you’d be astonished. So embrace your worthiness. Give yourself the gift of trying these methods. Do this for yourself. Do it for your loved ones. Do it for the world around you. Do it for the Universe.

You’re serving ALL interests through this choice, and you’re being rewarded for it in a way that ANYONE can enjoy, but few actually allow themselves to. You’re already worthy.

And as you’re about to read in the next module ahead, you were chosen to live a brilliant life a long time ago.

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