How To Make Yourself Attractive To Money

You’ve already learned how the regular notions of “making” money are invalid. The money you desire is here, waiting for you to allow it to come into your life. Your job is to shift your paradigm and match with it vibrationally. By doing this, you’ll effortlessly align with the idea of it and attract it into your life.

I discussed habits in the previous module and how these are the bedrock of your new reality. What are some of these habits and paradigms that allow you to attract money? I briefly hinted at some of them, but in this module, you’re going to learn four very important perspectives.

These perspectives can be seen as paradigms or behaviors that will help you align with the manifestation of money from multiple different streams. Don’t look at them as things to do necessarily. Instead, look at them as ways of being. These methods will help clarify to you how one needs to perceive money in order to attract more of it into their lives.

Allowing vs Forcing

The first method or way of being is the act of allowing. Think back to when you’ve received something desirable in your life. Did you feel as if you had to force it to come to you? Or did you simply desire it and allow it to come into your life?

Chances are the latter is what happened. When we want something desperately, we make the mistake of chasing it and trying to force it to come to us. We want a beautiful partner, so we chase them and try to convince them of how amazing they are and how happy we would be with them.

All the while, the person being pursued is building greater resistance towards us. If you’ve ever been pursued by such a person, you know exactly how this feels. The very act of chasing implies lack. Think about it. Does a whole and complete person go around trying to convince people that they’re a great person to be with? Do they run around trying to get people to be friends with them? Or do they simply relax and be who they are and allow friendships to develop?

Allowing is something that most people who have grown up in Western society do not understand. The education systems have convinced people that in order to achieve something, we need to go out there and take it through hard work and persistence. This act of “taking it” is heavily misconstrued.

Think of yourself as a vortex that attracts everything you want in life. The spinning of this vortex is working in your favor as you align vibrationally with the frequency of your desire. The more you are in alignment, the stronger the spinning, and thus the more you will attract.

Now, imagine sticking your arms out to reach for your desire. As you stick your arms out, you begin to disrupt the flow of the vortex. Instead of allowing the vortex to attract your desire, you’re forcefully trying to reach out and grab it. This slows down the spinning and thus leads you to misalignment with your point of attraction.

Forcefully pushing yourself towards your desires is only going to distract you from what’s really important, the process. All of life is a journey and the goal itself is nowhere near as important as what you undertake to achieve it. When your focus is on the process, you’re in the present moment. We’ve touched at how important this is in the last module.

Ask successful people or those who have achieved their goals and they’ll tell you that the journey was far more enjoyable than achieving the goal itself. While the sense of achievement was amazing, the joy of that moment was far shorter lived than the appreciation they have for the journey that got them there.

Fixating your mind over a goal that has to be reached is also believing in the fallacy of time. Your goal is a fixed moment in time and represents a moment when you will be satisfied or be somehow whole. This attitude also convinces you that the current moment isn’t good enough and just like that your appreciation for it vanishes.

Allowing is extremely powerful because you become more receptive to alternative routes toward where you want to go. Remember when we talked about infinite realities in module 1? The manifestation of money will not come in a way that’s 100% predictable. Manifestations come from the unknown. In other words, from a pool of infinite possibilities. Understand that manifestation is not a fixed process.

Be open to any detours or delays. Trust that everything is conspiring to help you towards your dream. Allow yourself to relax in the present and go with the flow. Every action you take should reinforce your vibration and thus bring you closer to your destination!

Consider the example of a consultant who is scarce in their mindset. All they can see is the lucrativeness of one on one consultations. However, a consultant who is abundant will realize that there is more than one way of making money. They can make money from speaking opportunities, personal branding, creating courses, conducting private group coaching, writing books, and so on.

There are many ways to reach your financial goal and you cannot possibly envision all of them. So sit back and allow yourself to align vibrationally with new opportunities and ideas that will lead you toward your desired manifestation.

The Non-Importance of Money

The power of choice is the most important thing that all of us possess. Being able to consciously direct your focus to things that bring you joy and happiness is a super power. We’ve talked plenty about this already, however, it’s important to know exactly what are the specific perspectives we should be choosing to focus on.

Consider the following situation: A large group of people are milling around and suddenly, dollar bills start showering upon all of them. All of them begin to rush around trying to grab as much money as they can. They push and shove one another out of the way in an attempt to collect as much money as possible.

All except for one person. This person looks on with bemusement. They might pluck a few bills that land on their head or shoulder, but they aren’t crawling around and acting desperate. They’re completely secure with their position and are unwilling to let the promise of free money swerve them out of alignment with who they are becoming.

Recognize that you have the choice to stay in alignment with who you are becoming, however, it requires you to have a certain perspective about yourself and your reality. Life will test you and your new way of being. It will bring up opportunities that poke at the habitual impulses of the old you. Standing your ground is essential if you truly want to experience self-transformation.

Imagine hiring someone for a position in your company. The first person is a people pleaser and is willing to do anything to make you feel good. The other person carries themselves with a sense of self-worth and stands behind their values. Who are you going to respect more? Who will you direct more of your attention towards?

Your relationship with money is the same in many ways. In order to attract money to you, you need to treat it as your equal. It is energy like everything else. You own a pencil, a car, a couch, and some money. It is no different from anything else. Become servile to it and it will disrespect you and force you to demean yourself in order to attain it. Eventually, this leads to burnout, depression, and a wasted life chasing instead of living.

I want to stress that when talking of how money is “non-important,” I’m not saying it’s not a necessity. If you reject money just for the sake of rejecting money, then you’re rejecting your dreams. We live in a world where money is indeed necessary if you want to express your highest potential, however, it’s not necessary enough for you to sacrifice your values and vibration to earn it. Become a “partner” to money rather than being its “servant” or “master.”

Treat your money like you are walking a dog. Give it the freedom to walk around the neighborhood and experience growth, but make sure you have a leash on it or you will spend the rest of your days chasing. A neutral perspective of money is essential if you don’t want it to manipulate how you think, feel, and act. Detach it from sense of self-worth. Treat it as an equal and you will find it flowing to you with more ease.

Where to Focus

Money is energy, and this also provides us with a clue with regards to where your focus ought to be directed. In every encounter you have in your life, focus on the energy being exchanged. Are your interactions resulting in an increase of energy within you and within those around you? Are you involved in a process of creation or deterioration?

Money is made when value is provided. This is just another way of saying that when the energy of something is increased, money flows towards the entity that worked to increase it. Focus on the energy you are putting out into the universe and it will reward you with the necessary tools to continue doing what you’re doing.

Thinking in this manner will be tough at first, since we’re so used to focusing on money as being an object to collect. If you give it this meaning, you’ll give it too much importance. It goes from being a simple form of exchange into your main goal. This stops you from being focused on the process, and thus removes you from the present moment.

There are an infinite number of ways to generate money, and you have more than enough within you to make it happen in your life. Work into abundance at all times by searching and being aware of the opportunities that surround you right now. This could be at your current job or through some idea you came up with.

Focus on creation and expansion using what you have and the universe will automatically register your efforts and push you towards even more abundance. It isn’t just money you will attract, but prosperity in all areas.

The Law of Increase

Central to the point of focusing your energy on creation is the truth that the universe is always expanding. This has been proved scientifically (What Does It Mean When They Say the Universe Is Expanding?, 2019). Since the moment it came into existence, the universe we live in is growing in size.

Physically speaking, this means there is always going to be more space for us to express ourselves and live through our natural state of being. It also means that the energy surrounding us is constantly increasing. Most people have a backwards idea of value despite the physical evidence that is right in front of their eyes. They believe that they can give value only when they receive something first.

It simply doesn’t work that way. Holding onto this belief implies that the universe is scarce and that it isn’t infinitely abundant. When you’re dealing with abundance, you’re firmly stating that the more you give the more you get. There is no limit to how much you can give or receive as a result.

Think about a relationship in your life. The more love you give or display towards the other person, the more you receive in return. There’s no limit to how much you can love someone. Neither does displaying affection and love reduce anything within you. In fact, the opposite is true: the more value you provide to the universe and to those around you, the more of it you receive in return. This allows you to expand and to move in line with the natural flow of the universe. Why else does every successful person constantly invest in learning and in bettering themselves?

Contrast this behavior with an unsuccessful person. What is the first word that springs to mind when you think of someone who does the same thing at a job they hate, day in and day out, waiting for their paycheck at the end of the week? Words such as stagnation, restriction, and deterioration spring to mind. All of these words imply a lack of movement and the absence of expansion. In other words, they’re out of alignment with the natural flow of the universe. How can they expect to receive anything when they’re against the flow?

Another way of applying the law of increase is by raising the vibration of everything you come in touch with. In other words, you’re in the act of creation through others. A good example of this are the motivational speakers and coaches. They bring the best out of you so you can go create and expand more things in your own reality.

Generosity is the key to happiness. What is this but another way of saying that by increasing the wellbeing and the positive vibration of those around you, you raise yourself as well? Attracting wealth and prosperity is an alchemical process wherein you better yourself, and better the world as a result.

This is why many spiritual leaders constantly advise us to share our gifts with the world. All of us have been blessed with skills and gifts that will make the world a better place. You could hold onto it and try to keep it all for yourself but this will only result in stagnation.

The more you focus on creation and expansion, the more you increase prosperity, and this is right in line with the way the universe behaves. The natural conclusion of this law is that you will attract more of what you want into your life.

Focus your energy on not only feeling good yourself, but on helping others feel good as well. The key here is to do it from a place of sincerity and not from a place of “if I do this then I’ll get that.” It won’t work if you do the latter. Every action you take has a vibration behind it, and when your vibration is out of alignment with the action you’re taking, no matter how many times you perform that action, it’ll never serve you in a positive way.

Avoid this by embracing the law of increase as part of your identity. You naturally want to help people just for the sake of helping them. You don’t have to take responsibility for what someone else feels, but you can do your best to help them better themselves without placing expectations on them. For example, you can advise someone as to the best course of action but leave it up to them to walk that path.

Placing expectations over them to behave in a certain way is trying to control the outcomes of the universe. It removes you from the mode of allowing things to happen. Remember that you’re not in control of your reality, you’re only in control of how you respond to it.

Technique #6 – Daily Vibrational Increase

This technique will resonate with those that want more in their life. Not just more money, but more relationships, friends, passion, connection, and impact. It’s a part of life for us to always want more. We are naturally looking to expand just as everything else in the universe does. Your vibration is either increasing or decreasing. This means you are either experiencing more of what life has to offer, or less of it. You are never stagnant. However, many people are unconsciously allowing their vibration to drop because they’re unaware of this.

The idea behind this technique is to focus on increasing the vibration of yourself, others, and your environment on a daily basis. Some examples include cleaning up your house, complimenting someone, donating, listening, being a good friend, etc.

It does not matter what action is entailed. What matters is the intention behind it. By increasing the vibration of things around you, you are inevitably increasing your own vibration. When this happens, you become more aligned with the law of increase. Simple acts done on a consistent basis can produce extraordinary results. Live by this and opportunities to grow your finances will come.

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