How To Make Your Money Manifestation Inevitable

Your mindset is a key determinant of how much money you will attract and wealth you will build in your life. As you’ve learned throughout this guide, it will come under attack from external sources. Most people react to this attack by trying to control their external reality, but as you’ve learned, doing this is futile.

Instead, it’s far better to build a mindset that is impervious to such attacks and is resilient. No matter the negativity surrounding you, a strong mindset will help you sail through those difficulties and will reduce them to impermanent states as opposed to a permanent state of reality.

There are three shifts that you can execute right now to ensure a strong mindset. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Money Zen

The first mindset shift to make is to view reality from yet another perspective that we will look into. What is the biggest source of unhappiness in your life? Your first instinct might be to say the lack of money, or the lack of prosperity, and so on. These are answers that are focused on external causes. Dig a little deeper and you will notice that it isn’t the external that is causing problems, but rather the internal judgment of those external events that is creating suffering within you.

Let’s say you witness a minor car accident. If one of those vehicles happens to be yours, how would you react? Your first thought would be on the amount of money it’s going to cost you to fix it, how much time it’s going to take, and how unlucky you are, and so on. Now let’s assume the car that was involved in the accident was not yours.

Not so angry now, are you? Both scenarios involved the same outer reality (car crash), but your reactions were polar opposites. This is because your perception was based on external conditions rather than internal state. While it’s impossible to control external circumstances, it goes to show that you can always choose to respond however you want to what you witness and experience.

Being in a state of Zen with regards to money is the perspective that everything that is happening to you is for the best, that these things make you stronger and are guiding you towards a higher goal that will result in higher degrees of happiness.

It is to believe that the universe is abundant and is therefore incapable of leading you astray. You might perceive the current situation or the choices in front of you as being bad but this is only because you aren’t aware of the divine plans the universe has in store for you. You cannot directly see the consequences of all of your actions in the field and thus cannot see the long-term ramifications of something seemingly negative in the short term.

By framing everything that happens to you as helping you, you remove the possibility of being disappointed or frustrated with your situation. You place your awareness fully with your choice to respond in accordance with what you want to take out of the situation, rather than on what the situation is taking away from you. This not only leads to more happiness, but a lot less resistance when it comes to the vibration you’re emitting to the universe.

In this path, there are minimal possibilities for guilt, frustration, or sadness to exist. This path only leads to more internal growth. How can any negativity exist in a world that’s always working in your favor?

The Universal Feedback Loop

All of your actions and words, indeed your entire state of being, is monitored by the universe. Don’t mistake this for a judgmental frame of mind. The universe does not judge and is impartial towards everyone. Its sole concern lies in giving everyone exactly what they want. In order to know what they want, it’s important for them to know what they don’t want. The same is true about how you’re thinking, feeling, and acting. If you’re not thinking, feeling, and acting in accordance with what you want, the universe will show you this.

You can think of this loop as being a mirror. What you put out there is what you will receive back in kind. If you dress yourself well and look into a mirror, you’ll see a positive reflection of yourself. Dress yourself haphazardly and you won’t like what you see.

The universe reflects back to us what we’re putting into it. If you choose to radiate negativity and scarcity, that’s all you will receive back. The great news about this fundamental truth is that you can shift your reality based on the energy you choose to put into the universe.

Let’s say you view evidence of poverty around where you live. You see run down housing and other signs of people struggling to make ends meet. If you look at this and think that this is what you deserve, or that this accurately reflects who you are, you’re only going to create the same kind of reality for yourself. The things you try to do will not work out and will only reinforce this belief. Instead, if you view the positives in your life despite the evidence of negatives around you, and you choose to believe that you’re destined for great things, this is exactly what the universe will provide you with.

I must mention that the universe will give you opportunities to act. You’ll still need to have intention with how you think, feel, and act. Using the natural laws of the universe puts you in a position to take advantage of events. It doesn’t do them for you. The universal feedback loop is also a great way to check where your mindset is currently at.

If you’ve been working on something but haven’t been receiving evidence of positive manifestation, or better yet, have been receiving more obstacles and roadblocks that you ever anticipated, then take a look at the vibration behind your executions and what perspectives and beliefs you’re holding onto.

Your mindset is in direct contact with the metaphysical reality, the fourth dimension. This is where the feedback loop gathers information about your state of being. Focus on radiating positive intentions in everything you do, and you will automatically connect with the laws of attraction. The more in line you are with your desire when it comes to your state of being, the more the universe will shape your reality to fit your desire.

This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The feedback loops are either ignored or they’re reinforced. Everyone’s living in the reality that their mindset has created, and this is what determines the level of wealth they create in their lives. Focus on working hand in hand with the universe, and it’ll reward you.

Trusting the Universe

Manifesting what you desire in your life isn’t about creation or about visualization. Instead, you need to think of it as a way of living. The things you desire will come to you only when you truly become the kind of person who’s vibrationally resonating with the experience you desire. This takes time because it requires a lot of cleansing from past conditioning.

It is during this time that most people sabotage themselves. They begin to judge their efforts and compare themselves to other people. A huge reason for you to relax into the present moment is that you will be at the door and fully in touch with the infinite quantum field. Your ego cannot exist during this moment in time. Every choice you make is in accordance to who you are being in the exact present moment you are in. You can only choose to embody your old identity if you choose to. If you choose to make a shift into a new identity, you need to start making the choices that resonate with it as you live your life. Make new choices in your focus, thoughts, and feelings. Respond how you choose to your environment rather than reacting based on how you’ve always done.

Often people become nervous due to the seeming lack of progress in their lives, and they’ll begin to try and force situations rather than looking to align with them from within. They visualize with greater “force” and spend more time trying the various techniques that they believe lead to manifestation. In doing all this, they build massive resistance between themselves and the universe.

After all, trying hard to make things happen implies that you have some control over your environment and that you don’t trust the universal forces that actually do. You’ve just learned that this is hardly the case. All you can control is the inner reaction you have to your outer circumstances and nothing else.

People who try to force their manifestations to become real are effectively trying to push a boulder up a steep hill. At some point, you’ll run out of energy and the weight of your effort is going to crush you. Is it any surprise then that such people begin to question whether manifestation is real? Believing that your desired manifestation will come from tireless effort and relentless action is pitiful. Sure, it can work if you believe it will.

The only problem is that this way of manifesting creates so much resistance that it won’t even feel worth it because you will always want more. In other words, when you sacrifice the present moment, for an imaginary future goal, you’re ultimately sacrificing life itself. No matter how much money you manifest and wealth you build, you’re always going to want more. It’s the natural inclination of human beings. Therefore, why not live like you have it all already? Live in the reality of your manifestation right now instead of chasing an illusion.

If you find yourself in such a situation, relax and acknowledge that you’re trying too hard. There is no past or future that needs reassurance, there is only now. Relax into the present moment and remind yourself of the fact that everything that’s happening will only contribute to your growth and how you choose to live your life.

Technique #15: Quantum Leaping

The Quantum Leaping technique, inspired by Bob Proctor, is a way of surfing through reality in order to achieve faster and greater manifestation results. As discussed in Module 1, we have access to infinite realities in the quantum field. This access comes through tapping into the present moment. Now, believe it or not, every time you make a decision or choice, you are actually moving across different alternate realities.

We usually make these leaps into alternate realities by resonating our energy with other versions of ourselves in those realities. In other words, when we match the energy of another version of ourselves, we move towards the reality they are living in. When we have this strong connection, it’s possible for us to gain access to information that can only be found in the other reality. This is what helps us make the necessary decisions to successfully manifest our desires.

Most of society believes that growth only happens linearly, but this is not true. In fact, it’s possible for you to achieve your five-year plan in just one year. This is called exponential growth. Now, you may be asking yourself, “How do I consciously quantum leap to the reality of my choice?” Well, the more important question should be how to NOT quantum leap. Removing all the filters that prevent you from living through the intentions of your inner being is essential.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Experience the present moment living as the alternate version of you. In other words, embody the version of you that you want to become. Take actions, think thoughts, and feel feelings that are in alignment with this version of you.

Step 2: Eliminate all feelings of doubt, disbelief, and disempowerment. You need to be receptive to everything that the universe has to offer and accept that it is possible for you to get that which you desire, no matter how big it is. Closing access to even the fewest possibilities will lead to more challenges and obstacles, and thus doubt and disbelief follows.

Step 3: Realize that quantum leaps rely on unknown forces. There is no way of you knowing how it will happen. Accept this and be receptive to all possibilities.

Step 4: Think beyond common sense. If you want to make exponential progress towards your financial and career goals, you need to think illogically. There are no limits to what the universe can offer, so until you accept that normal three- dimensional thinking is most of the time irrelevant, you can’t make the quantum jump you’re expecting.

Step 5: Start setting intentions and making decisions that align with the reality you want to experience, even if you don’t feel ready yet. You need to think beyond what you’ve thought about so far. Appreciate and take advantage of what you have now, and more opportunities and chances will arise. Learn about yourself, grow yourself from within, and expand your horizons by putting intention into becoming a greater version of you.

Step 6: Enjoy the ride and don’t try so hard, after all, nothing in this guide should be hard to do. It should all flow easily to you. If you’re executing steps 1-5, all you need to do is enjoy the process. Play with the universe, turn fear of the unknown into excitement, think and feel in accordance to who you truly are, act towards your passion and purpose, and finally, embody your inner sense of freedom.

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