4 Best Ways To Make Money on TikTok

There’s something on TikTok for everyone, from funny animal videos and viral dances to creative visual tricks and mimes.

People are also using TikTok to build an income and a career as influencers, just like YouTube and Instagram. How do you get started?

We have written a detailed guide that shows you how to make money from sponsored posts and get more views on TikTok.

Can you make money on TikTok?

Yes, you can make money from TikTok.

Making money on TikTok does require a bit of creativity, just like painting a picture or figuring out the relationship status of your ex’s ex. You can earn money on Instagram even if you aren’t a huge follower. There are official, app-funded ways to make money on the platform.

Users of TikTok have also achieved financial success similar to social media creators on other platforms. While it may seem like a new frontier, the strategies you can use to make money on TikTok will probably be familiar to you.

Learn more about how to make money on Instagram.

How many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid?

The user must be 18 or older, have at least 10,000 followers, and have been viewed at least 100,000 times in the last 30 days to earn money directly from TikTok. The app allows users to apply for the TikTok Creator Fund once they reach that threshold.

With around 10,000 followers, you can start making money if you can build an engaged following that is focused on a particular activity or topic.

Your audience will be more likely to engage with sponsored content if they trust you. As a result, brands will be more likely to contact you to promote their products.

Be sure you’re following government guidelines on advertising on TikTok if you create sponsored content.

How much do TikTokers make in 2022?

TikTok offers many ways to make money (see below), and the way you monetize your account will determine how much you earn.

With TikTok, you can earn upwards of $80,000 from brand partnerships. With just one video, you could buy an expensive car if you are a big enough creator (with a large and engaged audience and a track record of success on the platform).

For each 1,000 views, you can earn between 2 and 4 cents from the TikTok Creator Fund. So once you reach one million views, you may expect to make between $20 and $40.

The following are the top TikTokers in 2022:

  • Dancer Addison Rae Esterling makes $5 million per year through TikTok, making her the highest-paid human on the app. Charli D’Amelio makes $4 million a year and Dixie D’Amelio makes $2.9 million.
  • A tiny Pomeranian named @jiffpom earns an average of $12,540 per post on TikTok.
  • Demi Bagby was the highest-paid fitness influencer in 2020, making over $3 million from fewer than 50 ads.
  • In the world of food, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay made $3.8 million last year from sponsored posts, according to reports.

How To Make Money on TikTok

1. Collaborate with a brand you trust

TikTok sponsors content when you receive something in return. That’s the idea, right? If you post a TikTok video on how great a brand’s soy candles smell, for instance, you may receive a free skydiving trip in return. Our recommendation is not to take advantage of any free skydiving offers.

These paid collaborations are very appealing to brands. According to a study on influencer marketing, only 16% of U.S. marketers plan to use TikTok for influencer campaigns in December 2019, but by March 2021, that number jumped to 68%. Essentially, influencer marketing is exploding on the platform.

In the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing social justice movements, companies want to partner with people they know and trust. This is true, according to the same eMarketer study.

That brings us to our next point: do not seek out to partner with companies whose views do not align with yours. Your method of engaging your audience is unique. Your followers may be interested in what kind of soup metaphors you use for inspiration, what languages you speak, and how you manicure, but they also care about your morals.

To get started with sponsored content, here are some tips:

On work with brands you love

You will lose followers if all of a sudden your TikTok is about your raw vegan journey and suddenly you start posting about your favorite local burger joint. In addition to being confusing, you appear to be selling out. Ensure that your sponsored content complements your regular content.

Make a press kit for your TikTok account

You can think of a press kit as your own movie trailer. In it, you highlight all the great things about you (and give brands good reasons to work with you), and it includes your contact information, photos, and notable accomplishments. It makes them curious about what comes next. You can download press kit templates for free on websites like Templatelab.

Create a few non-sponsored posts

It is important for brands to see that you can drive sales for them. Make a couple of posts (non-sponsored) about your favorite pair of shoes and you will attract that elusive specialty sock brand.

Use the Branded Content toggle

Apparently, apps don’t like to be deceived either. The Branded Content toggle was created by Tiktok to ensure that users were being transparent. To create content for sponsorship, click the button (otherwise, your video might be removed).

2. Collaborate with an influencer

Contrary to the first strategy, this is the opposite. Interested in growing your presence (and making money) on TikTok? Reach out to an influencer whose content aligns with your brand.

The TikTok Creator Marketplace is an excellent resource for finding the right influencer if you live in the U.S. This platform connects brands with influencers. It is open to all brands, but it is only accessible to influencers by invitation (for now).

Within the U.S. and TikTok-approved marketplace, search for hashtags related to your business (#dentist, #faintinggoats, #thrifting) and scroll through the content. You can also explore the app yourself and like the videos you like and ignore (or click “Not interested”) the ones you don’t. It will then show you the videos that interest you. That’s pretty smart.

Look at each creator’s page carefully-we’ve all heard the story of the tearful influencer’s non-racism apology. Avoid problematic TikTokers.

3. Use Tiktok to sell your products

Creating TikToks that demonstrate your products, including all the details that make them unique, is an obvious way to earn money if you already sell merchandise. In your bio, include the link to your shop.

As Italian Greyhound (and proud gay icon) Tika the Iggy did, you can also create your own, customized merch. Thomas Shapiro, the owner of the dog, sells Tika-branded clothing online. Also killing the merch game are makeup brands like Fenty Beauty and Cocokind.

4. Get TikTok’s Creator Fund payouts

The app-sanctioned moneymaking method we discussed earlier is this one. In July 2020, TikTok announced their new Creator Fund with a pledge to give $200M to “encourage those who dream of using their voices and creativity to spark inspiring careers.”.

One week later, they announced it would grow to $1B U.S. by 2023, and the internet ate it up. What’s the catch with the sweet creator cash? In order to apply, you have to check a few boxes:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • meet minimum follower requirements (dependent on region, usually around 10,000)
  • have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days
  • have at least three posts in the last 30 days
  • your account meets TikTok’s Community Guidelines

Based on the number of views and engagement of your videos, the Creator Fund will pay you. Video submissions that meet TikTok’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service will be paid.

The money you receive will appear in your Creator Fund Dashboard once you start getting paid. PayPal is a popular method for withdrawing funds.

Other unconventional ways make money on TikTok

It pays to have a multi-channel strategy if you want to become an influencer and make money from affiliate marketing. To accomplish this, you need to build your following across multiple platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Having your online brand on multiple platforms can help you gain a larger audience, build trust among your followers, and increase your earning potential.

Here are some other ways to make money from TikTok:

  • Promotion of songs – Record labels and music promoters often pay influencers to promote their artists’ songs
  • Collect virtual gifts and tips – You can create content that appeal to your followers to get tips. TikTok has a few features that can help you collect tips and gifts.
  • Create in-feed ads – TikTok Ads Manager can be used to market your merchandise and services
  • Become a consultant – Making money from TikTok could lead to new creators hiring you to offer tips and advice on how to get started

Final Words

Start scrolling if you don’t know where to begin. There is a good chance that some of your favorite creators are making money through TikTok. Check out what they’re doing – branding deals, T-shirts, and Venmo spellings in alphabet soup – and try to emulate them.

It’s not easy to make money on this social network. We’d all be like Addison Rae if it were. She acknowledges that some people think she has no job, and it’s fine to joke about that. Her confidence is that of a 20-year-old making $5 million a year.

Keep trying if you get rejected by one brand or influencer. Your efforts will pay off.

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