6 Best Ways to Make Money Listening to Music

You can make money listening to music, even if it seems impossible. More and more people are actually getting paid to listen to their favorite music.

You can actually make money listening to music, even if it sounds unbelievable. You also need to consider other factors such as the number of followers you have, the websites you work with, and the number of reviews you can give to your music business ideas.

6 Best Ways to Make Money Listening to Music

Nowadays, many websites pay people to listen to, review and rate music. Depending on the website and the type of work you do, you can earn different amounts. If you review new music, you may earn more than if you listen to curated radio stations.

1. Earn money by watching music videos

You can earn money by watching videos with music. Besides watching videos, some websites will also ask you to participate in online surveys. These surveys will help you earn more money. By curating music for vloggers, businesses, and other creatives, you can also use free music for videos as another source of income.

2. Earn money by providing feedback to radio stations

We are always looking for the next big hit with online radio stations. Many radio stations pay people to listen to music and give feedback before releasing a song widely.

3. Transcribe lyrics

An easy way to earn some extra money is to work as a transcriptionist. You can earn a decent amount of money doing transcription work on websites like WeLocalize.

4. Review music to earn money

Playlist Push and HitPredictor, for example, pay users to rate music. The more detailed your reviews are, the more you can earn.

5. Join focus groups

Some websites offer music fans the opportunity to share their thoughts about music in focus groups. Moderators usually lead the discussions in these focus groups and gain valuable insights from the feedback.

6. Take paid surveys

Your feedback on artists and new songs is extremely valuable, and many sites are willing to pay you for it. By participating in surveys like these, you can earn some extra money.

Websites That Will Pay You for Listening to Music

1. SliceThePie.com

Probably the biggest music paid-review site, STP is here to help independent artists get the feedback they crave. This helps them in a lot of ways, and any musicians out there know how valuable honest feedback can be!

STP works on a ranking system and will pay you more for better reviews, as well as paying you more the more reviews you do.

Payment ranges from 2¢ to 20¢ for a few minutes of work and is paid to PayPal. You can cash out $10, which should not take too long.

2. HitPredictor

Instead of paying out direct cash, Hit Predictor pays you in points. These points can be spent on a variety of things, such as CDs, DVDs, or raffle entries.

3. MusicXRay.com

MusicXRay is a site that also has a ranking system, as in, you get paid more the more you work. At first, you’ll only be making 5¢ per review, but this can increase all the way up to $1 a review, making it the highest paying of the three sites! 

They do have a higher payout minimum, $20, but you can request it as soon as you’ve made your money. It goes without saying that you’ll want to put in a fair amount of time here.

4. Research.fm

Reviewing new music is the purpose of Research.fm. The website allows you to listen to songs and leave reviews. A mobile app is also available from Apple’s app store and Google Play. However, joining the site can be difficult. The site can only be accessed by members who have been invited. Gift cards can be exchanged for points.

5. PlaylistPush

You can make some extra cash with PlaylistPush if you are a content creator with a large following. You need at least 400 followers on Apple Music or Spotify to begin. If you meet this requirement, you will be able to connect with new artists who pay popular users to listen to their music and add them to their playlists.

How much money can you make listening to music?

You will earn a different amount each month because each side pays differently. If you are paid to listen, you can expect to make on average $100 to $200 per month if you take it seriously.

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