How to Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

To work as a dropshipper, you need to find a fast-moving product and look for a supplier who will supply this product to your customers. The earliest form of dropshipping was done as a form of retail arbitrage. Sellers would typically look for cheaper products manually and sell the products at a higher cost.

In those days, the prevalent avenue for selling such products was social media – that was in the early days of social media. Although so many people still do retail arbitrage today, the number of those doing it has reduced significantly. It is safe to say that retail arbitrage gave way for dropshipping to take center stage.

Dropshipping became popular when people realized they could source for a cheaper product directly from manufacturers in China and ship same to Europe and America. Since labor is cheap in China, the cost of producing goods is also significantly cheaper than what you would get in the United States or Europe.

So, dropshippers took advantage of that to make a profit – even after adding shipping cost and production cost, the dropshippers found that they still made a profit. And that was how dropshipping grew to become a viable business model that we know it to be today.

Just like any other business, dropshippers soon discovered that there was a problem with their business model. It takes close to two weeks and sometimes three weeks for goods ordered from China to arrive in the United States or Europe successfully. This started to raise concerns because customers were beginning to get angry and raise eyebrows.

To solve the problem, dropshippers have resorted to sourcing products in the United States to deliver to a US audience. This is an advanced form of retail arbitrage or digitalized retail arbitrage because unlike the conventional person that does retail arbitrage, the dropshipper has developed means of using automation tools to source for cheaper products and sell the same on platforms where they are costlier.

The most popular platform where dropshippers source their products is This is a well-known Chinese e-commerce marketplace where customers could buy anything ranging from electronic gadgets to clothing items. One good thing about is that the site displays in the English language, unlike other similar platforms where you would need to translate the language for you to understand it.

In addition to, is another good Chinese marketplace for sourcing products. In fact, aliexexpress is way more popular than The platform also has a lot of plug-ins or software tools that have been developed to help dropshippers source products from the platform and ship to different countries of the world. In the previous sections of this guide, we have looked at ways of dropshipping products from to different locations.

As mentioned earlier, shipping products or goods from to any part of the United States or Europe takes nothing less than two weeks. As a result, so many customers complained that shipments arrived late. Another problem was that some customers do get angry and cancel their order before the goods arrived, making the dropshipper to lose money.

To contain the problem, dropshippers started to source products directly from their location. This is referred to as local dropshipping in some quarters. So instead of heading to or any of the other Chinese marketplaces to scout for products, dropshippers used automation tools to find products that are cheaper in one place and sell the same in another place.

The only problem with the above model is that the profit margins are way lower than what you would get had you shipped from China. Also, some of the local merchants from whom dropshippers get their products also frown at dropshipping as a business model, although the number of merchants that are cool with dropshipping far exceeds the number of those that don’t vibe with the model.

We have talked about dropshipping from extensively in a previous section of this guide. For now, we want to talk about some of the suppliers within the United States who can help dropshippers deliver their products.

Dropshipping suppliers within the United States

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of using a dropshipping supplier that is based in the United States is that your customers will get to have their orders delivered in record time. Typically, it takes about three days or even a day for a supplier within the United States to deliver orders within the country.

Remember, we live in a world where people want everything to be instant. Imagine having your customer wait for close to two weeks before they get their orders delivered. Some customers will get angry and cancel their order with you. Some might even forget that they placed an order with a dropshipper. It happens all the time; you would get in touch with a customer to remind them that their order has arrived, and you would hear things like, “I cannot remember placing such an order.” In that case, you just have to count your losses or start using the product.

In the e-commerce business space, customer satisfaction is more important than any other thing. Customer satisfaction has to do with many things – it has to do with how the products you are selling is helping to meet the needs of the customer. It also has to do with the overall experience of the customer ordering a product from you. If you keep a customer waiting for more than two weeks, they might have negative things to say about your business and would never order from you again. So, you want to give the customer a positive experience.

That being said, here are some of the reasons why using a US-based supplier is preferred:

  1. It offers fast shipping – the importance of fast shipping cannot be overemphasized. When customers order a product from you, they expect it to be delivered as soon as possible. Imagine delivering a product to a customer the day after they made the order; it means you just got yourself a satisfied client. Remember, a satisfied client will turn to a repeat client, and in business, repeat customers are the lifeblood of the business.

It costs way less to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. For an existing customer, you have to say a few words to convince them to buy another

product from you. However, for a potential customer, you will need to deploy so many marketing strategies becoming convincing them to buy from you. This is why it is often emphasized that you should prioritize the experience of your customers. Give them a positive experience and ones to remember. Once you do that, then expect them to keep buying from you.

Most United States based suppliers will deliver an order within a day or two, I have mentioned this severally. This is unlike what is obtainable when you are ordering from China where it could take up to 2 weeks or even a month in most cases for ordered products to get shipped to the destination.

  1. Reliable tracking – most foreign-based suppliers make use of courier service companies that don’t offer reliable tracking for shipped goods. When you use such suppliers, it is hard to track the progress of an order. You will not be able to pinpoint the exact location where your order has gotten to until it arrives at its destination. Sometimes, an order could get lost in transit – this is something that happens more often.

If you have ever ordered anything online, you will understand that online shoppers often want to know where their ordered product is at every point in time. They want to know the exact time they will get the product. They don’t want to be kept in the dark as regards the location of the product they paid for. Many times, if the customer is unable to locate their product, they could get anxious, and some even decide to cancel their order., for instance, is just a marketplace, and like every other marketplace, different vendors create a storefront on the platform and market their goods. Now, when you order a product from an supplier, they are going to try to reduce shipping costs. Most often, they go for the cheapest shipping options – some of those courier service providers used by the suppliers in China do not offer you a tracking code or anything of such with which you could track your order. Even some of them that give you a tracking code, you may find out that the data you get through the code could be incorrect.

On the contrary, when you use a local supplier, you are sure they are going to use a reliable tracking system to point you to the location of your order or product at every point in time. Most of the US suppliers use trusted courier service providers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. to ship products. These courier service providers will offer you a tracking code which you can then forward to your clients. Your clients will use the tracking code to track their orders until it arrives at their destination successfully.

In addition to fast shipping, reliable tracking adds to the positive experience of the customer and would make them want to buy from you over and over again. Note: most customers don’t want to be left in the dark – if you turn out to be the vendor who gives them the least anxiety, then you have gotten yourself some repeat clients. Remember what we said earlier about repeat customers – they are the best types of customers you would want to do business with.

  1. You have a wider range of shipping options – US-based suppliers use better courier service providers, as mentioned earlier; as a result, they offer you a wide range of improved shipping options. For instance, you could choose that you want your customer’s item to be delivered the same, the next day or within two days. Of course, if you choose same-day delivery, you are going to pay a higher fee, but then, you will be giving your customers a better experience, and you could also transfer the cost to your customer.

This is not possible when you are sourcing suppliers from China or other overseas locations. For the most part, the product ordered will not arrive until after several days. So, if your customer needs their order urgently, you become handicapped. If many customers discover that you don’t offer a shorter delivery time, they may be pushed to look elsewhere to get their needs.

The above are some of the shipping benefits of using a US-based supplier. The idea is that since the supplier is within the same location as the customer, the delivery time is greatly reduced and contributes to the overall experience of the customer. Do not forget that a happy customer will become a repeat customer.

Now, apart from the shipping benefits attached to using a US-based supplier, there are several other benefits that come with such practice. We shall get to talk about all of them one after the other.

Product benefits

There is no denying the fact that the product you get from US-based dropshipping suppliers will trump the ones you get from Chinese dropshipping suppliers in terms of quality. This is why such products are generally more expensive than the ones you get from China and other places.

For the most part, labor is way cheaper in China than the United States – this contributes to making the products gotten from there to be cheap. Also, there are not a lot of regulatory standards or guidelines – that’s why many of the manufacturers in China tend to compromise on quality.

Now, to get United States-based dropshipping suppliers, you will be paying a higher amount of money for each product. But it is worth it – you will have the assurance that your customers are getting the best quality. Also, you will transfer the cost of the products to your customer – this is one of the joys of doing business, you will always transfer costs to the customer. Initially, your customer might protest about the price of your products, especially when there are several other dropshippers offering cheaper options. However, after attesting to the quality of the product you sell, they will have no other option than to stick with you.

To get your customers to patronize you, what you need to do is to convince them that your products are of higher quality than those that come in from Vietnam, Taiwan, China, or any of the other Asian countries where labor is relatively cheaper. As mentioned earlier, it just takes your customers knowing that they are paying for quality for them to patronize you.

Furthermore, if you source your products from the United States, they will have that “American-made” stamp of approval. There is no doubt that most patriotic people will prefer to buy a product made in the good old America than the ones that come from other sources. This is not saying that Americans wouldn’t buy from other sources, but they will place a premium on their very own before considering other options.

If you are getting your products from United States-based dropshipping suppliers, most of the goods will be made in America and will carry that stamp of approval. This will help to distinguish you from the average dropshipper on eBay or Shopify who just orders supplies from outside sources.

Additionally, when your customers are assured that they are paying for a quality product that has met all the regulatory standards or guidelines, they will be more likely to buy at higher retail prices. You just need to know how to state it that your products are from the US and your customers will be more than happy to pay a higher price for it.

Yes, there will be those who will prefer the cheaper alternatives from China and other Asian countries, but the vast majority of customers who understand what it means to pay for quality products will happily pull out their wallet and pay you the right monetary worth of the product you are selling.

Apart from the above benefits of using US-based dropshipping suppliers, there are several others. For instance, it helps you to give your customers better satisfaction and experience. Imagine delivering the orders of your customers to them within a day, something that takes other vendors days or weeks to do, what do think would be the experience of that customer? Of course, they are going to speak good things about you and your business.

Imagine making sure that the customer gets a comprehensive tracking system that lets them know the exact location of their ordered product at every point in point. Again, what do you think will be the experience of the customer? Their experience will be positive, and you will reap the benefits in that you will acquire a repeat customer for yourself.

The benefits of using a US-based dropshipping supplier are just too enormous. We have not mentioned that it is a perfect way to distinguish yourself among the crowd. The majority of dropshippers are still using Chinese based dropshipping suppliers to fulfill an order. This makes it really hard for such dropshippers to give their customers a better experience all the time. If you join only a few dropshippers who use local dropshipping suppliers, it means you will make more sales, since there are not a lot of people doing that. How will you make more sales?

Simple – once you explain to your customers who are mostly based in the United States, Canada, Europe, etc. that they will get expedited shipping, then you have already won yourself a customer. Some customers might protest the higher cost of the products you are selling as opposed to what is available in other places. You could calm their mind or neutralize their fears by letting them know that they are getting better quality.

This is not to mention that the “Made in USA” stamp that your products will carry will further improve your credibility and make more customers want to order from you. While some customers may not really care about where their ordered supplies are coming from, many others do care, and once they are sure that the products are made locally, they will pay you the money you have quoted for the products.

In order not to romanticize things a lot, it is good that I mention that many US dropshipping suppliers charge considerably higher than their foreign-based counterparts – there are some customers who still prefer the cheaper options. For some of them, they often don’t tend to understand why they should pay a higher amount for a product that they could get cheaper elsewhere.

If you are a focused business owner, you should be able to know how to make your business distinct and know who your customers are. If you have determined that your audience are those who can willingly pay a higher price for quality, then stick with them and forget about the customers that prefer cheaper options. In business, it is called knowing your audience or market segment and sticking with them.

What to consider before choosing a US dropshipping supplier

Remember, as a dropshipper, you are a business owner, and as a business owner, you need to think critically and strategically. No matter the type of dropshipping supplier you want to use, it is still necessary that you do your due diligence before pitching your tent with anyone. You do not want to work with a supplier solely based on the fact they are based in the United States. That will be a really infantile reason to work with someone. On the other hand, you don’t want to work with a supplier solely based on the fact that they are based in China, Vietnam, or other overseas locations.

Also, you don’t want to work with a supplier on a first name and handshake basis. Remember, as a dropshipper, your supplier is one of your most critical business partners. If they mess up or if you choose the wrong one, then your business suffers. In fact, it is safe to say that you are at the mercy of your supplier. If they decide to mess you up and continually send wrong packages to your customers, then your business will be as good as gone. If the supplier sends damaged products to your customer, you will get nothing but negative reviews, ratings, and feedback – which will impact you negatively.

There are just so many ways through which your supplier could ruin your business – and that’s why you must properly vet any supplier before settling for them. One thing I normally tell people who want to go into dropshipping for the first time – find and join forums or communities of other dropshippers. In those forums, you can ask questions about suppliers and get the most honest answers from people who have had firsthand experience with the suppliers in question.

There are several active dropshipping groups both on Facebook,, and other online mediums. You just need to search, find, and join as many forums as possible. When you join, make sure you contribute to discussions – that way, when you ask questions, other members of the community will be more willing to answer you.

That being said, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a US-based dropshipping supplier:

1. Trust and reliability

The best way to know the reliability of a supplier you want to pitch your tent with is to ask for recommendations If you are a member of a community of dropshippers, there is a chance that other dropshippers have used the supplier you are asking about. You can ask the supplier for references – let them refer you to some of the dropshippers they have worked with – this is a good way of sieving out the unreliable ones.

Additionally, you could check websites like to read what other people are saying about the supplier. Do note that some suppliers or companies do pay individuals to leave positive reviews about their business on TrustPilot. So, if you want to depend on what you see on the platform, make sure you ignore the shiny positive 5-star reviews.

If you really want to get an honest opinion about the supplier and any other company at all on TrustPilot, look out for the 2 and 3-star reviews. Those are the real unbiased opinions of people who have used the services of the company. You could also check the 1-star reviews, but in most cases, it has been discovered that some of the people who leave such reviews are disgruntled elements who just want to pull down other people’s business.

You can also go through this webpage that provides you a list of more than 8,000 vetted dropshipping suppliers you could work with. This is not expressly saying you should just pick one or more suppliers from the list and work with them without doing your own due diligence. Of course, you will still need to ask other dropshippers about the suppliers you want to work with – this is to help get the opinions of others.

If you want to take things, you could arrange to meet the supplier face to face and talk over things with them over a cup of coffee. Although this is a stressful option, the result will be worth it. At least, you get to know who you are working with as well as know who to hold accountable if anything goes wrong.

2. Friendliness and communication

What is the ease of doing business with the supplier you want to choose? Are they friendly? Can they work with you to resolve issues should there be any? Will they cooperate with you and ensure that your customers get a good experience or do they suddenly go cold once you have paid them? Yes, there are some suppliers that will display a totally different before you have made payment and then turn around to cold uncooperative, difficult fellows once they have gotten your money. Working with such suppliers will dent your business because they may refuse to provide tracking codes or when they might provide the codes late, making your customer be anxious.

Remember, when working with a supplier, you would want to partner with them for a long time. The reason is that you want to be going through the hassle and vetting and choosing a new supplier every other week. This means you should do your best to choose someone you can easily get on with. Again, it is important to ask other dropshippers their experience with a supplier you want to work with. When asking, don’t just focus on the reliability of the supplier, ask about how friendly they are and how they treat dropshippers that work with.

Even without asking others, if you are discerning enough, you could tell a lot about the character or personality of a person through their emails or voice. If they exude some irrational nastiness when you are still talking or negotiating with them, then there is a high chance they will exhibit their full unruly attitude when you have committed you and/or your client’s money into their care. Once you have ascertained that the supplier you want to work with is friendly and approachable, then go on to check how much they charge for shipping products.

3. Shipping costs and information

You opted for a US–based dropshipping supplier because you wanted your customers to receive their orders as soon as possible. Now, would it make sense to choose a supplier that delays delivery? If a US-based supplier cannot facilitate fast shipping, then there is no difference between them and the one based in China, for instance.

Before choosing a US-based supplier, ensure you know about all the shipping options they offer. Do they offer same-day shipping? Next day shipping, etc.? You would want to know. In addition, you will need to know about their shipping costs. By knowing the shipping costs for each item beforehand, you will know how to charge your customers for products ordered properly.

4. Production capacity

Some dropshipping suppliers are also the manufacturers of the products they supply. If you want to partner with such a supplier, you need to ask them about their production capacity. This will give you an idea of how many products they can make at a time. Why is this important? You don’t want to run into a situation in the future where you will have to start sourcing for another supplier when your main supplier has run out of stock.

During the holiday seasons, a lot of people are often shopping for supplies, if you partner with a supplier that doesn’t have enough production capacity, the frustration that comes with not finding what one wants could drive your customers away. If a supplier is able to meet up with your demands, it means you will never have to put up that “out of stock” label that many customers hate to see.

5. Additional fees

So many suppliers charge what they call a dropshipping fee – this is normal, and you should expect it. However, the supplier has to be upfront with you about these fees – you don’t want to be greeted with surprises when you have already ordered for some supplies. Additionally, you need to know what the price you are being charged covers.

Some suppliers will remove every branding symbol that has to do with them. Some others will package the product in your preferred packing style or box. Some of them will also issue an invoice in your business name to the customer. These are some of the things that the dropshipping fees cover, but you should not just assume, ask first.

If a supplier cannot state what they plan to do with the fees they want to charge you, then you are better off looking elsewhere. Also, if they charge inordinate fees that cannot be justified, you should look elsewhere too. You are in business to make profits – if you have to lose all your profits through random fees, then how are you going to make a profit?

6. Warranty and returns

As a dropshipper, your customers are humans, and as humans, they could change their mind after ordering a product and then decide to return it. If such happens, what will your supplier do? Will take part of the responsibility or will they shift all the responsibility over to you? Remember, when you pay dropshipping fees to a supplier, these are some of the things they are supposed to protect you against.

So, before you choose a supplier, make sure you read their returns policy. They should also provide you with information about product guarantee and warranty. What happens in the event that a customer receives a damaged product? Who bears the cost? This is a sensitive area in dropshipping because most suppliers like to absolve themselves of any form of blame or responsibility when an issue arises.

If a supplier sends the wrong product to your customer, will they bear the risk of reshipping the right product to the same supplier? Or will they require you to pay more money? If a customer decides that they are not happy with their order, will the dropshipping supplier gladly receive the product back without a fuse?

Sometimes, you have to go beyond what the supplier says concerning their return policy. Most of the time, some suppliers say things they do not put into practice. To get the best opinion about the return policies of a supplier of interest, you are better off getting the views of other dropshippers who might have used the supplier. Nothing beats the firsthand opinions of real dropshipper in issues like this, so don’t take it for granted.

Note: depending on the different types of products you are selling, you will need more than one supplier. Even if you are selling only one item, you may still need more than one supplier depending on the location of your customer. Some suppliers are better suited for customers based in a particular area than the others. So, no matter the number of suppliers you need, make sure you put the points mentioned above into consideration before settling for anyone.

Now that we have covered the top six things you should consider when choosing a dropshipping supplier in the United States, here are the top ten dropshipping suppliers in the United States.

1. iFuncity (mostly supplies electronics like cameras and photography equipment)

Since its inception in 2007, iFuncity has been a dropshipping supplier of choice in the United States. The company has served more dropshippers in more than 60 countries and partnering with them for the supply of electronic gadgets will not be a wrong choice.

One thing that makes the company stand out is that they offer what is called blind dropshipping service. What is blind dropshipping? If a company offers blind dropshipping, it means that they customize the products and brand it with a dropshipper’s branding material or after the taste of the dropshipper.

For instance, if your brand name is, “Grupo,” and you want to order digital cameras from iFuncity, the company can brand the cameras to bear your business name and carry your logo. Also, the invoice will carry your brand name and every other information you want. This way, your customer will not know that the product was drop shipped. Blind dropshipping is also great because it helps to build your own brand and name.

In addition to offering in-demand electronics, the company also offers fashion accessories. The company gives you an option to choose between branded items and non-branded ones. So, if you want to brand your products before shipping, you indicate. On the other hand, if you want them to ship without branding, you can also state it.

If you want the company to be your dropshipping supplier, you can browse through their product inventory – you can also request for a product data feed, and the company will provide.

2. Teledynamics (mainly supplies computers and electronics)

Teledynamics is based in Austin USA, and they are mostly into the wholesale supply of electronics. They are one of the major distributors of electronics from manufacturers such as Polycom, Siemens, Motorola, Sony, SBC, AT&T, NEC, Panasonic, Plantronics and a host of others.

One good thing about the company is that they do require that you must order a certain quantity or what is called minimum order quantity (MOQ). And that’s why they are a great option for dropshippers. Another exciting thing about the company is that, just like iFuncity, they also offer bling dropshipping and this they do at no extra cost.

To get started with Teledynamics, you will need to obtain reseller identification. To find products from the company to resell or dropship, simply request for the company product catalog. The companies generally prefer working with individuals with good credit rating.

3. FootwearUS

If you want to be dropshipping footwears, then this particular company is your best bet. One unique thing about the family-owned company is that they manufacture their footwear. Just the two other companies mentioned above, FootwearsUS offers blind dropshipping – if you want them to brand the wears with your name, just let them know and they will do it.

4. FragranceNet

This company has been in existence since 2007, and the name suggests, they are majorly into the supply of perfumes and colognes. To drop ship the company’s products, you will need to sign up on their website as a dropshipper. Once you have signed up for the dropshipping program, then you will have access to all of the company’s products.

If your customers are within the US, the company will charge you approximately $6 to ship each item. You will need to factor this shipping cost when giving your customers the retail prices of the products you sell. The amount the company will charge for shipping a product overseas will depend on the weight of the item and other factors.

5. I&I Sports Supply Company

This is a major supplier of airsoft products, martial arts merchandise, arcades, paintball products, etc. in the US. Like most of the other companies we have mentioned, this one also offers blind dropshipping.

6. Whitney Brothers

This is another great dropshipping supplier – the company is mainly into the supply of baby gear including children’s furniture – great for daycare centers, nurseries, playrooms, etc. they offer a lifetime warranty for all their products.

7. New Concepts Distributors International

This dropshipping supplier is majorly into the distribution of underwear, shapewear, and other related clothing items. The company adds a nominal fee of $3.00 to all drop shipped products. So, if you want the company to drop ship products to your customers, they will add $3.00 to the price of the product – which is fair enough. The company doesn’t have a minimum order quantity so they can happily ship a single item to your customer.

8. Innovative beauty

Just as the name of the company implies, they are mainly into the supply of beauty products – quality ones at reasonable prices. They have a special price for drop shipped items which will be made available to you upon request.

9. Fashion stories

This company offers drop shipping services for pieces of jewelry and other fashion accessories. The good thing about them is that they don’t have a minimum order quantity – so they can happily ship even a single item to your customer.

10. Parkflyers RC

They are into the distribution of remote-control toys. They offer blind dropshipping – if you want to join their dropshipping program, you will pay a one-time fee of $99 after which you will not pay any other extra fee per order.

Now, we have talked about some of the dropshipping suppliers in the US – you could be asking, “What can I do with such information?” Since most people who use Shopify to create their dropshipping store normally source their products directly from suppliers, what can one do with US-based suppliers?

Let’s face it, while drop shipping products from China is still largely popular, if you want to build a brand, one that will be attached to your name for a longer time, you need to start thinking strategically. How do you think strategically? Ask yourself, “Will dropshipping products from make me known?”

The answer is no – you will make money, but you still do not have a brand. The ultimate winner in this whole game is still the supplier and perhaps, Shopify. You might ask, “Why are the suppliers the winners?” Shopify is well known all over the world – whenever you mention Shopify, people already know that it is a platform for building dropshipping stores. In the same vein, if you mention, people see the platform as a popular e-commerce marketplace. But when your brand or business name is mentioned, would anyone know you? The answer is no.

When you are just getting started as a dropshipper, it is good for you to use Shopify to make quick money, then start thinking of how to build your own brand. By building your brand, it doesn’t mean you should start producing your own product. Rather, you should start branding the products you sell. You can still be a dropshipper, but you will no longer be the type that just dropships products from China to a customer.

The type of dropshipping that anyone should aspire to become is the type where you source products directly from the types of suppliers mentioned above, then list the products on your e-commerce website. When an order is placed, you send the details over to your supplier for them to fulfill the order. You could ask, “How is this different from the typical dropshipping?”

The difference between the model I have described above and the popular one is

that you are using suppliers who offer blind dropshipping. The supplier will brand the product with your business name before shipping to your customers. The supplier will also make sure that the invoice sent to the customer carries your name or business name instead of that of the supplier.

By making sure that the products you dropship are branded with your name, it will really be easy for you to grow your assumed small dropshipping business into a global brand in no distant time. When your brand has grown quite huge, you could go into direct production of your own products and start charging as much as you want.

Like I have been reiterating all along, the problem with most dropshippers is that they don’t see dropshipping as a long-term business. For some people, dropshipping is just an avenue to raise quick cash or something they fall back on when they have lost their job or when they want to make some money for rent.

For such people who see dropshipping as a “hustle” rather than a business, they will often be trying to grab as much quick money as possible. Don’t be like the others who see drop shipping as an interim hustle – instead, you should see dropshipping as a business that can launch you into global prominence.

If you want to work directly with a local supplier, you could do so with your Shopify store or a WordPress store. The process is basically the same – instead of importing products from aliexpress and the other popular platforms, you simply do manual product listing. When an order is placed, you take the order details and send over to your supplier.

By the time you have developed a good working relationship with some supplier, you could arrange or negotiate better deals with them. For instance, you could tell them that for you to keep working with them, they should offer you reduced prices. A considerate dropshipping supplier will be happy to keep you and honor your reasonable demands.

Another significant advantage of this approach of dropshipping is that you are mostly in charge of your business. If Shopify, or any of the others decide to restrict your operations or do something in that line, you could simply design your own e-commerce platform and work with your trusted suppliers to fulfill your orders.

Before we end this module, let’s have a recap of all we have seen in the section so far.

We started the module by stating that dropshipping as a business model has come to stay and will continue to remain relevant as long as individuals are willing to stay in the comfort of their bedroom and have their products delivered to them.

The first set of dropshippers were basically doing retail arbitrage, then graduated into sourcing cheaper products from China and selling the same in the US and Europe. We identified that one of the problems associated with such a dropshipping model is that customers have to wait for up to two weeks to have their orders delivered. Another problem is that customers have to deal with inferior or low-quality products.

We were able to establish that the best way to contain the problem is to work with US-based or local dropshipping suppliers. These types of dropshipping suppliers mostly offer blind dropshipping service – they can brand your products with your business name or brand name before shipping them to your customers.

The choice of using local dropshipping suppliers is a better one as you are sure of the products you are getting, and your customers get to have their orders delivered in record time. Working with a local supplier who offers blind dropshipping service also helps you to develop and build your own brand so that you don’t spend all your years working to help other people’s business or brand grow at the detriment of yours.

In the next module, we shall look at the possibility of dropshipping on Amazon.

Recommendation: The Best eCommerce Course

There are many eCommerce courses teaching dropshipping such as eCom Elites. But if you don’t like dropshipping and want to build a sustainable eCommerce brand, I have a recommendation for you. It’s called Start and Scale Your Online Store by Foundr.

Foundr cooperates with Gretta Van Riel to create the Start and Scale course. The course has more than 100,000 students right now, which is the most popular eCommerce course in the world.

In contrast to other eCommerce courses, this course teaches you how to create a sustainable brand from scratch. You will, therefore, be able to generate passive income from your online store for many years to come.

The other eCommerce courses usually inform students how to set up a drop-shipping store and sell low-quality products. These stores or stores are short-lived because of poor customer reviews and bad products.

However, the Start and Scale course is different. The course teaches you how to brand yourself and market it. The business model is more sustainable because long-term assets are built. Another benefit of trademarking your brand is that other people cannot copy it and steal your business.

To learn more about the course, you can read my detailed Start and Scale review here.

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