How To Edit Your PLR Content Effectively

Using PLR content can be one of the easiest ways to earn money online, through creating and selling digital information products as downloads. The free content at your website will be viewed as a sample of the paid content that you have available at your site.

The biggest key to making PLR work for you is to adapt the content for your market and your style. Re-working PLR content can be as extensive or simple as you want it to be. You can completely rewrite it, or just make some minor changes. The important thing is that you change the content so it is unique to you.

Here are the main ways to customize your PLR to avoid duplicate content penalties.

1-Edit it for spelling, punctuation, grammar and acceptability to native English speakers in your home country.

It is easy to run a spelling and grammar check in your word processing program to get rid of any glaring errors in the content that you have purchased. Then you should read through it again to check for repetition and any awkward sentence construction.

Most of the time, the content will have been written by a native speaker of English, but English is spoken differently all over the world and words mean different things in different contexts. For example, the word “cookie” can mean the sweet dessert, or it can mean the small tracking token that is used in computer browsers; in the United Kingdom, the first would be referred to as biscuit. Therefore, do check to ensure that everything in the content is clear from both a general point of view and your own particular cultural context.

2-Add your own examples.

Imagine you have purchased a set of PLR articles on list-building for online companies, and you want to edit them to be more appropriate for your market, which largely consists of accounting professionals. You should gear the information specifically to that particular audience. In this case, you would add your own anecdotes and examples that refer to problems and issues which accountants commonly face.

Suddenly, what was very broad and general becomes very niche and specific, and more about you and your brand. If you purchase dog training articles, but your market is beagles, then adapt the articles to be suited for beagle owners, including specific examples. As PLR content can be very “plain vanilla,” add a range of flavors with examples from your own personal experience to teach others.

3-Put the content into your own voice whenever possible.

Since all writers have their own style, you should ensure that everything you distribute with your name on it sounds like you. Are you more formal or informal? Do you use large words or simple vocabulary? Do you tend to ramble a bit or get right to the point? Are you funny or serious?

All these elements make up your style and your brand. Read through any PLR content and change the parts that don’t sound like you. Look at the difference between two expert online marketers like Jonny Andrews, who is a bit of a wild man, and perhaps Mike Filsaime, Anik Singal or Joan Mullally.

Every single one of them has a different style and tone, and real-life examples of results that they have achieved. In the same way that people follow blogs for both content and personality, and the feeling that the person is the real deal and offering great value for their time (and perhaps money), one of these Internet marketing experts will speak to you, too.

And you should speak to your customers in a similar way using your own voice to make the PLR content you have purchased less plain vanilla.

4-Edit, rearrange, and reformulate.

If you want to make sure everything you send to your market and put on your website is unique, restructuring PLR content is a simple solution. You can combine two articles together, or chop a larger one into several pieces.

Add some of your own content at the beginning and end of a PLR article, or just rearrange the order, changing the transitions from paragraph to paragraph accordingly. Also be sure to look at the title and make sure it is vivid, accurate and interesting.

For instance, if the PLR you were using to give to clients who sign up for your list was called “7 Ways to Use PLR for Your Business,” you could switch out the numbers and call it “9 Top Tips for Using PLR to Grow Your Business,” and then just add two more ideas to the report.

5-Put your PLR into new formats.

PLR content is typically sold as text, but it can be re-formatted as audio or a video course from a special report, a mini-email course, a series of audios you make available on your blog, or as video blog (vlog) entries.

You can also create tip sheets, fact sheets, webinars, membership websites, DVD courses, and more from the text and any written material and multimedia material that you create. The more pieces to a product, with the more multimedia features, the more you can usually charge for it.

6-Take pieces out or add pieces in.

Just like restructuring a piece, adding or deleting content can make a piece of PLR content seem completely different. Turn a ten-page special report into a one-minute video, or make a series of five articles into a series of 30-second quick tips. Or do the reverse: Turn a short article into a longer report by adding content. The main pieces of information can be used as building blocks that you can then select at will to construct a different content item to use on your website, give away, or sell.

Now that we have covered six of the main ways that you can change your PLR, treat these as your action steps and begin working in earnest on the PLR content that you have purchased to start growing your website.

Here are the six ways again:

1-Edit it for spelling, punctuation, grammar and acceptability to native English speakers in your home country.

2-Add your own examples.

3-Put it into your own voice whenever possible. 

4-Edit, rearrange, and reformulate.

5-Put your PLR into new formats:

+ Text

+ Audio

+ Video

+ Webinars

+ Ecourses

and so on.

6-Take parts out or add parts in. Use the content as building blocks to create even more.

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