How to Create Your Best Life By Manifestation

One of the most powerful techniques you can use to improve your life is to utilize the power of imagination. Too often, those who have powerful imaginations get castigated as daydreamers or as those who aren’t realistic. Well, imagination is the key to creation because if you can’t see it in your head, you’re unlikely to see it in real life.

Think of how popular movie directors go about their work or how artists approach their craft. They first begin by visualizing exactly how whatever it is they wish to produce will look like and how it will feel. Much like a movie or a beautiful picture, you too have the ability to direct your life in this manner.

In this module, we will show you exactly how you can do this.

The Power of Imagination

Do you know that your brain has no way to tell what is real and what is imagined? As far as it is concerned, if the visualized picture feels real enough, it adopts it as if it really happened. You see, consciousness and reality can be manipulated by strong visuals and emotions. Think back to some old memories of yours and you will find that while you feel things happened one way, the reality is that things were slightly different.

We tend to believe that whatever we get to experience is reality. However, with enough sensory information about an event added to our mental picture, we will end up experiencing the imagined picture as real as well.

In a nutshell, this is the power of visualization. Your ability to build pictures, which you know are not real but are nonetheless being created with the intention to improve your life is a direct testimony to your ability to be a creator.

Never underestimate the power of your imagination to create worlds for you. Using this tool, you get to experience an entire universe of possibilities, therefore truly freeing yourself since there is nothing and nobody else constraining you, but yourself, inside your head. One of the key indicators of a powerful mental image is its ability to transport you using your other senses.

We all have moments in our lives that have impacted us and shaped us profoundly. These moments create particular imprints on our senses — visual, sensory (taste, smell, sound, touch) or a feeling of some kind. This is one way to imagine and visualize your desired life. Thus far, you’re probably just using your ability to imagine as idle daydreaming.

Visualizing pictures without consciously working to attain them is daydreaming. However, once you begin infusing them with the power of your intentions and goals, and practice visualization with discipline and faith, you will see these pictures manifest themselves in the real world. Will they be exactly as what you visualized? Maybe or maybe not. However, there’s no denying that the essence of your visualization will come true in your life.

Imagination is integral to the entire process, and it is crucial that you let it roam freely. Use your imagination in a positive manner and watch how your life changes. Most of us are actually experts at imagination, but we simply don’t realize it. Think back to when you felt anxious or sad about anything.

Your mind was producing pictures and imagining outcomes that hadn’t yet occurred, which resulted in causing you to feel anxious and sad. Thus, instead of using the power of imagination to feel bad, simply turn this around and use it to feel good instead. Construct a life that you want and fill it with images and feelings that you desire.

Imagination also taps into the powerful placebo effect of healing. Simply put, our minds are easily influenced by whatever reality is imposed upon them. Numerous studies have shown that a powerful imagination can speed up recovery after an accident or illness. Imagine both the bird’s and the worm’s eye view of details in your visualization. This way, you’ll fill in the details on all levels and will actively engage with your vision, thereby directing more of your focus towards it.

One of the best ways to utilize your imagination powerfully is by pairing it with a meditation technique.

Meditation with Visualization

The benefits of meditation have already been touched upon previously. There are a number of techniques you can use in your meditation practice — pairing meditation with visualization is just one of them. As a matter of fact, there are different ways in which you can use visualization to increase the potency of your meditation practice.

The first technique is to meditate with a focus on liberating the mind from every day worries. All you need to do is practice meditating using your usual technique every day in a disciplined manner. After a period of time, you will find that you will have access to your inner mind and its thoughts.

This inner mind is nothing but the subconscious mind, which is a sum of all of your beliefs as well as knowledge from the heart. When you first gain access to this inner layer, you will start seeing images and visuals in your head, which will guide you in a certain direction in your life. These images can be used as pointers for your next course of action.

Using meditation to clear your mind before your visualization practice is typically a great idea. This way, your mind will be calmer and more focused on the images you wish to create. The way to do this is by meditating as usual but ending your meditation with a visualization. Before meditation, pick a general topic you wish to visualize and create in your life. Fill it with an appropriate level of detail, as you feel. There’s no right or wrong level of detail.

Once you’ve finished meditating, visualize the images in your mind and add as many details as you wish. Focus on making these pictures as real as possible by adding sensory information to these pictures and emotional impact as well. If you’re not able to come up with visual imagery, simply use visualization to heal yourself.

Visualize yourself in nature, either a forest or on a hilltop or any natural surroundings which you prefer. Interact with this environment in your mind and note all the sensory information. This way, you will calm yourself and place yourself in a good spot in order to spread the gift of your love.

Your heart is the center of love and joy in your body — visualize it as beaming with golden energy, which is pure love. Imagine this power coursing through your body and then visualize sending this energy to your loved ones or to a destination of your choice via your palms. You can use your imagination to alter the future outcomes of past actions as well.

Once you’ve finished meditating, run the pictures of the past event in your mind once again. Remember to use as much information as possible and add as much sensory data as possible. Think about what you felt, what sort of touch you experienced, what emotions you felt as the event unfolded, what did other people or things in the picture experience, and so on. Detail is the key to making things as realistic and lifelike as possible.

Now, as you run the pictures in your mind, alter the elements you wish to change. For example, perhaps you reacted in a negative manner to something so now visualize yourself as reacting in the manner you wish you had reacted. Again, feel this new picture as deeply as possible in order to install it completely into your brain.

At first, your brain will likely reject this new picture, but continue doing this and over time you will find that your memory of this event changes completely. Build your pictures in layers and don’t be in a rush to fill out your scenes all at once. So don’t expect to have fully formed visions in your head after just one session of doing this.

Most of us are accustomed to using this power in a sparing and unconscious manner so it will take time to do so consciously. Fill in the main details and then add some atmosphere or color to the scenery. Next, infuse emotion and finally add the tiny details such as particular actions or the sensory information of certain inanimate elements in the picture.

Meditation will make the entire process easier since you will have a greater ability to focus your mind’s energies and create exactly what you want.

Multi-Sensory Visualization

The process of using your senses to make your mental pictures more real might be confusing at first, so it’s worth to go into this in a bit more detail. While most people are visually dominant, for some, the other senses might be more impactful. Then, there are certain scenarios that provoke an equal sensory response, other than just that of sight.

For example, if I ask you to visualize a beach, the first thing you probably hear is the sound of waves. Similarly, if I were to ask you to visualize a waterfall, it is the sound of the waterfall, which will likely come to mind at first thought. When visualizing rainfall, it is the touch of the water on your skin or the smell of the earth when the rain first hits that come to your mind.

As you visualize, play around with the various senses you can detect. Paint the original picture visually if necessary, but don’t restrict yourself to just the visual image. Sticking with the beach example, your first step might be to paint a picture visually. Imagine the sun on the horizon casting an orange glow over everything as the waves crash onto the sparkling white sand.

You might choose to add people to this scene or leave the beach empty. How about the palm trees lining the beach? Add some hammocks or other accessories as you please. As you’re doing this, become aware of the sounds that the waves make. Keep this in your awareness as you visualize this scene.

Next, add the sounds of the birds on the shoreline to your awareness. See them visually and add their chirping to the soundtrack, along with the sounds of the ocean. As you walk along the sand, notice how the sun feels on your skin. Does it feel searingly hot or pleasant and comfortable? Experience how this feels and assimilate this into your overall picture.

Next, become aware of how the sand feels between your toes. The sand probably feels dry and irritating. There might be some stones in there as well. As you get closer to the water, the sand firms up and the feeling of wetness can be detected by your toes. Furthermore, you’re closer to the waves now, so the sound of the ocean is much louder and drowns out everything else.

Can you hear the sound of the spray as it washes ashore? It sounds like a hiss as the water recedes back into the ocean. Whether you choose to enter the water or remain ashore and walk along the water’s edge, continue adding more sensory input into the picture.

As your ability to handle sensory input grows, start adding other living things into the picture such as other people or animals, and so on. Imagine their behaviors and reactions as your senses record them. Whatever it is you choose to add, remember to focus on how good the picture feels and the swell of positive emotion that is growing within you. This positive emotion should underline everything in your scene at all times.

To some, everything I’ve just written will seem like common sense, but for those who really struggle with visualization and can’t seem to build any power into their pictures, this example will help flesh out a lot of things. In such cases, I recommend starting small with an equally small intention. Simply visualize walking on the beach and feeling good. That’s it.

Don’t add anything extra like the sound of the waves or the specifics of your location. Simply feel the sand, hear the sea, and look a few steps ahead as you feel good. Building your picture slowly will get your brain accustomed, and soon, you will be building complex pictures using your mind and even better, having these manifest into reality.

Technique #15: Meditation and Visualization with Emotion

As mentioned before, meditation is a practice that will take your visualization practice to the next level, thanks to its ability to help you minimize mental distractions. There are many meditation practices you can choose to follow. The most common starting point for most people is simply becoming aware of their breath.

While that exercise increases your overall awareness, you can develop your focus by tweaking it a little bit. Start off by relaxing your body and becoming aware of your breath. Once your mind quiets down a bit, count your breaths up to twenty. When reaching twenty, count backwards to one.

The trick is, as you’re counting, if you find yourself getting distracted by other thoughts or images that pop into your mind, you need to reset the count. The first time you do this, you’ll struggle to get past three, so remember that getting a high count isn’t all that important.

What is important is that you simply notice how unfocused your mind can be. Keep persisting and resetting the count. If you manage to get a high number and you’ve never meditated before, you’re probably not aware enough of your mind to begin with so I suggest going back to the breathing exercise to build it up first. Any picture that flashes in your mind’s eye or any thought that pops up counts as a distraction where you need to reset the count.

Remain patient with this exercise and don’t do this for more than five minutes in the beginning. You will find yourself becoming tired when doing this in the beginning, but keep persisting with it and you’ll find that your ability to focus your mind increases exponentially.

The other exercise you can do is simply setting aside some time every day to visualize your future. This is the future that you choose and deeply want and are willing to work toward making it happen. Remember, just like your intention, this picture needs to be measurable in some form so you can identify and know when you’re there. This could either be in some material way or as an emotion.

Beware of the dangers of chasing pleasure if you decide to define your goal in terms of material terms. It is far better to set an emotion to your picture and then, just as in the example in the previous section, begin building your picture step by step. The truly powerful visualizations are one where the heart and the brain come together.

Thus, aligning your visualized pictures to your purpose, your intention, and

your goals is what will bring it into reality. This is the best way of signaling your intent to the universe and getting yourself vibrating at a more positive frequency in order to attract what it is you desire.

Always feel the positive emotion from the scene since this is what causes you to vibrate on a better plane. The emotion you feel is the most important and when it becomes deep enough and the pictures are real enough, you’ll actually see them with your eyes open, either when they manifest around you or when you go about your daily tasks, you’ll be able to access that feeling without any problems.

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