10 Best Tips to Create High Quality Instagram Content

Instagram is based on visuals. This can only imply that to engage your audience, you need stories, photos, and videos. You first need to determine what your objective is before you make any post. What end would you want your content to achieve? The following could be your goals.

  • Promote an already existing product.
  • Raise the awareness for your business page or increase your follower count
  • Direct traffic to your website through your Instagram page

As soon as you have mapped out your objectives, the next thing to do is develop content that is engaging.

In this article, we will talk about the best tips that will help you create great content on Instagram.

1. Research your audience

You may end up with the wrong kind of content if you develop content without first having a knowledge of your kind of audience. To learn more about your audience, ask the following questions:

  • How do these people use Instagram?
  • What are the Instagram accounts that interest them?
  • What brought them to this platform?

To make things streamlined, you could carry out surveys or interviews with many people in your target group. This way, you can find out what areas that are important to them.

2. Choose the content that would perform the best 

Instagram is mostly about visuals, this means that you must share contents that solidify your visual presence and brings out your brand. Make sure that a narrative outline is maintained in all your images, this way the progression of your narration is easily seen. Some of the kinds of content to share on Instagram are:

  • Share the beliefs and values which your organization stands for
  • Share pictures of your place of work. This gives your followers to connect with you, and not just with your product.
  • Post pictures showing people using your product.

3. Develop patterns and themes for your visuals

After you have understood what your audience expects from you and what your goals are, the next thing to do is to choose the components of your brand, which you use your Instagram content to emphasize. 

You could begin with your services, team members, and brand products as your content themes. The next thing is to think of topics that are in line with your stories, photos, and videos. Make sure that these content themes and your visuals go together.

4. Learn to use filters

According to Canva (n.d), Clarendon is the most widely used filter on Instagram. You can use this filter to highlight your images, make them brighter and add shadows as well. Make use of a filter that goes together with the persona of your brand and gives it a unique and consistent look. 

According to a study carried out by Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech, you could actually enhance the viewing of your pictures by up to 21 percent by making use of filters. It can also increase the number of comments.

5. Make use of hashtags

The major advantage of hashtags is that increases the discoverability of your posts. It also increases your audience and your post engagement. Instagram exploits hashtags in categorizing content. It is a good idea to use them for the keywords you include in your copies. 

To make the most of keywords, try including branded hashtags in every post you make. Doing this will connect them to your brand. When it comes to hashtags to add in your captions, there is no right amount. It is important, however, that you remain relevant by adding hashtags that are related to what you have posted. 

Filling your posts with irrelevant hashtags is not advisable. This may impact negatively on your content instead of that positive impact you want.

6. Pay attention to UGC content

UGC means User Generated Content. This is an efficient technique for increasing your brand awareness on Instagram. UGC is when individuals who use a specific brand share its content without any motivation from the brand. 

If you have established and built trust with your brand, this approach should work well for you. However, if you are still trying to establish your brand online, a user will hardly develop content on your brand without any reward. 

This means that you have to organize a promotional contest or event where users are rewarded for creating and sharing content for your brand.

7. Leverage on captions

It is good to have great visuals; it is also very important that you have a great caption. This is because of the simple reason that it drives engagement and increases the comments and likes on your post. Instagram says that posts that are displayed in a user’s feed are presented based on the interest of the user in the offered. 

This means that contents that have a lot of comments and likes are most likely to be at the top of your follower’s feeds. 

Showcasing your brand’s personality is one of the functions of Instagram captions. They also entertain your audience and influence your followers to take action. With a great caption, you can tell a moving story that will aid the objectives of your brand. 

There is no method of creating captions that are cast in stone, the best thing to do is find out what works best for you. On Nike’s Instagram page, for example, some of their posts inspire the audience, and some are motivational. Borrow a leaf from this and find out what works best for you.

8. Repost content from brands similar to yours 

You may not have the time to develop premium content for yourself. There is a way around this. If you are in a competitive niche, there is a high chance that there are other brands like your own that develop interesting content for your audience. 

Post content from other brands similar to yours, or other accounts that support your strategy and followers, this is okay as long as request authorization and credit the source appropriately. This is how you repost Instagram content the right way:

To find the best content to repost, think of well-established Instagram accounts with similar audiences to yours that do not directly compete with you. Take note of the accounts that produce the best content. 

Follow these ones so that you can get a notification whenever they make a new post. Save any posts you think you would want to share on your page. This is easily done using the bookmark icon which is found under any Instagram post. Another way is to save the posts you want to repost in a separate collection. 

Another effective way is to follow hashtags that are related to your account. This is very good because any post that is linked to the hashtag you follow always shows up in your feed. This helps to keep things simple for you as you look for great content to repost. Just run a search for the hashtag and follow it.

9. Work with influencers

Working with influencers is a sure way to get a steady stream of quality content. This is because of the obvious reason that they have a substantial amount of followers. Influencers, however, are expensive and if your budget is limited, it may be advisable to first work with a micro-influencer before you move on to the bigger ones. 

Collaborating with micro-influencers affords you the opportunity to give your niche a reach of 10,000 to 40,000 individuals. This is a substantial figure if you work with influencers who are in the same niche as yourself. Send a direct message to influencers or get their contacts from their bios if you want to contact influencers.

Learn more about how to collaborate with influencers.

10. Apps you could use to post content

It is actually a tedious task to post content often. Leading post about five times a week on average. This can actually consume much time. Because of this, many social media managers make use of applications that help them load multiple contents and automate posting. Some of the best apps to do this on Instagram are shown below.


This platform was built expressly for Instagram. It helps you to schedule posts, monitor hashtags, and gather user-generated content among other things. This app is also an official partner of Instagram and makes use of the Instagram API for importing images. 

This makes it a very secure choice for organizations that worry about the safety of their social accounts. The Later app is free for individuals, but if you have a large company, you have to pay some fees.


This app is used for scheduling on social media. It is totally free and it can be integrated with Instagram and other social platforms. This app can be used to post single images and it also sends reminders to you so that you can manually post videos and multiple images. 

Though free for individuals, this app can be quite expensive for large organizations and brands with plenty of users and accounts. The app comes as both an android and iOS app.

Sprout Social

With this app, posts can be scheduled on Instagram, you can also use it to manage comments and monitor hashtags and run reporting. You can schedule posts with this app and send them automatically to Instagram. This app is both a web app, an android app, and an iOS app.


This is a well-known and very recognized platform used in social media management. It can be integrated with the core of all social networks besides Instagram. It enables you to automate posts and, as well, set reminders for posts. 

It is quite cheap compared to the competition and is compatible with iOS, Android, and is still a web application. Now that we have talked about how to post your content, let us now talk about how to post it at the right time.

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