How to Create Designs With Canva?

In this guide, I will teach you everything you should know to create designs with Canva.


If you are new to Canva, just go to If you do not have an account yet, just go to the option where it says, “New to Canva! Sign up.”

You can sign up with your Google account, Facebook, or your email.

When you log in with google/Facebook/email and enter your details, you will be redirected to the home page of Canva. First, I will explain how it looks, what are all the options, and then go to the design area. I will also give you an overview of how it is organized, what you can find in Canva. Then we will create a design, a static image for social media, and an animated video with moving elements with music.


As you can see, we have all these different options. They are categories, and you can browse through these carousels and check all the different categories that Canva gives us.

On the left area, you will see a menu. We are on the ‘Home’ page but let us discover the other pages as well. Next up is ‘All your designs.’ When you click, you will see all the different designs that you have been creating in Canva.


After Home, the next option is ‘Templates.’ There, we find all the different templates that Canva gives us for free, along with the premium ones. We can use all these templates and also customize everything that we see. There we can customize the colors, shapes, photos, fonts, everything.

If you are looking for something in particular, you can just type your keyword in the search box. It can be a social media such as Facebook social media platform, and you will see all the different options, or you can also type for something more specific.

For example, let us say, ‘restaurants’ and you see that here Canva suggests ‘restaurant flyers, gift certificates, logos, business cards, etc.’

They have so many different options and designs just for a single restaurant. So I will suggest you go there and check them out.


Let us go to ‘Photos’ that is the option that can be found in the Features after templates. They have a huge media library.

In the photo below, you can see we are in the photos library, and we can filter them by premium and free.

how to create designs with canva

We can check all the free photos, use them in a design and download them.


We also have ‘Apps’ as an option in the Features menu because Canva has all these different apps integrated.

We can use them for designing or for downloading or save images in other apps. So you can check them out. They have different apps and different platforms that we can use with Canva.


We have a ‘Brand kit.’ This one is more interesting for pro users because, for the Canva free accounts, we cannot do much here.

We cannot upload fonts. We cannot change these fonts here. We cannot add logos. We can just add three different colors to the color palettes, but that is all we can do. This brand kit is so amazing. I have a Canva pro account, and this one saves me so much time that I will recommend you checking it out.

If you do not have Canva pro and you would like to try it for free. Canva will allow you to try Canva free for 30 days.


There is the ‘design school.’ So, Canva also has a couple of tutorials here which are free tutorials. You can just go and check it out. Everything is in English.


Then, we also have the ‘Create a team’ option. I changed the team’s name, but you can also change it for anything that you would like to name. For example, you can put here the name of your business or whatever you want to put here.

This one allows you to share designs with other people. We use that a lot, and it is very time-saving. It is really useful.


Then, we have the ‘All you folders’ option. You can create many folders here.


And lastly, we have the ‘trash’ area where you can save your designs the first 30 days when you deleted them; if not, they will be deleted permanently.


Now, let us start designing. First, I would design an animated video with some animated elements in the background and a photo with a nice filter.

Let us go to our Canva page, and for this, we will create an Instagram post. In my case, it appears here at the beginning, but if you cannot find it, type ‘Instagram’ and look for ‘Instagram post.’

Canva will give you a bunch of different templates. You can use any of them. Here I will use a blank page.


We are on this design page. Let us do an overview of this page. What do we find here?

So, the first thing that we see on top is a menu, and we can find options like Home, File, Resize, and changing the name as I have named it as “My Instagram post.”

We have many different options, but the most important menu in Canva is the menu bar on the left-hand side.

At first, we have a bunch of different templates that Canva is suggesting for us or is suggesting. You can just go and see all here in this area. You can see they have all these designs organized by categories, and we can check them out.

In this case, I will not use any of them, but if you want to use one of these, click on the design that looks interesting, and it will go automatically to your page.

Next, we have ‘photos.’ This is the same photo library that we saw initially. Again, it is the same – here, we have different categories, and then we can browse through all these photos or search for them.

We have elements, and they also are organized by categories. So you see grids, shapes, frames, stickers, etc.

Next, we have ‘Text’ and ‘Styles,’ where we have all these different text and color combinations that we can use in our designs.

Then we have the ‘More’ we have all these different options for us.

Here we have ‘Audios,’ which is a really interesting kind of new feature in Canva.

‘Videos’ is also kind of new to Canva and really exciting. We can add these videos to our designs and give us a more engaging outcome.

Then we have ‘Backgrounds.’ We can add textures to our backgrounds with just one click. We can also change the colors.

You can change the color of the background. We keep the same texture, but we can customize the color.

We can also ‘Upload’ our images and videos in Canva when we click the button upload and add an image or video. We can access our computer folders and upload our images or videos.

Then, we have our folders where we can organize our designs. And save our data.

Then in More, we have ‘Apps and Integrations’ in Canva.


Let us start from zero. So, the first thing is to open a design. In my case, it is an Instagram post. I have a blank page. Now I will add color to it. We can go background color and select one of these colors, or we can also open the color picker and select a color that we like. Then, we can change the things or add in a specific hex code of our color brands or any hex code that you would like to use.


In my case, I have my color here. So I am going to apply. So now, I have my branded color in my design.

Next, I am going to upload one photo. I have already removed the background of this photo. This actually can be done in Canva pro; Canva for free does not have this feature. But there is this trick where you can remove your photo’s background from the website


If you do not have Canva pro or you would not like to try it yet. You can use this website “”

Let us go there, and you can upload your image here and remove the background automatically. If you use the free version, the images will be low resolution. So that is the only thing I do not like, but as I already said, you could try Canva Pro for free and use these remove background feature which is useful and exciting. I also want to add a text box. Let us add it.

Go to the text menu and add a heading. In this case, I want to create a post to welcome the new members of my group. So, I am just going to write here ‘welcome.’

As you see here, when you click the background on this menu will see different options. When I click that text box, we will see some other options, different options for different elements.

For example, I click on the text, and I will see a menu for the text. If I click on the image, I will see a different menu to adjust the image. And, if we do it for the background, we will see some other options for the background.

For the text, I will like to change the color of my text, and if I want to change the size, I will just click here and select a different size, or I can just do it with my keyword like this or with these anchors I can change the size.


If we want to download this image still as an image for Instagram or any social media, we can just click on the down arrow icon on the top right and download file type as PNG or jpg or even PDF, if you need a PDF.

But in this case, as I told you, I want to show you how to create an animated video with some animated elements and music. So, let us do it.

Let us head to the Elements, and I told you that they have different categories so let us go down to the sticker category. Let us open it by clicking on ‘see all,’ and you can just browse through all these different categories or type something there.

In this case, they already have the word stickers, and I will add another keyword. For this one, in particular, I will type blob and enter.

For this design, in particular, I will use these animated elements, and I will make it a little bit bigger with these points in the corners and points or anchors.

I am going to position this blob behind my photo and how do I do this. I will go there to this menu and click on the position and click backward.

The element now is behind my forum, and I will position it to the center because it is not – I like the center. So click, and now it is a link to the center.

I am going to add another animated sticker or element. I will delete the word ‘blob’ in my search box, add ‘brush,’ and enter. I am going to select the first option of the brush here. It is an animated brush effect, and I will make it smaller and position it next to my welcome board.

The last final thing or the cherry on top will be music. Let us add the music. You can go to More and click on Audio. Go through all the different categories, and if you want to listen to one of these songs, just click on play on the top.

You can click like that and have a preview of the song. So, for example, if I want to use this song, I will click on the title and select the exact portion of this song that I want to use.


Click on the photo and then on Effects. So now, we have all our effects shown. To use the duotone, you will have to install it. Then, you just need to click on the duotone effect and connect.

Just select the effect, click and apply. We will have to wait just a couple of seconds until this effect is on top of the photo. So now, it is there.

You can also preview the design here. Let us preview this. It is looking perfect.

Now what I am going to do is to download this as a PNG. I want to show you this because, as we see, we have a moving element in the background and just wanted to show you that even if you use animated elements, you can also download these designs as PNG or JPEG static images.

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