How to Align With Your Manifestation

Change is the only constant in this universe. It just so happens that our conscious minds are singularly ill-equipped to deal with and process change. This is due to the numerous constraints placed upon it as we grow older and by the time we reach the stage of adulthood, it’s almost as if our minds don’t belong to us anymore.

Let’s take a deeper look at this.

Social Conditioning

One of the eternal questions that surround our behaviors and beliefs is whether they’re influenced and caused by nature or nurture. In other words, what is the single biggest factor that determines why we behave and act the way we do? This is exactly the subject of determinism versus free will debate.

Determinism adopts the view that our behaviors often have a root cause. Furthermore, it states these causes are always external. As such, the notion of free will is rejected since exercising free will implies that human behavior can be controlled internally. Thus, all our behaviors are predictable and can be controlled and influenced by the environment around us and the incentives it offers.

Please note that the word external here is used in the context of the mind’s ability to make decisions. There are a number of behaviors that are influenced by internal physical processes such as mental health, hormones, and so on. These are always the underlying causes of human behavior, and as such, the mind is powerless to reject them and acts appropriately. Such behavior is said to be influenced by internal determinism.

External determinism is when your behaviors are influenced by factors outside your physical body. It must be noted that determinism is but a model and should not be taken as a gospel truth. Indeed, the fact that psychologists cannot accurately predict a person’s behavior has led to two levels of determinism forming, called hard and soft.

Hard determinism refers to those points of view where humans are viewed as nothing but biological machines and seek to impose rationality over behavior. Soft determinism is where instead of treating people as machines, some fraction of free-will is recognized. Conditions are viewed as ‘likely’ causing certain behaviors instead of outright saying they ‘definitely’ cause them.

Determinism also runs up against common social mores such as responsibility and morality. For example, if someone is on trial for murder and isn’t insane and hasn’t done it out of self-defense or unconsciously, it is pretty hard to justify the hard determinist approach of saying that this person had no choice in the matter.

Free will theory is an approach that is completely against the Determinism and its approach toward human behavior. Free will rejects the notion that all behavior can be predicted and that humans have no choice in determining their reactions to triggers. Free will is, in fact, seen as an important difference between human beings and other animals in our world.


Our ability to exercise our free will is what allows us to have control over our destiny. No other living being on the planet has this capability. In fact, the degree to which a species rejects deterministic triggers is an indicator of their average intelligence. This effect can be seen in human beings as well. Those considered free thinkers and major influencers of human society are often seen as being apart from the masses, accepting widely held beliefs.

Beliefs thus are formed thanks to deterministic forces during our upbringing and we unquestioningly adopt them. However, as our consciousness grows, so does our ability to select and adopt beliefs that help us grow. Yet, we remain slaves to our old beliefs and our needs to follow the deterministic way of living. The key for you to realize is that you are subject to both forces — determinism and free will. One seeks to place you under the control of a mass mind and adopt its beliefs, whether they are right for you or not. The other, free will, is your expression of who you truly are. It comes not from a place of fear or resistance, but via communication from the soul itself.

In order to break your shackles and rid yourself of the diseases of the mass mind, you need to recognize your ability to exercise your will and quite simply, your right to do so. Far too many of us go around wearing the right masks and saying the right things to just fit in.

Instead, you need to connect with who you truly are and using your free will, express yourself fully as nature intended you to.

Emotional Adaptation

When you exercise your choice to recognize true reality and express yourself as nature intended you to, you’ll find that your mind doesn’t quite follow your lead willingly at first. Instead, it will remain stuck in its old patterns for a while and seek to placate the ego by time traveling.

As it travels and as you begin redirecting it patiently back to the present, you’ll find that the negative emotions which the ego seeks to create by time travelling will be brought into the present moment. This is a particularly problematic thing because our first instinct is to run away from the negative instead of letting it surface and tune into the learning lessons it is trying to offer us.

We often face negativity by covering it up with something else or substituting it with positive emotion. The thing to do instead is to simply allow it to exist and not give it energy by prioritizing it. Let it simply exist. It has a right to exist, so acknowledge that by doing so, you’re bringing into play an extremely powerful human ability: adaptability.

Adapting to our circumstances is an ingrained quality in every single one of us. It is what has enabled us to survive for this long. Adaptation helps us figure out the best way out of a negative situation and adjust to it in a manner that helps us overcome it. Resisting negative emotion, thus, only delays the adaptation process and will only make things worse.

Feelings of anxiety and depression are not combated by running away from them but by allowing them to bloom in you when they arise and letting yourself deal with it. By letting these feelings exist and receiving them, you are recruiting forces far greater than your rational mind can comprehend.

Resistance to your emotions is a lot like fighting fire with fire, and this only makes things worse. It is crucial that you do not pass any judgment on the negativity that crops up. Recognize that it exists and return to the present moment, as best as you can.

When you first start doing this, your mind will resist vehemently, but with continuous practice, it will get used to it and soon, you’ll find yourself observing negative emotion passing you by like a temporary rainstorm. You’ll have adapted to the situation and will no longer fear the onset of anxiety, no matter how bad your condition.

So, open yourself up and allow yourself to receive whatever emotion crops up within you.

Allowing Yourself to Have

Our existence in this world is dependent on energy flow. Energy cuts to the very essence of who we are. When describing ourselves, we may state our name, our occupation, what we do in our lives, but does any of this truly describe “I”? The truth is that there is no “I’ and that we are simply a subset of energy that flows around all of creation.

There are different types of energy that work together to maintain balance and keep our existence in equilibrium. These are active energy, receptive energy, and balanced energy. The first two can be thought of as the yin and the yang of our existence while the third is simply balancing the two counter energies.

Active energy is what is valued and highly desired in our current culture. We seek people who put themselves out there and attack things with gusto. Such people are often described as ‘go-getters’ and so on. All of these energies have a positive and a negative side to them. While the positive side of active energy results in success and achievement, when it turns negative, it can result in aggression and a lack of restraint.

Receptive energy manifests itself as having an open mind and the willingness to adopt different points of view. This energy is more soothing in nature and often manifests itself as waiting for the right moment to act and being alert, in a state of readiness.

The achievement of a balance between these energies results in an ability to adapt to any environment and the willingness to change. When imbalanced, it often results in rigid thinking and a general fundamentalist view towards a particular viewpoint, which is really just the adoption of a particular energy.


Of all the three, the receptive energy is the most important since this is what determines the health of the other two types of energy. A major reason for this is that receptivity is what determines our level of acceptance. Without accepting things as they are, there can be no steps taken to either change or adapt to situations, which leads to rigidity.

When fully functional, receptive energy manifests as groundedness, awareness, and acceptance. It puts us fully in touch with who we are and the realities of our situation. With the help of active energy, we can take steps to rectify it if need be. Without the input of receptive energy, active energy becomes default, and this leads to imbalanced states where we simply won’t know when to stop, so to speak.

However, the real power behind receptive energy is that it is crucial in determining our ability to give and receive love. Love is what ultimately moves the world and is the emotion that connects us directly to our soul and the infinite knowledge, as we’ve seen in the previous module.

Awareness is crucial for love to exist since love demands an attitude of leaving oneself behind and putting something else ahead of us, in a non-conditional way. Awareness is but an expression of receptive energy, as is acceptance. Both are crucial if we are to maintain the highest levels of honesty with ourselves.

Thus, to fully experience the fruits of joy, you need to allow yourself to receive. You need to open yourself to what is around you and become vulnerable to it. This doesn’t mean you become a slave to it but merely open yourself up to it and know that whatever happens, you’re finding your way back to your soul and that love will show you the way.

Unconditional Love

When we’re born, the large majority of us receive unconditional love. Babies of any life form elicit all forms of unconditional love and happiness in all of us, and this speaks to a fundamental human need: the need to receive unconditional love. Unfortunately, the memories we have as babies fade out and we grow up not knowing what unconditional love is.

The sad truth is that there are a lot of people who have no idea of what this is and the level of imbalance it causes in our lives. We end up thinking that love is a conditional thing, to only be given when we receive something else. Conditional love is simply an example of a societal construct that gets imposed on us as we move through the world. Like most societal constructs, it is merely an illusion and is far removed from the truth.

How does one begin shedding these constructs surrounding love? Well, the first step is recognizing that unconditional love exists and is something that you fully deserve. Next, in order to receive unconditional love, you need to start giving it.

Technique #4: Becoming present with your emotions

Whatever it is that you put out into the world, is exactly what you will receive. If you choose the branch that leads to more love in your tree of life, then that is what will manifest in your physical reality. Thus, in order to receive something, you first need to give.

Now unconditional love doesn’t mean you need to start confessing your love to random people around you. Far from it. Instead, understand that love is an energy form, and you need to engage with everything around you without judgment and with compassion. This is, after all, what love truly is. We’re familiar, to varying degrees, on how we can express love, but how does one exude love as energy?

Well, this is simply conveying an energy of acceptance towards a particular subject. Is your coworker bothering you incessantly? Well, close your eyes and accept them for who they are and wish them the best in their lives. Wish for them to achieve everything that they want and that they receive unconditional happiness. You’ll often find that by doing so, the quality of your life improves dramatically. Perhaps they no longer seem to irritate you (even if those qualities and habits still exist within them), because you have learned to accept them for who they are, flaws and all.

Release all expectations you have and simply give. Constraining your expression of love is simply trying to achieve a purpose that counteracts what you’re trying to do. This really doesn’t need any explanation. Initially, this might feel wrong if you’re accustomed to this, but with regular practice every day, it’ll become second nature to you.

Start small by practicing during the more mundane moments of your day and build your way up toward more annoying moments. Soon, you’ll find yourself in a blissful world, and the best part is that this is all your own creation!

Emotions are your key to happiness, even the negative ones. Remember that every emotion exists for a reason and indicates an imbalance or function as a warning sign. Thus, you need to give your emotions the space to play out and express themselves, instead of denying them and seeking to compensate in some other manner.

Awareness via meditation or mindfulness will help you accept your emotions. Remember that they are the connection to your soul and that your soul knows what is good for you since it has access to infinite information. Thus, any action you choose to pursue seeks confirmation from your soul prior to moving forward. Mindfulness will give you the markers you need to determine this.

Technique #5: Receptivity

Open yourself up to the world and become more receptive to the energy that surrounds you. We’re surrounded by miracles, but we often fail to take any note of them. Think of all the things around you right now. There’s probably electricity, the internet, a computer, a smartphone. Consider how fantastic all of this would have been to someone who was born in the previous century. A lot of these miracles would have seemed like Star Trek to you when you were a kid!

Take the time to observe them. Pick one each day and truly observe it. Marvel at how ingenious its design is, even if it doesn’t work properly. Consider how miraculous it is, that even a flawed computer is a miracle, requiring so many different components to be engineered precisely in order to form something. The words on your screen, the color of the things you create are all stored as energy on a disk which is then transmitted using another form of energy. As I said, we’re surrounded by miracles!

Practicing minimalism is a great way to stop and recognize the miracle that is present in every individual thing. The fewer things that compete for your attention, the more time and energy you will devote to it, and the more you will appreciate it. If there was just one item in front of you, you’re more likely to engage with it in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Increasing your level of receptivity has an added benefit in that you’ll learn to ask better questions. Be engaging with the world in a more compassionate way; your questions will naturally end up being more open-ended. This will cause you to question a lot of your own assumptions and that of society too.

Technique #6: Detaching from Conditioning

In order to detach from our conditioning it is important for us to recognize that the stereotypical model that we live by is untrue. The roles we play in our everyday lives are a matter of convention, they are abstract. Thus our conditioned character is tangible. Learning to be mindful and observing the conditions “pop up” within our everyday thoughts, emotions, and actions is a sure way to start the process of change.

Never hesitate to ask questions when confronted with a set of norms that you are forced to follow. Focus on questions that are open-ended and elicit a wide variety of responses. 

Questions that force you to consider all alternate viewpoints are a great example of this. One of the best ways to reinforce the oneness of everything in this world is to simply sit down and have a discussion with someone who has the diametrically opposite viewpoint as yours.

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