How Does Visualization Work in Manifestation?

Visualization is one of the most powerful ways of ensuring your vision comes to fruition. How does one go about performing it, though? The fact is that visualization triggers many positive things, along with one major negative. You’re going to learn all about the proper way to visualize your dreams in this module.

All visualization starts with a desire. If you’re reading this guide, you wish to manifest more money in your life. The thing about visualization is that desire alone isn’t enough. It needs to be backed by an expectation that this desire will come true to really lend it some weight.


Why is expectation so crucial? Put simply, expecting your desires to come true is an act of faith. It is an act of placing your trust in the universe and in the way it works. This isn’t a particularly new concept; every religious book and treatise has spoken about placing trust in a supreme being and praying as if your wish has already been granted.

This goes to show that the knowledge about how the universe works is pretty ancient indeed. Whether you’re religious or not, there is no denying that we are a part of the infinite cosmos. Thanks to this, we have direct access to its consciousness. While we might not be able to comprehend it at all times, there’s no denying that we are nurtured by it.

Visualization prepares your mind to live in the future and shed the memories of the past. Those paradigms that hold you back do so because they keep referring back to certain memories that justify their existence. For example, if you believe that money is evil, there is a memory within you that pertains to this belief. Perhaps your parents told you this, or you suffered through some experience in your life that validates this thought. Visualization is a method of using this memory referencing for your benefit and helps you create new beliefs and paradigms. The mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience and an imagined one (Hanson & Mendius, 2009).

The more connected you are to your visualization and the more you embody it, the more your mind will believe that it is a real experience. With repetition and intention, you’ll manage to have this new paradigm override the old one. Lending the new paradigm weight, and your visualization along with it, is the expectation that your desire will come to fruition.

The key here is to expect your desire to manifest without needing it to manifest. In other words, you will not be swayed whether it manifests or not. Keep in mind that your primary focus should be to stay in alignment at all times in the present moment as if it already did manifest. You can use expectation to put you into alignment, but don’t let it move you out of it.

When you expect your desire to manifest, you unconsciously align with it vibrationally. Let’s say you want to travel to Europe for 6 months as an example. If you expect this to happen, what first steps would you take? You would probably start looking up hotels, flight dates, tourist attractions, or contacting relatives and friends that live in these places. You’ll start doing things that imply that your desired manifestation is already on its way. Expect the experience, and let the universe take care of the details.

This is an extremely powerful way to manifest, however, there are a few pitfalls that people can fall into during this process. It’s okay to stay connected with your visualization and desire, but do not be attached to it.


One of the biggest pitfalls you can fall prey to is getting attached to the outcome. Attachment implies movement beyond mere expectation. The state of expectation is characterized by you eagerly allowing the arrival of something you know is coming. Attachment implies tying your entire self-worth to its arrival.

There’s a fine line between expectation and being attached to the outcome. Attachment is simply another way of escaping lack when what you should be doing is moving towards abundance. The key to note here is the place where your focus is directed. Anyone escaping lack is simply looking backwards; they care more about avoiding something bad than gaining a desirable outcome.

Often times, when we have expectations, we subtly give room for our ego to start thinking about the details. This includes the how-to’s of manifesting a desired outcome. This “muddles up” the energy and thus creates resistance rather than trusting the process and trusting that there is an infinite scale of energy that is in the works. The “how” is not your problem.

When things go wrong, the ego will try to convince you that your dreams are impossible and that staying where you are is more suitable. This is why expecting details is never a good idea. It gives room for the ego to judge your manifestation just because it wasn’t “perfect”. Become more aware of your doubtful beliefs and you will start to recognize just how absurd they are. The ego is always trying to hold onto an identity, predict an outcome, and create from a known state of being. In other words, the ego solely operates from the past.

Prosperity and money can come to us in a million ways. We cannot possibly know the permutations and combinations that lie ahead of us. Only the infinite knows that. Keep your focus on the present moment and on the timeless wisdom you have access to. This keeps your ego at bay. One of the reasons why locking ourselves into one single way of manifesting doesn’t work is because creation is a joint process. It takes two to tango and creation is no different.


Despite the large part we play in creating our reality, the truth is that we’re still a part of a larger ecosystem. Everything that you have created has a portion of reality that has been created by someone else. If you’re working a job and visualize earning a higher salary, you need your boss to cooperate with your vision to grant you higher pay, whether they know it or not.

They are co-creators in your vision. Given the infinite number of ways in which people interact with one another, this means there are an infinite number of ways in which money can come to you. Attaching yourself to one particular vision or expectation thus removes this infinite possibility from your life.

It’s a bit like the universe saying that you have all of these options, but you stubbornly cling onto a single one because you think you know best. This creates resistance and moves you out of alignment with your abundant self.

Everyone on this planet and in this universe is a part of a unified field, with all of us interacting and creating each other’s dreams. This is what creates life in our existence. So let go of the need for one particular outcome to manifest and instead allow the universe to give you what you desire.

Focus on the experience and not on the physical manifestation of money. In other words, don’t visualize your bank account growing larger. This doesn’t mean anything without the feeling of security and freedom that it brings. Therefore, focus on that instead. I’ve already detailed the myriad number of reasons why you should be focusing on this.

There is one other thing you should be aware of. Your dreams will not manifest immediately. This is because you need to experience them in the fourth dimension before you see them physically in the third dimension.

Fourth Dimensional Reality

The idea of experiencing your dreams in the fourth-dimension ties back to having faith that the universe is ready to give you everything you want. It goes back to believing in your ability as a creator. Only when you’ve fully experienced gaining your desired sum of money vibrationally will you see it manifest physically in your life.

Why does the universe do this? If it’s ready to give you everything you want, why not simply give it to you? The reality is that most of us are not ready to receive what we desperately want. A large sum of money might cause you more harm when showered upon you all of a sudden.

The universe ensures you’re prepared for what you want by wanting you to vibrationally match the experience first. This is how the universe works. You must emit a vibration that fits in accordance to the physical reality you want to experience. You will never be mentally or emotionally ready to experience it because you haven’t experienced it, but vibrationally, you did, because you believed it and allowed it to be a possibility in your life. This is why you feel nervous, or should I say excited, the first-time you buy a new home, land your dream job, or reach a 6-figure month in your business.

People who expect their emotions to follow physical manifestation are doing it backwards. They’re failing the test that the universe is placing before them. If you want money in your life, you need to already feel rich. If you wish to meet your special soulmate, you need to already be in love.

As Gandhi said, you need to be the change you wish to see. Only then does the universe send experiences that match the vibrational frequency you’re emitting. This is a universal truth and is the very basis for manifestation.

The reason why manifestation takes so long to happen is because physical matter is extremely dense, while thoughts and emotions are fluid and flexible. They both make up the same kind of energy that can be found across the cosmos. However, they are simply expressed from a different perspective.

The third dimension is where the ego thrives. This is where everything is seen as fixed and where duality is perceived. This is what allows us to differentiate from good and bad, up and down, and light and dark. A lot of contradictions happen here. It can feel very real to notice the difference between various expressions of matter. The key is to know that everything you perceive with your five senses is all connected and an expression of the same thing.

Reality is very flexible. We only perceive that reality is solid, fixed, and permanent because we may still be operating from a third dimensional level of consciousness. Your identity and your physical reality are very much malleable. This brings us to the fourth dimension.

Think of the fourth dimension like a dream world. Everything is very flexible, easy to manipulate, and things manifest instantly. Understanding this should give you enough inspiration to believe that you are the creator of your own reality. When we begin tapping into the fourth dimension, we consciously start deciding who we want to become and what we want to experience in life. Instead of allowing life to control us, we control our lives.

The existence and the importance of the fourth dimension is essential for the manifestation of your desires. So go ahead and visualize all of your dreams in detail. Don’t stop there, though. Continue and live your chosen reality with your eyes open and be aware that nothing is permanent, and anything can change if you choose to perceive that possibility.

Technique #9: Fourth Dimensional Manifesting

This is a technique that focuses on primarily manifesting in the fourth dimension. In other words, we’ll be focusing on manifesting in the quantum field. This will help you experience the freedom you’re after before it’s reached the third dimension. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Be aware that the only moment is the present moment. Everything you’ve ever desired can be experienced here. This is the door to the fourth dimension.

Step 2: Choose what it is you truly desire. The possibilities are infinite. Refer back to the Perfect Day exercise if you need to.

Step 3: Find something that implies that this reality that you desire already exists in the third dimension. In other words, find an object or experience that confirms that which you want is possible for you. Something you can touch is often more powerful. For example: If you desire to live in a beach house, go to the beach to experience it. If you want to travel more, grab the bookbag you’d travel with.

Step 4: Shift your focus from the physical into the meta-physical. Bring your focus to the feeling of experiencing your desire like it’s happening right now. Go for a ride in your imagination and let it roam free. Some may call this “day- dreaming.”

Step 5: Carry this feeling throughout the rest of your day. If you feel out of alignment, refer back to steps 1-4 and bring yourself back to your desired state. Do this technique until it comes natural to you.

Technique #10: Manifestation Confirmation Bias

For this next technique, we’re going to confirm that your manifestations are happening, whether this be in the form of an opportunity, person, or money that unexpectedly came to you. This will especially help those that find it hard to trust the universe due to a negative filter that block them from seeing the magic that’s happening to them on a daily basis. This technique will focus on removing these negative filters.

The idea behind this technique is to become aware of the confirmation that you are manifesting. Even if it’s the tiniest little thing. Recognize proof when you see the manifestation of the money, wealth, and abundance you desire.

A good example could be finding a penny on the floor. Most people would completely ignore it or think of it as useless. If you want the universe to give you the big things, you need to appreciate it when it gives you the little things too. Everything is energy. A penny has the same energy as a $10,000 check. The only thing that changes is the meaning you put behind it. Give the penny a meaning of freedom, security, and abundance that you would give to any other amount of money because after all, you don’t want money, you want what money brings you. Focus on the experience of being the person that is accustomed to attracting money.

Point out the little things, and you will find yourself having more faith in the universe as time goes on. Letting go of doubt is one of the most powerful things you can do for manifestation.

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