Hidden Tools In Canva

I will show you three free tools in Canva that you may not know yet on this topic. Since these tools are free, you can follow this tutorial if you have a Canva free account or a Canva pro account. So, enter your Canva account.

For the first tools that I want to show you, I will go to the templates section and select one of these designs.

For this exercise, I am going to select one that has a photo. So for this design, I would like to customize it a little bit. I would like to use another photo but give it a nice and cohesive color palette. But again, I know that creating my own color palette can take a while, and for all the colors to look nice and go really well together can also be difficult.

So, I will show you a trick, and I will say it is a hidden tool here in Canva that will help you in these situations.


First, let us change the photo. I have uploaded it here, and now it is time to change it.

Now that I have my photo here, I am going to select one of the elements. Select the background and go to the color menu.

As you can see, here we have different colors that say document colors, but also below this color palette, we see photo colors.

The photo colors are cohesive, a nice color palette that Canva created automatically out of our photos. This way, we can actually use some colors that will look really nice with the photo that we are using in this design.

I will select the background and use one of these colors, and then I will change the color of the other elements by using these other colors in this new color palette.

And like that, I can create a new design that is a little bit more customized, which goes well together.

I like this feature because I am making sure that all the colors will look nice together and complement the colors in the photo that we are using in the design.

I think this will save us a lot of time and help us with our design creation.


The second hidden tool that I want to show you will also help you create color palettes. Let us say that we will create a design like this one in which we do not have any photos.

So if we do not have a photo from which to extract or create a new color palette, where will we generate or take these new color ideas.

So, the hidden tool that I will show you today is here: you go to your left menu and go to ‘More.’ Let us open this tab, and here you see this icon called ‘Styles.’

When you open it, you can see we have a bunch of different fonts and color combinations.

Let us go to the second tab, ‘Colors.’ We have three different tabs All, Color, and Fonts. Let us go to the colors, and here we have a bunch of different combinations that we can use in our design.

So, let us use the ‘atomic sunsets’ combination, and with just one click, I already have a different color combination in this design.

Let us try another one and see which looks better. We can keep clicking it to Shuffle all the different colors in all the elements and fonts and text boxes. And we can also keep clicking on the same color palette to get a different combination.

Let us see here what other combinations we can get with the same color palette. So I think this option is cool because we can get so many different color combinations with just one click. We do not need to go to all the different elements and try different color combinations. Canva is helping us here to get different color combinations. So yeah, we do not miss much time, and we can come up with more new and creative ideas.

We also have here the Fonts section and as I already showed you. So we have a combination of both. If we also want to customize this design, we can go to fonts and change the fonts.

Let us say that you are still not happy with these combinations. You can go here to ‘All’ and try different combinations like font and colors simultaneously with just one click.

This cool idea is a cool functionality that will help us create new and more creative ideas.

I want to show you one more thing related to the styles tool if you have a Canva pro account.

Just remember this, we are here in the ‘All’ tab option, and we can only see already made or a pre-selected font combination and colors. But what happens if you have a Canva pro account?

Let us go to the templates and select just a random template for this example, and I am going to my styles functionality – let us open it. As you can see here, we have the options of brand kit.

And if we go down below, we have the trending combination. Again, these are the same font combinations and colors that we saw previously in the free account. But with the pro account, we have our own pre-made font combinations and color combinations.

With just one click, I can have my fonts in this design, and with just one click, I can also have my branded colors into the design. Moreover, I can keep clicking on the color palette to try different color combinations.

But just to show you with the Canva pro account, you can have something even cooler because you can have branded designs with just a couple of clicks. And, you can change or create these color combinations and these font combinations.

If you go here to the ‘home page’ and then to ‘Brand kit,’ you can upload your fonts. You can upload them, and you can create several or as many color palettes as you want.

I find these functionalities especially amazing if you have a camera pro account. But if you have a Canva free account and still would like to try this feature, then I just show you the brand kit and to be able to customize your designs and make them look on brand.


The last hidden feature is quite new. For this, go ‘File’ menu on the top left, let us open it, and click on ‘show rulers’ and ‘show guides.’

These two options were not available before. These are quite new, and let us click here on show guides.

After clicking here on show rulers, we have rulers on the top of the page if you did not notice. And on the side, if we want to create some guides on our design, we just click on the ruler and drag our mouse below or to the side.

Let us say that I want to create another page, and I want to position the text exactly in the same place as this page. So, to create a new page, click on ‘add a new page,’ and if I want to add a new text, let us go for this one. I know where it should go with the guidelines because we created these guides on this page, and I can see them exactly in the same place or the same position on the next page.

I think this is cool if you are creating designs with multiple pages, and you want them to look aligned and look organized.

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