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Are you looking for a list of all Skittles slogans and the meaning of its latest slogan: Taste The Rainbow? If yes, this article is going to explain it to you in detail.

As an entrepreneur, I’m very interested in learning about the slogans of some successful companies like Skittles. Because it inspires me to use the same kind of marketing tactic in my own business.

So in the past week, I have studied a lot of materials about Skittles slogans. I’m going to share with you my findings of the slogans. You may find it very inspirational if you are a business student or business owner.

In this article about “Taste The Rainbow” and all other Skittles slogans, I’m going to cover the following topics:

History of Skittles Slogan 

Skittles were first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1974.  This popular candy was first produced by an unknown British company, it is believed. 

It was in 1979 that Skittles’ popularity crossed the ocean to the United States. Three years after Skittles began selling in the United States, the company began manufacturing here as well.

Candy has various kinds of colours and smells, which is why the slogan “taste the rainbow” is popular. 

This slogan was first proposed in 1994, which shows how far it has come without losing its popularity. The advertising agency that came up with this catchy slogan was D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles in New York. In addition to the slogan, the agency also designed Skittles.

In 2009, the company used social media websites to market its brand in order to attract more customers. Using the internet and social media for marketing has been successful, as the company has a website and a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Furthermore, the company used another thoughtful strategy to target more market segments besides social media and internet campaigns. Skittles changed its ingredients so as to accommodate vegans and vegetarians. In particular, the gelatin was made vegan. There are no animal products in Skittles anymore.

Skittles introduced a limited-edition candy in 2016 that was all white in colour. 

Considering the slogan “taste the rainbow”, this may seem out of place. The move by the Wrigley Company was however motivated by the Gay Rights Movement. 

In June of that year, the company started producing these limited edition candies to signify its support for same-sex marriages, and the legalization of the same. During that period, June was dubbed LGBT Pride Month. 

The company even included an explanation on its packaging of these colourless Skittles. From then on, the company has regularly produced limited-edition Skittles in the month of June.

What Does “Taste The Rainbow” Mean?

Skittles launched the “Taste the Rainbow” concept in 2011 with the creative advertisement. As you watch the advertisement, you are asked to touch the screen, so that a cat can lick your fingers. Later, the cat is replaced by a guy dressed as a cat. It is enough to give you nightmares.

Skittles’s famous advertisement slogan “Taste the Rainbow” urges consumers to experience a cross-sensory perception – to taste colours they would normally only see. 

Advertising has often relied on the association to persuade consumers. Synesthesia, meaning “joined perception”, was used to relate Skittles with the sight and taste of rainbow colours (as well as touch).  

Cross-sensory advertisements are perceived as being more pleasant, more interesting, and better than literal advertisements, according to a study by Nelson and Hitchon in 1999.

How Was The “Taste The Rainbow” Slogan Created?

The slogan “Taste The Rainbow” has been running since 1994 and is one of the longest-running advertising campaigns in history. 

This catchy slogan evokes a lot of emotions when someone hears it. 

A New York advertising agency called D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles created the Taste The Rainbow slogan. 

Another Skittles slogan is “Believe the rainbow”. This is a slight change but still keeps the word rainbow as the running theme in Skittles’ catchphrases.

How Did “Taste The Rainbow” Campaigns Work?

The Taste the Rainbow campaign’s success may be attributed largely to the absurd and even off-putting content of the ads. 

In most Skittles commercials, the candy is put in unlikely situations, such as alien abductions, or paired with odd characters, like a half-man, half-sheep hybrid. Yet, this absurdity and humour aren’t just random. 

It’s because they’re so odd that they make people remember them. Skittles are either topics of discussion, or they leave such strange images in our memory that we cannot help thinking of them from time to time, hopefully stirring up cravings for the brand.

The slogan has already been mentioned a few times, but here is what the long-running “Taste the Rainbow” campaign has done with it. By the early 2000s, Taste the Rainbow was already well known, but the team working on the Skittles ads began altering the slogan to match their advertising concepts. 

When a Skittles tree grows out of a boy’s stomach in an ad, the tagline is changed to read “Harvest the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow.” Making this change makes the slogan more in tune with the ad’s outrageous subject matter. 

While implying that the rainbow can also be harvested, the ad promotes the candy as something to be enjoyed, not just eaten. The slogan can also be bent in memorable ways, such as “Transplant the Rainbow” and “Believe the Rainbow.”

Ads for Taste the Rainbow have been running on television for decades, mostly on networks that cater to children and teens, like Nickelodeon and MTV. Skittles strategically place these absurd advertisements on networks watched by their target audiences — audiences most likely to be receptive to the absurd nature of the ads. 

In my experience, I’ve also seen this campaign’s slogans and themes translated into magazine ads, billboards, banner ads online, and more. 

Since this campaign has become so ubiquitous, Skittles can use the campaign in other types of media that can only refer to the absurd Skittles situations, but with equivalent effect to the TV ads.

Why Is the Business Slogan Important For Skittles?

Adverts often use slogans because they are short and catchy. A catchy slogan can attract attention to a brand or product. 

Slogans have been around for a long time, but today they are everywhere, and they are used by many different brands. 

Slogans should highlight a product’s benefits. Memorable slogans will also enhance a brand’s image. 

It is generally believed that a phrase with meaning resonates more strongly with customers than a brand’s name alone, as a good slogan provides more than an assurance of commitment, but also explains what the brand stands for.

In marketing, slogans are important for the following reasons:

Brand positioning and recognition

A distinctive logo, a memorable slogan, and the brand name determine a company’s identity. 

Therefore, a catchy and memorable slogan will help your brand gain recognition. Your brand’s position in the market will depend on the tone and language of your slogan.

Building better customer relationships

Throughout history, slogans have always served as a connection between a business and its clients.

Using slogans in advertising helps brands to be remembered by their audiences, which results in a positive attitude towards them.

Stand out from the crowd

It is important for a brand’s slogan to be distinctive. This will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Your brand can be identified without having to mention the product or brand name if you mention the slogan. 

Make your product more popular

In addition to telling the audience about the product, a slogan can also inform them of its benefits. 

Slogans describe how people view a product. You can use a slogan to enhance the appeal of your product as a marketing strategy.

Final Words: Skittles Slogan

Despite the fact that the Taste the Rainbow campaign has been running for nearly two decades, we wonder what the discussions were like among the marketers who spearheaded the initial ads. 

The company must have thought it was a risk to show their product, a delicious candy, in such strange and sometimes even disgusting situations. The brand could have lost customers if the idea hadn’t landed so well as it did by associating the candy with the bizarre concepts in the TV ads.

As evidence of shock value’s impact, the Taste the Rainbow campaign has been successful and has endured for decades. 

When it comes to marketing your product or brand, a less straightforward approach may not be as effective as a creative approach that makes unexpected implications.

In order to grab your audience’s attention with your next ad, you may want to push your product further.

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