5 Best Tips To Handle Rejection In Network Marketing (MLM)

Rejection is an unavoidable aspect of any selling business. Clients who want to buy your retail products but decide not to, as well as prospective recruits to your team, will reject you in network marketing. That means it will be more prominent than it would be in a typical sales associate-type organization.

In this article, we’ll share with you the best tips to handle rejection in multi-level marketing

1. Detach from the outcome

The important thing to remember while selling products or recruiting is that each single sale is not all that important. By distancing yourself from the outcome, you may maintain the positive attitude required to close the next prospect you encounter.

2. Ask why the offer was rejected

In business, data is key, and if you can figure out why someone turned down your offer, you can adjust your approach to overcome your flaws.

However, you should accept one prospect’s argument with a grain of salt. It may be something that is truly unique to that one prospect, but if feasible, document their motivations for future reference. If you notice something coming up more than once, rework your pitch.

3. Don’t invest your emotions

Remember tomorrow is another day, and there is always another prospect around the corner. Also, remember that a rejection is not personally directed at you. It’s all business and people may very well have their own reasons for rejecting an offer that has nothing to do with you. It’s just business – remember this – so don’t get emotionally involved with specific sales.

4. Handle rejection well

Rejection should be handled with poise, grace, and integrity. You should never react angrily toward anyone who rejects your offer. Remember that a prospect that rejects your offer is still a prospect. People often change their minds later – so don’t burn any bridges. You want your prospect to remember you as someone who is friendly and respectful and offering opportunity. That way when they reconsider, you will be the first person that comes to mind.

5. Respect yourself

Rejection can take a toll on people, but remember, it’s not personal. Respect yourself and keep an optimistic attitude so that you can dust yourself off and be ready for the next prospect. Prospects are like city buses – there is always another one coming.

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