GrowthDay Review (2023) Brendon Burchard Scam?

Brendon Burchard believes that improving your personal growth is the key to enhancing various aspects of your life, like happiness, wealth, health, joy, confidence, and relationships. It leads to more productive and fulfilling days, where you feel energetic, enthusiastic, and focused, experiencing a state of flow. This includes being confident, giving your best effort, and taking care of others. 

Curious if GrowthDay can help you achieve this? Let’s find out! 

In this review, we’ll explore GrowthDay to see if it’s a top personal development course that aligns with your goals.

I want to make it clear that I have no affiliation with GrowthDay, which means I’m not getting paid for this review. You can trust that you’ll get an honest and unbiased evaluation from me.

Towards the end of this review, I’ll also share the best alternative to GrowthDay that has helped me create a full-time passive income online.

What is GrowthDay?

GrowthDay is an exciting bi-weekly event that brings together some of the world’s top personal development experts, coaches, and leaders for live coaching sessions. These sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday, giving you valuable insights and guidance.

During these sessions, you get to learn from the best in the business, and typically, they last about an hour (although they can extend up to 90 minutes if necessary). The great thing is that you can access all the recordings in the member’s section whenever it’s convenient for you.

In addition to these regular sessions, Brendon Burchard himself kicks off each month with a compelling 2-hour keynote. This sets the tone and theme for the month and introduces each session.

But that’s not all! There are also daily 30-minute “morning shows” hosted by Jamie Kern Lima, the successful creator of IT Cosmetics and author of the book “Believe IT!” These shows provide you with a daily dose of inspiration and motivation.

Throughout the year, you can look forward to learning from a stellar lineup of inspiring experts and personal growth coaches, including:

  • Jamie Kern Lima: Founder of IT Cosmetics and author of “Believe IT.”
  • Mel Robbins: Renowned author of the bestselling book “The 5 Second Rule.”
  • Jenna Kutcher: Host of The Goal Digger podcast.
  • David Bach: A leading personal finance guru with ten New York Times bestsellers to his name.
  • Gloria Atanmo: An expert in creativity, activist, and designer.
  • Dave Hollis: Podcaster and New York Times bestselling author of “Get Out of Your Own Way.”
  • Anthony Trucks: Former NFL player and American Ninja Warrior.
  • Alex Ortner: Co-founder of the Tapping Solution App.

So, if you’re eager to expand your personal development journey and learn from the best in the field, GrowthDay offers you a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

You can get a taste of GrowthDay by watching the video below:

Who is Brendon Burchard?

Brendon Burchard, born on February 28, 1977, is a well-known author and a prominent figure in the world of motivation and marketing. He gained significant recognition when Success Magazine labeled him the world’s highest-paid motivational and marketing trainer in October 2017. While his exact net worth isn’t known, estimates suggest it’s at least $20 million.

Burchard is renowned for his online personal development courses and has received accolades from O, The Oprah Magazine, which named him “one of the most influential leaders in the field of personal growth.” He also hosts a popular podcast called The Brendon Show.

The driving force behind Burchard’s teachings stems from a life-changing experience: surviving a car accident at the age of 19. This incident led him to ponder three fundamental questions: “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” A video sharing his story has touched the hearts of millions, accumulating over 27 million views.

Burchard is the founder of two significant training programs: the Experts Academy and the High Performance Academy. These programs provide valuable lessons in various areas, including business, entrepreneurship, psychology, productivity, and persuasion.

His literary accomplishments are equally impressive. In 2011, his second book, “The Millionaire Messenger,” soared to the top of The New York Times bestseller list, as well as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and bestseller lists.

In 2012, “The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive” achieved the coveted #1 spot on The Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

In 2014, “The Motivation Manifesto” spent an impressive 32 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list.

In 2016, Burchard’s influence was further acknowledged when he was named a member of Oprah Winfrey Network’s Super Soul 100.

Lastly, in 2017, his book “High Performance Habits” not only became a Wall Street Journal bestseller but also secured the #2 spot on Amazon’s list of “Best business and leadership books of 2017.”

Brendon Burchard

How Does GrowthDay Work?

On the first day of each month, Brendon kicks things off with a live, two-hour talk on personal development. This talk is your roadmap for winning the entire month. It’s like the first domino that sets off a chain reaction of success for the month, year, and even the decade.

Throughout the month, Brendon brings in a lineup of self-help experts and motivators. These aren’t just people with theories; they’re seasoned pros who’ve been making a real impact in the world for years. They’ve got the practical experience to back it up.

If Brendon’s style doesn’t quite click with you, don’t worry. GrowthDay offers a variety of other coaches who go live during the month. You can choose the one that resonates with you the most, so you get guidance that fits your preferences.

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Member Benefits on GrowthDay

If you’re a Pro member on GrowthDay, here’s what you get:

1. Live Tutoring: Pro members have access to live coaching sessions.

2. Monthly Live Sessions: On the first day of each month at 10 a.m. Pacific time and every Wednesday at 10 a.m. Pacific, live sessions take place.

3. Unlimited Replays: All sessions are recorded, and Pro members can enjoy unlimited access to replays and session summaries.

4. Easy Scheduling: You’ll receive a handy add-to-calendar link that shows you which instructor is going live and when, so you won’t miss any of your favorite coach’s sessions.

5. Weekly Email Updates: Every Wednesday, you’ll receive an email detailing the schedule for the upcoming week. You can also opt for push notifications or email reminders if you prefer.

6. Flexible Participation: There’s no pressure to watch all the replays or attend every session. You’re free to go at your own pace and engage as much as you like.

7. Convenient App Access: The live broadcasts are streamed right into their app, where you can also chat with coaches.

8. Versatile Viewing: Pro members can access all replays within the app, allowing you to watch them on any device and at your preferred speed.

9. Exclusive Community: Within the app, GrowthDay has its own community site. It’s not a Facebook group but an exclusive community for members. Here, you can build your profile, share posts, and interact with fellow members. They also stream many live programs, offer valuable resources, and provide links to all replays.

How Much Does GrowthDay Cost?

GrowthDay offers two options for you to choose from:

  • Free Trial: Get started with a 14-day free trial. No cost upfront!
  • Monthly Plan: After the trial period, the monthly subscription is $49.99.
  • Pro Plan: For those who want to commit and save, the Pro Plan costs $299 for a whole year. That’s a 50% savings compared to the monthly plan. As an added bonus, when you go for the yearly plan, you’ll also receive a complimentary $200 Self-Mastery course.

Remember, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time. Plus, if you can’t catch the live seminars, don’t worry—replays are available. These live sessions happen every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. PST.

Refund Policy

GrowthDay’s refund policy is straightforward:

  • During the first 14 days of your subscription, you enjoy free service with no cost.
  • After this initial 14-day period, refunds are not available.

GrowthDay explains that this policy is in place because the coaches and influential personal growth wellness teachers put their utmost effort and passion into creating the lessons, and you’ve had the opportunity to fully benefit from their strategies.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, you can reach out to them via email at [email protected]. They’re here to help!

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Can You Make Money With GrowthDay?

Yes, you can definitely increase your chances of making money by focusing on your personal growth with the support of GrowthDay!

However, it’s crucial to understand that personal development often comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles.

It’s also important to note that you need a combination of factors to boost your income.

In addition to personal growth, consider incorporating a side gig and an online business into your strategy. These elements can work in synergy to help you achieve substantial financial growth and income.

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Praise for GrowthDay

1. Access to Top Personal Development Experts

GrowthDay provides access to live coaching sessions and insights from some of the world’s leading personal development experts and coaches. This exposure can be invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their personal and professional growth.

2. Flexible Learning

GrowthDay offers flexibility in terms of when and where you can participate. With live sessions, replays, and a mobile app, you can engage with the content at your own pace and convenience, making it accessible for individuals with busy schedules.

Criticism of GrowthDay

1. Costly Subscription

The subscription fee for GrowthDay, particularly the Pro Plan, can be relatively high for some people, making it less accessible to those on a tight budget.

2. Generic Content

Some users may find that the content provided in GrowthDay’s sessions can be relatively generic and may not always address their specific needs or goals in personal development.

3. Overwhelming Volume

The abundance of live sessions, replays, and content from various coaches can be overwhelming for some users. It may be challenging to decide which sessions to attend or which content to focus on.

4. Limited Business Skill Development

GrowthDay focuses primarily on personal development and doesn’t provide comprehensive guidance or training for developing specific business skills. If you’re seeking to enhance your entrepreneurship or business-related knowledge to increase your income, you might find GrowthDay doesn’t fully meet those needs.

Is GrowthDay Legit?

GrowthDay is not a scam, and it does offer value. However, the question is whether it’s the best use of your time and energy. The abundance of generic Zoom meetings may not provide the specific skills and results you’re seeking.

In my opinion, it’s often more beneficial to invest your money in coaching or courses that focus on teaching you practical, tangible skills. But remember, this is just my personal viewpoint.

It’s important to recognize that some entrepreneurs who claim to be “self-made” sometimes overlook the crucial role of public infrastructure and the support of others in their success stories.

Another concern with the self-help industry is that it can be misused to exploit people who may struggle to differentiate genuine help from scams. Many low-income students, for example, end up burdened with debt from for-profit colleges that offer skills that may not even be relevant.

Toxicity can also arise in workplaces where employees are expected to put on a happy face without meaningful incentives to do so. In such cases, the concept of self-help can take on a negative connotation.

While the self-help movement may have good intentions and passion behind it, using it as a one-size-fits-all policy solution can have flaws and limitations.

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