Gratitude: The Key of The Law of Attraction

When people first learn about the Law of Attraction and the immense power of their thoughts, their first question is often about how to communicate with the Universe in a way that will guarantee they attract good things instead of bad ones.

And the best answer for accomplishing this always comes down to GRATITUDE.

If the only new habit you ever added to your life was gratitude, you’d already have everything you needed to begin manifesting the life that you love. Thinking about the things you’re grateful for each and every day is one of the most powerful practices you can ever do. And if you could only just stop worrying about what isn’t here yet, and start appreciating what is, everything in your life would turn around and improve.

Every time you say, “I’m grateful for that.” or “I appreciate that.” or “I really like that.” — you’re moving energy and creating space for more of what you like to be pulled in toward you. It’s universal law. This is especially effective because it’s impossible to appreciate one thing and worry about something else at the same time. So every second spent in gratitude (of anything at all) is also a moment spent drawing whatever you want toward you, rather than inviting what you don’t want instead.

More than most any other positive emotion out there, gratitude is the key to truly manifesting your desires because of the message that feeling automatically broadcasts to the Universe.

You see, when you simply “wish” for something, you’re actually pushing it away from you. This is because the act of “wishing” only reaffirms energetically that you don’t have it, which then instantly instructs the Universe to keep it away from you. Gratitude, on the other hand, affirms a state of being in which your desire has already been given to you — which then automatically draws that desire into your manifested physical reality.

If the only thing you did every day was feel grateful more often than you felt any negative emotion at all, everything in your life would improve. Your health, your finances, your relationships — everything! This paragraph may very well be the most important thing you read in the entire masterclass, so don’t just gloss over it.

This is the key to everything!

The best part is that once you have a little practice under your belt, feeling genuine gratitude for even the smallest things in your life becomes very easy (and very enjoyable) to do. And before you know it, you’re manifesting things you’ve waited years for.

This is why gratitude is so powerful. And this is why it’s one of the best things to have in your life each and every day.

And since feeling gratitude is such a simple, easy, AND enjoyable thing to do, there’s absolutely NO reason why it shouldn’t be a daily part of your life.

The Key To Feeling Gratitude (How To Actually “Do It”)

Gratitude is a core human emotion that’s very easy to access.

There’s no trick to it. If you’re worried for any reason that you’re not “doing it right”, that might just be another case of the ego doing its best to keep things the way they are. But there’s no “how” to actually worry about. You just do it.

Even so, if you still need a little more guidance anyway, an easy method for experiencing gratitude is to think of something you have right now that you don’t want to lose. And whatever it is – think of the reasons why you want to keep it. …Whatever those reasons are, it’s impossible to consider them without also feeling appreciation for the thing that you’re thinking about. You’re brought directly into a state of gratitude because you’re now recognizing why these things are so valuable to you, why you want them, and therefore, why you’re grateful to have them. Simple as that.

Can’t think of anything off the top of your head? How about your paycheck. The clothes you’re wearing. The roof over your head. The food you eat. Your ability to read this masterclass. A pleasant memory that brings a smile to your face.

How about the air in your lungs. The last time someone did a favor for you. The last time you laughed out loud. Your bed that keeps you warm and comfortable every night. Your amazing heart that literally beats NONSTOP to distribute nutrients to other vital organs that are also working tirelessly for you. There’s SO MUCH to be grateful for. I barely scratched the surface. I considered writing ten consecutive pages of things to be grateful for in the first draft of this masterclass, but then I remembered how much more fun it’s going to be for you to go through the process of gratitude and discover (or really remember) all these wonderful things for yourself.

I do, however, want to remind you that it’s also possible to feel gratitude even when you’re faced with undesirable circumstances.

For example, it might seem difficult to appreciate where you’re living if you dislike your neighbors. But that roof and those walls still keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry any time it ever rains. And no matter how much you might not like your job or your boss, that paycheck you’re getting is still the reason you get to eat every day. And it’s keeping you afloat while you figure out a way to get a better job (which is WAY more possible than you’ve been allowing yourself to realize until now).

One of the methods you’ll read in the next few pages actually leverages the things in your life that don’t please you, and shows you how to turn the situation around immediately, experience gratitude that very instant, and finally begin attracting all the things you’ve ever wanted. Another method will give you the opportunity to attract future events into your life with the same level of certainty that you have for things that are already here.

All of them will be useful. But none will be required. So try them. Test them. Play around with them. Experiment. See which ones feel the best. Do them in a way that fits your schedule. The instructions will be clear and direct, but there’s always enough flexibility to modify them in simple ways to make them your own. For example, if it doesn’t feel natural to begin a sentence with the words “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”, you can begin with “I’m very happy that…” or “I’m thankful that…” or “Thank you for…” or whatever else fits in with how you naturally speak.

The bottomline is that these are powerful in a way that I could never describe in just words. So dive in. And have fun.

Your first manifestation method is on the very next page!

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