Gratitude Attraction Boosters in Manifestation

While the Stack and Time-Lapse methods are extremely potent on their own, there are also a few fun and easy strategies (or “attraction boosters”) that you can use to amplify your feelings of gratitude and shift your vibrational point of attraction even faster.

These are so easy to do that many people automatically add all of them to every gratitude session they do.

(NOTE: It’ll probably be obvious, but just in case it isn’t, you should expect these boosters to also be useful with other methods that you learn later in this masterclass.)

Boost Option #1: Saying ‘Thank You’ at the end of your session.

As you’re finishing up your list of things that you’re grateful for, simply tack on a “thank you, Universe, for giving this to me.” at the end of it (or any similar message that makes sense with what you had listed).

You can swap the word “Universe” out with “Infinite Intelligence”, “higher self”, “inner being”, “God”, “universal consciousness” …or anything else that feels right for you and helps amplify the appreciation that you’re experiencing in that moment.

Through this extra ‘thank you’ in advance, you’re reaffirming your confidence in what’s on the way to you more deeply, which stirs your feelings of positivity even more, and energetically shifts things even further in your favor. If you want to, you can even enhance the experience by visualizing “someone” (or really, some ‘being’) in front of you to thank.

You might imagine a warm outline of glowing energy in the shape of a human body.

Or you might see a cloud or mist of light. This “being” can be in the room with you or looking down from the stars.

There’s no wrong way of doing it as long as it feels good and is amplifying your experience.

Feel free to say “thank you” more than once if it helps. Say it 5 times. 10 times. 100 times. Whatever you prefer. Try it once, and you’ll understand how helpful it really is.

Boost Option #2: Saying WHY You’re Grateful For Each Thing

As you list each thing that you’re grateful for, feel free to include reasons

why you’re grateful.

It’s certainly effective enough to say “I’m so happy and grateful for my new promotion.” But you can instantly boost it by going deeper and saying “I’m so happy and grateful for my new promotion because the extra pay is adding so much more comfort to my life, the bigger office with the extra large windows lets so much sunlight in and really keeps me in a good mood, and my new assigned parking space means I no longer need to interrupt what I’m doing every morning to make sure the meter is fed.”

If you have the time to include it in your daily routine, this option really helps make every session more robust and enjoyable, and it also helps give you something more to look forward to the next day.

Boost Option #3: Mentally Directing Your Gratitude Out Through Your Heart

As you read through each item in your gratitude list (and as you do Boost Option #1), amplify the power and feeling of your appreciation by imagining your gratitude vibrating outward from the center of your chest as a ray of brilliant warm light. The light can be white, gold, or any bright color that feels good.

This light is your way of offering positivity, love, and even healing energy to the entire Universe around you. You’re thanking everything around you for making things better …by making things better for everything around you. You’ll be amazed at how much more thankful you naturally feel as you do this.

All 3 boosters are convenient, effective, and fun. Give them a shot and see for yourself.

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