Getting Out of Your Own Way

The biggest obstacle to your success and happiness usually stares right back at you when you look into a mirror. We already know that by giving obstacles our attention, we only end up strengthening them. By giving our worst qualities our attention, we end up fortifying ourselves against what we really want, unintentionally.

Detachment and allowing nature to flow are crucial concepts you need to learn, and in this module, we’re going to dive into these important concepts.

Detachment and Observing

You’ve made your choices and are moving along with positive emotion. You’re waiting for the thing you want to manifest, but really, nothing happens. Life carries on as usual and you keep waiting. Soon, you get sick of waiting and then begin feeling anxious, which is followed by anger at your helplessness. All in all, within a short time of making your choice, you’re ready to call it quits and try something else.

Sadly, this is the experience a vast majority of people go through when they choose to assume control of their lives. The prospect of assuming control, when improperly understood, leads one to believe that you can perfectly coordinate everything about your life. Well, this is true and untrue. While you can manifest every single thing you want into your life, the key to successfully manifesting things in the manner you want and everything working out exactly how you envision it is by aligning yourself with the larger reality.

Larger reality involves understanding that all things are one. It is about learning how you can and need to remain in balance and about how your parallel realities coexist. Most of all, you need to understand that you cannot always control everything, in the traditional sense. Control is something that is defined by the ego and is governed by it. When I say you need to seize control of your life back from your ego, I’m not talking about initiating a power struggle and then seeking to impose yourself on nature.

This would be much like your arm deciding to declare independence from your body and then trying to punch you. No one will be happy with that chain of events. Controlling your life is really all about giving into nature and trusting in higher intelligence. It is about trusting your heart and its connection to infinite intelligence — having faith that it knows what is good for you and will always look out for you. The idea of imposition as control is an ego-driven construct and is completely wrong.

The very idea that you can control natural processes itself reeks of self-importance, and this is a hallmark of the ego. Once you make your choice and then apply this flawed understanding to it, what you’re really doing is letting your ego convince you to hand over control via a clever argument.

While the ego is in control, all that will really happen is a drama-filled existence, and you’ll get this in spades since you’ll be convinced that you have no ‘control’ whatsoever. The key to snap out of this vicious circle is understanding what control means and then practicing it through detachment.

Detachment is a state of mind where you make your choice and then stop infusing it with negative energy by worrying about it coming true. You sit back and trust the universe to give you whatever it wants. Detachment takes you out of the cycle of giving your obstacles energy, which everyone does inadvertently. By genuinely not caring about outcomes and whether or not your wish will manifest, you encourage it to appear in your life.

This seems contradictory advice. After all, by making a choice you’re displaying that you care about something. So are you supposed to care or not care? Well, you certainly should care about which direction you wish to take your life in. What you should not care about is whether or not this actually happens. By caring about the outcome, what you end up doing is resisting what life gives you back.

The truth is that when we make a choice, we don’t fully know what is good for us. It could be that by aiming for one choice and being fixated on it, what is really happening on a grand scale is that we’re opting for something much better than the actual choice presented to us at a surface level. Think back to the example of Steve Jobs and the calligraphy class. If he stubbornly insisted on becoming an ace calligrapher, the world would have been deprived of so much wonder, and Apple — it’s technology, brand, devices — as we know it would not have existed.

We don’t know the repercussions of our choices; only our hearts know this. Hence it is ideal to remain open to its suggestions at all times and look out for the many signs and ways it communicates with you. By doing so, you melt away any resistance. After all, if you’re actively listening to your heart and are fully present, where is the space for any resistance to exist?

Leave your fate up to nature and detach yourself from the outcomes of what you think you need the most. Be comfortable with the knowledge that whatever happens, you’re being looked after and that you’ll be just fine, no matter what comes your way. What will end up happening is that you will expose yourself to working and thinking in a flow state, which is really just the universe’s way of guiding you to your ultimate destination.

The Open Window

What if you could live in a place where time doesn’t exist and the present is the only real thing? In this place, there is no such thing as effort, merely execution. Everything that you do is effortless and always results in a level of performance that you find awe-inspiring. Well, that place most certainly exists, and it is called the flow state, or as I like to think of it, the open window into the quantum field.

The quantum field contains all the information that exists, be it past, present, or future. It is the ultimate record of everything that has happened and all that has yet to take place. Your heart and soul have a direct connection to this information and channel this to you when you open your connection to them and are receptive. However, the large majority of us are simply not equipped within our environment to remain in a state of mind and heart that nurture this connection.

Instead, we’re consumed by our daily woes and obstacles. We’re fretting about this or that thing which ultimately is of no consequence, but at the moment seems like a big deal. This kind of worry is sometimes mistaken as being present, but that is certainly not the case. The very concept of worry is created by the ego since worry implies fear of something bad happening and some future state being worse than where we are right now.

This creation of contrast between the future and the present is just another way of believing in time and imposing its restrictions upon ourselves. True presence is being in the flow state and staring directly into the unlimited quantum field. This, contrary to what you might think, is not an overwhelming experience but actually the highest state of peace you can achieve.

The flow state is all about executing perfectly, and when we’re carrying out an endeavor, we often stumble into this. It is the highest state of creation we can access. You often hear of athletes or musicians talking about how they don’t know where the stuff they created came from, that it simply materialized in their heads. Well, this is the flow state.

Such states can occur individually or in groups. In groups, it occurs when there is a collective investment towards a goal, and everyone is fully focused on what is happening right now, in that moment. Think of an entire stadium watching and experiencing a close game in any sport. That particular moment is not something that is special individually, but if you recall, you almost always develop some sort of a connection with those who experienced it with you. This is merely the result of everyone involved being immersed into the flow state at once, as a group.

The flow state is also characterized by complete silence. As in, inner silence.

The annoying voice inside your head that questions and debates your decision and causes anxiety vanishes, and you begin to fully invest in the present moment. The ultimate aim of a lot of practice, such as mindfulness or meditation, is to simply achieve this flow state.

Flow state occurs when your subconscious has been trained to such an extent that the action you wish to carry out is automatic. Your conscious brain simply shuts off and you’re free to let your subconscious mind take over. Thus, the crazy thing about the flow state is that you do more by simply using less of your brain. If there was ever an explanation of how you are your own worst enemy, this is it. I mean to say that the best way to get things done and achieve peace is actually to shut down a part of your own brain.

This state is named as such because there are no obstacles in your path. You simply flow right over them as water would over rocks. You automatically know which path to take and do so without question or hesitation.

The Path of Least Resistance

If you observe anything in nature, such as a river or any living creature, you’ll see how everything takes the path of least resistance. A river doesn’t insist on cutting a straight line across a valley at all costs. It simply goes wherever there are lesser obstacles and maneuvers itself around the problematic areas in front of it. It doesn’t stop to fight an obstacle or engage in a battle of egos.

Egos are something that are reserved for the human realm. These are erect barriers of our own making and they prevent us from taking the path of least resistance. This path is simply the shortest way to our goal, and almost always, we can’t see it for what it is. We instead see it as a series of digressions and distractions, much like when we see a river snaking its way through and wonder how much faster it would be if it just took a straight line.

The path of least resistance unveils itself when we switch off our conscious mind, which contains the ego, and rely entirely on the subconscious mind which is always on but has its voice drowned out by the conscious critic. The subconscious mind is simply your true mind —the sum of your beliefs learned from consciousness and your heart’s communication with the infinite. It contains everything you need to know and has a way, via the heart, to supply you with information with regards to things that you don’t know yet.

The key to switching into subconscious mode is to stay present and to fully experience the present moment, without judgment, listening with an open mind and heart. Although this sounds simple enough, it is an extremely difficult thing to practice in reality, as all of us can attest. The subconscious will speak to you in many ways. Most of the time, it doesn’t communicate via language, but through emotion, just like the heart.

Intuition, emotion, and feelings are how you will be given information and when you are immersed in the flow state, you’ll simply know what to do. The key is to get yourself acquainted with your subconscious mind and the way to do this is by monitoring your emotional states. Understand that whenever you are under stress or are caught in a negative cycle, there is some element of time involved and that the ego is breaking your connection with the subconscious.

One of the best ways to short circuit the ego is by reducing your own importance. This is not to say that you should treat yourself poorly. Instead, notice how you are a part of the world, of nature, and not somehow above it or below it. Notice how nature nurtures everything within it and how you are a part of this circle. People who tend to struggle in their lives with unhappiness suffer from problems of the ego.

They refuse to see how, by prioritizing their ego’s needs, they actually strengthen their obstacles and set a course headed right for those hurdles. Think of it like this. When walking, largely speaking, you’ll go wherever you look. In the metaphysical realm, looking is done by allocating energy. Thus, whatever it is you’re focusing the most energy on, that’s what you’re looking at and that’s what you’ll crash into.

Instead, finding the path of least resistance is simply looking where you’re told to look. This is the exact opposite scenario of what the ego wants since the ego has to believe it is superior to everything around it. The thing guiding you on your path is your heart and your subconscious mind. Thus, by monitoring your feelings, listening to your intuition, and respecting your hunches, you figure out which path you need to take.

The flow state always directs you to the simplest solution for every problem, and the path of least resistance always lies in this direction. The flow state knows which solution to pick in advance, so don’t worry about any temporary obstacles that you can foresee. If you start worrying about these, you end up engaging the ego and sure enough, your ego will lead you right into it, in direct opposition to the path of least resistance.

Instead, practice detachment. Make your choice and then relax and know that forces greater than you or I can comprehend are in motion. You’re being taken toward your destination, whether you know it or not. Thus, become an observer instead of being a passenger to your ego. Trust that the universe is taking care of everything and that you will also be taken care of.

Technique #9: Detaching & Observing

Detachment is the first step to tapping into your subconscious mind and activating the flow state. Meditation remains the best way of practicing detachment, especially those practices which are dedicated to practicing equanimity, as opposed to focus. Take the time to observe your breath, without judgment, and whenever your mind wanders, simply bring it back to focus on your breath. This technique has been described before.

Take it a step further by observing the sensations occurring throughout your body and then practice observing them. Don’t try to fix the condition or change it in any manner, simply observe. For example, you might be experiencing pain or numbness in your feet; your back might be stiff from sitting unsupported. Simply observe and note the sensation.

Notice how your conscious mind will react as if you’re on fire and your existence is being threatened. This is simply the ego realizing it is under threat and being reactive, causing all sorts of drama. You will soon notice that the sensations ebb and flow and are not constant. Once you move past this stage, your ego will finally trick you into thinking that you’re feeling tired and you’ll be lured to fall asleep, in the name of relaxation. This is why it’s important for you to have your back unsupported and not lie down when meditating.

Technique #10: Entering Flow State

Stimulating your mind to enter the flow state is something that is an excellent exercise to carry out. Do note that you should not seek to control the state of your mind. Instead, the flow state is one of allowing, as you learned in a previous module when we spoke of energies. Seeking to force something is just an egotistical way of exerting control. The flow state is a channel of communication and you need to let go of your hold on the obstacles to allow it to come to you.

Setting goals that are challenging and inspiring is a great step to stimulate this. Inspiring goals that are just beyond your current comfort level in life switch your brain into creative thinking mode since you need to create a solution in order to achieve what you want. Use your conscious mind to map out a specific plan of action but don’t be a stickler for it. Understand that your plans will change depending on the feedback you receive from your subconscious. After all, you can’t see the path of least resistance, so make your plans but always look for feedback from your heart. Above all else, pick simple and obvious plans to execute and resist the temptation to complicate things.

Technique #11: Yielding to Simplicity

Our conscious mind loves to complicate things since it gets an opportunity to prove how smart it is. Instead, choose the simpler option since this is likely where the path of least resistance lies and watch out for feedback. Mind you, I said simpler, not necessarily easier. The simplest option may call for hard work and spending time. In the grand scheme of things, this will cost you less than seeking alternatives, seemingly ‘easier’ or ‘faster’ options.

Yielding to simplicity may come in the form of an opportunity that will help you expand and grow. Although growth may come with stepping outside of your comfort zone, it is a necessary part of the process in order for you to manifest that which you desire. Expanding and growing as a person is yielding to simplicity, and thus allowing the universe to gift you for the person you are becoming.

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