Fundednext – New Prop Firm In The Town, Launching This March

In the Forex industry, many skilled traders have the potential to be consistent and profitable. But the lack of sufficient capital becomes a big barrier for them to achieve their desired goal. To resolve this problem, there are already many prop firms in the market, exclusively providing funds to traders and helping them achieve trading success.

Recently, there is a buzz in the global trading communities about a new prop firm called FundedNext. On their social media platforms, they have announced that they are going to launch in March 2022. Traders of all kinds are very excited about testing out their funding models.


According to our research, FundedNext is offering up to $200,000 as of the initial capital in the real funded account. They have decided to offer a $4 million scale-up plan for the skilled traders and share up to 90% of the profit with them. Most interestingly, FundedNext is offering a 15% profit share from the moment traders start trading with them. So there is a grand opportunity to earn profits while trading on the demo account with FundedNext. 

FundedNext will be offering two funding models to assess a trader’s trading skill and maximize their profit. However, they have yet to reveal the details of both the funding model structures and how the profits will be distributed. 

We conducted a thorough research on FundedNext and went through all the information posted on their social media pages. They are claiming to provide instant account creation. Where most prop firms take at least half a day to give access to the trading account to their traders, FundedNext is going to process this immediately after signing up. 

FundedNext has shared that they will be revealing their funding models, funding processes, and profit disbursement processes on their social media gradually. So, to learn more about this new proprietary firm, you can keep an eye on their pages.

Furthermore, what we have found interesting is that they are the first in the industry to assign a dedicated account manager for each funded trader. They are also available 24/7 through their client support team. 

They still have not revealed who is the founder of this company and the people working behind FundedNext. We directly contacted the customer support team and requested more information about FundedNext. They asked us to have patience and said they would reveal all the details very soon. 

On social media, FundedNext is creating a lot of hype for its launch in March. And as the launch day is getting closer, FundedNext has finally posted their official trailer on March 1st, 2022. 

We are looking forward to FundedNext’s inauguration in March. We earnestly hope this proprietary firm will open new doors for traders to hunt for their trading potential. We are very keen on joining their funding program and will soon share our experience with you.

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