12 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs With High Commissions (2023)

The fashion industry is resilient in a downturn.

Even in tough financial times, consumers still prioritize spending on luxury brands.

You can thank Abraham Maslow for that.

We have seen firsthand how lucrative affiliate marketing can be in that niche market.

Looking at the US clothing market, online sales rose from $481 billion to over $600 billion in the same number of years that brick-and-mortar stores closed.

Therefore, now is a great time to investigate the most lucrative fashion affiliate programs, both those run by individual companies and those run by affiliate networks.

After all, no one enjoys being exposed to the elements.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

1. ShopStyle Collective

The company ShopStyle Collective is competitive with RewardStyle.

This affiliate program utilizes influencers, but it functions similarly to other affiliate networks.

It makes sense, considering how prevalent the appeal to vanity is in social interactions.

Rather than focusing on their own line of products, however, they represent thousands of others.

Everything from diapers to makeup is included.

As well, they collaborate with bloggers.

Provided, of course, that you also maintain a separate Instagram account designated for Creators.

It’s designed so that even complete newcomers can use the dashboard with relative ease.

Okay, let’s talk about the important stuff: your commission rate per closed deal.

The answer to this question varies.

Their lowest paying offers are only 7%, while their highest paying ones are capped at around 20%.

They appear to be less picky about your site’s current traffic volume than RewardStyle.

  • Commission: Up to 20%
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie length: Varies

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2. RewardStyle

Simply put, it combines elements of both affiliate programs and traditional affiliate networks.

When compared to other affiliate programs, RewardStyle stands out.

Put another way, it’s “…an affiliate program set up by an influencer for influencers.”

One that opens the doors to over 5,000 stores for anyone with a fashion blog.

But without the hassle of applying to and juggling multiple affiliate managers for dozens of separate clothing affiliate programs.

While apparel is RewardStyle’s primary offering, they also have deals on electronics, home decor, and even food and drink.

In this way, you can collaborate with major retailers and brands such as Reebok, Conair, Supergoop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kendra Scott, Macy’s, eBay, etc.

In addition to a long list of others.

With over 5,000 different products, it would be impossible to provide an accurate breakdown of potential profits.

However, if your website or blog helps a premium merchant make a sale, the merchant will pay you a commission of 20% of the sale price.

In this way, all that needs to be done to maximize sales is to align their best deals with what your target market is actually looking for.

Simply put, you shouldn’t be reluctant to try things out.

Do any drawbacks exist?

The approval process may be more challenging if you don’t already have a sizable social media following.

  • Commission: Varies
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie length: Unknown

3. Zappos

Zappos, which first gained notoriety by selling shoes online, is now widely regarded as one of the most successful and well-established examples of an online retailer.

Those in the fashion industry need no introduction to Zappos.

Their selection has grown to include 1,500 different labels, and they now sell everything from complete outfits to single accessories.

Therefore, send your customers to Zappos if they are in need of name-brand clothing at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for a well-known affiliate program in the fashion industry, look no further than Zappos.

With a 7 percent commission rate and impressive KPIs, this is an attractive opportunity for affiliates.

I have no doubt that a fashion blog can benefit from this affiliate program.

  • Commission: 7% per sale
  • EPC: $19.40
  • Cookie length: 14 days

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4. Newchic

In 2015, NewChic made its way into the world of online fashion retail.

Their goal from the start was to be a global leader in online shopping for women’s and men’s clothing.

They offer high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Every one of them is artistically distinct.

In addition to standard sizes, they stock items for Plus Size customers, ensuring that everyone can find something they like.

On the other hand, they also sell a wide variety of complementary items, such as hats, scarves, jewelry, and bags.

That way, your site will serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your visitors’ online clothing needs.

Let’s investigate the specifics of this affiliate program.

Affiliate marketers utilize a tiered commission structure.

So, as a bare minimum, you can expect to earn 18% commission on all purchases made via your affiliate links.

However, affiliates who generate a lot of sales are eligible for a 50% commission.

Among these style-related affiliate programs, only one offers a payout of 50%.

  • Commission: Up to 50%
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie length: 30 days

5. Goat Fashion

Any woman who puts in serious effort and cares about her appearance should wear goat.

If you’ve ever given a fashion show more than a cursory glance, you know that almost all of the designs are unrealistic.

In 2001, Jane Lewis founded Goat to meet this need, providing women with a curated selection of high-end designer wear appropriate for both the boardroom and the dinner table.

Furthermore, her items have made an impact on the market, being worn by everyone from the working mother who also runs her own business to members of the British Royal Family.

And, of course, the usual scattering of A-listers.

Her entire line is a modern update on timelessly chic British staples.

Let’s get that out of the way first: Goat is a British company.

They do, however, ship to the USA, so overseas partners shouldn’t have any issues.

If you set up an affiliate link on your site, you can earn 8% of any sales that come from those links.

Compared to the norm for the fashion industry, that is quite impressive.

  • Commission: 8% per sale
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie length: 30 days

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6. Daem Watches

You’d be completely off-base to assume that clothing is the only focus of the fashion industry.

People’s sense of style can be inferred largely from the accessories they choose to wear.

An excellent illustration of this is Daem Watches.

The designers at Daem, based in Brooklyn, New York, say they are “inspired by the rich cultural narratives around us” when creating their timepieces.

However, a master watchmaker in Basel, Switzerland, is responsible for the timepieces’ actual construction.

Daem watches are not inexpensive; prices can start at $300 and go as high as $1,200.

Also, for every one you sell, you’ll pocket a $80 commission.

Those of you who write about fashion online will appreciate this side hustle, as it’s nearly impossible to lose money on this side project.

  • Commission: $20% per sale
  • EPC: $873.33
  • Cookie length: 45 days

7. Jonas Studio

Following trends isn’t as important as creating your own unique look when it comes to men’s fashion.

Since 1987, the guys at Jonas Studio have been assisting their male counterparts in doing just that.

In contrast, this is not the case with garments.

Instead, they offer a variety of New York-made accessories, such as necklaces, tie clips, pins, and wallet chains.

Personal style is “…a significant component of a greater vision that you have of yourself,” and these are the finishing touches.

Jonas Studio appears to have a firm grasp on their ideal customer, which bodes well for your affiliate efforts.

How so?

Now, consider that the going rate for a handmade item is roughly $250.

In addition, a 2% commission is paid for every affiliate who signs up through your link.

Which doesn’t sound too exciting until you realize they convert at a rate of 22%.

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8. Hugo Boss

Since releasing their first standard-issue suit in 1960, Hugo Boss has been widely recognized as the gold standard in men’s fashion.

However, the fact is that the company has been making clothes since the 1920s.

They started out selling just basic menswear but have since branched out to include everything from motorcycle helmets to watches in the decades since.

The Boss Womenswear line ensures that consumers of both sexes can find an item they like.

The target demographic for Hugo Boss consists of those who have no problem shelling out $100 for a t-shirt or $220 for a pair of jogging pants.

Therefore, a fashion blog that wants to make serious money should join this affiliate program.

In this case, the standard affiliate commission rate is 8%, but if your blog generates a lot of traffic for their offers, they’ll increase it to 12%.

If affiliates can earn a modest 8% commission on each sale, then selling a single pair of Boss jogging pants would result in a $16 profit.

Consequently, this could be among the most lucrative programs of its kind in the fashion industry.

  • Commission: Up to 12% per sale
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie length: 30 days

9. TJMaxx

It should go without saying that high-end fashion is not cheap.

Moreover, not everyone can afford to buy a shirt for $120, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting one.

The foresightful founders of TJ Maxx recognized this void in the industry all the way back in 1977.

The goal of their stores is straightforward: to provide customers with the popular fashion labels they crave at prices as much as 60 percent lower than retail.

They are able to offer such low prices because they purchase manufacturer overstocks, closeouts, and seasonal sales.

In order to provide your audience with a consistent supply of their favorite designer brands, you update your inventory weekly.

You can earn 4% commission on all sales made as a result of your blog post promoting this offer.

Except for gift cards, which earn you 0% per sale, all other products are eligible for a commission.

That’s the kind of thing you need to keep an eye out for in affiliate programs for clothing.

However, the program has excellent metrics for network performance, which means that your style blog will earn money on a regular basis.

  • Commission: 4% per sale
  • EPC: $19.30
  • Cookie length: 30 days

10. Pretty Little Thing

In 2012, Pretty Little Thing launched its fashion business in the United Kingdom.

At first, they focused solely on selling accessories through alliances with various e-commerce platforms.

Having debuted their first collection of clothing in 2015, they have gone from strength to strength ever since.

The company has plans to expand into new markets, including the United States, Australia, and France.

They have 5,000 items in stock at all times, so your guests will never again have to feel like they have “nothing to wear.”

Products in their own line range from those that follow current trends to those that are inspired by and worn by celebrities and social media influencers.

How do these affiliate programs for fashion compare to the others in this review?

If you’re an affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission on new customers and a 5% commission on repeat business.

This is a brand that is having its moment in the spotlight, so there is real potential for recurring income.

In other words, affiliate marketers should take advantage of the situation by jumping on board with this new affiliate program before anyone else.

  • Commission: Up to 8% per sale
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie length: 30 days

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11. Browns Fashion

The Burstein family has been a part of Browns Fashion ever since they bought it from Sir William Pigot Brown in 1970, so the company has a long and storied history.

Cool, dude.

Over the subsequent few years, they worked to open additional locations across London.

They also pioneered the introduction of Calvin Klein to the UK fashion industry, but that’s another tale.

Popular designers like Versace, Moncler, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and many more are all available at Browns’ modern online store.

Furthermore, they carry those designer labels across their men’s and women’s collections.

In exchange for promoting our products and services to your audience, we’ll pay you 7% of all sales made through your affiliate links.

In addition, the well-known company you’re partnering with has a specialized affiliate team waiting to assist you in making the most of their affiliate marketing program.

  • Commission: 7% per sale
  • EPC: TBC
  • Cookie length: 30 days

12. Worth Collection

Since 1991, customers have been able to purchase high-end apparel for women from The Worth Collection.

The company’s products are sold through retail partners, personal stylists, and their own website under the “W by Worth” and “Worth New York” labels.

The Worth Collection range is designed for the modern woman who wants to look chic and assured without trying too hard.

A lady who prefers to dress in the world’s finest textiles.

This should give you a good idea of who your ideal customers are.

In comparison to the other affiliate programs presented here, this one offers the second-highest commission rate at 25% per sale.

Obviously, the commission paid isn’t the only important factor.

If you want your affiliate marketing business to succeed, that is.

  • Commission: 25% per sale
  • EPC: $872.50
  • Cookie length: Never expires

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