Exercises to Apply the Law of Attraction

We create our own reality by our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and expectations. So, all we really need to do to get what we want is to believe we are going to get it and expect it to happen. Easier said than done, right?

Many people have difficulty with the law of attraction due to the matter of convincing the mind to believe that it can have what it wants. This causes doubts, which lead to further difficulty in attaining desires. To get past this, the conscious mind must practice being in charge of subconscious reasoning; it must become the master portion of the mind.

For the law of attraction to work, it is your subconscious mind that needs to believe. The reason many people encounter stumbling blocks, and give up way too soon, is because it can be tricky to get your subconscious mind to do what your conscious mind wants it to. All of the meditation, visualization and positive thinking in the world can prove to be fruitless without your subconscious mind being on board with your desires and beliefs.

Let’s get started with the ways in which to do this….

#11: Exercise – Sleep on It

The first exercise presented is an excellent process to begin training your subconscious mind in subtle ways. Although it will take some dedication, the rewards are very worth the effort. Through triggering your subjective mind in its most impressionable state, you will be able to easily alter the way in which it begins to believe that your “want” is already something you have — one of the most important ingredients to successful manifestation!

Step 1

Identify what you want. Find a picture of it, or write out your desire as clearly as possible. What you use in the picture is important. For example: If you want a new home, use a picture of the exact home that you would like to create and write the words, “my new home” so you can clearly read it. Take the time to create this photo exactly as you want it be. If you are unable to find precisely what you want, you can use plain white paper with words as an alternative. For example: “I am deciding to have my dream home by March of 2017,” or “I decide to have an extra $1000.00 by this weekend in my checking account.” Be specific and precise; keep it short and sweet.

Step 2

Place this picture in a prominent place near your bed where you sleep at night — preferably positioned in an area where you might look at it as soon as your eyes open.

Step 3

Identify the time of night when you are at your deepest sleep. This is the hour during your slumber when you rarely wake up.

Step 4

Set an alarm to wake you up at that time. It is preferable to use something that gently wakes you up, rather than startles you.

Step 5

When your alarm goes off, look at the picture for 5-30 seconds. If your room is dark use a flashlight to illuminate your picture.

Step 6

Go straight back to sleep.

When you wake up from deep sleep your conscious mind is still hazy, whereas your subconscious (which never rests) is fully functioning. There is no better time than this to completely go around any conscious thinking that may get in the way of your desires.

With this exercise, you are bypassing conscious thinking and speaking directly to the subconscious. So, how does this particular exercise put the conscious mind in control? For the reason that it is a conscious decision to speak directly to the subconscious mind in a language it understands.

Tailor this above method to suit your needs, wants and desires.

Helpful hints:

*Start with small things to prove to yourself that you can create with this technique. The more you’re able to create what you want, the more your mind will believe in its power to do so. In this way, success will bring more success.

* It helps if you can go back to sleep right after viewing your picture and just before becoming fully awake.

* The maximum time limit of 30 seconds for viewing your picture is very important. Any longer spent looking at the picture may lead to full consciousness, which could potentially get in the way of the process working for you.

* There is no minimum time to view the picture; even a quick glance at it before going straight back to sleep again works perfectly.

* Don’t think about or analyze what you are seeing. The subconscious mind will pick up on the details without you having to force it.

*Train yourself to do this exercise for a minimum of 30 consecutive days; longer if necessary. As earlier stated, repetition is crucial to impress the subconscious mind.

*Use one desire at a time. Once the desire is fulfilled, move on to the next.

#12: Exercise – Sleep on It (2) – Using Your Dreams to Your Advantage

This exercise requires a little more practice for most; however, the results are well worth it! It can also be a lot of fun once successfully mastered.

The YOU that is in your dreams is the same you that you are right now. (Say that five times fast!) However, that you is generally unaware of the fact that you are dreaming, and therefore is immediately, upon commencement of a dream, actively within that dream. Lack of continuity doesn’t seem to be a problem. Your dreams are also very often used as a filtering process by your subconscious mind, which may work something out or throw something out while you are dreaming. Frequently, the events of your day will come into your dream as your subconscious is processing the affairs.

Step 1

Begin to make a habit of doing reality checks throughout your daily life. Use a soft tone (nothing jarring) on your watch or phone to remind you to do these reality checks, preferably every hour or two.

A reality check is simply stopping and becoming aware of what you are doing. Notice the quality of your consciousness. Ask yourself if there has been a consistent flow of consciousness over the past few hours, and/or if what you are doing at that moment is common to your daily life. Bring your attention to whether there is anything unusual happening, or not. You will generally observe that your quality of consciousness is that of your normal waking life, and that everything in your day has continuity. This may seem a little boring to you after a few “reality checks,” however there is solid reasoning for this step in the process. Practice this for several days, weeks or as long as needed for step 2 to work for you.

Step 2

Place your watch or phone near you when you go to bed and set your “reality check” tone to take place while asleep. As in the prior exercise, try to identify the time of night when you’re least likely to be awake and set the tone for that time. Once the subconscious mind has memorized the pattern of doing reality checks, it will recognize the tone during your sleep and remind you that it’s time, once again, to do one. However, this time you will be completing your reality check while dreaming. This allows you to become lucid during your dreaming state and bring your awareness to anything that is happening during that time.

Depending on how well you keep your habit of doing a reality check during the daytime, you will begin to have conscious awareness of being in your dream once this particular tone is issued. For some this takes a week or two, and for others it could be longer. Consistency during your daily routine is imperative for your subconscious to make it an automatic pattern.

Once this happens, you will begin waking up in a wonderful, weightless reality where you can engage with your thoughts in a seemingly physical fashion. You may be prone to play during the first several dreams, which is very normal. It’s also very normal to become overexcited during your first few lucid dreams, which may wake you. Don’t get frustrated; just remember that it’s working! Keep doing your reality checks and resolve to remain calm the next time you become lucid during a dream.

Step 3

After you’ve become accomplished with having lucid dreams, you can begin to use them for your law of attraction work. This nonphysical reality is nonetheless real, and if you can make a strong impact here you will be able to manifest your desires in your physical life. Just the same as thoughts, you need to put ample energy, emotion, and time into working on your aspirations; however, it’s so much easier on the dream plane because being playful is not challenging for most. In the dream state, you have the ability to simply manifest your desires in an instant fashion. You’ll quickly realize that you can immediately enjoy driving that car around, taking a tour of your beautiful house or spending a playful day with your new partner.

The longer you invest time and energy into your desire, just as in visualization work, the more energy you are moving toward manifestation. With lucid dreaming, it’s simply easier to actually experience your “visualizations” versus imagining them from within the physical. Your subconscious mind experiences this type of creation in a very real manner and will want to create more and more of what it enjoys — both in dreaming states, as well as in physical reality.

#13: Exercise – Generate a Belief That Aligns With Your Intention

When it comes to the movie of our lives, the first place most of us go to change things is right up to the screen. We spend all of our time, money and energy trying to change our experience on the outside, not realizing that the whole thing is being projected from the inside out.

As mentioned, beliefs are an extremely powerful component of the creation process. If the subconscious mind doesn’t believe that something is true, it won’t search for ways to validate and create it. Instead of trying to align your beliefs with “reality,” it’s possible to align your beliefs with what you most want to create in your life.

So how do we change our beliefs? Consider these two points:

  1. A) What you believe tends to become true for you. Our mental map actually creates our life as it believes it to be. Since these maps often become self-fulfilling prophecies, we can change our experience of the world (and ultimately the world itself) by changing the way we choose to see it. If you see the world as a friendly place, you’ll tend to notice the ways in which things work out for the best. Because you’re looking for “friendly” things to happen, you’re that much more likely to find them.
  2. B) You can make believe anything. In order to make believe something is true, you simply tell yourself that it’s true, collect evidence that supports your story, and then act accordingly. In this way it’s possible to make believe absolutely anything.

Step 1

Choose a goal you have for your life.

Step 2

Write out some things that it would be useful to “make believe” about this goal.

For example:

Goal: “To be financially secure.”


-“There are thousands of ways for me to bring money into my life.”

-“I am a magnet for success and financial freedom.”

-“The more I am attracted to financial freedom, the more it is attracted to me.”

The idea isn’t necessarily to find what you currently believe to be true; rather, anything you think would be useful if you did believe it.

Step 3

Use your “make-believes” to create actual beliefs in the following ways:

  1. a) Use a physiology of certainty to teach your mind that the “make- believes” are true. Your subconscious mind understands the language of your physical state. Start by telling yourself something that you know is true. For instance, “Today is ______, and my name is ______.” Follow this by repeating your new make-believe in exactly the same tone of voice and holding your body in exactly the same way. Repeat this process several times per day.

When you’re able to totally match the voice tone and physiology, the “make-believe” will begin to take root in the subconscious mind as an actual belief. At this point, you’ll begin to notice that it actually “feels” truer. It may take a few tries (or even many tries — each person varies); however, with practice and consistency, each new “make-believe” that you want to make into an actual belief becomes easier and easier.

  1. b) Gather evidence that your “make believe” is true. Plug each “make- believe” into the following format as many times as you can:

“I know this is true for me because________; for example_________.” For instance:

Make-Believe: “There are thousands of ways for me to bring money into my life.”

“I know this is true for me because I’ve been creating money my whole life; for example, there were many times when I didn’t know where I would get the money for something I needed and it always showed up on time.”


“I know this is true for me because I see abundance everywhere I go; for example, I keep seeing the exact car I want so I know it will belong to me soon.”

By telling yourself that your statements are true, with evidence of why they are true, the subconscious mind can’t argue the validity of them. Therefore, the “make-believe” will become an actual belief which the subconscious mind will seek to validate further by creating more things that align with it.

  1. c) Act as if your make-believe is true. Ask yourself: “If I knew (make-believe), what would I do to get (my goal)?

For instance:

-“If I knew there were thousands of ways for me to bring money into my life, what would I do to become financially secure?”


-“If I knew that the more I’m attracted to financial freedom the more it’s attracted to me, what would I do to become financially secure?”

This style of inquiry opens the mind to seek new answers. Being that the subconscious mind works to solve a problem in the quickest and most efficient manner, it cannot ignore this method of questioning. It will continue to search for an answer (or multiple answers) until it finds it. When your mind presents you with a list of actions to take, choose at least one to complete in the next 24 hours. This will add weight to the belief, as well as prompt the subconscious mind to continue coming up with ways to solve the question.

#14: Exercise – Record Your Intentions

For those who have some technical skill, an easy way to subtly impress the subconscious mind is with recorded intentions. Through this type of subdued use, these plans gently influence this portion of the mind without coercion. This no-pressure tactic of massaging the subconscious doesn’t give it the room to refuse to accept what is being faintly filtered in.

Step 1

Use a computer and microphone to record yourself speaking your intentions. Choose your words and intentions carefully, as this is a very powerful method to influence your subconscious. Go back to module two and review precision affirmations and auto-suggestion techniques for helpful hints on ways to do this. “I AM” statements that are followed by what you NOW choose to be tend to incite the most profound changes.

Step 2

Save the file as an MP3 and burn it to a CD, or put it on your MP3 player. If you’re going to use this on a CD, add the track as many times as you can fit to the allotted space. For MP3 players, use the loop function.

Step 3

During your daily activities, play the intentions as background noise. Louder is not better. In fact, the more faint and indistinct the background noise is, the more it will surpass any mental blocks. 

If your conscious mind is eagerly listening to the intentions, this could offer a vibration of resistance.

Through playing the recording as background noise, it continuously impresses the intentions into the medium of sound. This means you are creating quite a bit of physical energy and vibration around your intent. When implemented correctly, the outcomes of this maneuver can be very strong.

Helpful Hint: You can also listen to your recorded intentions as you drift off to sleep to impress the subconscious further. Once again, keep the volume low. There is no need to earnestly listen to what is being said. The subconscious mind will automatically absorb the ideas through recognition of the speech patterns being used.

#15: Exercise – Go On a Complaint Fast

Complaining is the opposite of creating what you want in your life. When we complain, we’re talking about what we “don’t” want. As stated earlier in the guide, the subconscious mind will generally cancel out the “don’t,” leaving only the unwanted thing in a person’s reality. One exercise you can use to counteract this habit is to go on a “complaint fast.” In other words, attempt to go a day, a week or a month deliberately not complaining about anything.

Step 1

Start with the things you say out loud. Any time you notice yourself complaining, or beginning to utter the words of a complaint, stop yourself immediately. Resolve to go one week without complaining. If you complain even once during that week (and you almost certainly will out of habit), start again with day one. This begins to generate a new pattern in the subconscious mind; it literally trains the mind that complaining is unacceptable AND that you no longer focus on unwanted things.

Step 2

Once you’ve mastered a week of no complaining, challenge yourself with a month of the same. If you slip up, simply realize you’ve been doing this your whole life and that it takes repetition to create a new habit. Don’t punish yourself for noticing your complaints and attempting to correct a lifetime practice; just realize that it requires persistent efforts to change the routine of your mind.

Step 3

When you reach step 3, congratulate yourself! It’s not an easy task to train your

mind that you won’t utter a single complaint in 30 whole days! Now, complete the same process with the thoughts that enter your mind. Simply let these thought complaints enter and then let them float away. Notice them, and let them go. Immediately following your observation of thought complaints, fill your mind with an opposite of the objections you’re developing awareness of.


Complaint Thought: “I can’t believe Bob is slacking off on the job again.

This makes my work twice as difficult.”

New Thought: “I’m so happy Bob is realizing that his efforts help everyone else stay on task. My job feels so much easier now.”

This type of focus, even if it doesn’t feel true to you in the moment, will drastically alter what you begin to see in your reality. “Complaint fasting” trains the mind that you expect only good things to happen in your life, which will initiate the creation of those exact results.

Helpful Hint: This is not to say that if you order a salad for lunch and get a hamburger instead you shouldn’t send it back. It just means not to follow that up with a list of complaints. Send the hypothetical hamburger back joyfully, knowing that you’re manifesting what you really want. It may take some time to complete this task, but the change is incredibly worthwhile!

#16: Exercise – Create an Intention Symbol

An intention symbol is created from a statement of your intent. It is a small, often strange-looking symbol that is made by merging several letters together. They are one of the most powerful tools you can use, as they work on so many levels. These symbols are perfect for subconscious mind triggering, as well as altering an immediate (and desired) change within your vibration. 

Step 1

Begin by writing down a statement of intent. Your statement may represent material objects such as homes and vehicles, or more permanent desires such as freedom, happiness and love. For instance, “I am attracting love into my life right now.” Or, “I have my dream job.”

Step 2

Remove all of the power words from your intention; these are the key words in the phrase. For instance, “I am attracting love into my life right now” becomes “attracting love now,” and “I have my dream job” becomes “have dream job.”

Step 3

Use the first consonant from each word to create your symbol. For instance, “attracting love now” becomes “tln” and “have dream job” becomes “hdj.” Once you have your final letters, you are ready to create your intention symbol. This is the part where you can let your creative juices flow. Put all of the letters together in the neatest, tightest way you can. For example:



The simpler the symbol is to draw, the better. If you can trace it in about a second, that’s best. This way you can produce it anytime you like without having to think about it.

Step 4

Place your intention symbols in places you’ll notice it. For instance, you can tape one to your refrigerator, or hang one from the rearview mirror of your car. Or, if you catch yourself doodling, this is a great time to put your artistry to work.

The big trick to these symbols is that your subconscious knows what the intent is behind them. Slightly glancing at these intention symbols throughout the day sends a strong message to your subconscious mind without your having to put any effort into thinking about your desire. This creates the powerful duality of attachment and detachment of your wants at exactly the same time. The more you notice these symbols, the more energy you are putting into your manifestation. Even if you stop consciously noticing them, the subconscious is still seeing them and they are being reinforced.

#17: Exercise – Give the Universe a Task List

This exercise helps you become clear on what you want, while demonstrating faith that the Universe can handle any details you’re unsure of. By taking the pressure off of yourself to deal with the things you’re uncertain of, you train your subconscious mind to let go of the control it tries to have to fix things that may feel to be out of your realm of understanding. This releases any resistance that creates the opposite results of what you’re trying to create. Through using this exercise, you may be amazed at how the Universe will work out the details for you without any more effort on your part.

Step 1

Draw a column down the center of a piece of paper. On the top of the left column, write the words: “Things I’m inspired to do today.” On the top of the right column, right the words: “Things I want the Universe to take care of for me.”

Step 2

In the left column, write only the things you feel inspired to take immediate action on; the tasks that feel right and clear to you in the moment. Examples might be, “Meditate for 20 minutes,” “Have lunch with my best friend” or “Increase my work performance and smile at everyone I see today.”

In the right column, write the things that you aren’t clear on in the moment. List anything you may feel resistance towards and/or things you aren’t even certain how to start yet. Examples might be, “Find an easy and fun way to come up with the car payment,” “Send me information to get clear on the next step I need to take for the job I really want” or “Find the right person to fix the plumbing.”

Step 3

Concentrate only on the left column and leave the right column to the Universe to handle for you.

Any time the Universe accomplishes one of these tasks for you, it’s very important to acknowledge its completion and be thankful for it. All of life wants to please you, but it must understand WHAT pleases you first. This also directs the subconscious mind into an understanding that good things just happen for you.

#18: Exercise – Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes

Seeing the world with fresh eyes opens the mind to possibilities it may have forgotten about during its normal routine. This prompts it to start to see things differently, and to begin a search of more exciting things in its environment. Through doing this, new circumstances can be created because of the positive expectations that become engrained within the subconscious.

Step 1

Imagine that you have just landed on Earth. Today is your first day here and everything is fresh and new to you. You have no preconceived notions about anything. Immediately, you realize all of the unbelievable experiences you can have on this planet. You take it all in with amazement.

Step 2

Imagine you are writing a letter to someone “back home.” Tell them about the residence you’re inhabiting and all of the wonderful amenities it has to offer. Emphasize the convenience of such things as cell phones, computers, televisions and cars. Explain the hundreds of food choices you have within minutes of where you’re staying. Tell them about people, and how there are so many of them that you can meet and share experiences with. Explain how these people have literally millions of different ways to make money. Talk about all of the options of fun things to do and places to go.

Step 3

For the next few days, keep acting like everything you see is brand new. Get excited about all of the positive things you see around you. Notice all of the wonderful details that you may have dismissed before.

Our brains automatically search for patterns. Through this type of conditioning, new patterns develop that attract new circumstances and encounters. This exercise also produces the feelings associated with wonderment and excitement, which carry a very specific vibratory rate. That vibration attracts the vibration of more excitement and wonderment into your life through fresh experiences.

#19: Exercise – The “Remember When” Game

This technique is perfect to swiftly shift your mindset into a new place. As previously stated, the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something real and something imagined. Through tricking your brain with this exercise, it recalls an imagined circumstance as something that has already occurred. This creates it as a solid fact, or a belief in the actuality of it.

Step 1

Choose something you’d like to change about your life.

Step 2

Begin to visualize your life with this change in the NOW. Take the time to put yourself directly into the scene of this new creation. Gather all of the feeling sensations you can to match the reality of your new change.

Step 3

Once you’ve accomplished this, imagine that you are talking with a friend. Tell this friend how you remember the way your life used to be before this change. Recall it as something from the past. Ask your friend if they “remember when” (fill in the blank).

Example: “Do you remember when I used to live in that old apartment building? I remember living there before moving into my beautiful new house. Maybe I’ll drive by that old apartment building one of these days just to see what it looks like now. I love my new home and neighborhood so much. I almost can’t believe I used to live in that apartment. My life has changed so much since then.”

By looking at a current situation as something that happened in the past, you tell your mind that you have moved on to better things. The more you practice this exercise, the more your mind will understand the change as fact and go to work to create it for you. If the subconscious establishes a belief that something has already happened, (in this case, a new reality of your choosing) it will quickly attempt to validate it as true. In other words, it will manifest the details that match it in order to provide evidence to support the event as something that previously occurred.

#20: Exercise – Make a Shopping List

When we focus intently on waiting for something to show up in our life, we offer a vibration of worry or lack that creates resistance towards it. This simple process has the ability to take a determined stance regarding the creation of something and turn it into a more flexible desire without conditions attached. Consequently, any vibrations we may carry that prevent our desires from manifesting can be easily released.

This exercise works best with desires that we don’t have an extreme attachment to. However, through practicing in this style, and therefore manifesting with great accuracy, we train the subconscious mind that our bigger desires have the ability to come into our life as well. This is to say, belief in your ability to create what you want time and time again generates even bigger beliefs in your ability to create… and so on, and so on.

Step 1

Every day, no matter where you go, scribble out lists of things you see that you want. It’s best to write these lists on loose scraps of paper that are unimportant to you; the more lists you create, the better.

Step 2

Treat the Universe like your personal supermarket where nothing is off limits. Pick anything you want, especially luxuries that you’d like to have one day but that aren’t at the top of your things to go out and get. Examples: A large flat screen television, new outdoor furniture, a mink coat, etc. Start with anything that you don’t have a great attachment to in order to begin seeing magical results.

Step 3

The more you lose and forget about these lists, the easier it becomes for them to manifest. Lists are easy to forget because they’re not generally too much we want to think about. (That’s why we write them down in the first place.) And in this case, it releases our dreams to the Universe, taking all of the pressure off of the manifestation process.

Helpful Hint: Write a time frame next to the items on your list. For example: A mink coat within the next month; or, outdoor furniture by March. These details help the energy around you understand more specifically what your desire is.

#21: Exercise – Getting in Charge of Your Vibration with Intentions

In order to send out vibrations that match your intentions, your subconscious mind must believe in your power to create those intentions. A very simple and influential way to train your subconscious mind is by starting with small intentions that you act on. Through conscious awareness of your intentions, and demonstrating them with ease, your mind begins to place implicit trust on your ability to manifest.

Step 1

Use your everyday tasks and actions to instruct your subconscious mind that whatever you intend will be followed through on. For example, say to yourself: “I am going to walk to the sink and wash this cup.” Or, “I am going to write down 10 things I’m grateful for.”

Step 2

Create the action that corresponds to your decided intention. In other words, walk to the sink and wash the cup; or, write down the 10 things you’re grateful for. Follow through with your intentions as effortlessly as possible. Do it with a smile on your face, feeling how light and easy it is. Throughout the day, announce all small intentions and act them out.

This exercise trains your mind that whatever you intend, and announce, will manifest. Acting out your intentions joyfully and effortlessly teaches the subconscious mind that the creation process is easy and delightful for you. Action is intention made manifest. As this becomes practice, work your way up the scale of things you intend to have happen in your life.

#22: Exercise – Create What You Already Have

Teaching your subconscious mind that you are consciously aware of your ability to create what you want is a great way to reinforce the bigger creations you would like to see show up in your life. This type of reminder sends signals to the subconscious mind that strengthen its belief in your aptitude. And because your beliefs are so powerful in what you create, this begins a cycle of more precise manifestations.

Step 1

Look at something you currently have. Announce to yourself, “I have this (fill in the blank).” Examples: “I have this really comfortable bed,” “I have a great group of friends” or “I have this ten dollar bill.”

Step 2

Recall the day you received this “something.” How did you get it? How long did you want it? Did it come to you expectedly, or unexpectedly? Concentrate on the details of what you like about this item and how it serves to make your life better. Does it offer convenience or comfort to you in some way?

Step 3

After concentrating on what is so great about this item, remind yourself that you have created everything in your life. You have already manifested so many of your desires and needs. If you weren’t proficient at creating, you would be completely bare of anything in life.

Step 4

Follow that with announcing how powerful of a Creator you are. Repeat to yourself, “I AM a Powerful Creator that can create whatever I choose. I have manifested many things in my life and I am currently manifesting many more things that I desire.”

Through focusing your creative intent on what you’ve already manifested, you can easily remind yourself of the power you possess. Acknowledging your natural competency regarding the creation process attaches additional support to enhance your beliefs systems. Offer gratitude for your creations and be delighted that all of life supports you in your creations.

#23: Exercise – Become Your Favorite Person

It’s been noted that many people who are prominent in their field spent years examining ways to duplicate the exact formula of those they admire before acquiring their own success. They studied their actions, demeanor, lifestyle, belief systems and anything else they could in order to be able to create an equivalent state of being.

For example, there are many famous actors who have come forward to say that they repeatedly stepped into the shoes of their favorite actor or actress and “became them” as often as possible prior to their own notoriety. This undoubtedly created the necessary subconscious alignment required to be as successful as the person they pretended (and convinced their mind) that they were.

Step 1

Choose your favorite person with regard to how you would like to live your life. This could be a business person, actor, mentor, fictional character or anyone else that you look at and think, “I’d like to live the way that person is living.”

Step 2

Think of all of the qualities in this person that you respect and appreciate. What is it about them that excites you? How do they live? What type of partner do they have? What field of work are they in? What physical attributes would you like to duplicate? What do they do for fun? What do you imagine their bank account to look like? What do you value most about them? Or, choose any other characteristics that you notably regard as something that you’d like to have in your life. If there is an aspect to this person that you don’t wish to duplicate, leave that off the list.

Step 3

Take all of those great qualities that you find commendable in this individual and begin to imagine that you ARE them, possessing all of those features. Repeat to yourself, “I AM (name of person you admire)” repeatedly. You can follow this statement with, “I have a (fill in the features you like).” Visualize that you are walking around as this person with the life that they have. Experience all of the things you imagine they experience on a daily basis. Think about where they reside and the types of encounters they enjoy. Concentrate on how they behave, what their posture looks like, how they speak and where they spend their time.

Pretending to be the person you admire most in life is a very powerful way to walk in the shoes of what you determine as greatness. This doesn’t mean that you want to be that exact person; it merely means that you want to live a life similar to theirs. This exercise is intended to help you duplicate the state of being that you desire in your life. By “becoming” this person, your mind is able to create the feeling states required to manifest that state of being.

If this exercise feels awkward to you, you can leave out the person’s name and simply use the attributes you like. Or, you could choose to be great friends with this person instead, knowing they would only develop strong friendships with individuals equal to their character.

Helpful Hint: As you go to sleep at night, repeat the “I AM (name of person you admire)” while thinking of all of the qualities that you chose for yourself until you drift off to sleep. This assists the subconscious mind in its efforts to duplicate and validate these attributes in your life.

#24: Exercise – Write a Letter Congratulating Yourself

When we speak to our subconscious mind about something as if it has already happened, it has no reason to argue back about the soundness of it. It sees the imagined scenario as a circumstance that is real. In addition, the more details and feeling states we are able to provide about this “something,” the more weight we add to the fact that it has already happened.

Still further, writing this summary on a piece of paper attaches a physical component that gives it a quality of being even more factually valid. With this type of action, the mind is searching for the details in order to put the story into a more solid framework. Once this happens, it becomes a more acceptable account to the subconscious mind.

Step 1

Imagine that your life is now full of all of the wonderful manifestations that you set intentions for (or, you can choose to focus exclusively on one particular manifestation). Imagine the new situation you are in and all of the improvements and progress you have made. Visualize how delightful your life has become by being surrounded by your desire(s).

Step 2

Write a letter to yourself describing what has happened. While writing this letter, focus solely on the positive changes that have occurred because of this/these creation(s). Describe the actions you have taken to progress your situation and to create a new quality of life. Recall the benefits this has brought to you and vividly explain them.

In the letter, be sure to comment not just on your practical circumstances, but on your feelings, behavior and actions in the new world in which you are living. How do you look? Act? Feel? Where do you spend your time? What does your typical day look like?

Write down how your needs and values are now being met, and any positive changes to other areas of your life. If there were parts of your life that were not your primary focus, but these areas have benefited as a result of the changes you have made, be sure to note them. For example, you may have changed your career and found that feeling more relaxed has had a positive effect on your relationships.

Step 3

Congratulate yourself for all of these wonderful things. These are your accomplishments and they have been created by you. Write down how good it feels to know that you’ve skillfully mastered obtaining what you want in life. Describe the pleasure and excitement that you’ve discovered in your capabilities. Praise yourself for your performance, and for the attainment of your new ability to be successful in all of your endeavors. Use your written words to portray the most vivid depiction you are able to communicate regarding these wondrous feelings. And as you write, immerse yourself in that state of being.

Step 4

Seal this letter and place it in an envelope. Put a stamp on it and address it to yourself. Drop it somewhere to be mailed to you and forget about it until it shows up.

Step 5

When you receive the letter, read your words and recall the accomplishments you’ve made in your life. Pull up the feelings associated with the words you’ve written. Remember what it was like to achieve the results you desired for your life. Surround yourself with the feelings of success and stay in that state for several minutes. Read the letter often to produce the sensations that accompany attainment of your goals.

Writing a detailed recollection of an event, and the attached feeling states regarding that event, causes the mind to rush with ways in which to put the pieces of that puzzle together. Reading the letter frequently, while returning to the feeling states that correspond, further impresses this action in the mind.

When the mind has formed a question around a certain event or condition, it must work to make sense of it and form logical reasoning to attach to it. In order to piece this puzzle together, it will create the circumstances that correspond to it so that it may move on to other things.

Helpful Hint: If you find it silly to mail it to yourself, simply place the letter somewhere where you can read it often. You can also incorporate this exercise with the “remember when” exercise by recalling an earlier time when you wrote this to yourself. This will add an additional layer of solidity to it.

For example: When you begin to read the letter you can think or say to yourself, “I remember when I wrote this letter about my accomplishments and how great it felt. It seems like it’s been so long since I achieved all of these great things, but it still feels great!” The mind will search for ways to put something that it remembers as a past experience into place.

#25: Exercise – Subliminal Intentions

The key to this exercise is using an involuntary action as a trigger for your desires. Because these involuntary actions are so frequent and occur naturally through subconscious commands, this exercise is extremely powerful once established as an automatic behavior by this portion of the mind.

Just as your subconscious mind works the involuntary organs of your body without needing your conscious direction, you can impress it to work other areas of your life by combining directives with these involuntary actions. And as the psycho-physical unit you are ( that is, the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind), the subconscious will make this connection through practice and run your chosen affirmations on auto-pilot without any additional conscious effort on your part.

Step 1

To set subliminal intentions into motion, program the following affirmations into your mind each day through repetition. You can do this while in a light state of meditation, or write these down on a note card and read them to yourself whenever you have a break during your day. If the following statements do not apply to the area of your life that you’re working to expand, place the words that best suit you into the ending portion of the affirmation for the chosen effect.

Step 2


“With every breath I breathe each day of my life, my subconscious mind accepts a visual picture of me experiencing a loving relationship (alternatives: a prosperous lifestyle, perfect health, a fun career).”

“With my every heartbeat, each day of my life, my subconscious mind attracts my perfect partner to me (alternatives: more money to me, a fit and healthy body, the perfect job).”

“With every action of my involuntary organs, my subconscious mind accepts a visual picture of me as a person that is worthy of having love in my life (alternatives: more money, outstanding well-being, a creative job that I love).”

Step 3

Add voluntary actions that you take each day to the affirmations in order for your nervous system to be incorporated into the process. This adds great weight to the suggestion inasmuch that the body movement will be recognized as a trigger by the subconscious mind. Try something like the following:

“With every step that I take, each day of my life, my subconscious mind accepts that I am moving towards the greatest love of my life (alternatives: financial freedom, complete healing, an exceptional position at the company I love).”

“With every word that I speak, each day of my life, my subconscious mind sends out vibrations of true love through those words (alternatives: prosperity and wealth, perfect health, a joyful profession).”

“With every blink of my eyes, each day of my life, my subconscious mind visualizes & accepts my new life with the perfect person for me (alternatives: ultimate wealth and financial freedom, a flawless body, the ideal occupation).”

“With every song that I hear, each day of my life, my subconscious mind produces intense feelings of love & excitement (alternative: comfort and security, wellness and physical ease, elation and pleasure).”

Step 4

Once it becomes automatic for you to say these things to yourself throughout your day, it is suggested that you incorporate what is considered to be your three minds (conscious mind, subconscious mind and super-conscious mind) into accepting these new thoughts. You can substitute super-conscious mind with universal mind, higher mind or anything else that resonates with you.

Although changing the subconscious patterns of your mind is imperative and most important to begin with, this visualization triples the powerful effect of how quickly you (conscious), your subconscious (influencer) and the super-conscious (universe) view your reality. This enhances the impression and the quickness of the effect that will take place for you.

For example:

“With every breath I breathe each day of my life, my subconscious mind, conscious mind and super-conscious mind all accept a visual picture of me experiencing a loving relationship (alternatives: a prosperous lifestyle, perfect health, a fun career).”

“With my every heartbeat, each day of my life, my subconscious mind, conscious mind and super-conscious mind all attract my perfect partner to me (alternatives: more money to me, a fit and healthy body, the perfect job).”

“With every action of my involuntary organs, my subconscious mind, conscious mind and super-conscious mind all accept a visual picture of me as a person that is worthy of having love in my life (alternatives: more money, outstanding well- being, a creative job that I love).”

Step 5

Once again, to increase this visualization process substantially, incorporate your nervous system by adding a voluntary action to the suggestions you are giving yourself.

“With every step that I take, each day of my life, my subconscious mind, conscious mind and super-conscious mind all accept that I am moving towards the greatest love of my life (alternatives: financial freedom, complete healing, an exceptional position at the company I love).”

“With every word that I speak, each day of my life, my subconscious mind, conscious mind and super-conscious mind all send out vibrations of true love through those words (alternatives: prosperity and wealth, perfect health, a joyful profession).”

“With every blink of my eyes, each day of my life, my subconscious mind, conscious mind and super-conscious mind all visualize & accept my new life with the perfect person for me (alternatives: ultimate wealth and financial freedom, a flawless body, the ideal occupation).”

“With every song that I hear, each day of my life, my subconscious mind, conscious mind and super-conscious mind all incorporate intense feelings of love & excitement (alternative: comfort and security, wellness and physical ease, elation and pleasure).”

Helpful Hint: The more you incorporate these statements into your daily routine, the more they will become automatic. However, don’t make a job out of it or you may introduce resistance that will interfere with the intention of the exercise. Simply begin a practice of reading or meditating on your affirmations several times a day. Early in the morning and before sleeping are highly suggested. Two to five times per day is sufficient, with a minimum of 30 days of application. If it at any point it feels like a chore, come back to it when you are feeling more positive about it.

#26: Exercise – Create It So

One powerful way to attract and create your desires is by getting into an optimal state before beginning any manifestation process. Once in this state, your mind is fertile ground to grow whatever you plant. At this point, incorporating feelings states, belief, appreciation and allowance becomes a formula for absolute success regarding intentional creation.

Step 1

Find a quiet room and get into a comfortable position.

Step 2

Think of something that brings you strong positive emotions of love, joy, or gratitude. This can be anything from the birth of a child to a promotion, a new pet, a relationship, etc.

Step 3

Re-live this experience until you can feel the joy in your entire body with all your senses. It is important to feel these sensations in order to get into alignment with the language of the subconscious mind. As mentioned earlier, emotion and feeling states add great strength to the way in which the subconscious mind responds to your desires. Practice using all, or as many of your senses as possible during this visualization. What did it sound like, smell like, feel like, etc.?

Step 4

When you’re in a truly happy state, visualize what you want to create and see it as if it has already happened. For instance, imagine you are driving that new car, living in that new home or enjoying that new relationship. Really get into the feeling and use this experience to its fullest through the use of your senses.

Example: Feel the touch of your fingers on the steering wheel of the car and the pressure of your foot on the gas pedal. See the area you’re driving in and visualize the people and other cars around you. Smell the breeze as it comes through your car window and hear the sound of the radio playing. Touch the leather on the seat and concentrate on its texture. Watch the lines on the road whiz by you as you drive.

Step 5

When you’ve accomplished this sensory rich state, say out loud or write on a piece of paper, “I am so happy and grateful that (fill in the blank). For instance: “I am so happy and grateful that I have enough money to pay for anything I want. And I’m so happy and grateful for this new car experience that I’m having.”

Step 6

Write, or say out loud “It is complete; and so it is.” Say this in a confident and commanding tone and expect it to happen. This releases your manifestation into the Universe and gives you the freedom to go about your day without any more thoughts that may hinder its progress. With this statement, you are allowing the Universe to handle the portion of creation that you are not equipped to be responsible for.

With the use of this exercise, you incorporate 5 main components to the creation process: Reaching the feeling state of positive emotion, adding a sensory-rich visualization regarding your desire, offering gratitude that the creation is complete, stating it is so as the creator you are and releasing it to the Universe to complete its portion of the process.

This exercise is a very influential effort where the subconscious mind is concerned. It demonstrates power and belief while communicating in a favorable way with respect to the mind’s role in the creation process. Additionally, the emotional signature of gratitude means the event has already taken place. Even more so, the latter portion of the process displays faith in the undertaking of your manifestation and allows the subconscious to go to work for you within the limitless realm it occupies.

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