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Rohit Bhargava, a trend curator, recently predicted the rise of the “Reluctant Marketer.” According to Bhargava, marketing will no longer be about shouting your product’s superiority over the competition.

Marketers will no longer rely on mindless shouting about a product’s features and benefits; instead, they will focus on providing customers with helpful guidance and information through marketing campaigns.

Businesses that have mastered their message and can tell an engaging story to an understanding target audience will thrive in the future of marketing.

You can get a leg up on the competition by using these tips in Epic Content Marketing to create your own winning content marketing strategy.

You may be wondering if you should read the book. This book summary will tell you what important lessons you can learn from this book so you can decide if it is worth your time.

At the end of this book summary, I’ll also tell you the best way to get rich by reading and writing

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Epic Content Marketing Book Summary

Lesson 1: The first step is to find relevant content. Following that, you must demonstrate your level of expertise. Finally, use your knowledge to inspire others.

Before diving into content marketing, it’s critical to consider your end goal(s).

The first two levels of content marketing produce different results than the third. Let’s go over each of the three stages: content consciousness, thought leadership, and storytelling.

The foundation of successful content marketing is content awareness. In this context, your content will assist your brand in standing out from the crowd by competing with the monotony of generic advertising.

Tenon Tours, an Irish travel agency, has developed a strategy that exemplifies “content aware” advertising. The company has a blog about Irish culture and local events. The blog’s sole purpose is to pique the interest of potential clients in order to persuade them to sign up for a company-sponsored excursion.

Did Tenon’s content-aware approach contribute to their success? Tenon increased its visitor numbers by 54% after launching its informative blog, despite increased market competition.

However, if your goals go beyond simply spreading knowledge, you may be ready to take the next step and establish yourself as a thought leader. It is critical to establish your brand as a thought leader by producing content that goes above and beyond what your product can do in order to establish your company as an authority in your field and cement your position as a market leader.

A prime example of an industry leader is OpenView, a venture capital firm. Aside from its core offerings, the company assists business owners in ways that cannot be found elsewhere. Customers who visit a company’s website are more likely to purchase its products.

Though OpenView’s approach is novel, there is a more sophisticated form of content marketing: storytelling. You can give your customers a personal connection to your company by using narrative.

Assume you are a business owner deciding between two vendors. Both companies have had great success and are well-known, but only one has a brand message that jumps out at you. How do you relate to the company’s mission statement?

The founder of the company speaks about his early interest in environmental issues and his subsequent role as a leader in community cleanup efforts. The brand as a whole conveys a positive message, implying that its leaders are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

The company’s backstory has sold you on its products because it is inspiring and genuine.

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Lesson 2: Recognize the person you’re speaking with. Then you can concentrate on your content and build an enthusiastic fan base.

You can start creating content after learning the fundamentals of content marketing and deciding on your desired level of operation.

The most important step is to determine your target demographic.

You should ask yourself some questions to better understand your ideal reader. Who, after all, is she or he? To begin, how old are they? So, how does this person normally spend their time during the day? What is this individual’s annual salary? What’s more important is why this specific person might be interested in my product.

A sample target demographic profile for a consumer financial services provider might look like this: a 40-year-old family man with two children, a steady job that requires frequent travel, and banking and insurance industry connections

Now that you’ve created a profile of your target audience, you can tailor your content to address any concerns they may have. Our fictitious client could be considering things like establishing a trust fund for his children or diversifying his portfolio.

Another advantage of knowing your target demographic is that you can find your content’s niche, or the specific focus or topic that gives it special value to your audience.

If you own a pet store, for example, all you have to do is talk about pet supplies. However, there has already been a great deal written on the subject! On the other hand, you may discover that your target demographic includes a large number of retirees who enjoy traveling with their pets.

Watch out when you combine these two concepts! Your path has already been laid out for you. Begin now to establish yourself as an expert on senior citizen travel with pets.

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Lesson 3: Content creation is critical. Build a solid content team and stay on top of things.

The difficulty of determining what that content should outweigh the difficulty of producing high-quality content.

To be a successful content marketer, you must fill three key positions with qualified individuals.

The appointment of a chief content officer is a necessary first step. This person is in charge of managing the entire process to ensure that the company’s content marketing efforts are consistent with the company’s overarching marketing strategy.

Your content officer should have a journalism background and, ideally, an MBA; they should also be able to write for a wide range of audiences and coordinate damage control efforts.

A managing editor will also be needed on your team to oversee the production process and communicate with writers. This group will write your content. Common content creators include freelance writers with experience writing for the target demographic of your business’s chosen content niche.

A managing editor is in charge of the submission, editing, and publishing processes. A managing editor will also optimize your content for search engines.

Not to mention the need for a listening officer. This person ensures that the marketing efforts you put into your excellent content pay off. The primary responsibility of the listening officer is to monitor the reactions of your target demographic to your content via various communication channels.

An editorial calendar is required to keep everyone on the same page and on time. A prioritized list is heavily used in the editorial calendar. This list includes existing content that needs to be redesigned, as well as content that is currently in development and content that is planned for the near future.

On a company blog’s editorial calendar, for example, Wednesday might see the completion of three posts awaiting final image correction, Thursday might see the completion of two posts undergoing editing, and Friday might see the completion of all blog posts’ review and approval.

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Lesson 4: Use sharing strategies and search engine optimization to get your content out there.

So you’ve devised a strategy and assembled a team of content creators. What will happen after this? The following step is to devise a strategy for disseminating your content.

It is obvious that social media is important, but the question is: which platforms should you use? Do you want to increase your Facebook reach? If you did that, more people would compete with you.

Do you prefer to access content through niche websites that cater to a smaller but more specific audience? If this is the case, you can be confident that your audience will be open to what you have to say.

You can begin developing a plan to promote your work once you’ve decided on a strategy that will help you achieve your goals. Andrew Davis’s 4-1-1 social media strategy from his book Brandscaping may be useful to you.

Allow me to explain how it works. To foster connections with the most important people in your field, share six pieces of original content on social media for every four pieces taken from influencers such as bloggers and media outlets. People in these groups are more likely to share your content with their followers.

Post a sample of your own work next. After that, distribute a single promotional document. This can range from a coupon to a press release.

Making content searchable online is another way to increase the likelihood of people sharing it. SEO, or search engine optimization, can assist you with this.

Keywords help with SEO. SEMrush, for example, can assist you in researching potential keywords to include in your content.

Using one target keyword every 150-200 words proved to be an effective strategy for the author. As a result, the author’s article traffic more than doubled.

Epic Content Marketing Review

Epic Content Marketing is a great book I’d like to recommend to anyone who is interested in marketing.

More content is not enough to be a successful content marketer. It is critical to have the right content, carefully crafted, strategically released, and accurately tracked for its impact on social conversations and sales.

While content marketing is important, it should not be your only focus as a marketer. Your content can pique a customer’s interest in your product; however, when the time comes to make a purchase, the customer will require more tangible data and direct sales information. Classic commercials shine in this regard.

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