Energy of All Things in Manifestation

We already know that everything is connected. Nothing exists in isolation, and cause and effect is simply the proof of this fact. However, the focus of this module is not to dissect this phenomenon or karma or whatever you wish to call it.

Instead, we’re more concerned with how things exist, in what form, and how we can better align ourselves by using this knowledge. To do this, we need to dive back into quantum physics and understand certain principles.

The Connection Between All Things

The story of quantum mechanics all begins with Neils Bohr. Bohr was the first scientist to discover that everything is made up of atoms and that surrounding these atoms, in concentric circles were electrons. These electrons vibrated at specific frequencies and thus transferred energy to the atom and the overall object. Therefore, every object had a certain energy associated with it. All this was perfectly in line with classical physics which existed since the days of Newton.

What came next was mind-boggling. Bohr expected to see the electrons behaving in the manner that classical physics would suggest. That is, much like how planets revolve around the sun, he expected to see electrons exhibiting a similar relationship to the atom they surround. Instead, he saw nothing of the sort. What he actually saw was that the electrons did not even have a physical form.

This was because the frequency at which they vibrated was so high that it was impossible to observe any physical form. Think of a rubber band that vibrates back and forth when snapped. To the naked eye, it looks as if the rubber band is in multiple places at once. This is precisely what was going on with the electrons, except at ludicrously high frequencies.

Hence, Bohr and his proteges had proved that classical physics was all wrong. That form and matter don’t really exist, as Einstein commented on their findings. What we perceive as matter or form is really just a bunch of microscopic particles vibrating a low frequency so that we can perceive a form. In other words, when the rubber band stops vibrating at high speeds, we can see that it is a band. The stuff we cannot see is simply vibrating at a much higher frequency — for example, light. We know light exists thanks to it reflecting off other objects, but we can’t really see light as a form.

Thus, everything in this world is just a collection of energy. After all, that’s what vibration is. It is simply a representation of energy existing within something. The higher the frequency, the higher the level of energy and vibration. While the scientific community was understandably shocked by these findings, quite a few of them could not help but notice that these statements were not new. If anything, they were decidedly archaic.

They had been first uttered by the Buddha and other ancient monks whose words have been preserved over the years. These people did not have any special equipment, but the fact that they were able to deduce the same conclusions proves that energy and the universe are the same thing. Communication is not restricted to just the forms of energy on this planet, but there also exists a link between pure energy and us.

All energy is converted and transferred, and according to scientific principles, it cannot be created — although there must have been some point where all the energy in this universe was created. Call it the big bang or God or whatever, it follows that all forms of energy originate from the exact same source and thus, everything is connected to one another. There is a universal mind to which we are all connected.

The problem is that as we’ve gone about our lives, we’ve dampened this connection by wrapping ourselves in the trappings of our own worlds. We value our possessions and believe that they define us. We have forgotten that things like intention are what really matters since this is what determines our energy levels and our experience in this world.

The ego is the biggest obstacle to realizing this connection. It convinces us that these physical forms are real and these are what matter. However, this is the wrong view and this throws us off balance with the way the world really is.

Think of it this way: Have you ever met a person and immediately got a feeling about them? It could be a positive or negative one, but there’s no doubt we do sense something about the people we meet. We sometimes take an instant dislike to them or on the flip side, we instantly hit it off with them, forming lifetime friendships and more, and sometimes we even fall in love with each other at just a glance. The power of energy is undeniable.

The best public speakers often talk about feeling a room. The changes in energy within a group of people are very apparent and the ability to change energy, either increase or decrease it, is a hallmark of being able to wield influence in our world. Thus, while the law of attraction is a universal law, the reality is that there is another law that sits beneath it and governs every aspect of our existence. This is the law of vibrational frequency.

Vibrational Frequency

There is a property in physics called resonance. The way it works is this: Everything in this world has a natural frequency at which it vibrates. Vibration can be visualized as a wave that emits a certain frequency and amplitude. Amplitude here refers to the size of the waves or the energy emitted. Thus, louder sounds are simply sound waves of a higher amplitude as are brighter lights.

When you bring another object which is vibrating at the same frequency as the natural frequency of another object, guess what happens? The second object

begins to vibrate as well. This is why, when armies crossed bridges, they were told to break march since the synchronized steps produced a certain vibration that might inadvertently match the natural vibration of the bridge and cause it to twist and break apart.

When designing bridges that cross vast distances, designers have to take into account the effects of wind producing natural frequencies and inducing vibrations within the structure. Thus, the conclusion from the law of resonance is quite simple. In order to activate something in our world, you need to vibrate at its frequency. This applies equally to manifesting anything in your life.

In order to attract anything into your life, a goal or anything else, you need to vibrate at the frequency that it vibrates at. You need to match that state and resonate with it to induce it into your life. Have you ever walked into a group of people who are extremely animated and energetic? Have you been instantly energized by them?

What has happened here is that you have absorbed their energy. The old saying that you are the sum of the company you keep is very true. This simply validates the way the law of vibration works. We tend to vibrate at whatever frequency we surround ourselves with.

This is also why music resonates with us. Play your favorite music and you’ll find your mood uplifted and play tracks which don’t really appeal to you and you might as well draw fingernails on a chalkboard. Use this to your advantage by only focusing on music that makes you feel better and increases your vibrational state.

Aside from the people you surround yourself with, your environment also plays an important role in determining your current vibration. If you maintain an unclean and dirty environment, chances are that you will feel lazy and lethargic. Stay in a dirty locality or home and you’ll start letting your own standards fall to the wayside. Vibrations induce themselves in us and it is very important to induce the correct frequencies within yourself.

Things that you see and expose yourself too also affect your frequency. If you constantly expose yourself to images of grief and struggle or images that are intended to lower your self worth (hello social media!), you will end up feeling miserable as well. Energy flows into us in a variety of ways and in the next section, I’ll be giving you a couple of exercises to clear your channels. However, it all starts with filtering in the correct energy sources and choosing the right vibrations in your life.

This is precisely why gratitude is so important. Gratitude opens your eyes to how wonderful things are and puts you on a positive vibrational plane. By doing so, you will attract things that make you more grateful. Speaking positively and holding positive beliefs work in the same fashion.

Your vibrational level is also determined by the degree to which you allow the flow of energy from the universe into you. While the food you eat gets transformed into energy within you and ensures your biological functions work as planned, the free energy from the universe flows into you in the form of intuition, gut feelings, etc.

Given that this energy comes from infinite knowledge, naturally, the frequency of this energy is on a far more evolved level. Things such as stress, the ego, and giving energy to the obstacles in your life cause you to vibrate further away from this energy and you end up attracting less of it into your life.

The more universal energy you have, the more proactive you will be toward your life since you will fully assume your position as a creator and as someone who can choose the life they wish to lead. Always monitor the level of your relaxation since this is a good indicator of how much you’re currently allowing universal energy within you.

By relaxation, I don’t mean to say you ought to sleep all the time. What I mean is your mental and physical state. Are you constantly on edge expecting something to go wrong? Constantly worried about negativity? This only causes stress and pushes you further away from true wisdom.

Of course, all of this is just another way of saying that your thoughts ultimately matter the most. Your thoughts are just energy within you and these are what determine, more than anything else, your vibrational frequency. Thus, fix your thoughts, and you fix your life.

Thoughts Inform Your Energy

Your thoughts are instantaneous bursts of energy that travel within your brain. Think about something, and you’re instantly doing it without any hesitation. Our thoughts exist on both the conscious and the subconscious plane with the latter accounting for the majority of them. By an estimate, over seventy thousand thoughts occur in the human brain throughout the day with ninety percent of that occurring in the subconscious.

There is a famous quote by Einstein, where he says that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In order to change your outer reality, you first need to change the reality that is within you. This is just a way of saying that you need to vibrate at the level of the energy you want within you, in order for it to manifest around you, through the law of resonance.

The challenge with changing your thoughts is that there is a lot of junk embedded in them — limiting beliefs, childhood conditioning, biases, judgments — all of which is just downright unhelpful. A lot of what we think is actually determined by what was installed within us when we were growing up, prior to the age of five.

At that age, our brains are not conscious, and we simply absorb whatever is around us. These thoughts are stored deep within for future use. When the time comes, some of these thoughts are discarded and the ones that remain form the basis for our actions for the rest of our lives. Unless we decide to change them, that is.

Given that your thoughts are just energy and your actions are expressions of this energy, by not giving certain energies the outlet to expend themselves, you can conceivably transform them into something else. What I mean to say is that you don’t need to be a slave to every single thought that arises in your head; you have the choice to simply not act upon it. If you choose not to act on it, that energy remains within you, ready to be transformed into something else.

Transforming that latent energy is all about carrying out the actions that reflect the belief you wish to install. While thoughts inform actions, actions also inform thoughts and beliefs. Thus, if you behave in a certain manner, and visualize yourself behaving in the manner you wish to be, your brain will adopt beliefs that are in line with these actions.

In addition to visualization, we’ve already seen how affirmation statements can focus your intentions and get you to carry out actions that will result in massive changes in your life. A key concept to installing new beliefs that you must grasp is this: Change will not happen overnight. Those goals will not be achieved overnight. You will not live a life by design overnight. These are all built one action at a time. You need to keep repeating these new actions over and over until they get installed within you. There is no Matrix-like plug and play learning process.

There are further exercises that you can carry out, and I’ve listed them in the section that follows. These will help clear any blocks to universal energy you might have within you. Allowing this energy into your mind will do wonders for your understanding of what the correct beliefs are in order to live well.

You see, life is best lived when you go with the flow and don’t oppose the current. You choose your stated goal and take action to progress towards it. You will meet obstacles along the way, but the universe will inform you as to which way to flow. Think of it as swimming in the ocean towards a rock which is at a distance away from shore.

When you first begin swimming, the waves will crash into you with great force, but as you go further in, you can either ride the momentum of the waves as they push you back and drag you in or you can simply swim under them. You will encounter various currents but by swimming sideways from them or with them, you navigate your way to your goal. This is how you navigate life as well in order to achieve your goals.

Technique #14: The Assemblage Point exercise

The first exercise which will enable you to allow the flow of energy within you is the Assemblage Point exercise. This exercise utilizes the power of visualization to manifest reality. It enables a full flow of universal energy within you and clears all the blocks to the universe.

To begin, stand in a relaxed manner with your feet comfortably apart. Take a few deep breaths to relax. Now, visualize a golden stream of energy entering you from below, from your feet. This energy is relaxing and moves through your body upwards. As it does so, you find that that particular portion of your body relaxes even more as you inhale. As you finish your inhalation, this golden energy exits into the universe from the top of your head.

As you begin your exhalation, visualize this golden energy now entering the top of your head and making its way down your body, through your spine and into your feet. Notice how relaxed you feel as this energy makes its way down and exits back into the universe through your feet, taking all the limiting blocks and impurities within you with it.

As you develop your ability in this exercise, you will yourself becoming more sensitive to the energy that enters you. At first, simply visualize this energy — it is more than enough to relax you and allow the energy to flow through you.

Once you have managed to relax properly with these two steps, it is now time to take things up a notch. Perform the first two steps again and after this is done, visualize both balls of energy entering you, one from the top and one from the bottom. These two pass one another as they travel through your body but they don’t intersect with one another since one passes in front of your spine and the other behind it.

Try to synchronize your breath with the entry and exit of these energies from your feet and head. You can make the energy balls bigger in your imagination, but it’s best to start small. The idea isn’t to change the size of the energy just yet.

Next, imagine that above your head is a fountain of this golden energy that is constantly pouring into you, and similarly, there is an upside-down fountain below your feet, energizing you from the bottom.

Gradually, imagine that these fountains are reaching out for one another, and eventually, they unite to form a golden sphere of pure energy around you. Feel your skin expanding with every intake of your breath as this energy continues to envelop you and protect you. Keep working on this for as long as you can.

It will be tough going at first, and you will feel tired. However, this is a muscle like everything else and the more you work at it, the better you’ll be. Keep increasing the strength of the energy flowing into you gradually. Do not try to accumulate too much energy as this will throw you out of balance. Simply stick to what feels right.

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