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Emeril Lagasse Net Worth 

Emeril Lagasse has an estimated net worth of $70 million. Emeril Lagasse is a celebrity chef best known as the host of the television show ‘Emeril Live,’ his lines of products and restaurants and his catchphrases. He earns most of his income from television shows and restaurants. 

Emeril Lagasse opened his first restaurant in New Orleans in 1990 after attending culinary school. Lagasse began appearing on the Food Network a few years later, eventually landing his own shows, Emeril’s Essence and Emeril Live. Lagasse has built an empire of products and restaurants in addition to television.

To calculate the net worth of Emeril Lagasse, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as personal loans and mortgages, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Emeril Lagasse
Net Worth: $70 Million
Monthly Salary: $700 Thousand+
Annual Income: $10 Million
Source of Wealth: TV chef, Chef, Author, Restaurateur, Presenter, Television producer, Entrepreneur, Drummer, Actor, Voice Actor

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Early Life and Training

Chef, restaurateur, and television host Emeril Lagasse was born on October 15, 1959, in the small town of Fall River, Massachusetts, to Emeril Jr., a French-Canadian father, and Hilda, a Portuguese mother. While working at a local Portuguese bakery as a teenager, Lagasse discovered his love of cooking. He enrolled in the culinary arts program at Diman Vocational High School in 1973. Lagasse, a gifted percussionist, led the high school drum squad, which performed at dances, banquets, and numerous local religious festivals.

Lagasse was offered a full scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music after graduating from high school, but he chose to pursue a career as a professional chef instead. He spent the following year gaining experience at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Lagasse worked at a local restaurant to pay his tuition, where he met fellow student Elizabeth Kief. They married in October 1978, just a few months after Lagasse finished his studies. Lagasse honed his skills in Paris and Lyon, France, before returning to the United States and working in fine restaurants throughout the Northeast for the next few years.

Lagasse took over as executive chef of the renowned New Orleans restaurant Commander’s Palace in 1982, succeeding Paul Prudhomme. Lagasse’s marriage suffered as a result of his demanding job, which required him to work 18 hours a day. When Lagasse and his wife divorced in 1986, Elizabeth and their two children returned to Massachusetts.

Celebrity Chef

Lagasse opened his first restaurant, Emeril’s, in 1990, after seven and a half years at Commander’s Palace. The menu combined elements of French, Spanish, Caribbean, Asian, and Lagasse’s native Portuguese cuisine and was located in New Orleans’ underdeveloped Warehouse District.

Emeril’s was named Best New Restaurant of the Year by Esquire magazine after receiving rave reviews from both customers and critics. Following Emeril’s success, Lagasse opened a second restaurant, NOLA, in 1992. (an acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana). NOLA’s rustic cuisine and ornate décor were also well received by the culinary community.

Emeril Lagasse’s bestselling cookbook Emeril’s New New Orleans Cooking, which introduced his creative approach to Creole cuisine, was released in 1993. Later that year, his growing popularity piqued the interest of executives at the fledgling Food Network on cable television. After two failed shows (How to Boil Water and Emeril & Friends), the 1995 series Essence of Emeril struck a chord with viewers. The following year, Time magazine named Essence of Emeril one of the top ten television shows.

Using catchphrases like “Bam!” and “Kick it up a notch!” Lagasse demonstrated his personal cooking style and flair for the dramatic in his next television project, Emeril Live! The series, which featured a live studio audience and a four-piece band, catapulted Lagasse into a realm of celebrity rarely experienced by a chef. Taking advantage of the success of Emeril Live!, the Food Network brought the show to cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago, where Lagasse drew arena-sized crowds.

In an episode filmed in Las Vegas in 2000, a young couple exchanged wedding vows while Lagasse served as best man. Although popular with viewers, many culinary writers criticized Lagasse’s theatrical performances, calling them flamboyant, devoid of substance, and more entertainment than instruction. In May 2003, Lagasse agreed to a five-year, multi-million dollar deal with the Food Network for 90 new episodes per year.

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Emeril’s Empire

In addition to his hectic TV schedule and his restaurant empire (which now includes six establishments), Lagasse recently launched his own line of cookware called Emerilware. Lagasse’s other ventures include regular guest appearances on Good Morning America and four best-selling cookbooks-Louisiana Real and Rustic (1996), Emeril’s Creole Christmas (1997), Emeril’s TV Dinners (1998) and Every Day’s a Party (1999). In May 2000, Lagasse appeared on the wildly popular game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and donated his winnings of $125,000 to a charity for children with learning disabilities in New Orleans.

Personal Life

Lagasse was married to fashion designer Tari Hohn from 1989 to 1996. He married his third wife, real estate agent Alden Lovelace. The couple has a daughter Meril Lovelace Lagasse and a son E.J. (Emeril John Lagasse IV), who was born in March 2003.

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