Eddie Fisher Net Worth at Death – How Did He Get Rich?

Eddie Fisher Net Worth 

Eddie Fisher had an estimated net worth of $30 million at the time of his death. Singer Eddie Fisher topped the charts in the 1950s and made headlines when he left wife Debbie Reynolds to become Elizabeth Taylor’s fourth husband. He earned most of his income from album sales and concerts. 

Eddie Fisher, son of poor Russian immigrants, began singing professionally at the age of 12. His first hit was 1950’s “Thinking of You.” After a stint in the Army, Fisher returned with “Wish You Were Here” and “Oh My Pa-Pa.” In 1955, Fisher married actress Debbie Reynolds, but left her to become Elizabeth Taylor’s fourth husband. Fisher and Reynolds were the parents of actress Carrie Fisher.

To calculate the net worth of Eddie Fisher, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as personal loans and mortgages, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Eddie Fisher
Net Worth: $30 Million
Monthly Salary: $200 Thousand
Annual Income: $5 Million
Source of Wealth: Singer, Actor, Spokesperson

Early Life and Career

Eddie Fisher, one of the most famous singers of the 1950s, was born on August 10, 1928, as the fourth of seven children in a poor immigrant neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fisher’s parents, Kate and Joe Fisher, were both Russian-born Jewish immigrants, and his father worked first in a leather factory and then from the back of his car, peddling fruits and vegetables.

Fisher’s family was impoverished, moving frequently to avoid eviction and relying on welfare payments for a time. Despite his impoverished upbringing, Fisher always believed he was destined for stardom. “Somehow, though, I knew I was going to get out of that world, and I knew that my voice was going to take me out of it,” he recalls.

Fisher, nicknamed “Sonny Boy,” discovered his natural vocal talent at a young age. “When I was a small child—I couldn’t have been more than three or four years old—I opened my mouth and this beautiful sound came out, and the world was changed forever for me,” he recalls.

Fisher’s talent came naturally and required little training or polish. “I didn’t have to work at it,” he says, “and I didn’t even have to practice.” “Everything that has happened in my life, the fame I’ve enjoyed, the fortunes I’ve earned, the marriages, the affairs, the scandals, even my drug addictions, everything I owe to the fact that when I opened my mouth this sound, this music, came out,” Fisher claims.

Fisher entered his first children’s talent show when he was four years old and won first place—a large cake. “My mother entered me in every amateur contest she heard about after that,” he says, “and I usually won.”

Fisher began singing professionally as a 12-year-old in 1940, debuting on the program When I Grow Up on local Philadelphia radio station WFIL. Fisher worked for several years on local radio shows such as Magic Lady, Junior Music Hall, and Teen Time, earning about $25 per week. As a teenager, he tied for first place on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, a popular radio talent show.

Fisher, who was already a local celebrity, dropped out of high school during his senior year to pursue a full-time music career. Fisher claims that his parents supported his decision because the money he earned from singing helped lift the family out of poverty. “It wasn’t uncommon for children of poor immigrants to drop out of school to help support their families,” he recalls.

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Personal Struggles

However, Fisher’s remarkable early success as a singer and performer has been largely overshadowed by his turbulent personal life. Fisher married singer and actress Debbie Reynolds in 1955, and they had two children, Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher.

Fisher then became embroiled in one of the greatest Hollywood love scandals of the era when, after the death of his close friend Michael Todd, Fisher began an affair with Todd’s widow, the movie star Elizabeth Taylor.

Fisher divorced Reynolds and married Taylor in 1959, with the pair staying married for five years until Taylor left Fisher for actor Richard Burton. Fisher has since been married to Connie Stevens (1967-1969), Terry Richard (1975-1976) and Betty Lin (1993-2001). He has two children with Stevens, daughters Tricia and Joely.

While Fisher’s love life spiraled out of control during the 1960s, he also began heavily abusing drugs. The drugs and women, combined with the ascendancy of rock and roll, marked the end of this crooner’s time atop the popular music charts.

Since then, Fisher spent most of his career performing live shows in Las Vegas and New York and releasing the occasional new single to modest sales. He also wrote two autobiographies, Eddie: My Life, My Loves (1984) and Been There, Done That: An Autobiography (2000); the latter spawned controversy over its graphic personal details and its scathing attacks on past lovers Reynolds and Stevens.


Fisher died on September 22, 2010 at the age of 82. He passed away at his home in Berkeley, California, after health complications from hip surgery. He is survived by children Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh, as well as six grandchildren. His daughter Carrie died in 2016.

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