10 Best Drone Affiliate Programs (2023 Updated)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been used by the military for several decades.

However, consumer drones (typically quadcopters) have only recently gained traction.


Costs dropped, making them more accessible.

This is why there are now more than a million drones with official registrations in the US alone.

Additionally, a boost in sales is seen immediately when a product’s price falls to the “mass market” level.

That information allows for an estimate of the drone industry’s value in the next few years: $43 billion in the United States.

And because we’re actively engaged in expanding markets, we’re able to produce such robust monthly income statements:

The trick is picking affiliate programs for drones that will benefit your audience and bring in money.

You can find our findings below.

Don’t read on if you don’t want to miss some awesome stuff I’ve included!

Best Drone Affiliate Programs

1. GoPro

The American camera company GoPro is a household name. Moreover, the company creates apps and software for mobile devices so that its cameras can be used in the online world.

The company’s cameras are widely regarded as the most flexible on the market. Customers can take advantage of the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee, expedited shipping options, and free shipping.

Cameras, apps, accessories, lifestyle gear, and GoPro subscriptions are all available for purchase on the GoPro online store.

This is one of the highest-converting programs on Commission Junction, and it will give your drones-focused website a fresh perspective.

Although the 5% commission is low, GoPro cameras have a high propensity to sell themselves.

You can make $10 per sale with an affiliate link, as the retail price of some of their cameras is over $200.

  • Commission:  5% on all sales
  • EPC:  $55.25
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

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2. Cafago

To put it simply, Cafago is an online retailer that carries a wide variety of electronic add-ons. The company’s reputation rests on its top-notch products and customer service.

Cafago doesn’t just sell stuff; it also sells good deals and promotions. The company’s goal is to become the go-to online retailer for consumers all over the world by offering an unmatched selection of high-quality electronic goods at competitive prices.

Toys, cell phones, video and audio devices, drones, LED lights and flashlights, and a plethora of other categories are all currently available for purchase on Cafago.

You’ll begin with a base commission rate of 6%.

If you can consistently move $12,000 in merchandise each month, however, they are happy to increase your commission rate to 10%.

It’s not much of a jump, but it means going from making $750 in commission each month to making $1,200.

  • Commission:  Up to 10%
  • EPC:  $15.64
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

3. Drones Direct (UK)

Drones Direct is a company based in the United Kingdom that sells drones and drone parts. The company is well-known for stocking the widest variety of consumer and industrial drones on the market.

This drone retailer offers a wide variety of products, including drones, scooters, Gimbals, action cameras, and more.

In addition, Drones Direct offers customers renovation services at their renovated center. The company’s superior product quality and helpful customer service are its crowning achievements.

The program appears to be a good fit for affiliate marketers in the United Kingdom.

The one major drawback is the low commission rate of 1%.

Anyone who makes a purchase after clicking on one of your affiliate links and spending an average of £450 will earn you a total of £4.50.

However, they do have payment plans available.

There is, therefore, always the chance that the person you refer will drop several thousand dollars on a high-end drone kit.

  • Commission:  1%
  • EPC:  £13.82
  • Cookie duration: 7 days 

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4. Horizon Hobby

Horizon Hobby is an e-commerce site that offers remote-controlled models of aircraft, automobiles, boats, helicopters, trains, and radios, as well as accessories like drones.

The online store features products from many different manufacturers, including Arrma, Axial, Blade, E-Flite, HobbyZone, Spektrum, and Losi. This American retailer is widely regarded as the market standard in the field of radio control.

Horizon Hobby is a popular online retailer thanks to its convenient return policy, fast shipping times, and helpful customer service representatives.

All referred sales will earn you a 3% commission, and your visitors will have 30 days to make a purchase.

This program’s metrics are such that it shouldn’t be your only affiliate income source; instead, you should focus on promoting a variety of offers.

  • Commission:  3%
  • EPC:  $5.35
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

5. HobbyTron

As a matter of full disclosure, I was a HobbyTron affiliate back when I was an active participant in the airsoft market.

They are included in this collection for three reasons:

  • My referrals to them have consistently resulted in high conversion rates.
  • They carry a wide variety of beginner drones and are known for their helpful customer service.
  • Also, they’ve been around for over two decades, making them older than the vast majority of their rivals.

Visitors can choose from a wide variety of sub-$400 racing drones, multi-use drones, and hobby drones.

And pages upon pages of supplementary goods of every description.

The target audience for this is the younger generation and the hobbyists.

That wraps up the information I can give you about their drones; please see below for information regarding their affiliate program.

There is an introductory 8% commission rate for anyone who promotes their offers.

When compared to the payouts offered by competing affiliate networks and programs, 8% is a substantial increase.

As I mentioned before, HobbyTron has a lot of experience turning visitors into buyers, so you should consider them as an affiliate partner.

  • Commission:  8% on all sales
  • EPC:  TBC
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

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6. Oclu

OCLU is a user-friendly action camera that streamlines the process of recording and editing your adventures. Its sleek form factor and cutting-edge processors allow for ultra-high resolution imagery.

Their 4K action camera has won numerous industry awards, and it is their flagship product. They also stock an extensive selection of complementary add-ons that can be used to record events from any conceivable vantage point.

Take note that this is one of the more recent affiliate programs on this list.

This means that there are many opportunities for those with a can-do attitude to make their mark on the SERPs.

  • Commission:  10%
  • EPC:  $35.92
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

7. ABJ Drone Academy

Have you ever wished you could get your drone pilot certification?

After all, where else do hobbyist pilots go to learn how to fly a drone safely and efficiently?

They get it from places like ABJ Drone Academy, which is staffed by former drone pilots from the world’s most rigorous industries.

All levels of pilot expertise, from beginner to expert, are catered to in the range of available courses.

One more plus is that you can attend their courses either physically or virtually.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world to learn the proper way to fly a drone.

All of the courses they offer have been reviewed and accepted by ISO, and once you pay for one, you have unlimited access to it forever, along with any future updates.

In fact, they have a drone simulator with more than a hundred unique training modules, such as “Wind turbine inspection,” “Coastal watch,” and a number of different fire scenarios.

The only thing left for your visitors to do is pick a monthly plan that works for them.

Now that we’ve covered a lot of ground, how does this drone affiliate program stack up against the others in our roundup?

If you can bring in more than 100 new customers each month, your commission rate will increase from 40% to 70%.

With a starting point of $9.90 per sale, your earnings have the potential to grow substantially.

  • Commission:  Up to 70%
  • EPC:  TBC
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

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8. Gearbest

GearBest.com is the most visited business-to-consumer (B2C) online electronics store in the world. Gearbest’s annual sales revenue has increased at a staggering rate since the company’s inception in 2014. A

s of right now, the company has over 30 million registered users all over the world, is ranked #218 on the Alexa traffic rankings, and is one of the top 30 e-commerce sites in the entire world.

Because it is a subsidiary of the well-known Chinese cross-border company Globalegrow, Gearbest has access to substantial financial resources.

Gearbest’s expert management uses a supplier rating system to find reliable vendors, streamline the process of buying high-quality goods, and keep product categories as comprehensive as possible.

Just how does this drone-related affiliate program work, then?

They boast a whopping 50% commission rate on all sales generated by your affiliate links.

However, the true rate is closer to 9% for drones and other consumer electronics.

Even so, they assert that their top affiliates can earn monthly commissions of over $11,000.

While they do manage their affiliate program internally, you can also sign up to promote them through FlexOffers.

Having a “backdoor” into organizations that initially rejected you is always a useful resource.

  • Commission:  9% on consumer electronics
  • EPC:  TBC
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

9. DJI

Professional drone territory now includes DJI’s Mavic and Phantom lines.

And who are we to dispute their claim that they are the “…world leader in camera drones and quadcopters”?

Their fame precedes them, and they use top-tier equipment for filming with drones.

I was wondering if you knew of any other businesses that manufactured agricultural security drones.

From the perspective of the average consumer, the drones they sell are among the most exciting options for capturing high-quality aerial footage.

You can also find businesses that will take a DJI model as a starting point and modify it to meet your specific requirements.

Some of their base models retail for just under $2,000, so they’re not exactly cheap.

However, this is excellent news for those of you who have been looking for affiliate programs related to drones to promote.

In light of the fact that you will receive a 5% commission for each DJI customer you bring in through your referrals.

To put it another way, if you sell a drone for $2,000, you’ll make $100.

But before you say to yourself, “People don’t buy expensive drones from affiliate sites,” I’d like to draw your attention to the numbers in the preceding screenshot.

With DJI, the best affiliate made $245,874.06 in just one month.

They made more money in 30 days than the average American makes in 8!

As a result, yes, the luxury drone market is worthwhile.

  • Commission:  Up to 8% on sales
  • EPC:  TBC
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

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10. Goal Zero

If you’re looking for eco-friendly goods like portable power stations or battery packs, look no further than Goal Zero, a top-notch online retailer. Various solar-powered devices such as panels, chargers, lights, and accessories.

You can buy solar panels, portable solar chargers, and mountable solar panels under the solar section.

In order to better serve their customers, the company is dedicated to developing innovative portable power solutions.

Additionally, it donates a portion of its earnings to various projects serving areas with inadequate infrastructure.

Partners can earn a 2% commission on sales.

Not exactly ground-breaking stuff there.

When you consider that their most basic solar charger (without panels) sells for $299, you can see that your profit margin is just $6.

However, this is a rapidly expanding market, so demand for these gadgets is high even before they are released.

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