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Dr. Oz Net Worth 

Dr. Oz has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Dr. Oz is a celebrity heart surgeon who gained fame as a regular on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ before starring in ‘The Dr. Oz Show.’ He earns most of his income from television shows.

Dr. Oz is a well-known heart surgeon who has popularized complementary medicine as a television personality, radio host, and author. Second Opinion with Dr. Oz lasted only one season, but regular appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s show cemented his celebrity doctor status. Oz now hosts his own health-focused television show, The Dr. Oz Show.

To calculate the net worth of Dr. Oz, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as personal loans and mortgages, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Dr. Oz
Net Worth: $100 Million
Monthly Income: $1 Million+
Annual Salary: $20 Million per year
Source of Wealth: Physician, Writer, Surgeon, Author, Scientist, Cardiac surgeon, Talk show host, Television producer

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Early Years and Schools

Mehmet Cengiz Oz was born on June 11, 1960, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Suna and Mustafa Oz. After a few years, the family relocated to Wilmington, Delaware, where Oz was raised. Despite growing up in the United States, Oz traveled frequently with his family to his parents’ homeland of Turkey. These visits had a significant impact on the young Oz because they taught him to look at the world with an open mind, which would eventually shape his work as a doctor.

Oz decided at the age of seven that he wanted to work in medicine after witnessing firsthand the hope that his father, a surgeon at Wilmington Medical Center, brought to his patients. “I thought… it would feel so good if I could do that, too,” Oz said in an interview with Henry Louis Gates Jr. on the PBS show Faces of America.

Oz went on to earn an MBA from The Wharton School of Business and an MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine after graduating from Harvard.

From Surgeon to ‘Second Opinion’

Oz established himself as an exceptional surgeon, specializing in heart transplants and minimally invasive procedures. He treated a patient early in his career whose family refused a blood transfusion for religious reasons. Though the encounter upset him at first, it eventually inspired Oz to broaden his approach to healing. “I began to recognize that, as dogmatic as I thought I could be with my knowledge base, there were certain elements of the healing process that I couldn’t capture,” he said in an interview with Life Extension magazine. Because of his experience, he sought out alternative treatments and combined them with Western medical practices.

Oz founded the Cardiovascular Institute and Integrative Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in 1994. Following media attention, he co-wrote the book Healing from the Heart: A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to Create the Medicine of the Future, which was published in 1998.

In 2003, the couple collaborated once more to create Second Opinion With Dr. Oz, a television show that brought the surgeon’s medical expertise to a wider audience during its single season. Charlie Sheen, Magic Johnson, Patti LaBelle, Quincy Jones, and Oprah Winfrey were among his guests.

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Oprah and Books

After Oz invited Winfrey to appear on his show, they developed a friendly working relationship. The talk show queen invited the surgeon to appear on her TV show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and her radio show, Oprah & Friends, on a regular basis. Oz, dubbed “America’s doctor” by Winfrey, capitalized on his celebrity status by appearing on a variety of news and talk shows. He also began writing columns for Esquire and other media outlets while publishing the best-selling YOU book series.

‘The Dr. Oz Show’

Oz’s popularity soared to the point where Winfrey offered to co-produce a TV show for him. The Dr. Oz Show premiered in 2009 to the highest daytime TV ratings in nine years, and it went on to win numerous Emmy Awards.

In addition to hosting the television show, Oz is vice-chairman and professor of surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. In 2014, he also ventured into a new form of media with the launch of The Good Life, a lifestyle magazine.


In addition, in 2014, Oz appeared before the Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection to answer questions about the weight loss products he promotes on his show. Green coffee bean extract was one of the products under investigation. The dietary supplement’s sales increased after Oz mentioned it on his show. However, there is little evidence to support the product’s claim of being an effective weight loss tool.

Senator Claire McCaskill chastised Oz during the subcommittee meeting for promoting these types of products without the necessary scientific evidence to back up their health claims. Oz told CBS News that “my show is about hope” and getting “people to realize there are different ways they can rethink their future.” He also advocated for more research into the health supplement market, calling for more studies into the safety of these products.

When Oz appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss the coronavirus outbreak in April 2020, he was chastised for suggesting that reopening schools would “only cost us 2 to 3 percent in terms of total mortality.” He quickly apologized, explaining that he was thinking about the benefits that a school environment provides for children.

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Personal Life

Oz and Lisa first met at a family dinner hosted by their fathers, both heart surgeons. They clicked but dated secretly at first. “I fell in love with her right away… but I didn’t want my dad to know because I didn’t want him to have the satisfaction of believing he had set up his son with his future wife,” Oz explained in an interview.

The couple has been married since 1985 and has worked on numerous projects together, including the bestselling YOU book series. They have four children, the oldest of whom, Daphne, is a television host and author like her father.

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