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Disrupted takes a close, behind-the-scenes look at Boston’s HubSpot software company to help demystify tech start-up culture. 

Dan Lyons, who was a technology journalist for 25 years, was fired from Newsweek and accepted a new job at a start-up. 

The book tells the story of Lyons’s bumpy and humorous journey through a strange new world filled with candy walls and other strange HubSpottiness.

You may be wondering if you should read the book. This book summary will tell you what important lessons you can learn from this book so you can decide if it is worth your time.

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Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Disrupted Book Summary

Lesson 1: Start-ups can create an atmosphere of mediocrity in their rush to expand quickly.

Eventually, Lyons realized that management at HubSpot was inadequate. Working in the telemarketing space only made things worse for him.

Lyons realized that “the bozo explosion” was a common cause of management problems in new companies.

Steve Jobs popularized the phrase to describe the way in which the first employees of a new company are not always the most qualified, but inevitably get promoted because of their seniority.

When such people have the opportunity to hire others, they tend to hire people who are like them – people who make them feel superior. This is why a company like HubSpot has such incompetent leadership.

Also, when average performance is rewarded, you can end up in a tough spot. For example, Lyons was once asked to participate in a 24-hour “hackathon” to produce a plethora of below-average blog posts.

While working under mediocre management was challenging in Lyons’ previous position, he faced new difficulties in the telemarketing space.

When Lyons entered the room, he saw a group of recent college graduates (nicknamed “Spider Monkeys”) cold calling potential clients. They worked long hours because if they did not meet quota, they were terminated.

They constantly gave the Spider Monkeys free beer so they could relax.

At the time of HubSpot’s IPO, the company’s shares were to be made available to the public (IPO). Therefore, these telemarketers played an important role in the early days of HubSpot.

To attract early investors, a company must demonstrate rapid growth, not just profitability. Therefore, HubSpot was determined to grow fast.

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Lesson 2: HubSpot employees looked past their lack of perks and job security because they knew they were part of something special.

Everyone else in the office agreed with Lyons that the company was being unfair to its employees, especially those in the “spider monkey room” who had to meet a monthly quota or be fired. What surprised Lyons was the number who were willing to put up with it.

HubSpot, like many other companies, has changed its employment practices to offer its employees less job security and treat them more like contractors, following Google’s recent change in how it treats its employees.

Startups are notorious for their lack of loyalty to their employees and lack of benefits like long-term contracts, pensions, and union membership.

HubSpot’s low wages and lack of employee benefits were also a reflection of this company-wide attitude.

To cover up the fact that there was no vacation policy, HubSpot advertised “unlimited vacation” to its employees. In this way, HubSpot did not have to provide a reason for terminating an employee’s employment and was not responsible for paying severance.

These rules and regulations were put in place to save money, which Lyons understood.

In the run-up to an IPO, growth took precedence over profits, so a low-paid telemarketing team was given priority over retirement.

He also understood that employees tolerated this because they felt they belonged at HubSpot.

Employees were willing to tell him they were on the job for HubSpot despite the low wages, job insecurity, and stressful quotas, which surprised him. Although they could be fired at any time, the company made them feel like they belonged by giving them free beer and candy and making them feel like part of a team.

Lesson 3: When it comes to the tech industry, a company like HubSpot can succeed despite a subpar product and a dismal outlook.

You may be curious as to how HubSpot has achieved such great success. In today’s competitive business environment, word of mouth is king and can attract both employees and investors.

Even if they lose money on every sale and put out a mediocre product, a company can still succeed if they can get their name out there in a positive way.

HubSpot’s offering was actually quite poor.

In a twist of irony, HubSpot was attempting to market its software to entrepreneurs. HubSpot did not implement this strategy, opting instead to rely on more conventional methods like cold calling and telemarketing.

Whatever the case, it didn’t matter as long as the IPO was successful in luring in investors.

Creating a successful business buzz is a lot like shooting a movie.

Their company’s history is elevated to mythical proportions in their telling. The rise of HubSpot represented a sea change in the software industry and in people’s daily lives. One of the company’s founders played the lead role in the film, which dramatized the founder’s struggles as a classic hero’s journey.

On the first night of the IPO, investors queued up like it was a premiere of a new blockbuster film.

Positive word of mouth will not be dampened by a poor prospectus. HubSpot’s initial public offering (IPO) prospectus predicted the company would not turn a profit for at least the next several years.

As opposed to that, HubSpot’s IPO was a smashing success, making its founders instant multimillionaires thanks to the company’s innovative product and captivating backstory.

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Lesson 4: Although Lyons faced age discrimination in the workplace at HubSpot, his ability to make a splash helped him find a new job.

In the lead-up to HubSpot’s IPO, Lyons played a critical role in building anticipation.

His move to HubSpot caught the attention of tech blogs because he had previously been tech editor at Newsweek.

During his time at HubSpot, Lyons also served as a writer for the HBO series Silicon Valley.

HubSpot’s ageist culture made it impossible for Lyons to leave the company, so the rumor helped him keep his job.

Despite his efforts, he was never accepted by the rest of HubSpot’s team, which consisted mostly of 20-somethings with frat-boy attitudes. On the other hand, his health insurance was essential.

One of HubSpot’s co-founders told the New York Times that the company wanted to foster a culture that attracted young people by devaluing experience and seniority.

When Lyons’ interview comments were shared on his personal Facebook page, he received a flood of love and encouragement from his fans.

Many of them had fascinating backstories. They were stunned that such comments are tolerated in fields other than the technology industry, where age discrimination is also an issue.

After the success of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Gawker Media hired Lyons as a Valleywag writer, and he subsequently left Hubspot to take the job.

The HubSpot memo implied that Lyons had been fired by taking a negative tone about his departure.

A high-ranking HubSpot manager resigned and a supervisor was fired as a result of the book’s publication, all because of an attempt to steal the manuscript that required the involvement of FBI ‘s cyber department.

Disrupted Book Review

Disrupted is a great book I’d like to recommend to anyone who is interested in business. If you spend some time digesting the ideas, it might make a positive impact on your life.

You shouldn’t assume anything about the business operations of a tech startup. Without worrying about things like making a profit or producing a quality product, many companies routinely push their company to go public.

And when a company succeeds, only a small percentage of investors and founders benefit. But the average worker is left out in the cold: He’s poorly paid, receives no benefits, and has no holiday.

About the Author

Lyons is a screenwriter, novelist, and journalist. He was a technology editor at Newsweek before joining the HBO series Silicon Valley.

His blog, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, was very popular.

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