11 Direct Sales Tips For Success

Direct Sales, or Multi-Level Marketing, is similar to any representation and sales of a product. The most important step is to approach the customer and ask if they are interested in the product you are representing. The following tips are to help you increase your sales volume through increased knowledge of the dos and don’ts of Network Marketing.

1. Remember it is a Business

This is your home business and should not be treated as an afterthought. Be consistent in your efforts and your schedule. Don’t go into the “office” when you have “time” for it, as you’ll always find something you would instead do than work. 

Set up a rigid schedule from which you rarely vary. This will be enormously helpful when you are asked to attend a time-consuming event that will deprive you of the opportunity to make an income. 

2. Love Your Product

You won’t make many sales if you think your product is shoddy or even disgusting. If you lack pride in your product or your job, you have chosen the wrong company, and maybe even the wrong profession. You need to be enthusiastic about this business venture to reap the financial rewards you desire.  

Before signing with the MLM company, make sure you understand the commission package thoroughly so you will not have unpleasant surprises later. 

3. Be Ethical 

Direct selling and pyramid marketing have a bad reputation because of the switch and bait technique of pursuing recruits. Starting the discussion of your company by calling it a “job interview” or an “investment opportunity”, making claims of guaranteed income at an unlikely level, and touting the product as the “miracle cure” for sagging anything is dishonest and unethical. Be honest about your product and its potential in sales. 

4. Leave your Family and Friends out of it 

You will have plenty of customers and opportunities for sales without annoying your family and friends with constant requests to buy your product or join your team. Inform them of your new business venture and then be on your way. If someone is interested, they will track you down. Don’t be the relative everyone avoids because all they do is try to get you to buy something. 

5. Define Your Target Market 

If you are selling health and wellness products, you will most likely be looking at the 20-30 age group. Why is this your Target Market? Under 20 will be unlikely to purchase an expensive product and over 30 will be focused on raising a family. 

When raising a family there are always unanticipated expenses, making cash sometimes a hard commodity to find. The 20-30 age group is looking for a career and are willing to spend the time in training and preparation. 

Likewise, if you were selling cosmetics, professional women would be a good Target Market. The professional woman wants a fresh and attractive appearance that would be enhanced by good skincare and cosmetics. Your Target Market would not be ranchers and farmers unless they were interested in sunscreen or moisturizer. 

Don’t waste your time and energy on a customer that is unlikely to purchase your product. 

6. Discuss your Product regularly, at least every day

Your income is dependent on your sales. Just like in an office environment, you go to work every day prepared to succeed in your position. Look for new customers in every situation, and especially try to recruit someone who purchases the product often. 

7. Be a Mentor, Not a Recruiter 

One of the best things about Network Marketing is that you can mentor people and watch them rise up the ladder of success. Your success is dependent upon their success so you will strive to teach them methods and tips to increase their sales and recruiting skills. Befriending your downline will help them achieve their goals because a friend is very supportive. A mentor, likewise, encourages the newbie to reach higher and farther, without diminishing their efforts. Be a friend and a trainer. 

8. Set a Weekly Goal for Prospects and Presentations 

Multi-Level Marketing requires contacts. It is your personal contact that makes the sales and the new distributors. Set your goals for how many contacts and sales you need for the week. Now set your goals for how many distributors you want to sign in a week. You need specific numbers and measurable results. It is not enough to say, “as much as possible”, you need a goal to write down and peruse when you are resting. 

9. Give the Customer a Solution 

Listen to your customer discuss their needs, and then help them find the solution with your service or product. People will buy a solution before they will buy a product, even if you have a polished sales pitch. 

10. Learn about Marketing 

You will be told that everyone who is in your circle of influence is a prospect. You will be told to write down 100 people for your Hot Lead List. You will be encouraged to recruit or discuss your product with everyone within arm’s distance of where you are standing. All of these strategies may get some sales, but they will rarely turn into a viable team member. Find the right market strategy by looking at demographics of sales volume by race, age, and sex. Look at where this group hangs out and what Social Media they prefer. This is how to find your target market and learn the right group to be recruiting. 

11. Do not neglect to Follow Up 

Every sale and every contact needs to be listed in a systematic fashion so that you will follow up for more potential sales. Email, write a note, make a phone call, or send a postcard, but construct a system to send a contact point to every sale that is made. 

Some people use the computer to send an alarm. Some people use a Rolodex and place the names in by date to follow up. Some people do it old-school and physically write out notes at the end of the night to every person that was in the room. Including the information regarding becoming a representative may trigger a response from the shy girl in the corner, who wants to try the program but isn’t ready to reveal her intentions publicly.

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