DesignEvo Review – The Best Software For Designing Logo?

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The creation of logos since ancient times represents a fundamental part of marketing.

A logo is a multifunctional marketing tool, allowing the public to easily and immediately recognize the brand.

It usually includes a text section, which usually corresponds to the name of the brand or company, and contains a visual section designed to represent the company’s image in the minds of consumers. 

Some basic features are added to the logo design so that it can be perfect.

Durable – Make sure your logo can be used repeatedly and is as timeless as possible.

Clear – Your logo must be legible and recognizable in all sizes and colors (black and white).

Simple – A client must know your logo quickly and, at the same time, be sufficiently clear about what your company represents.

Individualism – Your logo identifies your company. Therefore, it must be original and clearly recognizable.

Fortunately, for beginners, there are a number of smart tools that can help you create an attractive logo and build your own brand from scratch. Graphic design programs, online services, and professional designers are all vying for your attention.

So which method should we choose? Considering the time and budget, I recommend using convenient online tools to create your logo. DesignEvo is one of the easiest to use online tools that allows anyone to create a logo in a matter of minutes.

What is DesignEvo all about?

In the first instance, this was not a mobile application at first. It is actually a web app; it started as a web platform where it is possible to create logos online quickly.

It was very successful because it did not require any installation to achieve great results; however, users needed a little more portability to enjoy its benefits, which led them to evolve into a mobile app.

DesignEvo Review - The Best Software For Designing Logo?

Currently, we can find the DesignEvo application available for multiple mobile devices, from which logos can be created with the same quality and speed as in the web application.

Although it is true that it makes access to the application much easier wherever it is needed; as well as, for many, it is more comfortable to work from the mobile than on the computer. Bearing this in mind, we will tell you a little more about this very useful application.

DesignEvo Settings

What makes this app stand out from the rest is that it is really simple to use; the user interface is designed so that anyone can design their logo and unleash their creativity.

In essence, it maintains its own functionalities of the web application that you can also easily access; however, it has the great advantage of not requiring a constant data connection to work. Therefore, it is much more productive wherever it is needed. 

In this way, DesignEvo does not need to make complex configurations to start working; the only thing necessary is to choose the type of logo you want to create among the options it offers.

It allows for making logos for companies, cards, letters, and social networks, among others; each is adapted in size and shape to fit perfectly without requiring further editing. In addition, you will have to select the texture, exposure, and other characteristics that we will explain better later.

Benefits of Using DesignEvo

We have already mentioned some of the benefits that you can take advantage of when using this application; The main one is that it allows you to create logos with incomparable speed and without investing large sums of money. On the other hand, it has more specific functions that we will list below.

The app has more than 10,000 pre-designed professional logo templates that you can choose from, which can be edited according to your tastes and needs without a problem.

Organize the data through categories such as companies, businesses, animals, fashion, and technology.

It has a large number of fonts that you can also edit in terms of size, shape, orientation, exposure, shadows, and much more.

It allows you to edit the quality of the image, configure the brightness, contrast, flip, add a mirror effect, customize background or load it from the mobile gallery.

You’ll be able to undo or redo changes as you work to be sure of every step you take. Duplicate images, add more, overlay them, and freely move around the desktop to fit it all together. You can store your work in JPG, PNG or transparent images ideal for watermarks when finished.

How to Download the DesignEvo App?

Earlier, we mentioned that the application was initially created to work on the web from anywhere in the world. Therefore, you can also use it by accessing its website whenever you need it.

Similarly, the application is available for download in the Google Play application store, as in the App Store for iOS devices. The app is essentially free, but it does have a built-in store where you can buy more unique items for your designs.

If you want to download it, you must search for it in the respective application stores and identify it through the logo; The download and installation will be done in a few minutes. You just have to authorize the access permissions to the mobile functions.

How to Create a Logo in a Few Steps With DesignEvo?

With the DesignEvo software, which can be accessed directly through the browser, you can design the logo you need for any type of project, even if you have a tight budget.

Registration is free, and you can do it using your email address or your Facebook or Google account. From that moment on, you can design different logos and make changes to the designs until you get what best suits your needs.

DesignEvo Review - The Best Software For Designing Logo?

DesignEvo has hundreds of templates grouped by categories in a catalog where you can also search by keywords. This is very useful, for example, to find logos similar to a design that you really like or to explore a combination of concepts for your brand.

On the other hand, DesignEvo allows you to create logos from scratch, from various graphic elements such as geometric shapes, lines, icons, and text fragments (available for the brand name or to add a subtitle or slogan).

DesignEvo Review - The Best Software For Designing Logo?

Once you have created your DesignEvo account, you can start designing from a white background or from the template catalog. Graphic and text elements are handled in a similar way to what we find in other tools like Canva.

You can save several draft designs until you get the final version. The whole process is free, and if you want the logo of high quality, you will only pay at the end when you have finished the changes and have to download the final file.

DesignEvo Plans and Pricing

DesignEvo’s logo design tool offers three different plans, depending on the needs of each project and the quality of the final graphic files.

DesignEvo Review - The Best Software For Designing Logo?

In conclusion, DesignEvo is an excellent application created exclusively for the creation of logos, in which you will have access to more than 3,500 templates made by design professionals that are updated regularly. You can edit them and adapt them to exactly what you need.

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