Dennis Quaid Net Worth 2022 – Salary, Income, Earnings

Dennis Quaid Net Worth 

Dennis Quaid has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Dennis Quaid is an American actor known for his role in a variety of films such as ‘Breaking Away,’ ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ He earns most of his income from his movies and television programs. 

Dennis Quaid dropped out of college to pursue a career as an actor. He never looked back after his breakthrough role in 1979’s Breaking Away, starring in films ranging from huge hits (1983’s The Right Stuff) to disappointments (1983’s Jaws 3-D). In the 1990s, Quaid found new success with films like Any Given Sunday, Frequency, and Far from Heaven, for which he was named Best Supporting Actor by the New York Film Critics Circle.

To calculate the net worth of Dennis Quaid, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as personal loans and mortgages, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Dennis Quaid
Net Worth: $30 Million
Salary Per Episode $150 Thousand
Annual Income: $2 Million
Source of Wealth: Actor, Musician, Television producer, Voice Actor

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Early Years

Dennis William Quaid was born in Houston, Texas on April 9, 1954. Quaid dropped out of the University of Houston in 1974 to pursue an acting career, following in the footsteps of his older brother Randy Quaid (also an accomplished actor).


‘Breaking Away’ and ‘The Right Stuff’

Quaid had a small part in Jonathan Demme’s Crazy Mama (1975), but his breakthrough came in the 1978 film September 30, 1955. Breaking Away (1979), which won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, was Quaid’s breakthrough role.

Quaid then starred alongside his brother Randy in the 1980 western The Long Riders, and in the 1981 romantic comedy All Night Long, alongside Gene Hackman and Barbra Streisand. After appearing in a few low-budget films such as The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1981) and Jaws 3-D (1983), he received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the cocky astronaut Gordon Cooper in The Right Stuff, the 1983 film adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s best-selling book, which also starred Sam Shepard and Ed Harris.

‘The Big Easy’ and ‘Innerspace’

In The Big Easy, Quaid’s romantic turn as a New Orleans homicide detective who becomes involved with a district attorney (played by Ellen Barkin) sparked his career. That same year, he co-starred in the thriller Suspect with Cher. Quaid met actress Meg Ryan on the set of the screwball comedy Innerspace (1987); the two fell in love while filming their next film, the thriller D.O.A. (1988), and married in 1989. (From 1978 to 1983, Quaid was married to another actress, P.J. Soles.)

However, before Ryan would marry him, she made him confront his problems with alcohol and cocaine. After his high-profile film Great Balls of Fire! (1989), in which he played the volatile rock great Jerry Lee Lewis, bombed with critics and audiences alike, Quaid resolved to quit smoking. He gave up drinking and drugs for good in 1990, and he and Ryan married a year later.

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‘Postcards from the Edge,’ ‘Flesh and Bone,’ ‘Wyatt Earp’

Following a supporting role in Postcards from the Edge (1990) alongside Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, Quaid took a self-imposed hiatus from filmmaking, returning in 1993 with a starring role alongside Ryan in Flesh and Bone, which also starred James Caan and Gwyneth Paltrow. He lost 42 pounds in preparation for his acclaimed performance as Doc Holliday in Wyatt Earp (1994), in which he played the titular lawman and Old West hero (played by Kevin Costner).

‘Something to Talk About’ and ‘The Parent Trap’

In 1995, Quaid played the role of Julia Roberts’ unfaithful husband in the likable comedy drama Something to Talk About. His next films were less successful, including the disappointing big-budget fantasy Dragonheart (1996), Gang Related (1997), Switchback (1997) and Saviour (1998). In 1998, he starred in a remake of the family classic The Parent Trap, joining an ensemble cast that included Sean Connery and Angelina Jolie in Playing By Heart. He made his directorial debut the same year with the television film Everything That Rises, in which he also starred.

‘Any Given Sunday’ and ‘Frequency’

In late 1999 and early 2000, Quaid’s stock rose again with meaty roles in two well-received films, Oliver Stone’s pro-football drama Any Given Sunday, costarring Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz, and the sci-fi thriller Frequency (2000). He starred in the baseball fan favorite The Rookie in 2002, and he was also named Best Supporting Actor by the New York Film Critics Circle that year for his role in Todd Haynes’ Oscar contender, Far From Heaven.

‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ ‘Vantage Point,’ ‘Truth’

The actor continued to appear in films such as The Alamo (2004), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and Vantage Point (2008). In 2012, he moved to the small screen with Vegas, playing a 1960s sheriff who must uphold the law amid the shady dealings of the mafia, although the series was cancelled after one season. He then starred in the widely disliked comedy Movie 43 (2013) and the political drama Truth (2015).

‘A Dog’s Purpose,’ ‘Midway’

Quaid next appeared in the family film A Dog’s Purpose (2017), which spawned the sequel A Dog’s Journey two years later. After confirming that he would star in a biopic about President Ronald Reagan, Quaid appeared with James Franco in the 2018 films Kin and The Pretenders. After a role as a crazed stalker in The Intruder (2019), Quaid would return that same year to a heroic role as Vice Admiral William “Bull” Halsey in the World War II epic Midway ( II ).

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Marriages & Children

Throughout the 1990s, Quaid and Ryan were regarded as one of Hollywood’s more stable couples. The couple split their time between New York City, Santa Monica, and Paradise Valley, Montana, with their son, Jack. After nine years of marriage, Quaid and Ryan announced their divorce in June 2000, shocking many. At the same time, Ryan was romantically linked in the press to her Proof of Life co-star, Australian actor Russell Crowe.

Quaid filed for divorce in July 2000, citing “irreconcilable differences” (and claiming no third party was involved). In July 2004, he married Kimberly Buffington, a 32-year-old Texas real-estate agent. On November 8, 2007, the couple gave birth to twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, and the babies were given an adult dosage of heparin at the hospital. Quaid sued for negligence and also sued the drug manufacturer.

Quaid and Buffington divorced in the spring of 2018 after years of separating and reconciling. Not long after, the actor waxed poetic to Megyn Kelly about his years with Ryan, admitting that his jealousy over her success contributed to their breakup.

Quaid announced his engagement to girlfriend Laura Savoie, a 26-year-old PhD student at the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business, in October 2019. The couple will marry in June 2020.

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