David Zaleski’s FBA Academy Review: Scam or Legit?

So, David Zaleski’s FBA Academy is like a one-stop-shop combining a training course with a hands-free Amazon service called “EcomHub.”

They teach this method called “Rank and Bank,” using Facebook and messaging to boost Amazon sales. You can either take the course or let David’s team handle most of your Amazon store work.

Either way, you’ll learn everything from product research to creating killer listings using their strategy. And there are loads of bonuses too.

I’ve spent hours researching the course, and just to be clear, I’m not paid by David Zaleski. So, this review is totally unbiased.

Stick around till the end—I’ve found another option that’s helped me earn a passive income online full-time. Intrigued? Let’s dive in!

Who is David Zaleski?

David Zaleski is a successful online seller based in Chicago, known for his expertise in selling on eBay, starting an Amazon FBA business, and utilizing Shopify. With over a decade of experience, he has achieved 7-figure sales and specializes in creating and scaling multiple Amazon private label brands.

Unlike some online gurus who flaunt rented luxury cars to attract followers, David Zaleski maintains a more down-to-earth approach. Although not currently active on YouTube, he consistently shared valuable content on topics such as Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, and product scaling from 2017.

To build his personal brand and promote his FBA Academy, David Zaleski manages a YouTube channel with around 14.1K subscribers. He also hosts a free-to-join Facebook group named “Amazon FBA Private Label Sellers | EcomHub.com,” boasting around 9.8K active members.

In 2023, David Zaleski leads EcomHub, a comprehensive company covering various aspects of running an Amazon store. This includes Seller Startup Studio, an automation agency, services like product listing optimization (photography, videos, and infographics), and the FBA Academy, an Amazon FBA course.

If you want to get a taste of his teaching style, you can watch the video below:

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David Zaleski’s Success Story

David, a first-generation American with immigrant parents, grew up surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs. Inspired by their work ethic, David started his entrepreneurial journey before high school.

Between ages 10 and 14, while most kids were immersed in video games, David ran his own Call of Duty and Halo YouTube channel. However, his interest shifted when he discovered a forum discussing shipping and selling products. Intrigued by the idea of buying low and selling high, he started flipping cheap products on eBay, initially focusing on “made in China” items like screen protectors and iPhone covers.

David’s early attempts on Amazon faced setbacks, with his first two products failing. Undeterred, he continued learning through podcasts and Facebook groups, overcoming initial challenges. His third product, launched seven months later, became a seasonal success just before Christmas.

In 2016, David adopted strategies like hiring Fiverr reviewers and seeking support from Amazon’s top reviewers to boost his product sales. He continued this approach until 2018. By 2019, he was successfully selling private label brands, managing EcomHub with Tom Wang, and running his businesses while attending DePaul University.

Despite making the Dean’s List, David contemplated dropping out during his junior year. However, his parents insisted he finish to avoid repaying their share of his college money. He graduated with a marketing degree and earned the prestigious Future Founders Fellowship.

By 2021, David had become a fully committed Amazon FBA seller, achieving 7-figure monthly revenues (across Amazon and Shopify) within ten months during the pandemic in 2020.

As of today, David Zaleski appears to be primarily managing EcomHub.

How Does FBA Academy Help You Make Money?

FBA Academy, a part of EcomHub created by David Zalenski, is designed to help you make money online by guiding you through the process of launching a private label brand on Amazon.

The standout feature of this FBA course is its focus on product validation. The course provides valuable insights by having David’s team assess your product idea, helping you determine if it’s a viable and profitable choice.

A key component of the training is EcomHub’s proprietary Rank and Bank system. This system teaches you how to successfully launch a product and propel it to the front page of Amazon.

The course comprises 20 modules with a total of 7 hours of video content. Once you purchase the course, you gain lifetime access.

Additional resources include spreadsheets, templates, and access to David’s copyrighted strategy for generating paid traffic—the PPC Spyder Launch.

Participants also receive the perk of three live coaching calls per week with the team or David himself, along with lifelong access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support.

Learn more: How to Start an Amazon Private Label Business 

The FBA Academy Business Model: What is Amazon Private Label?

The FBA Academy business model focuses on Amazon Private Label, which involves sellers offering their own branded products instead of reselling existing brands.

In this model, sellers on Amazon first identify products with potential demand, often using market research tools. They then collaborate with manufacturers or suppliers to create customized versions of these products, featuring unique packaging and branding.

These private label products are exclusively sold under the seller’s brand on Amazon’s marketplace. This strategy allows sellers to stand out, potentially leading to higher profit margins, better control over product quality, and less competition compared to selling established brands.

However, there are challenges to navigate. Sellers may encounter issues with product packaging, customer service, shipping costs (especially if not using Fulfillment by Amazon), and adherence to Amazon’s brand restrictions.

To succeed in the competitive landscape of private label Amazon business, it’s essential to rank well for relevant keywords, add value to your niche, win the buy box, and build a solid reputation.

To gain a clearer understanding of Amazon private label, you can watch the video below:

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FBA Academy Course Modules

FBA Academy is a course that teaches you how to sell on Amazon. It has 20 modules, covering many topics about Amazon FBA. For example, you will learn how to find products, find suppliers, list them on Amazon, advertise and get sales. It works like step-by-step training.

Let me break down the content of FBA Academy for you so that you will know exactly what you can expect from the course.

1) Welcome and Setup

This module is just a brief introduction. You will learn what to expect in the course and get some basic information about Amazon FBA.

2) Search

Module 2 is about finding products to sell and finding a niche for your Amazon store.

You will learn how to find products by spying on competitors and looking at some non-Amazon websites.

David Zaleski also talks about how to make your brand your product and differentiate it from your competitors.

3) Sourcing

This is module is about sourcing suppliers for products. 

David Zaleski will teach you how to find suppliers. He also covers the following topics:

  • Spying on your competitor’s suppliers
  • Communication with your potential suppliers
  • Communicating with Chinese suppliers
  • Getting a great deal
  • Custom packaging and branding

4) Launch

After you decide what product to sell, you will learn how to launch your Amazon store.

David Zaleski will talk about keyword research to get traffic when people search on Amazon.

He also covers how to list your product for more conversions.

5) Rank And Bank

This module is a separate course that teaches ranking on Amazon. It is included in the FBA Academy. 

Amazon is like a search engine, which means you should always aim to rank higher on the search results.

6) Listing 

This module is about presenting your product on Amazon. You will learn the ways to test images, price your products and do paid advertising on Amazon.

7) Rank and Bank Setup

David Zaleski explains rank and bank in this module. You will learn this concept in order to make money. 

You will also learn how to create a Facebook page and connect it with Manychat to interact with potential customers. 

8) ManyChat/Messenger Overview

You’ll learn about what ManyChat is and how to build a messaging flow in this section.

9 to 11) Rank And Bank Flow setup

In these three sections, you’ll learn about various messaging practices.

12) Facebook Ad Set Up

This guide teaches you how to leverage Facebook ads to get people to your Facebook page and to interact with your Manychat messenger.

Facebook is sometimes a little complex, so good training is necessary to master it. But this section is not comprehensive enough.

13 to 14) Questions and Resources

In these two sections, you can see a list of Frequently Asked Questions along with downloadable resources.

15) Scale

In this module you will learn that once you have some success, you need to scale up so you can take things to another level.

16) FeedbackWhiz Setup

This module will show you how to send out emails that get opened.

17) Bonuses

There are a number of bonus topics covered in the bonus section, including how you can get people to promote your business, and how to use Craigslist to boost your sales.

18) PPC Spyder Campaign

This module explains how to run a PPC campaign on Amazon and what keywords to target.

19) Master Resource PDF

You’ll find a bunch of resources here to help you out.

20) FBA Academy Coaching Calls

The last module is the recorded coaching calls that get updated every week.

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Are David Zaleski’s Students Getting Results?

I couldn’t find any success stories on FBA Academy’s sales page. 

However, on David Zaleski’s channel, there are two student testimonials – Ayaz and Terry. 

Ayaz turned to EcomHub’s FBA Academy after suffering a loss in his first private label venture. Dedicated to the program, Ayaz quickly achieved success, now surpassing seven figures annually.

Before joining FBA Academy, Terry explored MLM programs and attempted drop-shipping, but found them unsuitable. As a result, he sought to learn Amazon FBA and was impressed by EcomHub’s clear game plan and personalized mentorship.

According to Terry, FBA Academy’s customer-centric approach stood out, offering a VIP program that balanced learning the trade with essential support. Now equipped, Terry plans to launch new products, expand his store, and invest in real estate for early retirement.

While these stories look inspiring, there are some negative reviews I found on Better Business Bureau. Most of the students complained about FBA Academy’s “done for you” service. 

For example, this student invested $4,850 in David Zaleski’s “done for you” service, which included product suggestions via their research. The recommended product, a unique wall hook, turned out to be patented and was immediately delisted from Amazon, resulting in a strike and poor rating on the seller’s account. 

Student complaint on David Zaleski's FBA Academy

After enrolling in their Done For You service, this student ended up losing $120k with no profits at all…

Student complaint on David Zaleski's FBA Academy

How Much Does FBA Academy Cost?

The FBA Academy offers two options: $997 for the course alone and $4997 for the Done For You service.

Keep in mind that this is a significant investment, and success is not guaranteed.

Amazon FBA is a challenging business due to intense competition, and not everyone turns a profit.

Praise for FBA Academy

  • Foundational Learning: The course covers the basics of Amazon FBA, providing a good starting point for beginners.

  • Expertise of David Zaleski: While some doubt the claim of him making millions in Amazon FBA, he is perceived as knowledgeable in the field.

Criticism of FBA Academy

  • Unverified Success Stories: There’s a lack of confirmed success stories from students who have benefited from the course.

  • Financial Loss with DFY Service: Some students report significant financial losses, running into thousands of dollars, after using David Zaleski’s Amazon Done For You (DFY) service.

  • Challenging for Beginners: Amazon FBA is acknowledged as a complex business model, not well-suited for beginners.

  • High Course Price: The course is deemed excessively expensive compared to other Amazon FBA courses. 

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Is David Zaleski a Scam?

David Zaleski isn’t someone I’d label a scam. His courses do bring something unique to the table, especially when it comes to boosting the visibility of your private label products and ensuring they’re validated. Sure, there’s a lot of talk about pricey courses and coaches being scams just because they’re expensive.

While YouTube can offer valuable info, these courses provide extras like ongoing coaching and a community of folks on the same path.

Yet, there’s a catch. David Zaleski’s Amazon Done For You service has left some students in a tough spot, losing money despite big promises. That’s where things get tricky and doubts start to creep in.

Do I Recommend FBA Academy?

I do not recommend FBA Academy, especially its done-for-you service, as it can charge you thousands without a guaranteed profit.

One issue I have with FBA Academy is the lack of clarity on how much money you need to get started. The program’s cost is determined after a conversation with the team, making it challenging to know upfront.

Depending on the program you choose, there may be various business costs, including inventory, marketing, shipping, administration, and packaging. I believe FBA Academy could benefit from more transparency about the upfront costs for these components.

While market prices fluctuate, and product features vary, it’s a complex task. I don’t entirely blame EcomHub for this lack of clarity, as unexpected costs are a part of business, no matter how well you plan.


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Does Amazon Offer FBA Training? 

In case you were wondering: Amazon offers official Amazon advertising courses.

In fact, David Zaleski and Travis Marziani were both highlighted in promotional materials for a course on sponsored products.

The Amazon Advertising Learning Center offers free courses such as:

  • Introduction to Amazon advertising
  • Introduction to Sponsored Display
  • Amazon Retail for Advertisers Certification

While a course isn’t required to become a successful Amazon seller, the guidance of a trainer can make a big difference.

Alternatives to FBA Academy

Here are the other Amazon FBA courses we have reviewed:


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See all reviews of Amazon FBA courses.

4 Issues With Amazon FBA Business Model

Selling on Amazon is more challenging than you think. Here are some of the critical issues you have to overcome to start an Amazon business.

  1. High Initial Investment: Starting an Amazon business requires a hefty upfront cost, around $15-20k, plus additional expenses for product testing. This process is time-consuming and financially demanding, urging careful consideration before risking your money.

  2. Complexity: The FBA process involves intricate tasks like negotiating with suppliers, navigating shipping options, and complying with Amazon and local regulations. These complexities can overwhelm beginners seeking a simple side hustle or passive income.

  3. Delayed Cash Flow: Cash flow is crucial, but in Amazon FBA, sellers often invest significantly in inventory purchases, especially for unique private label products. Production and shipping timelines mean waiting months before receiving payment for bought inventory.

  4. Profitability Challenges: Price wars on Amazon force sellers to cut prices, impacting profitability. Lowering costs may lead to quality compromises, negative customer feedback, and reduced sales. Moreover, sellers face challenges such as changing tax laws, category restrictions, and Amazon policies, risking account bans for rule violations.

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