David Goggins Net Worth 2023 – Salary, Income, Wife

David Goggins Net Worth

David Goggins has an estimated net worth of $4 million. He is a motivational speaker and one of the best fitness athletes in the United States. He is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to ever complete training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller. He earns most of his income from book deals, brand endorsements, sponsorships and television shows. 

Goggins is also a former Guinness World Record holder for 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours and one of the world’s top endurance athletes, having competed in more than 60 ultramarathons, triathlons, and ultratriathlons. Recently, the retired SEAL became the New York Times best-selling author of “Can not Hurt Me.”

David Goggins is the best when it comes to charity and helping people. David started long distance running in 2005 to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. That was after some of his friends were killed in a helicopter crash during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. As an athlete, he competed in the Badwater Ultramarathon three times in a row and raised more than $2 million for the foundation.

To calculate the net worth of David Goggins, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets.

All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: David Goggins
Net Worth: $4 Million
Monthly Salary: $40 Thousand
Annual Income: $1 Million
Source of Wealth: American Runner, Triathlete, Motivational speaker

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Early Life

David Goggins is the son of Trunnis and Jackie Goggins. He has another older brother, Trunnis Jr. who was born in 1971. He has lived in Williamsville, a suburb of Buffalo in New York State, since 1981.

He had a particularly difficult childhood. As a child, he worked nights at his father’s ice rink in Masten, in addition to going to school.

At the age of eight, David, whose mother fled his abusive father, moved into the house of his grandparents in a small town in southern Indiana.

In school, he has serious problems because he has a reading disability and financial problems. His mother, who has neither a high school diploma nor an education, has great difficulty finding a stable job to support her son.

David is constantly being targeted by people who are openly racist toward him, including his classmates, students’ parents, strangers, etc.

David’s mother meets Wilmoth Irving in 1986, who takes on the role of a real “father figure” for him. He gradually helps him overcome his post-traumatic stress and helps him to “find his place.”

Wilmoth would later become David’s father-in-law. However, Wilmoth was murdered outside his home in 1989. In the aftermath of his father-in-law’s death, David was once again thrown into these psychological problems.

He becomes interested in the army later in life when he meets his grandfather, who served in the Air Force for 37 years.

Military Career

One day, David Goggins heard a program about Navy SEAL training, he recalls: “Here I am listening to the TV as I’m showering and, lo and behold, this particular day, I started hearing: ‘Navy SEALs. Toughest training.’ I was hearing it cut out between the water hitting my ears.”

He got out of the shower, watched the remainder of the episode and that’s when, he says, “I got sick of being haunted by being nobody.” He realized that “I didn’t want to sit back and continually watch these shows about great people doing amazing things. I wanted that feeling in my head that I believed that they had: of true accomplishment.”

Goggins, who was 24 years old at the time, decided that he wanted to become a SEAL himself. 

He had experience in the military — he’d been in the Air Force from age 19 to 23 — but enlisting as a SEAL requires completing one of the military’s most grueling training programs.

Finally, a recruiter asked him to come to the office. Goggins appeared and learned that just to apply as a SEAL, he had to meet basic physical fitness requirements. He was 6 feet tall and could weigh no more than 191 pounds.

That meant he had to lose 106 pounds. He set up an exercise plan and “started this crazy, crazy, crazy routine of eating almost nothing.” In less than three months, he had lost weight. But that was just the beginning. From then on, he had to do the SEAL workout, which could take up to 30 months.

The program’s toughest mental and physical challenge is Hell Week, a 130-hour workout. Goggins had to complete three Hell Weeks within a year after pneumonia and stress fractures forced him to drop out of the first two. On his third attempt, he passed.

He was assigned to SEAL Team 5, with which he participated in several operations during the Iraq War in 2004.

In 2004, David Goggins graduated from Army Ranger School after several months of training and was awarded the Top Honor Man award.

Goggins attributes his change to his attitude. According to Goggins, the most successful people are “focused and obsessed.” These people are motivated to achieve everything they want in life.

He also developed an accountability mirror to help him become the person he wanted to be. He looked in the mirror and addressed his own fears. Naming his fears helped him overcome them.

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Athletic Achievements

Goggins participated in San Diego One Day in 2005, a 24-hour ultramarathon organized by the city of San Diego. Even though he was unprepared and had participated in an intense muscle workout the day before, he completed 170 km in 19 hours and 6 minutes. 

He also finished the Las Vegas Marathon and the Boston Marathon. In 2006, Goggins was invited to compete in the Badwater Ultramarathon and finished fifth overall.

He competed in the triathlon world championship, the Ultraman in Hawaii, three months after his first Badwater in 2006. During this three-day race, he covered more than 500 kilometers. The Furnace Creek-508, an ultradistance bike race, was also part of his 2009 calendar.

Goggins finished third overall in the 2007 Badwater Ultramarathon, and he competed in the event for a third consecutive year in 2013.

During the next two years, he competed in 14 other ultra-endurance races, winning nine of them (including the Music City Ultra 50k and McNaughton 150 Miler).

He broke the previous course record by 32k over a total distance of 330k at The Grapevine 48 Hour National Championships in 2007.

In 2008, Runner’s World magazine named him a “Running Hero”. The Infinitus 88k, considered one of the world’s most physically demanding races, was won in 2016 by David Goggins in just 12 hours, about twenty minutes ahead of his closest competitor.

He set the Guinness World Record for 24-hour pull-ups in 2013, which is the world record for pull-ups over a 24-hour period. Before tearing off his hand, he spent 17 hours doing 4,030 pull-ups.

He finished second with a time of 63 hours and 21 minutes in the Moab 240 ultramarathon (about 400 km) in 2020.

Motivational Speaking

David Goggins, with his atypical background and fluent speaking style, is often invited to conferences or podcasts to present his viewpoint on the idea of mental thoroughness, literally “mental toughness,” which he highlights in his autobiographical book Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds, released December 4, 2018. 

Most people “limit themselves mentally” and use only 40% of their true capacities, both physically and mentally.

Moreover, he regularly speaks to athletes and professional teams in the United States. The Atlanta Hawks (NBA) or Seattle Seahawks (NFL) are examples of teams he has advised, as are MMA fighters such as Jon Jones.

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In Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins tells his amazing life story and reveals that most of us only use 40% of our abilities. Goggins calls this the 40% rule, and his story reveals a path that anyone can follow to overcome pain, conquer fears, and realize their full potential.

Brand Endorsement

Fifth, David Goggins makes a lot of money from brand endorsement. As one of the most popular athletes in the world, David Goggins is the first choice for many major fitness brands and companies. He has been asked to become a brand ambassador for several organizations. As a brand ambassador for fitness brands, David Goggins earns a lot of money from these companies.


David Goggins has a luxurious house in Buffalo, New York, U.S., that sits in one of the most beautiful places in the country, and has a lovely view from the balcony. It costs $1 Million.

David has also invested in real estate properties across the United States.


Since David Goggins is rich, he owns some luxurious cars. Let’s take a look at his car collection.

David Goggins Car Collection Price (USD)
BMW 3-Series Convertible $59,800
Audi A7 $88,900
Range Rover $135,670

1. BMW 3-Series Convertible ($59,800)

The 3 Series has a new, improved design with the brand’s latest technology and more refined luxury. It features a 255-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 385-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder, as well as a new plug-in hybrid model with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

2. Audi A7 ($88,900)

The Audi A7 is between the Audi A6, which is a great luxury car with a sporty feel, and the Audi A8, which is the most luxurious Audi you can buy. The Audi A7 looks and drives well, and its hatchback design makes it much more practical.

3. Range Rover ($135,670)

This SVA is a full-fledged Range Rover, and it is also the most expensive Range Rover produced. Range is mostly used by famous personalities, businessmen and other wealthy people. Autobiography is all about being well off and living in a very nice place. The SVA is powered by a 4999 cc supercharge eight-cylinder engine that makes 557 HP. The Range Rover also features a long wheelbase that makes the rear seats even more comfortable and gives passengers more legroom.

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Charity Work

David Goggins is the top performer when it comes to charity and social work. 

David began long-distance running in 2005 to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation after his friends died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan while working on Operation Red Wings. 

Three times in a row, he completed the Badwater Ultramarathon and built more than $2 million for the foundation.


So many people want to know that, What is the diet plan of David Goggins? So let us tell you how he adjusts his macros intake of protein, carbs, and fat. His goals are to stay lean and strong, so he avoids junk food and oily food.

He takes low carb and moderate fats food stays hydrated and adds as many vegetables as he can to his diet. David’s most important meal of the day is nine ounces of boneless chicken breast, three-quarters of a cup of rice, and a cup of steamed broccoli.

Personal Life & Wife

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

David was subjected to considerable physical and psychological violence by Trunnis Goggins, who regularly beat his mother and did not hesitate to terrorize his two sons into not talking about what happened at home. This resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder in David.


After dating for several years, David and Aleeza tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2005. Aleeza is a registered nurse from Japan and, although she tries to stay out of the media.  

Not much is known about the couple’s life together. The duo is notorious for keeping secrets, as nothing has surfaced on the Internet during their two-year marriage. 

Aleeza filed for divorce on grounds of sexual gratification. In 2007-2008, things did not look rosy for the duo. Because 59-year-old Aleeza had to undergo surgery, and David had just had an accident. 

At the same time, their house was broken into, and the two were devastated in different ways. Therefore, they divorced by mutual consent. 

Before they went their separate ways, a rumor surfaced that David was having an extramarital affair with a famous Olympic gymnast. This upset Aleeza and they both sought counseling. However, it did not work out.


In the book Can’t Hurt Me, David talks about his girlfriend/fiancé getting pregnant, but that’s it, he never follows up on this.

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Success Lessons From David Goggins

David is living proof that achieving great goals is possible through hard work. Based on his background and early life, David should have been a statistic according to his words. Below are some of the lessons we can learn from David Goggins.

1. The “Accountability Mirror” Tactic 

This is a tactic David uses to set and achieve goals. It is very simple: write your goal on a Post-It note and then tape it to your bathroom mirror. Sounds simple, but it works, especially if you have others in the house who use that mirror.

2. The “Cookie Jar” Tactic 

The cookie jar is a physical reminder of how strong you are, especially when you are feeling weak or depressed. I myself am experimenting with an old cookie jar on my desk. As instructed, I fill the tin with notes on which I have jotted down the most important obstacles in my life, which I can later pull out to remind me of difficulties I have already overcome.

3. Develop Mental Toughness

David shows that you can only achieve your goals with mental toughness – something most of us lack. To develop mental toughness, you must be willing to work and suffer and, in David’s words, turn your mind cold.

When you understand this idea, the exploits that made David famous make more sense. Each one was a small crucible in his journey to strengthen his mind and become a better version of himself.

FAQs About David Goggins

How much does David Goggins make a year?

According to some reports, David Goggins’s annual income is over $1 Million.

How tall is David Goggins?

David Goggins is 184 cm tall.

Is Goggins a Navy SEAL?

David Goggins is a retired Marine SEAL and the only person in the U.S. Armed Forces to have gone through SEAL training (including two “hell weeks”), U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as an Enlisted Honor Man), and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training.

Did Goggins go to war?

Goggins went to Iraq with SEAL Team Five and taught other SEALs how to do their jobs. During Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan in 2005, 12 Navy SEALs were killed and others injured in fierce fighting. Goggins knew everyone SEAL involved in the mission.

How far did Goggins run?

Depending on whether he is training for a race or not, he usually runs 10 to 15 miles in the morning. For most people, that would be hard enough, but then he puts on a backpack and bikes 25 miles to work.

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Favorite David Goggins Quotes

“The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself.”


“Heraclitus, a philosopher born in the Persian Empire back in the fifth century BC, had it right when he wrote about men on the battlefield. “Out of every one hundred men,” he wrote, “ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior…”


“The reason it’s important to push hardest when you want to quit the most is because it helps you callous your mind. It’s the same reason why you have to do your best work when you are the least motivated. That’s why I loved PT in BUD/S and why I still love it today. Physical challenges strengthen my mind so I’m ready for whatever life throws at me, and it will do the same for you.”


“Only you can master your mind, which is what it takes to live a bold life filled with accomplishments most people consider beyond their capability.”

“Tell yourself the truth! That you’ve wasted enough time, and that you have other dreams that will take courage to realize, so you don’t die a fucking pussy.”


“We all need small sparks, small accomplishments in our lives to fuel the big ones. Think of your small accomplishments as kindling. When you want a bonfire, you don’t start by lighting a big log. You collect some witch’s hair—a small pile of hay or some dry, dead grass. You light that, and then add small sticks and bigger sticks before you feed your tree stump into the blaze. Because it’s the small sparks, which start small fires, that eventually build enough heat to burn the whole fucking forest down.”


“From then on, I brainwashed myself into craving discomfort. If it was raining, I would go run. Whenever it started snowing, my mind would say, Get your fucking running shoes on. Sometimes I wussed out and had to deal with it at the Accountability Mirror. But facing that mirror, facing myself, motivated me to fight through uncomfortable experiences, and, as a result, I became tougher. And being tough and resilient helped me meet my goals.”


“The Buddha famously said that life is suffering. I’m not a Buddhist, but I know what he meant and so do you. To exist in this world, we must contend with humiliation, broken dreams, sadness, and loss.”

“Everything in life is a mind game! Whenever we get swept under by life’s dramas, large and small, we are forgetting that no matter how bad the pain gets, no matter how harrowing the torture, all bad things end.”

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