Dallas Hileman’s Six Figure Landlord Review: Scam or Legit?

If you’ve ever dreamed of achieving financial freedom through real estate investment, Dallas Hileman’s Six Figure Landlord program might be the guiding light you’ve been searching for. This step-by-step mentorship promises to teach you the strategies and techniques to reach a six-figure cash flow from rental income within 5-10 years. 

In this review, I’ll delve into the core principles of the program, discuss its pros and cons, and share insights into the success of Dallas Hileman’s students. 

So, let’s embark on this journey together to discover whether Six Figure Landlord is the right path to financial freedom for you.

What is Dallas Hileman’s Six Figure Landlord?

At its core, Six Figure Landlord is a real estate mentorship program designed by Dallas Hileman. This program aims to guide aspiring real estate investors towards achieving financial independence by creating a substantial cash flow from rental properties. 

Dallas’s approach is to help you maximize your profits through effective financial management and investment strategies. The program is built around the concept of reaching five distinct phases of freedom, each acting as a stepping stone towards complete financial liberation, also known as “lifestyle freedom.”

Dallas Hileman's Six Figure Landlord Review

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Who is Dallas Hileman?

Dallas Hileman is a professional salesman, real estate investor, and paraglider hailing from Saratoga Springs, Utah. After completing his education at Brigham Young University, he worked as a sales manager for a pest control company, dedicating long hours to his job. However, he yearned for a more fulfilling and financially secure life.

After being introduced to the world of real estate investment, Dallas decided to take the plunge and invest part-time while working his day job. Through hard work, dedication, and leveraging the right strategies, he was able to create a cash flow of $100K/year within just three years. Inspired by his own success, Dallas founded Six Figure Landlord to share his knowledge and empower others to achieve financial freedom through real estate.

How Does Dallas Hileman’s Six Figure Landlord Help You Make Money?

Dallas Hileman's Six Figure Landlord

The cornerstone of Six Figure Landlord is Dallas’s five-phase approach to financial freedom. Let’s take a closer look at each phase:

  1. Debt Freedom: Dallas emphasizes the importance of eliminating consumer debt or “bad debt” and using good debt as leverage to acquire assets that generate cash flow, such as rental properties. By fixing your finances and strategically utilizing debt, you lay the groundwork for financial stability.
  2. Emergency Freedom: Once you’ve cleared bad debt and established positive cash flow, the program encourages building an emergency fund with enough savings to cover at least six months of essential expenses. This safety net provides a buffer against unexpected financial challenges and enhances your eligibility for real estate loans.
  3. Rent Freedom: In this phase, the objective is to have the rental income from your investment properties cover your monthly rent expenses. This milestone marks a significant step towards achieving financial independence.
  4. Financial Freedom: As you scale up your real estate portfolio and generate sufficient rental income to cover all essential living expenses, you reach a point where you no longer need to rely on a traditional 9-5 job to sustain your lifestyle. This is when financial freedom truly begins to manifest.
  5. Lifestyle Freedom: The ultimate goal of the program is to attain lifestyle freedom, where money is no longer a barrier to pursuing your passions and interests. This stage is subjective and varies for each individual, allowing you to live life on your own terms.

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Who is Six Figure Landlord For?

Six Figure Landlord is tailored as a step-by-step beginner’s guide for those who aspire to enter the world of real estate investment and potentially earn a six-figure income. The program is designed to accommodate participants from all financial backgrounds and offers valuable insights into securing financing for property purchases.

How Much Does Six Figure Landlord Cost?

The cost of Six Figure Landlord is not explicitly disclosed on the website. To access the program, interested individuals are required to sign up for a 45-minute discovery call. During this call, the offer and pricing details will be provided. However, it’s important to be prepared for a high-ticket fee, as one-on-one mentorship and valuable resources are often associated with premium pricing.

Are Students of Dallas Hileman Getting Results?

The success stories shared on the Six Figure Landlord website offer a glimpse into the potential effectiveness of the program. While the student base appears small, the testimonials appear credible, as they detail achievable milestones and realistic outcomes. 

However, as with any program, it’s essential to approach testimonials with a healthy dose of skepticism and conduct thorough research before making a decision.

Students of Dallas Hileman Getting Results

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Is Dallas Hileman a Scam Artist?

Addressing concerns about the legitimacy of any mentor or program is crucial. From the available information, there is no evidence to suggest that Dallas Hileman is a scam artist. His success as a real estate investor and the positive feedback from his students speak to the program’s authenticity and potential value. Nevertheless, potential participants should conduct their due diligence and verify the credibility of the program before committing.

Praises About Dallas Hileman’s Six Figure Landlord

  • Realistic Approach: One of the most significant praises for Six Figure Landlord is its realistic time frame. Unlike many get-rich-quick schemes, the program sets a practical 5-10 year timeline for achieving financial freedom, making it more attainable and manageable for participants.
  • Transparent Expectations: Dallas’s program offers clear disclaimers about results and timeframes, ensuring that potential students have a realistic understanding of what they can achieve through the mentorship.
  • Personal Mentorship: The opportunity for one-on-one Zoom calls with Dallas Hileman and access to a supportive Facebook group and direct email communication create a valuable support network for students.

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Criticisms About Dallas Hileman’s Six Figure Landlord

  • Limited Experience: One criticism leveled against the program is that Dallas Hileman’s real estate investing experience might be less extensive compared to some other mentors in the industry. This raises questions about his expertise and whether he can offer insights beyond his own experiences.
  • Lack of Specialization: Some critics argue that Six Figure Landlord lacks a unique investing strategy or specialization, potentially making it less distinctive in a competitive market with numerous real estate mentorship programs.
  • Limited Information: Concerns have been raised about the scarcity of information available about Dallas Hileman and his course outside of official channels. This may leave some potential students seeking more in-depth details before making a commitment.

Should You Join Six Figure Landlord?

Deciding whether to join Six Figure Landlord depends on various factors, including your financial goals, budget, and preferences. If you resonate with Dallas Hileman’s approach and the program’s five-phase framework aligns with your vision of financial freedom, it could be a valuable investment. 

However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, conduct thorough research, and possibly seek the advice of others who have taken the course before making your decision. Remember that every investment carries inherent risks, and careful consideration is crucial before committing to any mentorship program.


Dallas Hileman’s Six Figure Landlord program presents an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking financial freedom through real estate investment. With its practical approach and focus on effective financial management, the program has the potential to equip students with the knowledge and tools to achieve a six-figure cash flow from rental income within a reasonable timeframe. 

While the program has its share of praises and criticisms, the success stories of Dallas Hileman’s students and his own achievements as a real estate investor offer reasons for optimism. 

As with any significant investment, taking the time to research, understand the program thoroughly, and make an informed decision will be vital to ensuring the right fit for your personal and financial goals.

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