Cybrary Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Exposed!

The cybersecurity industry is expanding, becoming increasingly lucrative, and offering competitive salaries to qualified candidates. An IT career can begin if you have the right skills.

As luck would have it, Cybrary is on hand to help you. But can you trust Cybrary’s content? What are the actual results? Can they help you advance your career?

To help you make a more informed decision, I have thoroughly researched the Cybrary so I can tell you more about it.

As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with Cybrary. It means I’m not paid to write this review. So you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

At the end of this review, I’ll also tell you the best alternative to Cybrary that has enabled me to make a full-time passive income online.

What is Cybrary?

In 2015, Cybrary was founded and has won a lot of awards since then. There are more than 3 million users on the site and more than 500 million views of the videos. It offers online cybersecurity training to help you “launch your career with the cybersecurity development platform and IT.”

Cybrary’s goal is to help you become an expert in the field of cybersecurity by offering workshops, interactive online lab courses, and hands-on experiments.


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How Does Cybrary Work? What Are The Cyber Security Courses?

There are several “career paths” on Cybrary. There is a wide range of topics related to network security and penetration testing.

Career Paths are compiled resources designed to give you the specific skills, experience, and perspective you need to be successful in a particular field. The program includes videos, skill development exercises, assessments, and practice tests.

Create a Cybrary account by logging in with your existing username, Facebook or Google credentials. It is not necessary to enter your credit card information. The next step is to confirm your status as a human by opening the confirmation email we sent you.

Cybrary recommends a few beginner programs for those just starting out in this field, including CompTIA A Network. These programs are great for finding out if you have a genuine interest in this field and if so, what direction you should take to get there.

You can jump right into a course or use the homepage as a starting point to learn more. In the dashboard, you’ll find information about your courses, classes, career paths, bookmarks, and suggestions.

A notification inbox and course progress indicator are also available. Cybrary offers a large number of courses for free, but also advertises its premium membership with eye-catching banners.

You can search for a specific topic related to CompTIA, Oracle, Azure, Vmware, etc., or simply browse the entire list of available courses filtered by the organization to which each instructor belongs. It is common to group students into courses based on their status, mentor, or intended career path.

It is not easy to find an appropriate course when there are too many options. The two easiest options are choosing a career path or Cybrary’s individual recommendations.

When you click on a course, you’ll be presented with a number of statistics that should help you make up your mind about enrolling. Time (the number of training hours provided), training level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), and a brief summary of the course are all included.

A link to the instructor’s other classes and student reviews is included in their profiles. You can see how many people are signed up for the class and hear their feedback in one convenient place.

Simply by scrolling through the syllabus, you can get a feel for what each class has to offer. The course materials, such as project files and study guides, may also be downloaded. Virtual laboratories are used in some courses; however, only Pro subscribers have access to these labs because they are browser-based and do not require any additional software.

Not many courses honor students for their efforts by awarding certificates of achievement. You can find out how many CEUs a course is worth right there on its page.

Each one consists of short video lessons—usually between four and ten minutes long—designed to teach specific skills. Turn on subtitling, rewind, and fast forward to any of the lessons that catch your eye. However, downloading them is not an option. In order to study without interruption, a stable internet connection is essential.

Cybrary courses

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Cybrary Courses Pricing

Every year, more and more students try their luck at online universities. Since more people want the product, its price goes up.

Cybrary provides numerous courses at no cost. An alternate option is Insider Pro, which can be had for $49.50 a month or $33.25 a year.

Cybrary Pro provides you with unlimited access to lecture videos, interactive online labs, skill assessments, and mock exams. You will have access to a Slack forum where you can network with other cybersecurity mentors and professionals, as well as expert-designed career paths, live lectures, and more.

Compared to the Basic package or free courses, which only provide limited access to other crucial courses, this option seems like the more sensible one.

Cybrary course pricing

Site Organization & Membership

Cybrary’s website appears to be lacking in detail. Strange indeed for those whose livelihood depends on the development of technological systems!

Once you’ve entered and verified your email address, the site becomes much more intuitive.

Your planned coursework, due dates, tasks, reviews, and bookmarked resources will all be displayed in a dashboard format on this page.

Lessons are well-structured and organized generally. Companies they work for (such as Azure, CompTIA, VMware, or Oracle), as well as their current position, mentor, and intended future career path, all factor into this categorization.

Other Uses For Cybrary

Students can take advantage of Cybrary’s credential prep services, included in their Pro membership, to study for the CompTIA qualification and other certifications.

There are also more than 200 standardized tests of skills that can help you figure out what you know and where you need to grow academically.

Pro subscribers can see the entire learning path thanks to the incorporation of career pathways into the service.

Cybrary “works with business leaders and learning specialists to make sure every career path prepares you for success, whether you’re looking to enter the workforce for the first time, advance in your current role, or earn professional certifications.”

There are no software download limits or other restrictions for the unlimited labs and scenarios available to paying members.

You can interact with teachers and advisors in person at their live workshops.

As soon as you enroll in the program, you’ll be assigned advisors and teachers who will help you figure out what field to go into, how to improve your resume, and how to ace job interviews.

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Is Cybrary Accredited?

Cybrary may lack official accreditation, but this is par for the course in the world of online education. Training for the official exams is provided, and certification can be earned by scoring well on those exams.

The fact that these courses aren’t formally recognized doesn’t make them irrelevant, though. The courses will help you become an expert in the subject matter, which will show in your work, and will also demonstrate the qualities of motivation and independent study that so many employers look for.

Cybrary Vs. PluralSight

It was in 2004 that PluralSight, another website for technological education, was launched. While they do discuss more general topics, like Cloud Computing and Programming, they do have an entire section devoted to Cyber security.

Tools like Roles IQ and Skills allow users to test their knowledge after each lesson and keep track of their learning with customizable notes and quizzes.

There are assignments for many of their courses that provide practical, real-world experience and can be used to bolster your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Cybrary isn’t the only one that gives away free subscriptions; PluralSight does as well. There is a free trial period of 7 days. After your free trial ends, a standard membership will cost $29 per month and grant you access to all resources (but no certificates).

When compared to Cybrary’s annual fee of $299, the price of a certificate-earning paid membership is quite a bit higher at $499.

Cybrary, unlike PluralSight’s small, site-based forum (which frequently crashes, according to some PluralSight users), offers CEUs for some of its courses and has an active group on Slack.

Cybrary Vs. LinkedIn Learning

Not surprisingly, LinkedIn’s education platform is also extensive, given the company’s status as a commercial giant. Again, it covers a broader range of topics than Cybrary. A search for “cybersecurity” returns 685 results, although most of these courses are broad introductions rather than in-depth studies.

When you complete an exercise file associated with a course, you can display your course completion certificate on your LinkedIn profile. You can continue your education whenever and wherever you like by downloading courses to almost any smart device.

Comparatively cheaper than Cybrary, at $29.99/month or $19.99/month for an annual subscription, and free at most libraries.

They also have fewer alternatives to Cybrary that are implicitly free. After your free trial month ends, you’ll have to pay to continue attending classes. Most of their classes only last for two to three hours. Courses on Cybrary are longer and more in-depth, typically lasting several hours.

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Cybrary FAQs

Is Cybrary Good For Beginners?

Cybrary is an excellent library for those interested in learning more about information technology and cyber security. You can take advantage of their no-cost training to advance your career. To upgrade to a more robust learning experience, you can switch to Cybrary Insider Pro.

Cybrary is a great resource for anyone thinking about a future in cyber security.

Does Cybrary Give Certificates?

After a user has finished a course on Cybrary, they can redeem their Cybytes for a Certificate of Completion. Get the latest copy of your Cybrary Certificate here.

Can You Get A Job With Cybrary?

Nothing else on the market can help you hone your professional identity in quite the same way that this resource can. Joining Cybrary’s Insider Pro membership enables you to network with professionals who are using Cybrary to transform their careers.

Using Cybrary, you won’t be let down very often.

What Is Cybrary Insider Pro?

You can advance your Cybersecurity career with the help of Cybrary Insider Pro, an upgraded paid package that includes career development resources. Insider pro grants you entry to a growing library of high-quality, hands-on labs, CTFs, assessments, practice exams, and more developed by some of the most respected names in the business.

Cybrary Insider Pro

Is Cybrary A Scam or Legit?

Cybrary is not a scam. It is a legit platform. The information technology (IT) and cyber security content on Cybrary are freely available and sourced by the community.

However, according to some customer complaints, the system itself was full of uninteresting lecturers and the curriculum is the equivalent of googling information on the subject. 

Customers pointed out that their lecturers had no experience or insight and were literally reading from a script, as evidenced by their constant mispronunciation of technical terms. Even simple things like Ethernet were mispronounced. There is no connection between concepts. The speaker essentially talks word salad that does nothing to explain the topic. 

Therefore, some customers suggested you rather save your money and do some research on the internet. This is the same as what you will learn in the courses.

In fact, Cybrary only has a 3.7 rating on Trustpilot and some users even called Cybrary a scam. 

Cybrary Trustpilot customer review

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