Cybrary Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become a critical field with a high demand for skilled professionals. As the industry expands and offers lucrative opportunities, it’s crucial to have the right skills and knowledge to thrive in this competitive landscape. This is where Cybrary comes into play. Cybrary is an online platform that offers cybersecurity training, aiming to help individuals launch their careers in this field. 

In this review, we will explore the workings of Cybrary, the courses they offer, pricing, site organization, and membership benefits. 

We’ll also compare Cybrary to other similar platforms and address customer feedback and concerns. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Cybrary and whether it can help you advance your cybersecurity career.

What is Cybrary?

Cybrary was founded in 2015 and has gained recognition in the cybersecurity industry, earning numerous awards along the way. 

With over 3 million users and more than 500 million views on its videos, Cybrary aims to provide online cybersecurity training and serve as a development platform for IT professionals. The platform offers workshops, interactive lab courses, and hands-on experiments to help individuals become experts in the field of cybersecurity.


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How Does Cybrary Help You Make Money? 

Cybrary is your go-to platform for exploring the world of network security and penetration testing. It offers a wide array of career paths and topics to help you excel in these fields.

Think of these career paths as detailed roadmaps, filled with videos, exercises, assessments, and practice tests.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cybersecurity and information security analysts can earn an average annual salary of $119,860 ($57.63 per hour).

However, it’s essential to understand that these numbers usually don’t represent what you’ll make right at the start. You’ll need to work hard and prove yourself to climb the career ladder and reach those higher paychecks.

So, if you’re aiming for those top-tier cybersecurity salaries, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  1. Education Counts: In the world of cybersecurity, learning is an ongoing journey. Starting with a bachelor’s degree in a cybersecurity program can give you a solid foundation. But to advance further, you might consider pursuing a specialized Master of Science or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in the future.

  2. Certifications Matter: Getting certified in specific areas can significantly boost your qualifications and make you more attractive to potential employers. Some companies may even require certain certifications before inviting you for an interview.

  3. Experience is Valuable: Experience matters, especially if you’re aiming for a senior position. Your first entry-level job isn’t just about a paycheck; it’s about building your skills and gaining valuable on-the-job experience. This experience can be a powerful asset when you’re aiming for those higher-paying roles.

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How to Get Started with Cybrary?

To get started with Cybrary, you have some easy options. You can create an account using your existing username or sign in effortlessly with Facebook or Google—no need for credit card details.

Once your email address is confirmed, you’ll gain access to numerous courses and career paths. If you’re new, Cybrary suggests starting with beginner programs like CompTIA A Network to gauge your interests and find your direction.

Your Cybrary dashboard is your hub. It shows your courses, classes, career paths, bookmarks, and provides handy suggestions. There’s also a notification inbox and a course progress tracker. While many courses are free, Cybrary also promotes its premium membership with noticeable banners.

When you first land on Cybrary’s website, you might find it a bit lacking in detail. But things get clearer once you sign in and verify your email.You can choose a course by picking a career path or relying on Cybrary’s recommendations.

Cybrary courses

How To Choose A Course on Cybrary?

Cybrary’s lessons are typically well-organized, and courses are sorted based on the instructor’s ties to organizations like Azure, CompTIA, VMware, or Oracle.

This sorting, combined with info about mentors and career paths, makes it easy for students to find their way around the courses.

Each course page offers stats like training hours, skill level, and a brief summary. Want to know more about instructors? Their profiles link to other classes they teach and student reviews, giving insights into course quality.

Cybrary’s lessons are in short video segments, usually lasting four to ten minutes, focusing on teaching specific skills.

While you can’t download these lessons, you can use features like subtitles, rewind, and fast forward. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection for uninterrupted learning.

Cybrary Courses Pricing

Cybrary provides a considerable number of free courses. However, for unlimited access to lecture videos, interactive online labs, skill assessments, and mock exams, you can opt for Cybrary Insider Pro. The monthly subscription for Insider Pro costs $49.50, while an annual subscription is available for $33.25.

Compared to the limited access provided by the basic package or free courses, the Insider Pro option offers a more comprehensive and valuable learning experience, making it a sensible choice for serious learners.

Cybrary course pricing

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Other Benefits

Cybrary goes the extra mile to provide some more perks:

  1. Credential Prep: Pro members get access to credential preparation services, which are super handy for getting ready for certifications like CompTIA.

  2. Skill Assessment: There are over 200 standardized skill tests available. These tests help you figure out where you need to focus and grow academically.

  3. Hands-on Labs: Pro subscribers enjoy a growing library of hands-on labs. These labs give you practical experience, helping you apply what you’ve learned.

  4. Capture-the-Flag Challenges: For those looking for a challenge, there are capture-the-flag (CTF) challenges to test your skills.

  5. Assessments and Practice Exams: Practice makes perfect! Cybrary offers assessments and practice exams to help you hone your skills further.

  6. Live Workshops: Cybrary hosts live workshops where you can interact with teachers and advisors. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into career paths, build your resume, and sharpen your interview techniques.

Is Cybrary Accredited?

No, Cybrary doesn’t have official accreditation, which is typical for many online education platforms. However, they do offer training to help you prepare for official exams, and you can earn certifications by performing well in those exams.

Even though they aren’t formally accredited, completing Cybrary courses can still be valuable. It demonstrates your expertise and shows qualities like motivation and independent study, which many employers highly appreciate.

Cybrary vs. PluralSight

PluralSight, another online education platform launched in 2004, covers a broader range of topics, including cybersecurity. Like Cybrary, they offer role-specific assessments and tools to track your learning journey, such as customizable notes and quizzes. PluralSight even provides real-world assignments to boost your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Now, here’s where they differ:

  • Cost: While both offer free subscriptions, PluralSight’s paid membership for courses that lead to certificates is a bit pricier at $499, compared to Cybrary’s annual fee of $299.

  • CEUs (Continuing Education Units): Cybrary provides CEUs for some courses, which can be beneficial for certain certifications. PluralSight doesn’t offer CEUs.

  • Community: Cybrary has an active community on Slack, making it easier to connect with fellow learners and experts. PluralSight offers a site-based forum, but some users find it less user-friendly.

Ultimately, the choice between Cybrary and PluralSight depends on your budget, specific learning needs, and preferences when it comes to community interaction.

Cybrary Vs. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, with its extensive course list, covers a wider range of topics compared to Cybrary. It offers a whopping 685 results related to cybersecurity.

However, many of these courses are more like quick introductions rather than deep dives into the subject. A cool feature of LinkedIn Learning is that you can showcase your course completion certificates on your LinkedIn profile. It also allows you to download courses to your devices for offline learning.

When it comes to pricing, LinkedIn Learning offers a monthly subscription for $29.99, which is in the same ballpark as Cybrary’s Insider Pro membership.

But here’s the catch: LinkedIn Learning has fewer free options, and once your free trial month ends, you’ll need to pay to continue accessing courses. Cybrary, on the other hand, tends to offer more extensive and in-depth courses that typically span several hours.

Cybrary Insider Pro

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Customer Feedback and Concerns

While Cybrary is a legitimate platform, it’s important to note that some customers have raised valid concerns about the quality of the lectures and curriculum.

According to their feedback, a few instructors seemed inexperienced and lacked deep insights. They occasionally read directly from scripts and struggled with pronouncing technical terms correctly.

These issues with coherence and explanations left some customers unsatisfied. As a result, Cybrary has received a rating of 3.7 on Trustpilot, and some users have even gone so far as to label it as a scam.

Cybrary Trustpilot customer review

Praise for Cybrary

  1. Wide Range of Cybersecurity Resources: Cybrary offers an extensive library of courses and resources related to cybersecurity and IT. This wide variety allows learners to explore different topics, from beginner to advanced levels, making it a valuable platform for those looking to build a career in cybersecurity.

  2. Cost-Effective Learning: Cybrary provides free access to many of its courses, making it accessible to a broad audience. They also offer affordable premium memberships, which provide additional benefits like hands-on labs and certification preparation materials. This cost-effective approach makes it an attractive option for individuals and organizations seeking quality cybersecurity training.

Criticism of Cybrary

  1. Lack of Formal Accreditation: Cybrary doesn’t hold formal accreditation for its courses. While it provides valuable training and knowledge, some individuals or employers may prefer courses from accredited institutions or platforms.

  2. Quality Variability: The quality of courses on Cybrary can vary, as they rely on a diverse group of instructors. Some learners have reported inconsistencies in the depth of content and teaching styles, which can impact the overall learning experience.

  3. Limited Interactivity: While Cybrary offers a variety of resources, it may lack the same level of interactivity found in traditional classroom settings or more advanced e-learning platforms. Hands-on practice and real-world simulations may be limited, which can be a drawback for learners who prefer practical, hands-on experiences.

  4. Challenges in Monetizing Cybersecurity Knowledge: While Cybrary equips learners with valuable cybersecurity skills, the process of turning that knowledge into a well-paying career can be challenging. Achieving high earning potential in the field often requires not only training but also relevant work experience, certifications, and sometimes even advanced degrees. Cybrary provides the knowledge base, but students may face hurdles in monetizing their cybersecurity expertise in a competitive job market.

Is Cybrary Legit?

Absolutely, Cybrary is a legitimate online platform designed for people interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. They offer a wide array of free courses and valuable learning resources.

However, it’s worth noting that some customers have expressed concerns about the quality of lectures and the coherence of the curriculum. To address this, Cybrary has introduced an Insider Pro membership, which provides a more comprehensive learning experience for those seeking in-depth training.

When comparing Cybrary to alternatives like PluralSight and LinkedIn Learning, it’s important to recognize that each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. The choice ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and specific learning requirements.

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