Creating The State of Being For Manifesting Your Desires

When people first learn about the Law of Attraction, they often experience a robust mix of emotions including hope, excitement, curiosity, confusion, and even fear.

“How could this really be possible?,” they ask themselves. “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this before??”

“How does this actually even work???”

As we now know, part of what’s going on here in the midst of all these crazy feelings is that the ego is in full blown PANIC mode. This may be the first real threat to its existence that it’s ever really had to face …and if that’s not bad enough, this threat is coming directly from the person it’s trying to protect!

So it defaults to its standard strategy of making things much more complicated than they need to be in any way that it can. And one of its favorite ways of accomplishing this is by convincing you that you need to understand all of the mechanics behind universal attraction before you’ll believe in it enough to really dive in and make it work for you.

And while making you aware that this is happening is a great way to help you overcome it more easily, the best way to accomplish this is to simply provide you with a clear explanation of how things really work.

This brings us to a key topic we have not discussed yet: Your STATE OF BEING.

As you already know, when the Universe responds to certain vibrational setpoints that you emit, it does so by pulling in energies that mirror the frequency of those setpoints …which ultimately results in new manifestations in your physical reality.

But what you may not know yet is that what the Universe is REALLY responding to is your state of being. You don’t actually attract “what you want” – – you attract “who you are” (in terms of your vibration). It’s important to make this distinction because it’s easy to view a “vibrational setpoint” or a “point of attraction” as some inanimate object with no real consciousness (which isn’t true, by the way).

But if you look at it in a way that recognizes this setpoint as an individually aware extension of life, you start to really understand that YOU are really the one who’s been doing this all this time. YOU are your state of being, and therefore, “you” are your point of attraction.

You’ve literally been engaging the Universe with every single breath. And you’ve had way more control over everything you experience than your ego has ever allowed you to realize. This is all about who you’re BEING …RIGHT NOW in this moment.

Are you the version of you who has the money or are you the version who still wants it? Are you the version of you who’s in a happy and fulfilling relationship or are you the version of you still waiting for your soulmate to come? Are you the version of you who is so ready to finally do this that you made your list from the last module …or did you still find a way to rationalize why you should wait until you’re through reading the entire masterclass?

Everything you’re ‘being’ is what’s mirrored back to you as the reality that you experience every day. Some of what you mirror you’re aware of. Some you aren’t.

So while we’ll continue to use easily-understandable terms like “vibrational setpoint” and “point of attraction” — it’s strategically vital that you understand that what you’re REALLY accomplishing here through the techniques in this masterclass …is that you’re modifying your state of being in such a way that it’s continuously sending out a signal of “having” what you want INSTEAD OF only “wanting” it.

Going From ‘I WANT’ to ‘I HAVE’

As you engage in the manifestation methods available to you, you’re BEING (vibrationally, energetically, and emotionally) the person who’s graduated from the state of ‘wanting’ what you want …to the state of ‘having’ what you want. A lot of this will be experienced subconsciously, so it’s important that you don’t put any undue expectations on how you’re “supposed to feel” when you’ve accomplished this. On some level, you still need to DECIDE to have it. You need to intentionally change the channel that you’re broadcasting, tune into a new and better frequency, and CHOOSE to go:

  • From an unwanted state …to a wanted one.
  • From “I want” to “I have”
  • From “I hope” to “I know”
  • From “It’s coming in the future” to “It’s here now”

If your state of being is set to “I wish,” then you’re constantly emitting a signal to the Universe that what you want isn’t here yet.

You need to use the techniques to shift this for yourself. The truth is that the frequency of “no money” exists, but so does the frequency of “lots of money.” And you always have access to either one of them.

This is why “I AM” statements are SUPER powerful and SO important. When you say things like “I am happy,” “I am abundant,” “I am wealthy,” “I am healthy,” etc. — you’re imprinting an energy within your state of being that the Universe will clearly recognize and respond to. The words that you put after “I AM” are how you program your reality, and your state of being is literally the key to your success.

The ‘trick’ for creating a life you love is therefore through deciding on a state of being that will summon your desires, and then deliberately (and easily) entering that state of being on purpose. This is done through choosing thoughts and feelings that create the exact state of being that you know will attract what you want.

We’re not worried about our beliefs right now, by the way. Beliefs are incredibly powerful, but nearly impossible to change through willpower alone. That’s why we will fly under the radar of our ego instead, and allow our beliefs to change on their own (which they will do) to match up with the state of being that we’ll be consistently reinforcing.

This is the work we will be doing (although it won’t be “work” once you give yourself a chance to try it out — It’ll be more like ice cream that you get to look forward to without worrying about gaining any weight). Before we begin, though, there’s just one more thing we need to cover. We need to set proper expectations so that we don’t fall into any traps that will block our progress before we get a chance to really begin. This is the topic of the next module…

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