Coursova Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the education sector has undergone a remarkable transformation. Traditional classroom settings have given way to the rise of online learning platforms, and one such platform making waves in the e-learning world is Coursova. As we navigate life in the post-pandemic era, the demand for online education has surged, creating unprecedented opportunities for those looking to enter the e-learning market.

In this comprehensive Coursova review, we will delve into every aspect of this platform. From its inception to the features that set it apart, we’ll explore how Coursova can help you tap into the lucrative e-learning market and potentially generate income. We will also examine what users are saying about their experiences, and most importantly, answer the question: Is Coursova a scam or a legitimate platform?

So, let’s embark on this journey to uncover the details of Coursova and help you make an informed decision.

Coursova Review – Key Takeaways

What is Coursova?

Coursova is an e-learning platform designed to empower individuals and businesses to create, sell, and deliver online courses. Whether you’re an expert in a specific field or looking to share your knowledge, Coursova provides a user-friendly solution to transform your expertise into a profitable venture.

This platform offers a wide range of tools and features that allow you to build a comprehensive e-learning ecosystem. From designing e-learning sites and marketplaces to setting up sales pages, blogs, and members’ areas, Coursova covers all aspects of course creation and distribution.

coursova review

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Who Created Coursova?

Behind Coursova’s development is Amit Pareek, an accomplished digital marketing expert with a track record of creating high-quality and functional products. Over the years, Amit has established a name for himself by launching successful products like Drippler, AcademyPro2.0, MaxFunnels Reloaded, DotcomPal, Ziliate, Vidios.Ai, MaxDrive, Agenciez, and many others.

For the creation of Coursova, Amit Pareek collaborated with Achal Goswami and Atul Pareek, two notable figures in the industry. Their collective expertise and experience lend credibility to Coursova’s potential for success.

How Does Coursova Help You Make Money?

Coursova is designed to help you tap into the thriving e-learning market, which is expected to reach a staggering $398 billion by 2026. Here’s how Coursova can assist you in building a profitable online education business:

  1. Providing an All-in-One Solution: Coursova offers a comprehensive solution that includes built-in shopping carts, courses, members’ areas, lead management, blogs, and more. With this platform, you can create professional e-learning sites and marketplaces, eliminating the need to rely on third-party platforms and share your profits.
  2. Access to 50+ Cool Features: Coursova doesn’t stop at the basics. It comes equipped with over 50 innovative features to enhance your e-learning experience and streamline your business operations.

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Features of Coursova

Now, let’s take a closer look at the key features that make Coursova stand out in the crowded e-learning platform landscape:

  1. User-Friendly E-Learning Academy Websites: Coursova allows you to create elegant and easy-to-navigate e-learning academy websites. These websites come complete with marketplaces, blogs, and members’ areas, offering a seamless learning experience for your audience.
  2. Easy Lesson Integration: Adding lessons to your courses is a breeze with Coursova. Whether it’s videos, e-books, or reports, you can quickly incorporate various types of content into your courses.
  3. Course Marketplace: Create your own marketplace where you can sell your courses. Coursova supports payment gateways like PayPal, JVZoo, ClickBank, and WarriorPlus, giving you flexibility in how you accept payments.
  4. No Revenue Sharing: Unlike some third-party e-learning platforms that require you to share your earnings, Coursova allows you to keep 100% of the sales and profits generated from your academy marketplace.
  5. Beautiful Academy Websites: Coursova provides 15 color themes for your academy websites, ensuring that your brand’s identity shines through. You can build courses on any topic, establishing authority in your chosen niche.
  6. SEO and Mobile Optimization: Coursova understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile accessibility. Your academy and marketplace sites are optimized for search engines and mobile devices, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility.
  7. Secure Video Hosting: MyDrive, Coursova’s video hosting solution, offers fast and secure video lesson hosting. Your content remains protected while delivering a smooth viewing experience to your students.
  8. Live Page Editor: Crafting sales pages is made easy with Coursova’s live page editor. You can customize and optimize your sales pages to drive conversions effectively.
  9. Affiliate System: Coursova comes ready with an affiliate system, allowing you to leverage affiliates to promote your courses and expand your reach.
  10. Built-In Ticketing System: Support for your students is vital. Coursova includes a built-in ticketing system to ensure your students receive timely assistance when needed.

These features collectively empower you to create, market, and deliver high-quality courses while maintaining control over your brand and profits.

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Who is Coursova For?

Coursova is a versatile platform suitable for a wide range of individuals and businesses. Here are some of the groups that can benefit from Coursova:

  • Business Coaches: Share your expertise in business strategies, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
  • E-Book Sellers: Convert your knowledge into digital courses and reach a broader audience.
  • Video Lecturers & Course Sellers: Offer video-based courses on various topics, from art and science to personal development.
  • Freelancers: Showcase your skills and offer freelance-related courses to aspiring freelancers.
  • Online Yoga Instructors: Teach yoga and mindfulness practices through interactive online courses.
  • Online Home Tutors: Create educational courses for students of all ages, catering to a diverse learning audience.
  • Online Music Trainers: Share your musical talents and knowledge through online music lessons.
  • Online Cooking Instructors: Offer cooking classes and culinary expertise through engaging online courses.
  • Online Schools & Colleges: Educational institutions can use Coursova to deliver online courses to students worldwide.

In essence, Coursova’s flexibility makes it a suitable choice for anyone with knowledge and expertise to share with the world.

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How Much Does Coursova Cost?

Understanding the pricing options is crucial when considering any platform. Coursova offers two primary front-end offers:

  1. Coursova Personal: Priced at $44.95
  2. Coursova Commercial: Priced at $47.95

The Commercial option allows you to utilize Coursova for client projects, making it a potentially lucrative investment. However, keep in mind that these prices may vary, so it’s essential to visit Coursova’s official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

In addition to the front-end offers, Coursova also offers upsells, which provide enhanced features and capabilities. Let’s explore these upsells to understand the added value they offer:

Upsell 1: Coursova Elite Membership

  • Option 1: Monthly Membership for $37 per month
  • Option 2: One-Time Deal for $197

This upsell provides several benefits, including maximizing lead generation, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited views, unlimited custom domains, additional lead generation popup templates, unlimited video training and file hosting, media library, unique color themes, and over 10,000 free stock images.

Upsell 2: Coursova Enterprise

  • Option 1: Personal for $47
  • Option 2: Commercial for $67

Coursova Enterprise offers features like high PR backlinks for search engine traffic acceleration, 15+ high-converting social sharing popup templates, 20 premium promo popup templates, special effects for popup ads, automated social campaigns, social sharing integration, banner placement for monetization, additional lead popups, and more.

Upsell 3: Coursova DFY Bundle (10 DFY Courses) – $47

This offer includes a package of 10 Done-For-You courses, each accompanied by instructional videos to guide you through the process of setting up and selling online courses. The videos cover topics like audience targeting, course creation, website customization, traffic generation, optimization, and scaling your e-learning business.

Upsell 4: Coursova Premium Membership

  • Option 1: Monthly Deal for $147 per month
  • Option 2: One-Time Deal (Best Seller) for $697
  • Option 3: One-Time Deal (3 Installments) for $267 per installment

Coursova Premium Membership unlocks an array of features, including the ability to create and manage unlimited businesses, add unlimited team members, serve unlimited clients, access ready-to-use courses and funnels, enjoy 200GB of monthly bandwidth, utilize premium CDN services for lightning-fast speeds, receive premium support with all future upgrades, and more.

It’s important to note that these upsells are optional, and you can choose the ones that align with your specific needs and goals. While they offer valuable enhancements, Coursova’s core features can still help you create and sell online courses effectively.

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What are Customers Saying?

Customer feedback is a crucial factor when evaluating any product or service. Let’s take a moment to explore what Coursova users have been saying about their experiences with the platform.

While opinions can vary, some common themes emerge from user reviews:

  • Ease of Use: Many users appreciate Coursova’s user-friendly interface, making it accessible even for those without technical expertise.
  • Comprehensive Features: Users praise the platform’s wide range of features, which cover everything from course creation to sales and marketing.
  • Profit Potential: Several users have highlighted the income-generating potential of Coursova, emphasizing its value for entrepreneurs and educators.
  • Responsive Support: Positive comments mention Coursova’s customer support, which is available around the clock to assist users with any issues or questions.
  • Flexibility: Users from various niches have found Coursova adaptable to their specific needs, whether they’re teaching yoga, selling e-books, or offering business coaching.

However, it’s important to approach user reviews with a critical eye, as experiences can vary based on individual circumstances and expectations. It’s advisable to explore Coursova’s features and potentially take advantage of any trial offers to determine if it aligns with your goals.

Is Coursova a Scam or Legit?

Based on available information and user feedback, Coursova appears to be a legitimate platform designed to help users create, sell, and deliver online courses.

Here are some factors that support Coursova’s legitimacy:

  • Credible Creator: Coursova is the brainchild of Amit Pareek, an established figure in the digital marketing industry known for creating reputable products.
  • Positive User Feedback: Many users have reported positive experiences with Coursova, highlighting its ease of use, features, and profit potential.
  • Transparent Pricing: Coursova offers clear pricing options, including a one-time purchase, with optional upsells. The pricing structure is transparent and accessible.

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Pros of Coursova

Now that we’ve covered the essential aspects of Coursova, let’s summarize the key advantages of this e-learning platform:

  • Lucrative E-Learning Market: Coursova taps into the thriving e-learning market, which is projected to reach $398 billion by 2026, offering substantial income-generating potential.
  • All-in-One Solution: Coursova provides a comprehensive platform encompassing course creation, sales, marketing, and support features, eliminating the need for third-party tools.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Coursova’s intuitive interface makes it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise, streamlining the course creation process.
  • Profit Retention: Users retain 100% of the sales and profits from their courses, without having to share revenue with third-party marketplaces.
  • Diverse Applications: Coursova caters to a broad range of niches, making it suitable for individuals and businesses across various industries.
  • Continuous Support: Coursova offers 24/7 customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues.
  • Flexible Pricing: Users have the option to choose from various pricing tiers and upsells based on their specific needs and budgets.

Cons of Coursova

While Coursova offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks as well. Here are some cons to keep in mind:

  • Internet Connection Dependency: Using Coursova requires a stable internet connection, which may pose challenges for users in areas with unreliable connectivity.
  • Additional Costs: While the base pricing is reasonable, users may opt for upsells to access advanced features, which can incur additional expenses.
  • Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendly interface, some users may still encounter a learning curve when navigating and utilizing all of Coursova’s features.

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Coursova FAQs

To address common questions and provide clarity, here are some frequently asked questions about Coursova:

1. Can I use Coursova if I am not tech-savvy?

Yes, Coursova is designed to be user-friendly and accessible even for individuals without technical expertise.

2. Is Coursova compliant with social network guidelines? 

Coursova adheres to prescribed guidelines and compliances, ensuring it aligns with regulations and requirements.

3. Are there risks associated with investing in Coursova? 

While Coursova strives to secure your investment, users are advised to review the refund policy and provide valid reasons and proof when seeking a refund.

4. Is Coursova compatible with both Windows and Mac? 

Yes, Coursova is a cloud-based platform accessible across all web browsers and operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

5. Does Coursova entail monthly fees? 

During the launch period, Coursova does not charge monthly fees, offering a one-time purchase option.

6. Is there training and support available for Coursova users? 

Yes, Coursova provides step-by-step training videos to assist users in setting up and using the platform. Additionally, customer support is available 24/7.

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Final Verdict: Coursova Review

In conclusion, Coursova presents an intriguing opportunity for individuals and businesses seeking to enter the thriving e-learning market. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and potential for profit retention, Coursova has garnered positive feedback from users across various niches.

While the platform is not without its learning curve and potential additional costs through upsells, it offers a compelling solution to tap into the lucrative e-learning landscape. Moreover, Coursova’s transparent pricing and support system contribute to its credibility.

Ultimately, whether Coursova is the right choice for you depends on your specific goals, expertise, and budget. As with any investment, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, explore available options, and assess how Coursova aligns with your aspirations in the realm of online education.

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