Connecting with the Creative Power of Your Higher Self

When creating your life in an intentional manner, there is no greater power than the connection with the Higher Self. This power has many names, including: God, Source Energy, the Super-Conscious, Infinite Intelligence and the Universe. Whatever you choose to name this power is completely up to you and these processes will work for you when implemented correctly regardless of the name you select. If you do not like the designated titles used in the following exercises, feel free to substitute any terms with ones that resonate with you on a higher level.

These exercises are designed to amplify your creative power through connecting you directly to the powerful energy that you come from. This energy runs through you and has the ability to be tapped in such a way that magnifies your success rate in your daily endeavors and creations. By allowing this creative energy the means to come front-and-center in your manifestation processes, you can intensify any state of being or result you seek in life.

#27: Exercise – Connecting With Creative Energy

This exercise provides a connection to pure and intense creative energy. Although this power is always running through each of us, it can become common to forget the potential we possess. Through direct association with the creative energy available, manifestation mastery and speed are dramatically amplified. You can also use this process any time you feel the need to become centered.

Step 1

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Take a moment to concentrate on the fact that you are an Infinite Being in a physical body. Remember that the real you is more than just the material figure you inhabit.

Step 2

Imagine the energy of this Infiniteness within your body as a pure white light. It fills every limb, muscle, cell and fiber of your being as an intense creative energy. Feel it envelope you, knowing it gently provides awareness, safety and security.

Step 3

Visualize this energy beginning to expand out past your physical body. Imagine that it expands out into the room you’re in and then it fills the entire building you’re occupying. Use your will to expand this energy out even further into the city, town or region you inhabit. Now, allow this energy to expand out past the country you live in and even further out past the planet. Expand it out beyond all of the other planets, the sun and the moon. Keep visualizing your energy expanding out deep into the Universe until you connect with the light that matches it. If you’re unable to imagine this space as light, allow your energy to keep going until you feel a peacefulness resonating through you.

Step 4

In this space, you can manifest anything. This is your pure essence and the creative energy that you come from and are made of. Think of something that you want to show up in your life and how it makes you feel to have it. Begin to possess the feeling states of having this thing in your life and how much it enhances your physical existence.

Step 5

Say to yourself, “I’m so grateful and thankful that this showed up in my life,” as if it’s already yours. Then say to yourself, “I’m so grateful and thankful that this shows up in my life NOW.” Follow that by saying, “I’m so grateful and thankful that I have all my needs fulfilled; and I’m so grateful and thankful that I experience joy in this moment. I’m so grateful and thankful that all the answers that I wanted answered before I came here are answered. I just come to this space and the answers come to me. And I am so grateful and thankful for me being me. And I’m so grateful and thankful for all the good that’s coming into my life.”

Step 6

Sit in the space quietly and continue to be appreciative of anything that you are grateful to have. Offer appreciation for all of the things that you can think of that improve the quality of your life. Once you’ve completed this, you can slowly draw your energy back into your body, take a few deep breaths and go back to your daily routine, knowing that you have just created your desires with the whole intensity of the creative energy of the Universe.

#28: Exercise – Who You Really Are

This exercise is designed to remind you of who you really are. It’s a way to connect with your Higher Self and to recall the loving, peaceful being that is authentically YOU. This process often has everlasting effects, as it removes the false identity of being less than the magnificent creator you are. In addition, this is a great process for removing any negative or worry thoughts that may be in the way of manifesting what you truly desire.

Step 1

Close your eyes and imagine the higher, spiritual part of you takes one giant step backwards out of your body & rises about two feet above you. Envision that this loving being smiles down at the top of your head and puts their hands on your shoulders.

This Higher Self has been with you since the beginning of time. It absolutely loves you unconditionally and is never angry with you. It never criticizes you, and It understands every decision you have every made and the reason why you made it. This Infinite part of you laughs at the funny things you do, and smiles in loving encouragement as you move through your daily practices. It has no doubts in your ability to find all solutions as soon as you look in the right direction.

This Higher Being is All That Is. While you may sometimes forget your connection to Divineness, It never does. It knows everything you have ever encountered, and It sees the overall picture. While your ego self might not know why you were supposed to meet a particular person today, or be in a certain place at a certain time, this Higher Self knows exactly why. It knows the exact sequence of events that are going to stem from your experiences and the ways in which those experiences have the ability to bring you more of what you want.

There is nothing for you to ever have to do or say to earn its love and guidance. This Higher Self is there unconditionally and always will be. It sees you for the perfection that you are and can be called on at any time to help remind you of it. It has a greater love for you than any human on this planet is capable of; bigger than any parent, child, spouse or partner can give you all combined. You are never alone in this world and will never lack the feeling of being loved when remembering that this Self is always with you.

Step 2

Now imagine that this Higher Self gives your shoulders a gentle, loving squeeze before stepping back down into your body. This is a reminder that It is always with you, and always within you. It is not in the heavens above you out of reach — nor ever outside of you — but within you always.

Step 3

Now that your Higher Self is back inside your body, release any other thoughts that might be running through your head and focus on this Infinite love. Imagine that this same Higher Self that was behind you a moment ago is now in the back of your head. You may even be able to feel a tingle when you think about It. It is still smiling, still loving; always peaceful and calm. You might start to feel the tingle run down the back of your neck or your back as you acknowledge this awesome, spiritual presence. This is you – your True, Authentic Self.

Step 4

Try this exercise a few times a day when first discovering it. Eventually you will not need to imagine your Higher Self stepping in and out of your physical body; you will just feel the tingle and remember this quite naturally. Eliminate all thoughts if possible and just focus on this loving, all-knowing Being back there affectionately supporting you in your endeavors. Silently listen to anything it might tell you. Know it will happily answer all of your questions if you gently brush your daily thoughts away and give it silent space to come in.

Remember that this Self always sees the bigger picture. It is never worried about little things like bills, work or troubled relationships. Your Higher Self is so big and so knowing that those things are nothing but a tiny speck in comparison to how big you really are. This is the part of you that is always peaceful, and when you focus on it you can feel the peace that envelops your entire being and drowns out anything that may have been worrying you.

After a while, you will find that you can call on this feeling at will. With practice, the moment any tensions might arise you will learn to automatically go to the back of your head and feel the deep peaceful feeling inside so you too can recall the bigger picture.

#29: Exercise – Creating an Energy Circle

You may already know that “I AM” are the two most powerful words you can use through your thoughts and words. I AM defines who you are to yourself, those around you and the Universe and Nature. Whatever you say about yourself and the circumstances in your life, both internally and outwardly, becomes a vibration that starts a process (or adds to one) that becomes so. This can work against you if you don’t realize the power and importance behind it; however, it can work in your favor just as easily.

Think about the things you think or say to yourself or others that parallel the way your life is now. Many people go through life saying or thinking things such as “I am fat” or “I am broke” and that is exactly what they get. The Universe always gives in abundance to each person as it is designed to do based on thoughts, feeling and emotions that cause the creation process; this applies whether it is a good outcome or a bad one. You tell the Universe what you “are” and it delivers.

This exercise will show you how to positively monitor and enforce the things that you want in your life, while causing a shift in the way that you think. In addition, it quickly connects you with the power of manifestation within both the physical and spiritual plane. Simultaneously incorporating these two powers adds a potency to your creations that is often unmatched.

Step 1

For this exercise you will need a circle on the floor in front of you. This can be an imaginary circle, one drawn on a poster board or you can tape one to the floor. If you have carpet, you can simply use your finger to go against the grain to form a circular pattern. Make the circle big enough to stand in when the time comes.

Step 2

Stand outside of the circle and speak the following affirmations that apply to your desired result. Or, you can choose any of your own affirmations to use. Cup your hand up to your mouth about an inch away so that you can feel the warmth of your breath as you do. After speaking each affirmation into your hand, toss your hand towards the energy circle in front of you as if you’re throwing your words from your hand into the circle. This creates a hologram of positive energy.


I AM grateful for how healthy my body is.

I AM experiencing that my body is balanced on all levels.

I AM experiencing that I have a lot of energy.

I AM thin, fit and tone.

I AM perfectly healthy and in shape.

I AM resting well at night and I wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. I AM experiencing a physical body that is safe and comfortable.

I AM grateful for my clear, youthful skin.

I AM committed to having a healthy body.

I AM experiencing that exercising is a fun part of my day.


I AM peaceful and serene.

I AM creative and powerful.

I AM a positive person.

I AM always in such a good mood.

I AM enjoying this life and the adventure of each day.

I AM creating more experiences that generate joy in my life.

I AM grateful to be alive.

I AM experiencing that everything I do is good enough.

I AM experiencing my life as easy and fun.

I AM experiencing that things always work out for me.

I AM comfortable moving forward with my life.

I AM manifesting and creating my life positively.

I AM realizing that my internal work changes my outer world.


I AM attracting people who are safe and respectful.

I AM attracting people who are understanding, compassionate, loving and kind. I AM attracting the perfect partner for me.

I AM attracting someone who is thoughtful and considerate of me.

I AM attracting someone who is physically appealing to me.

I AM thoughtful and considerate of myself and others.

I AM appreciating myself and others appreciate me.

I AM easily attract like-minded people with whom I love to interact.

I AM sharing myself and my life easily and I AM understood.

I AM experiencing my intimate relationships as blossoming and growing effortlessly.

I AM grateful for the love I receive from my spouse (significant other).

I AM grateful for the love I receive from my children.

I AM grateful for my spiritual connection.

I AM experiencing that my relationships are nurturing, healthy and improve my life daily.

I AM loved and supported.


I AM financially free and secure.

I AM creating large sums of money.

I AM worthy and deserving of the prosperity that is intended for me.

I AM experiencing that money flows easily into my life.

I AM always bringing in money faster than I AM able to send it out.

I AM grateful for the money that is flowing to me from different sources.

I AM experiencing that money comes to me from both known and unknown sources.

I AM comfortable with large sums of money and have fun with it.

I AM generous in sharing my money because I know there is plenty for me and others.

I AM successful and abundant in all ways.


I AM experiencing that I have all the time I need each day.

I AM moving between the different activities of my day with ease and grace.

I AM always on time for my commitments.

I AM experiencing that others are always on time for me.

I AM flowing easily within the structure of time in my day.

I AM experiencing that people are considerate of my time.


I AM creating more of what I want in my life effortlessly.

I AM assisted by the powers and spirits of the Universe who take care of all of the details of bringing me what I have asked for.

I AM grateful for this powerful assistance.

I AM easily able to manifest my desires.

I AM continuously growing and evolving.

I AM finding life to be supportive and joyful.

I AM attracting good things to me each and every day. I AM worthy of a life of bliss and happiness.

I AM a powerful creator.

Step 3

Once you have thrown the energy of each of your affirmations into the energy circle, step into it and feel this powerful energy wash over you. Imagine that this energy is flowing all through your body as a brilliant white light. This light energy grounds itself into the earth through your feet and illuminates out and above your crown and into the Universe. In this moment, your desires are rooted in the physical plane of manifestation, as well as soaring with the Universal energy that creates.

Place your hands on your feet and feel this energy rooting itself into the Earth. Gently work your hands up your body all the way to your crown and out above your head with your arms raised. Now, imagine that this energy is being sent into the Universe for its realization and materialization. Stay in this energy circle for as long as it delights you, knowing that both the spiritual and physical energies of creation are working for you and through you.

Step 4

Afterwards, you may choose to say a prayer of gratitude. Give thanks for the wonderful things that are now being put together for you and coming to your life.

This energy circle starts the formation of your affirmations to be manifested into your life. You are telling the Universe what you believe about yourself and what you want to experience in your physical existence. It is recommended that you do this exercise daily and watch the miracle of how quickly your life can change. You may add to or modify the” I AM” affirmations to fit your life more specifically if you so choose.

Helpful Hints: Practice adding affirmations to your energy circle often to increase the creative process. You can also step into this circle any time you wish to feel the energy of it moving through you. This is great reinforcement for the mind and vibrational state.

#30: Exercise – Assembling a Spiritual Counsel

In this exercise you will mentally assemble your own Spiritual or Invisible Counsel to provide you with advice and direction when you have a question or difficult decision to make. On a subconscious level, this type of exercise triggers the switch that causes it to seek the answer to any queries it’s presented with. On a more spiritual level, you are intermingling with Infinite Intelligence’s all-knowing answers to manifest your desires.

Step 1

Write or mentally form a list of questions pertaining to your issue at hand. As stated in an earlier module, it’s great to formulate some of these questions in the “What if” and “What else might be possible that I haven’t considered” styles in order to generate the types of responses you’re seeking. However, you can incorporate more direct questions also.

Step 2

Set aside at least 15 minutes to imagine that you have invited specific guests of your choice to a meeting. These guests are hand-picked by you based on their expertise with certain matters. Five to ten guests are generally sufficient, however you can reduce or increase the number as necessary.

These guests can be living or dead, as long as they inspire you on some level. For instance, you may choose Biblical characters and faith-based gurus for spiritual guidance, famous athletes or doctors for advice on health and physical well-being, actors and artists for creative solutions or well-known businessman and wealthy people for money and business concerns.

Step 3

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a boardroom where there is a large conference table surrounded by empty chairs. You are sitting at the head of this table and waiting for each of “your” counsel members to appear. You can imagine any number of vacant seats around this table, depending on how many guests you’ve decided to have.

At times you might only want to invite the people who can help with a particular problem. For example, you may invite Bill Gates for a money or business matter that you need assistance with. Or, you may choose to invite multiple characters in order to get each of their unique opinions on a subject. You may even realize that certain personalities that you’ve chosen for other reasons may elegantly speak up on topics where you would not have expected their advice.

Step 4

Now mentally ask the questions that you’ve formed and silently wait for each of these people to answer. Pretend as if you are in a real meeting. Do not be discouraged if some of your guests do not respond at all. Also, note that not every answer may be a verbal response. They may also come in the form of a gesture, a mental picture or a telepathic response.

Take notes as you would in a real meeting, and don’t dismiss any answers given to you. Pay attention to the distinct responses you receive, and give yourself some time to get used to the possibility of any unusual ideas if they feel a little uncomfortable. Most importantly, be open to the fact that any/all of the replies have the potential to move you into a solution.

For example:

Let’s say you have two credit card bills and you are wondering which one you should pay off first. Your first natural instinct might be to pay off the creditor who is yelling the loudest, but you’re not certain if this is the best route to take.

From your boardroom chair, ask an investment guru of your choice if this is the correct action. His advice might be, “Pay off the one with the highest interest rate so it will cost you less in the long run.” Or, “I wouldn’t pay either of them until calling both companies and negotiating a better deal with each.”

With this exercise, and the types of questions you pose, your subconscious mind and spiritual connection are able to offer you direction that may otherwise never enter your habitual mind. This practice allows you to open yourself to any unique answers from your Higher Self and the hidden recesses of your mind power. Sometimes we get so used to hearing our own mental voice with its customary way of thinking that we forget we are actually allowed to think outside of our own box. You may find that the best part of this exercise is that the suggestions given actually work.

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