Common Causes For Lack Of Motivation

There is no human being who hasn’t struggled with a lack of motivation at some point in their lives. We have all been there. You may have struggled with a small issue or something that has troubled you for years. Regardless, it is important to know that while lack of motivation is common, it can be overcome.

If we are motivated to get the work done, we can accomplish a lot in life. However, if you are having difficulties caring because of a lack of motivation, one of these could be the reason.

Lazy Or Unmotivated

It’s five days past your birthday, and you’ve just remembered for the fourth time that your license plate registration needed to be renewed…on your birthday.

If this situation sounds familiar, you’re exactly like 7 billion other people across the world. Sometimes, you just lack the motivation to do anything that would make you a valuable, contributing member of society.

While you might be lazy, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you’re a typical human being. On the other hand, you really should do something about your motivation problem.

If motivation is the desire to do things, then flip that definition and you have a working understanding of what it means to lack motivation. For every situation you encounter, there will be a thousand reasons why you aren’t getting anything done.

There are ants in your kitchen so you get take out instead of dealing with the pre-game task of dousing the counter in insect spray before cooking dinner.

Your dentist’s phone is always busy, so you eventually stop calling and rationalize it by telling yourself that your teeth can’t possibly need a cleaning already.

These are excuses, and you’ll find that every reason you have for not feeling motivated falls under the excuses umbrella.

Finding That Encouragement

Let’s get the most unsavoury subject out of the way first – the biological one. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, you’re going to have a hard time feeling motivated through general means.

Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor may prescribe medication. This is nothing to feel ashamed of; in fact, you should consider the fact that there are thousands of people with undiagnosed attention deficit disorder wandering around this world. You are lucky enough to know your weaknesses, which is a huge step in overcoming them.

You’re probably still going to have bad days. Your mind works in different ways than most people’s, and that’s okay. It just means you’ll have to get creative when seeking out ways to motivate yourself.

Perhaps, are you a starving artist who has to rub two pennies together just to stay warm at night?

Maybe if you had a job, you’d feel a little more productive.

Maybe if you could just find that perfect muse, you could finish your painting or story.

Maybe if you could afford the perfect tablet, you’d be better at website design.

These are all excuses, and you need to stow them all right now. Your problem is that you lack motivation because you don’t feel inspired. Whether you haven’t met the right person or you haven’t seen the sun in four days, something in your life is giving you a major creative block.

Think back to the last time you felt motivated to create something because you were feeling high on emotions or the need to make something. You’re not going to feel inspired every moment of every day in your life, but if you haven’t felt pure inspiration in the last week, you probably need to reassess what encourages you to work.

Maybe the reason you lack motivation in life is that you feel like there isn’t enough gain for your efforts.

When was the last time you actually rewarded yourself for a job well done?

While spending money extravagantly to give yourself the incentive to work isn’t always a good idea, it is not a terrible plan to treat yourself to that leather jacket you’ve had your eye on or tickets to a burlesque show.

Your lack of motivation is probably because you have nothing to look forward to, at the end of the day.

Self-Disciplinary Problem

On a less fun note, your lack of discipline could also be a part of the issue. No, you don’t need to be spanked, have your allowance taken away, or made to stand in the corner.

Assuming you’re a responsible adult who makes your own choices in life, you have consciously made the choice to not get up and do things. The only disciplinarian you’re avoiding or not obeying…is yourself.

As a matter of fact, the only person you’re hurting is yourself. Make some boundaries and set up consequences for not meeting goals.

If you don’t finish studying or complete the work you took home from the office, then you don’t get to allow yourself to binge-watch television on Netflix for hours.

If you don’t clean up the house, then you don’t get to invite people over to watch football on the weekend, because you’re only going to embarrass yourself.

Set goals and enforce them. Don’t be a pushover, even if the person doing the pushing is you.

Speaking of inviting people over – have you ever noticed that you feel the most motivated to clean the house when guests are coming?

If you don’t feel motivated to do housework any other time, then your lack of everyday motivation could stem from the fact that you don’t have a deadline.

You’ve probably seen the stereotypical writer’s deadline portrayed in the media a thousand times – just gotta get that manuscript to the printer on time! The reason this is such a popular idea is that it’s the truth.

Most people are lazy slobs around the house, because who honestly cares about their own dirty dishes? Have you ever left a half-eaten Pop-Tart on the counter for three days because you forgot it was there? Would you have left that strawberry-flavoured pastry laying around if your mother-in-law or boyfriend or girlfriend was coming over?

If you’re not feeling very motivated to clean, finish work projects, or study for exams, then you’re most likely suffering from a lack of deadlines.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. The best of us. It’s kind of a conceited phrase, but it says a lot about the world we live in.

The solution for your self-disciplinary problems is, thus, to set those deadlines.

Procrastination Perfection

Do you feel pressure to be the best? Have you ever put down a project because you couldn’t finish it perfectly…so you’d rather just not finish it at all? (If you have a half-crocheted scarf in your closet or unpainted walls in your house because you couldn’t find the right shade, you’re guilty.)

Deep down, it’s not really about getting it right. It’s about not getting it wrong. Somewhere deep inside of you, there is a little voice that says, “You might fail this. Let’s just stop while we’re ahead.” It’s ironic, but being a perfectionist can actually be a major black hole for motivation.

Wanting everything in your life to be perfect also quite frequently results in procrastination.

Alternatively, you might also procrastinate because you’re a lazy bum who would rather play than work. Whatever the reason, leaving things off until later is nearly impossible to break the habit.

Watch out for that “I need time to myself” or “I just need to relax for a while” mentality, because justifying procrastination is just another system of excuses.

Also, let’s be honest – you are playing a dangerous game. Your boss could bump the deadline for your project up a day, your partner could fall ill and leave the entire workload on your shoulders, or a family emergency might keep you from pulling an all-nighter studying.

There are a thousand ways that your future plans could be interrupted, so here’s a useful hint: suck it up and do it now.

Do you lie to yourself and say that there are more important things you could be doing so you put them off? Or even worse, maybe you skip small things because there really are more important daily things to be doing.

For example – you keep forgetting to schedule a vet appointment for your cat’s terrible breath because you never have time to make the cat call during the workweek. Fast forward four months and you’re paying $400 for a cleaning and tooth-removal, and also feeling like an ailurophobe for not making time for your cat.

The thing about procrastinating is that oftentimes, it is about lying to yourself.

Sure, you could do laundry instead of going to the post office. You could also organize the bookshelves by colour instead of unpacking your moving boxes. While none of these choices is life and death, each task likely holds a place in the hierarchy of importance in your life.

Lost In Motivation

Finally, your problem could be the rarest of them all – not really realizing where you need motivation.

Most likely, you know exactly what part of your life you need to develop focus in. But on the off chance that you don’t and your life is just one giant cesspool of laziness, then you might not even realize that you need to feel motivated.

Common symptoms of this include: being submitted to any hoarding show, overhearing your gossiping friends say that your “life needs more direction,” and not being able to bring a date home on Friday nights because that is the day your mom shampoos the carpets….in your room!

If any of these strikes a chord, then take a step back. Do you even realize that you’re not motivated to work hard and be your own person? Identify it and fix it.

Okay, so you’ve established that lack of motivation is a complicated web, and the causes are usually intertwined in deep-rooted behavioural issues. Specifically, YOUR deep-rooted behavioural issues.

The good news is that you might not be a lazy couch potato. The bad news is that you might possess another blockage, be it anything from lack of inspiration to a complete and utter disregard for deadlines.

But wait- there is more good news! Lack of motivation is a troublesome yet totally possible problem to solve.

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