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Commitment Quotes

Your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.’

Abraham Lincoln


‘Moderation in war is imbecility.’ 

– Admiral John Fisher


‘Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do or die.’ 

– Alfred, Lord Tennyson


‘We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.’

– Aneurin Bevan


‘The dedicated life is the life worth living.’ 

– Annie Dillard


‘The man who sees both sides of an issue is very likely on the fence or up a tree.’

– Anonymous


‘Our future and our fate lie in our wills more than in our hands, for our hands are but the instruments of our wills.’

– B. C. Forbes


‘Nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment.’ 

– Benjamin Disraeli


‘The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.’ 

– Bess Myerson


‘He did it with all his heart, and prospered.’ 

– Bible


‘The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.’

– Cecil B. DeMille


‘Sometimes success is due less to ability than zeal. The winner is he who gives himself to his work body and soul.’

– Charles Buxton


‘Nothing is so common as unsuccessful men with talent. They lack only determination.’

– Charles Swindoll


‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.’

Dante Alighieri


‘The only place you can win a football game is on the field. The only place you can lose it is in your heart.’

– Darrell Royal


‘You can be an ordinary athlete by getting away with less than your best. But if you want to be a great, you have to give it all you’ve got-your everything.’

– Duke P. Kahanamoku


‘Morale is the greatest single factor in successful wars.’ 

– Dwight D. Eisenhower


‘Love me, please, I love you; I can bear to be your friend. So ask of me anything … I am not a tentative person. Whatever I do, I give up my whole self to it.’

– Edna Saint Vincent Millay


‘I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.’

– Eleanor Roosevelt


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‘The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.’ 

– Ellen Glasgow


‘When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.”‘

– Erma Bombeck


‘It was my tongue that swore; my heart is unsworn.’ 

– Euripides


‘Show me a person who is not an extremist about some things, who is a “middle- of-the-roader” in everything, and I will show you someone who is insecure.’

– G. Aiken Taylor


‘It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.’ 

– General Douglas MacArthur


‘Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of the men who follow, and of the man who leads, that gains the victory.’

– General George S. Patton


‘I don’t care a damn for your loyal service when you think I am right; when I really want it most is when you think I am wrong.’

– General Sir John Monash


‘He who walks in the middle of the road gets hit from both sides.’ 

– George P. Shultz


‘If you deny yourself commitment, what can you do with your life?’ 

– Harvey Fierstein


‘Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all-the apathy of human beings.’

Helen Keller


‘Now I am steel-set: I follow the call to the clear radiance and glow of the heights.’

– Henrik Ibsen


‘There’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos.’

– Jim Hightower


‘If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?’ 

Joe Namath


‘Strength is a matter of the made-up mind.’ 

– John Beecher


‘The principle of neutrality … has increasingly become an obsolete conception, and, except under very special circumstances, it is an immoral and shortsighted conception.’

– John Foster Dulles


‘Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living.’

– Josiah Royce


‘There is nothing harder than the softness of indifference.’ 

– Juan Montalvo


‘Let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the truth’s sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won.’

– Louisa May Alcott


‘I never liked the middle ground-the most boring place in the world.’ 

– Louise Nevelson


‘The secret of living is to find a pivot, the pivot of a concept on which you can make your stand.’

Luigi Pirandello


‘We should not permit tolerance to degenerate into indifference.’ 

– Margaret Chase Smith


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‘Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by traffic from both sides.’

Margaret Thatcher


‘The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.’ 

– Marshal Ferdinand Foch


‘If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.’ 

Martin Luther King, Jr.


‘It seems safe to say that significant discovery, really creative thinking, does not occur with regard to problems about which the thinker is lukewarm.’

– Mary Henle


‘Most people are not for or against anything; the first object of getting people together is to make them respond somehow, to overcome inertia.’

– Mary Parker Follett


‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’ 

– Michael Evans


‘A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.’

– Mignon McLaughlin


‘If you start to take Vienna, take Vienna.’ 

Napoleon Bonaparte


‘We’re swallowed up only when we are willing for it to happen.’ 

– Nathalie Sarraute


‘Either do not attempt at all, or go through with it.’ 

– Ovid


‘It is by losing himself in the objective, in inquiry, creation, and craft, that a man becomes something.’

– Paul Goodman


‘The wonderful thing about saints is that they were human. They lost their tempers, got hungry, scolded God, were egotistical or impatient in their turns, made mistakes and regretted them. Still they went on doggedly blundering toward heaven.’

– Phyllis McGinley


‘The middle of the road is where the white line is, and that’s the worst place to drive.’

Robert Frost


‘Those who love a cause are those who love the life which has to be led in order to serve it.’

– Simone Weil


‘I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.’ 

– Vincent van Gogh


‘Men, like snails, lose their usefulness when they lose direction and begin to bend.’

– Walter Savage Landor


‘The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.’ 

– William F. Scolavino


‘Winners are men who have dedicated their whole lives to winning.’

– Woody Hayes

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