10 Best ClickBank Alternatives (2023 Updated)

ClickBank has been doing business for 17 years and has gained over 200 million customers due to its trustworthy reputation. According to their own website, they are one of the top 100 online merchants.

An ordinary affiliate network has nothing to compete with this. The company focuses on products developed by entrepreneurs from all over the world.

ClickBank targets independent merchants, unlike the big companies that are the focus of other affiliate networks.

Affiliate marketers can upload links to their websites to promote digital products on ClickBank (and earn commissions).

ClickBank allows you to sell products or become an affiliate marketer without investing the hours of an overworked office janitor.

ClickBank is one of the best affiliate programs out there today because it offers so many products and pays generous commissions (up to 75% for the best affiliates).

It’s fantastic that there are other options besides ClickBank. The availability of viable alternatives to ClickBank has been instrumental in the explosive growth of the affiliate marketing industry. 

If you are looking for an alternative to ClickBank, here are some that are just as good.

Best ClickBank Alternatives

1. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate and ClickBank are two of the largest affiliate programs available. This website has millions of companies, products, brands, and services available for online promotion.

They sell everything from technological devices to pet accessories and restaurants.

Among the brands represented are Barnes & Noble, J. Crew, and Office Depot. Depending on the program, the commission varies.

CJ, like Rakuten, requires you to apply for each offer. You must complete this step even if you have been accepted into the network. This can be a frustrating obstacle to overcome if you’re not used to it.

Because of its access to large brands, CJ remains the best option for buyers. Despite its age, this affiliate network still works with a diverse range of high-end brands that do not advertise elsewhere.

2. ShareASale

ShareASale is another site similar to ClickBank. This website allows affiliates to promote thousands of products, brands, and other websites. This site has an excellent payout rate as well as a trustworthy reputation.

They represent companies like Reebok, Sally Beauty, and Etsy. Commissions differ depending on the program.

Almost any physical product can be found as an affiliate offer here. The NBA Store, Viator, and WP Engine are all represented.

Affiliates with poor performance may be removed from ShareASale due to insufficient balances. Warnings are not always issued.

Choose ShareASale if you want to start selling physical products. With so many affiliate offers available, this network is frequently referred to as an Amazon alternative.

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3. Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window, like the other ClickBank alternatives, provides affiliates with access to thousands of products and services for online promotion. 

Furthermore, Affiliate Window allows affiliates of varying levels of experience to participate in a global market. Affiliate Window represents well-known brands such as Under Armour, Burton, and HP.

4. Rakuten

Rakuten has a well-established affiliate program. They also provide affiliates with an easy-to-use dashboard that displays earnings, clicks, and conversions data. This affiliate network has been named the best affiliate marketing network by mThink for the eighth year in a row.

This affiliate marketing network, on the other hand, only pays commissions on direct sales and only deals with physical goods. If you prefer, you may find it more convenient to choose between information and physical products on another network.

Furthermore, the affiliate registration process on this network is more difficult than on other networks. Your website must be popular in order to attract the attention of advertisers. 

There is more information to collect, and it will take longer. Each affiliate offer must be applied for separately after successfully joining.

5. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a great place to start because it is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. With millions of products available, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. You can promote anything as long as you’re a member of their affiliate program.

Amazon’s commission structure is tier-based, ranging from 1% to 10% per sale. The structure is based on product categories, with the highest commissions going to Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, and Amazon Coins.

Amazon has a physical product for almost every need. Even if some do not pay the highest commissions, you can create a website to sell them.

When Amazon uses its discretion, there is no warning. The platform has the authority to ban you without providing a reason. High-performing affiliates frequently struggle to survive, despite their high performance and good reputations.

Choosing Amazon means that you will have the freedom to sell a wide range of physical products. There are numerous promotions for both digital and physical products.

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6. JVZoo

JVZoo, for example, has a large affiliate network with 800,000 active advertisers. Because they focus on digital information products, their offers may resemble those of ClickBank.

Affiliates are linked to vendors via the JVZoo affiliate network. It facilitates affiliations and vendor relationships without interference from above. As a result, vendors have a lot of say over how their promotions are designed and where they choose to work with affiliates.

If you choose this network, you can put your previous experience working with digital offers at ClickBank to good use. You can use the offers to supplement any content you’ve already created for CB offers.

This network’s one-of-a-kind payment option allows commission payouts to be collected instantly. This feature is only available to some affiliate offers because it must be enabled by the vendor.

For affiliates, it will be similar to switching from Clickbank to JVZoo. You have an advantage here because CB sells similar products. It could be the best option for you when it comes to selling digital products.

Beginners appreciate this network’s friendliness as well. When compared to the other Clickbank alternatives on this list, you won’t have much trouble getting accepted here. If you join this network, you will have access to a wealth of resources to help you get started.

7. Market Health

Market Health, an affiliate marketing company with years of experience, focuses on the health/beauty niche. This company’s ClickBank alternative will be different from what we are used to.

Despite its narrow niche, there are still a lot of products to sell. Some of these health products are also manufactured by the network’s management company.

Market health provides a network of physical products centered on health foods. Vitamins and supplements, as well as powders and creams, are among the products shipped directly to consumers.

Small affiliate networks are more likely to keep good relationships with their partners. Because publishers with strong websites can negotiate higher rates, the rates on this network are higher than those on other networks.

If you value personalized attention, this Clickbank alternative is for you. There are few affiliate networks that sell their own products, and this is one of them.

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8. PeerFly

PeerFly is a CPA affiliate network with a strong user platform and well-curated offers. Products in many different niches, such as health, fashion, and eCommerce, can be promoted. There are also B2B deals available.

Commission structures and affiliate offers on the network are as varied as the offers themselves. You can negotiate revenue share agreements or CPS offers with some advertisers.

PeerFly has fewer affiliate offers than Google AdSense, but it has plenty of non-digital offers.

Many users have praised PeerFly’s platform in reviews. PeerFly created it in-house, with its simple navigation and extensive features.

Choose PeerFly if you want to start promoting CPA offers (but also have the freedom to experiment with others on the same platform) and generate leads primarily. These types of affiliate offers will be easier to find with PeerFly.

This network’s advertisers, publishers, and offers must abide by its rules. Affiliates just starting out may find it difficult, but if your experience is good, you will encounter fewer low-quality offers.

9. eBay Partner Network

A large affiliate network similar to Amazon’s, but eBay’s affiliate program is different.

Unlike Amazon, eBay pays you based on the volume of traffic you generate. Depending on the product, it could be a better or a worse bargain.

Because of eBay’s emphasis on CPCs, affiliate traffic requirements are higher than for most programs. The rest isn’t too difficult as long as your website receives traffic.

Buyers who follow your link but do not trust the website they end up on may abandon their purchase. eBay, a well-known website, has millions of accounts.

Selling physical goods through the eBay partner network can earn CPC commissions. You could promote a variety of products, some of which have high commission rates for affiliates.

10. Udemy

Udemy is without a doubt one of the most popular education affiliate programs.

It boasts more than 155,000 courses, all of which are run by individual instructors. Keep in mind that anyone can create and publish a course on Udemy, so it’s important to evaluate the quality of courses before recommending them.

It has a cookie window that is 75% shorter than the typical 30-day period, at only 3 days. This means that visitors to your link really need to be in the market for a purchase before you can make any money off of them. 

Fortunately, Udemy’s Marketplace Insights feature allows you to analyze course popularity and investigate specific markets.

Banners and images that Udemy supplies look like advertisements and do not convert as well as deep links. By clicking on these “deep links,” your audience will be taken directly to the page you’ve linked to. In this case, a particular course.

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