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Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez provides a revealing look at the deceitful schemes and billion-dollar dreams that drive Silicon Valley start-ups. 

You’ll learn what it takes to be successful and what goes on behind the scenes at some of the world’s most dominant start-ups.

You may be wondering if you should read the book. This book summary will tell you what important lessons you can learn from this book so you can decide if it is worth your time.

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Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Chaos Monkeys Book Summary

Lesson 1: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were able to succeed because of their dishonest business practices.

The dream of every parent is to raise children who are happy, successful adults with a big heart. It is possible that these parents should not aspire to entrepreneurship. They have realized that kindness is not a prerequisite for success.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as we will see, were both ruthless in their pursuit of wealth.

In 1975, after Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard College, he founded a software company called Microsoft.

There, Gates learned from IBM that the tech giant was looking for a new operating system.

IT expert and Gates’ acquaintance Garry Kildall was the right man for the job. Kildall’s rejection of IBM ‘s contract terms caught Gates off guard.

Gates’ previous friendliness ended at that point. Microsoft knew they were on to a winner when they hired a programmer to create a copy of Kildall’s OS and rename it IBM’s Disk Operating System (DOS).

Microsoft now owns the copyright to Gates’ innovation that allowed computer parts to be swapped. This led to the development of Microsoft’s operating system DOS.

So Gates did not pay out any of his billions to Kildall or IBM.

Early in his career, Steve Jobs was known for his gruff demeanor.

Jobs began his career in the industry at Atari, the developer of the groundbreaking table tennis video game Pong. To encourage the development of a single-player Pong game, Nolan Bushnell, the company’s CEO, offered a reward of several thousand dollars in 1975.

Steve Wozniak was sought after by Steve Jobs for his ability to solve any technical problem. When Steve Jobs was stumped, he increased the pressure on Wozniak. The prize went to Steve Jobs.

In return for his work, Steve Jobs offered Wozniak $350 and told him that the prize was only $700, not thousands.

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Lesson 2: To be successful in starting a business, you have to be extremely dedicated and focused.

Tech moguls Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are each worth billions of dollars, and both have stellar reputations for their intelligence. In Silicon Valley culture, more than brains are valued.

One of the most valuable traits a new entrepreneur should have is obsession.

Before he founded AdGrok and optimized Google Ads, the author was a failed PhD student who had to retake several exams.

He was surrounded by other programmers, all of whom were far more capable and knowledgeable than he was.

Martinez was obsessed despite his lack of intelligence. This allowed him to succeed in the Silicon Valley technology industry.

For him, the AdGrok project was the most important thing. He spent all day every day at conferences or company events, working ridiculously long hours and keeping up with the development of his young daughters via Skype.

Basically, my life was consumed by work. No one cared about him or his family anymore. A lot of people had to put their interests on hold. The launch of AdGrok was so important to him that he gave up things like TV and reading books to focus on the launch of the company.

Even though such an obsessive lifestyle is unpleasant, Martinez was rewarded for it. AdGrok was acquired by Twitter in 2011 for over $10 million.

The ability to persevere through difficulties is another crucial trait for the successful launch of a startup.

Similar to the author, some people acquire this trait at a young age. Martinez attributes his success to his resilience after overcoming many adversities in his childhood, including a sadistic older sister, a bullying father, and frequent schoolyard fights.

Martinez’s tough upbringing gave him a “never give up” mentality that served him well on Wall Street and in the early days of AdGrok.

Lesson 3: Facebook’s tireless management and dedicated employees have risen to the challenge of Google Plus.

Martinez was full of confidence and unyielding will. Perhaps the best example in the history of startups of an obsessively dedicated team successfully overcoming a challenge is Facebook’s 2011 headquarters.

In 2013, Google began to pose a serious threat to Facebook’s position as the leading social media platform with the launch of Google Plus.

It was a difficult task. Some of the most talented employees had defected to the younger company, and now it was time to strike. There are a number of well-known services that work with Google Plus. At launch, it eclipsed Facebook in terms of design, photo sharing, and advertising guidelines.

As their prompt response shows, Facebook employees are clearly committed to the company’s success.

Their inspiration came from their boss, Mark Zuckerberg.

As soon as he learned about Google Plus, he put the entire company on hold and demanded that everyone work around the clock until the problem was fixed.

Zuckerberg, who has never been comfortable in front of an audience, gave an impassioned speech in which he demanded that Facebook improve faster, despite his obvious speech difficulties. Zuckerberg concluded his remarks with the famous quote from Caesar Cato the Elder, “Carthage must be destroyed.” Compared to Zuckerberg’s Rome, Google Plus is clearly Carthage.

The workers followed his instruction. As part of the challenge, the group crafted some Roman-themed costumes and posters and sped up the process by which Facebook is updating its features and photo-sharing options to compete with Google Plus.

As a result, there was little incentive for Facebook users to switch to another provider. With a positive corporate culture, Zuckerberg has shown that even the biggest obstacles can be overcome.

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Lesson 4: There is a valid reason why Facebook’s security department is rarely in the news.

There has been a lot of press coverage of some of Facebook’s big legal battles. However, Facebook employees are constantly fighting behind the scenes to protect their users.

When it comes to social networking, online gaming, and consuming news, Facebook is probably your service of choice. While you are looking at pictures and talking to friends on Facebook, you may not be aware that the site’s security team is working to protect you from potentially disturbing material.

There are many threats to a startup’s online security, including scammers, sex offenders, pornographers and others. Security teams need to review all ads.

It’s a thankless task because most of it happens behind the scenes where no one sees or knows about it. Until something goes wrong or slips through the cracks, most people do not give security much thought.

Most people get angry and accuse them of censorship if they mistakenly flag something, such as a picture of a nursing mother.

To thank those who report harmful content, Facebook’s security team created a group called [email protected] on the social media platform. The crimes committed by the suspects are listed along with their photos and biographies.

Apart from the team’s page, Facebook hides its work. After all, if they knew about all the crimes and attempted crimes committed on Facebook, many people could be discouraged from using the platform.

If Facebook users knew about every sex offender and scammer found on the site, they might think twice about using it given their concerns about online privacy and security. The security team would likely be respected by parents but shunned by children.

There’s a lot of invisible turmoil in Silicon Valley, and this incident is just one example.

Chaos Monkeys Book Review

Chaos Monkeys is a great book I’d like to recommend to anyone who is interested in business. If you spend some time digesting the ideas, it might make a positive impact on your life.

The atmosphere in Silicon Valley is notoriously cutthroat and competitive. Friends have been known to stab each other in the back to advance their careers in Silicon Valley, but there are also many humorous and inspiring stories to be found there. Silicon Valley could be the perfect place for those willing to risk it all for the chance to become the next startup millionaire.

If you are toying with the idea of starting a business but are not sure you have the stomach for it, consider crossing an ocean or continent first. Your success there may indicate that you have what it takes to thrive in the competitive world of startups.

About the Author

Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former Goldman Sachs trader, founded AdGrok, grew it into a company, and eventually became a manager on the Facebook Ads team.

His home is a sailboat off the coast of San Francisco.

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