Canva Pro Vs Canva Free

Are you wondering if Canva Pro is for you? Are you trying to understand all the differences between the free and the pro version of Canva? If the answer is yes, then pay attention because we will cover all of this on this topic.


When the founders of Canva decided to create Canva, the founders Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams have decided (I believe Melanie was pushing hard for this) that Canva needs to be a free product and remain a free product forever.

Canva is not only a free product but a free product that delivers a ton of value. That was the vision straight from the beginning from Melanie Perkins, and she is fighting hard to keep this a reality in the business.

Now let us cover all the goodness included in Canva, even if you use the free version. For example, IN the free version, you get the following:

1. You get access to drag and drop editor easily

And that is what makes Canva so easy to use. You just drag elements from the left panel into the editor, and you start designing. You do not have to create from scratch.

canva pro vs canva free

2. You get access to video editing from the get-go with the free product

That is a very interesting move knowing that many video editing software costs a lot of money.

3. You can use Canva on your computer but also your mobile, having that design on-the-go experience

There are two ways of using Canva on your mobile. You can download the app on Android or iOS, or you can use Canva on a mobile browser – go to from your phone, and you can start using the browser version of Canva on your phone.

4. You can create a design with custom dimensions even in the free version

From the Canva homepage, you can either decide to go with a preset, a document type that Canva is showing you; that could be a presentation, Instagram post, Facebook post, and YouTube banner, and so on – these are the presets, the document types. Or you can use the button Custom size and create a custom dimension project which is pretty cool, and they left this option open even for the non-paying users.

5. You can upload your images and videos

You are not locked and just only limited to what is in the library. You can upload your photos, videos, and sounds, and even all of that is for free.

6. You have access to the text effects

That is something that Canva could have easily decided to give to their paid users, as we have seen in many software. So, we have seven different beautiful text effects.

7. You can use the style tabs to shuffle the styles of your design easily

There you have some preset color palettes and font styles. Just by clicking on the styles tab, you can shuffle the way your design looks. It is like automating the visual designs.

8. You have a built-in social sharing and presentation mode

In this presentation mode, you can easily design your presentations with just a few clicks and the same with built-in social sharing. You can create designs in Canva and share them on your favorite social media networks.

9. You have built-in commenting, which is a relatively new feature with the collaborative aspects of Canva.

You can now work simultaneously with more than one user in the same Canva document, and you can leave comments to the other people of your team or if you work with someone in another country, another city. So it is super convenient to now leave feedback within a Canva document. I love the commenting options.

10. Photo editing

You can import your photos, or you can use a photo from the Canva library. Canva gives you a different set of options to edit these photos like the contrast, luminosity, you can play with saturation, and you can use all of these.

photo editing

You can have classic photo editing sliders and features directly from Canva. You can also play around with different filters that Canva has created for you. All of this is included in the base product in the free version.

11. Design and share with your entire team

It is a pretty powerful option. You can create a design and make that design available to everyone in your team.

And, you can even share your designs created in Canva with people from outside your team who are not yet using Canva by just generating a link.

You will have an option to generate an edit or a view link for the free users and send that to somebody by sending a regular link. You can send that via email, you can send that via messaging platform, and invite people to collaborate with your Canva designs.

You can also share view and edit access to selected people in your team. If you do not wish everyone to have access to the same design, you can tick on and off the people, you want to share your design with.

12. Canva gave you many formats for your file

Canva offers different exporting options, and even if you are using Canva for free, you can export your designs as pdf, jpeg, png, gifs, or mp4 for videos or even PowerPoints is pretty interesting.

13. You can publish designs to various social networks and apps

Canva is integrated nicely with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social media networks and even apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Flickr.

14. You get access for free to all the Canva apps and integrations

Canva is constantly looking for new partnerships and integration to make it easier for you to use it and publish anywhere.

Look out for these apps under the three little dot menu, and you will see all the apps and integration.

You can almost do everything in Canva even if you are not paying a dime. These are the features that are guaranteed to be free and remain free forever.


Canva pro is Canva’s subscription product – subscription offer. Meaning, it is a price that you will be paying monthly or on an annual basis, if you choose to do so, to get access to the pro features.


Well, here this little chart that compares in terms of numbers and features.

There are a couple of differences; the first difference is the volume of stuff you get for free.

Canva pro also offers a set of pro-only features.


Let us talk about prices: How much is Canva pro?

If you go to, you will land on a similar-looking landing page. It will be free forever for you, or if you decide to upgrade now that you know what Canva pro is all about, you can do it here from this landing page.

There are two prices. If you choose to pay for one year of Canva pro, you will be paying US$119.99. And, if you decide to pay per month, the price is going to be US$12.99. So, with a yearly payment, you save US$35.89. I recommend you go for the full year because then you save a couple of dollars every year.


So, that is a big question. I have been using a pro for five or six years.

I know many people are using Canva, and they are very happy about the free version. So, I have prepared this little graphic for you that showcases what you are paying for when upgrading to Canva pro.

Again, upgrading it to pro is entirely up to you. If we come back to this question from the beginning of the topic, like ‘is it worth paying for pro monthly for my business?’ Well, it depends on whether or not you will need access to all of these media, photos, graphics, and videos.

Are you already paying for stock photos? When you need a photo, where do you find it? If the answer is Yes, then you can go ahead with a pro. You are already paying for stock photos and spending a lot of time going to some image library, finding the right photo and downloading, and then uploading into Canva.

Maybe it is worth paying for this amount of other free material that you get directly into Canva. It is more integrated. It is easier to find that might be something to consider.

Are you in need of some pro-only feature? Do you need to get rid of the background on some of your photos? Do you need to export in different qualities? Do you need to export without a background? Do you need to have access to a more elaborated brand kit? Do you work with clients, and they have their own brand identity that you’d love you could use in Canva? Do you need to upload your own font into Canva?

All of these questions should make up your mind about whether or not to upgrade to Canva pro.

The Best Alternative of Canva

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