Cambly Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for a flexible work-from-home job that allows you to make money while helping others learn English? Look no further than Cambly, an online platform designed specifically for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners and tutors. 

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the world of Cambly, exploring its legitimacy, application process, teaching experience, payment structure, and more. 

Whether you’re considering Cambly as a potential source of income due to health constraints, child care responsibilities, or the current job market, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Please note that this review is unbiased and not affiliated with Cambly, ensuring an honest assessment of the platform.

What is Cambly?

Cambly, launched on November 2, 2012, is often referred to as the “Skype for ESL learners and tutors.” It provides a virtual platform where students can connect with English tutors for one-on-one conversation practice. 

Available on both desktop computers and mobile devices through its app, Cambly offers the convenience of learning English anytime and anywhere. 

Unlike other ESL tutoring services like VIP Kid and Golden Voice English, Cambly allows both tutors and students the flexibility to log in whenever they want and interact with each other, without the need for formal online courses or fixed schedules. This freedom makes Cambly an attractive option for both tutors and learners seeking personalized English language support.

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Cambly Review

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How Much Does Cambly Pay Their Tutors?

When it comes to compensation, Cambly has received criticism for being one of the lowest paying online tutoring services. 

Currently, tutors earn $0.17 per minute or $10.20 per hour. While these rates may not make you rich, they can serve as a supplemental income, especially if you have other commitments such as school or another job. It’s important to note that unpaid breaks can be a drawback of working online. 

To optimize your time and income as a freelancer, it’s advisable to have multiple projects or income sources running concurrently.

The Cambly Application Process: Quick and Easy

Compared to other online ESL platforms, Cambly has a relatively straightforward and hassle-free application process. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can join Cambly as a tutor:

  1. Register on the Site: Visit the tutor registration form on the Cambly website and sign up for an account. You can use your existing Google, Facebook, or Apple account to expedite the process.
  2. Fill Out the Forms: Answer a few questions about yourself, including your date of birth, country of origin, reasons for your interest in Cambly, and any relevant experience you may have. Compared to other ESL sites, the number of questions is minimal.
  3. Equipment/Connection Test: Cambly ensures that tutors have a reliable internet connection and functional video and microphone equipment. If you’re located in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand, you should meet the minimum criteria for internet speed.
  4. Create a 2-Minute Introductory Video: Record a video introducing yourself to potential students. Speak clearly and slowly, keeping in mind that you’ll be teaching non-native English speakers. Utilize Total Physical Response (TPR), a teaching strategy that combines physical gestures and body language to engage students. A positive and energetic demeanor can also make a lasting impression.
  5. Getting Hired: After submitting your complete application with the introductory video, the Cambly team will review your application and notify you if you’ve been accepted. Many teachers receive job offers within 12 hours of applying, but the timeframe may vary.

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How Are Classes Assigned on Cambly?

Unlike other online platforms, Cambly takes a different approach to assigning classes. Rather than actively seeking out students, Cambly allows students or their parents to search for tutors and directly contact those who catch their interest. This makes your introductory video an essential tool for attracting potential students. 

Cambly’s approach offers several advantages, including the freedom to contact students at any time, 24/7, without the need for a minimum workload. This scheduling flexibility sets Cambly apart from other online ESL platforms.

What Are the Cambly Classes Like?

The duration of each Cambly lesson is determined by the student’s preference and can range from 15 to 60 minutes. Cambly’s course catalog covers a wide range of topics tailored to the specific interests and needs of its diverse student base. 

Some examples of the course sections include “English for Survival,” which caters to tourists and new immigrants in English-speaking countries, exam preparation, job interview preparation, business English, and basic conversation skills. The platform’s diverse student population is a refreshing change for tutors who previously worked on platforms primarily focused on Chinese students. 

Additionally, Cambly offers a separate program called Cambly Kids for tutors interested in teaching young learners, with an hourly wage of $12 rather than the standard $10.20.

What Platform Do Cambly Teachers Use?

Cambly provides tutors with a convenient in-app translation tool, which saves time and reduces stress during lessons. The tool allows students to type any questions in their native language, which are then translated into English, and vice versa. This feature proves especially useful for students struggling to find the right words or express themselves fluently in English.

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Cambly Tutor Requirements

Becoming a Cambly tutor doesn’t require overcoming significant hurdles in terms of requirements. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  1. Fluency in English: As a platform primarily catering to English learners, Cambly prefers native English speakers from countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  2. Internet Connection and Equipment: A stable internet connection, a computer with a microphone and camera, or a smartphone are the basic technical requirements for conducting online tutoring sessions.
  3. Distraction-Free Environment: While it’s recommended to create a distraction-free atmosphere for effective teaching, as long as both you and your student can see and hear each other clearly, you can conduct Cambly tutoring sessions from various locations.
  4. Teaching Credential (Optional): While not mandatory, holding a teaching credential can potentially increase your chances of obtaining additional tutoring hours.

Cambly User Reviews: The Good and the Bad

As with any business, Cambly has its fair share of loyal fans and vocal critics. Reviews of the platform highlight both positive and negative experiences. Some common complaints revolve around low wages, limited opportunities for contribution, and concerns about dormant accounts being frozen. 

However, it’s important to consider the nature of freelancing and the entrepreneurial mindset required for success. Cambly should ideally be one of many clients rather than the sole focus of your income stream. By diversifying your sources of income, you can prioritize higher-paying clients while using Cambly to fill in any gaps in your schedule. 

Ultimately, your experience with Cambly will depend on your expectations, commitment, and ability to manage your time effectively.

Cambly Review


Cambly Review

Recommendation: Here’s The Best Alternative

Pros of Cambly

Cambly offers several advantages that make it an appealing option for aspiring ESL tutors:

  1. No Teaching Credential Required: Unlike some other online ESL platforms, Cambly doesn’t mandate a teaching credential or previous experience. This makes it accessible to individuals who have a passion for teaching but lack formal qualifications.
  2. Flexible Schedule: Cambly provides tutors with the freedom to set their own schedule. There is no minimum number of hours required, and you can choose to teach as much or as little as you want. The platform also offers a Priority Hours feature, which guarantees a portion of your earnings even if you don’t receive any calls during that time.
  3. Teaching Materials: While Cambly provides teaching materials, tutors are free to use their own resources, allowing for more personalization and adaptation to individual student needs.
  4. Easy Application Process: The application process for Cambly is simple and doesn’t involve a formal interview or live demo. This makes it convenient for aspiring tutors to get started quickly.

Cons of Cambly

While Cambly has its advantages, it’s essential to consider the potential drawbacks:

  1. Low Wages: Cambly has been criticized for offering one of the lowest pay rates among online tutoring platforms. The current rate of $0.17 per minute or $10.20 per hour may not provide a substantial income. However, Cambly can be a viable option for supplemental income or those seeking flexibility rather than relying solely on it for financial stability.
  2. Limited Tutor Eligibility: Cambly only hires native English speakers from specific countries, which may restrict opportunities for individuals from non-English-speaking countries. Additionally, Cambly pays tutors exclusively through PayPal, which is not available in all countries, posing a challenge for tutors who don’t have access to this payment method.
  3. Lengthy Hiring Process: During periods of low student demand, the hiring process on Cambly can be protracted, taking several months to complete. This extended timeline may deter those seeking immediate employment.
  4. Mixed Age Groups: While Cambly offers the Cambly Kids program for teaching young learners, there may still be instances where tutors are assigned adult students. However, tutors are typically paid less for teaching children compared to adult learners.

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Is Cambly a Scam or Legitimate?

While skepticism is natural when it comes to sharing personal and financial information online, rest assured that Cambly is a legitimate platform. 

However, it’s important to exercise caution and take additional measures to protect your online identity. One concern regarding Cambly’s legitimacy is the lack of detailed information about its origins and the individuals behind the company on its website. 

This absence of transparency may raise some suspicion, but it doesn’t necessarily imply fraudulent activities. It’s worth noting that Cambly has a presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, although their accounts seem inactive, which can be a cause for concern. 

However, various videos of the company’s founders, real student and tutor testimonials, and positive feedback from the Cambly community add credibility to the platform.

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Popular Online ESL Alternatives to Cambly

If Cambly doesn’t meet your requirements or if you’re interested in exploring other online ESL platforms, here are a few popular alternatives:

  1. Palfish: Palfish is an excellent option for individuals without a university degree who still want to teach English online. Highly qualified educators can earn up to $30 per hour.
  2. Magic Ears: Magic Ears focuses on teaching young Chinese students and requires tutors to have a bachelor’s degree or be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.
  3. UUABC: UUABC is an emerging platform in the global community of online English teachers. Like Magic Ears, applicants need to hold a college degree to be considered.

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Cambly Tutor FAQ

To address common questions and concerns about becoming a Cambly tutor, here are some frequently asked questions:

1. Is Cambly legit?

Yes, Cambly is a legitimate platform that has gained a reputation among educators as a convenient online classroom. Teachers are paid weekly through PayPal, and the Cambly website features numerous positive testimonials from actual teachers.

2. How much can you make on Cambly?

Regular classes on Cambly pay $10.20 per hour, while Cambly Kids classes offer $12 per hour. These rates are lower than the market average, and there is no room for negotiation.

3. How long does it take to get hired by Cambly?

Some teachers have been hired within 12 hours of submitting their application and introductory video, while the overall process typically takes three to four days.

4. Is it easy to get hired at Cambly?

Yes, Cambly stands out for its low barrier to entry. If you have fluency in English and can speak and write proficiently, you have a good chance of being hired as a Cambly tutor.

5. Do you need a degree to work for Cambly?

No, Cambly does not require any specific qualifications, including a TEFL certificate. However, a certified 120-hour TEFL course can enhance your prospects for advancement in the ESL field.

6. What is the Cambly tutor age requirement?

It is recommended that Cambly tutors be 18 years of age or older.

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Cambly Review: Final Verdict

In conclusion, Cambly is a legitimate platform for individuals looking to embark on a career in online ESL tutoring. It offers flexibility, ease of application, and the opportunity to connect with students from around the world. 

However, it’s important to manage expectations regarding earnings as the pay rates are relatively low. Cambly should be viewed as a supplemental source of income rather than a sole means of support. If you are seeking a stable and secure stream of passive income, starting an affiliate marketing business online may be a more viable option. 

Wealthy Affiliate, a reputable platform for affiliate marketing, offers comprehensive training and tools to help you build a successful online business from scratch. 

Numerous success stories from Wealthy Affiliate members highlight its effectiveness in generating substantial income. To explore this alternative, you can sign up for a free starter membership to experience the platform firsthand.

You can check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

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Remember, making money online requires time, effort, and innovative thinking. Whether you choose Cambly or another opportunity, consider your personal circumstances, financial goals, and the resources available to you. With the right mindset and dedication, you can achieve success in the online teaching industry or any other online venture you choose to pursue.

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