Bradley Martyn Net Worth 2022 – Family, Income, House, Car

With income from his YouTube channel and business, Bradley Martyn has amassed a net worth of $3 Million as of 2022.

The fitness trainer, entrepreneur, content producer and popular YouTuber hails from the United States. The first name that comes to mind when it comes to the best bodybuilders in the world is Bradley Martyn. 

Across the country, he has gained a huge following and is not inferior to other big celebrities. He is also known for founding and owning Zoo Culture Gym in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Through his workout and diet plans, he has managed to gain millions of followers and attract millions of viewers to his videos. In addition to his social media presence, Martyn has over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Bradley Martyn is a social media sensation with over 3 million followers. You can find his income, net worth, earnings, various brands, luxurious lifestyle, career, biography and some more interesting facts about him on his social media profiles.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money Bradley Martyn has and how he builds his net worth.

At the end of this article, we will also tell you how to get rich like Bradley Martyn. So be sure to read to the end.

Bradley Martyn Net Worth 2022

Bradley Martyn has an estimated net worth of $3 Million in 2022. He is an American fitness trainer and YouTuber. He earns most of his income from his YouTube channel and his business, Zoo Culture Gym. In addition, most of his wealth comes from various commercials for supplements and fitness brands, sponsorships, and his online workout program BMFit, which generates a significant portion of his income.

Bradley Martin had previously founded a number of fitness centers, including Zoo Gym and Nike Design Center. He is also the co-founder of Lean Meal, a fresh food delivery service that features healthy fitness-based meals.

As a fitness guru and social media sensation in the online world, he has gained great popularity through his YouTube channel. He earns more than $30,000 a month.

Thanks to his popularity in the fitness industry, his net worth increases every year. Bradley Martyn earns more than $300,000 annually.

To calculate the net worth of Bradley Martyn, subtract all his liabilities from his total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity he has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as student loans and credit card debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: Bradley Martyn
Net Worth: $3 Million
Monthly Salary: $30,000+
Annual Income: $300,000+
Source of Wealth: YouTuber, Fitness Influencer

Bradley Martyn Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $3 Million
Net Worth 2021: $2.7 Million
Net Worth 2020: $2.5 Million
Net Worth 2019: $2.2 Million
Net Worth 2018: $2 Million

How Did Bradley Martyn Build His Net Worth?

Bradley Martyn’s primary income source is from his YouTube videos, advertising, sponsorships, and endorsement deals with fitness companies and celebrities. 

In August 2014, Bradley launched his own YouTube channel after gaining some attention online. On the video platform, he posted videos of his workout exercises and meal preparation. In some of his first videos, he collaborated with various celebrities, including Yousef Erakat (aka FouseyTube) and Simeon Panda.

Recently, with the support of various investors, he founded the “Zoo Culture” gym.

So you may wonder how Bradley Martyn get started and built his net worth of $3 Million. Let me tell you in detail.

How Much Money Does Bradley Martyn Make From YouTube Channel?

First, Bradley Martyn, as a fitness trainer, makes a lot of money from his YouTube channel. 

When he was 15 years old, he went to the gym for the first time because he hoped it would improve his soccer skills. 

When he was 17, he realized he enjoyed lifting weights and working out. Later, Bradley learned more about powerlifting, proper nutrition and fitness tips. His role models are, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson.

He also immediately realized that he was an entrepreneur and founded his training program BMFit at a young age. 

In addition to bodybuilding competitions, Bradley Martyn has won many titles, including the NPC South California Champion, the NPC USA Championship Runner Up and the NPC Phil Heat Classic.

In August 2014, Martyn started a YouTube channel and began posting vlogs about his daily life. In 2016, he was featured on Boo! The Madea Halloween, where he played Byron.

With 3.02M subscribers, Bradley Martyn also makes money from his Youtube channel.

YouTubers with 100k subscribers and two new videos each week can make $600 to $1,000. The ad revenue is somewhere between $2,400 and $4,000 per month.

According to the YouTube money calculator, ​​Bradley Martyn has easily earned at least $1Million from his YouTube channel through advertising.

How Much Money Does Bradley Martyn Make From Brand Endorsement?

Second, Bradley Martyn makes money from brand endorsements. When it comes to brand promotion for supplement and fitness products, Bradley Martyn is the go-to person. He is promoting several brands, but Martyn has launched his own supplement line, so he doesn’t have to endorse other products. 

How Much Money Does Bradley Martyn Make From Zoo Culture, Origin Supplements, RAWGEAR and BMFit?

Third, Bradley Martyn makes a lot of money from his businesses. He owns a protein supplement company called Origin Supplements. 

Besides that, he also owns other companies, such as a lifestyle & fitness clothing brand called ‘RAWGEAR’ and a gym called “Zoo Culture”.

His online workout program BMFit also generates a significant portion of his income.

How Much Are Bradley Martyn’s Cars Worth?

Bradley Martyn says he does not like expensive cars, but he does have some luxury vehicles in his garage. Let us take a look at Bradley Martyn’s car collection. He is a big man and likes to buy big trucks. He owns a 2018 Ford Raptor truck that cost him around $120,000. He also owns a white ‘Chevrolet Camaro Zl1, which has 650 horsepower and costs $63,000.

What Houses Does Bradley Martyn Own?

Bradley James owns some luxurious estates that make him one of the richest bodybuilders in the United States. He has built a new luxury house to create a place where all the employees can work together.

This house has more rooms and more space and was beautifully designed for activities. He spends most of his time in his playroom, which is his favorite room. A large garden, a swimming pool, a hot tub and an outdoor fireplace complete this luxurious house.

What Аwаrdѕ Did Bradley Martyn Receive?

A small-time fitness trainer, Bradley Martyn has worked hard to build an impressive resume that is the envy of many. 

He has also competed in various physique and bodybuilding championships, winning the NPC Southern California Championship in 2011 and the NPC Phil Heath Classic in 2013.

Bradley Martyn’s Early Life

Born into a modest household in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bradley Martyn witnessed a tragic event at a very early age when his father committed suicide. 

The event affected him deeply at the age of 6, and he spent the rest of his life chewing on it. However, he also became a serious and strong-willed person and was very close to his mother because of this event.

His physical training helped him channel all his fears, doubts, and aversion to life and build a strong body and mind when he was about 15 years old.

Bradley Martyn graduated from California State College with a degree in business administration but decided to pursue fitness training as a career after years of sweating it out in the gym. 

In 2006, he started his fitness center, where he not only helped people transform, but also motivated them to improve themselves.

In 2014, the positive feedback from his clients prompted him to enter the online space with his own fitness channel on YouTube. As he gained experience in the field he had chosen for himself, he realized his potential in this area. 

In the beginning, he talked about his fitness program, which included innovative exercises and easy-to-follow diet plans. 

As the number of subscribers increased, he introduced several innovative workout plans, including BMFIT.

It is quite obvious that Bradley’s initiative has been extremely successful, judging by the amount of admiration he has received.

Bradley Martyn’s Personal Life and Family

In 2022, Bradley Martyn will be 32 years old, born in San Francisco, California, United States. As for Bradley Martyn’s family, he is very reserved about his personal life and he has never posted any information about his parents or siblings on social media. However, Bradley has an older brother and his mother was a teacher.

His stepfather was a police officer. Martyn’s father passed away when he was 6 years old, which was a very difficult time in his life. 

Through his experiences, Martyn helped his fans deal with similar situations. Bradley developed an obsession for athletics, while his older brothers were interested in art and motorcycles. He discovered his passion for fitness at an early age and dropped out of college to pursue the hobby.

Bradley Martyn has a stunning, esthetic physique; he is 1.83 m tall and weighs 111 kg. He loves to train his favorite body part, the biceps.

How Much Does Bradley Martyn Make in Year?

According to some reports, Bradley Martyn’s annual income is over $300,000.

FAQs About Bradley Martyn

How rich is Bradley Martyn?

As per the record of media, Bradley Martyn’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 Million in 2022.

How tall is Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn is 6’3″ (190.5cm) tall.

How old is Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn was born May 22, 1989, in San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States. He is 32 years old as of 2022.

Favorite Bradley Martyn Quotes

“I gained my popularity first on Instagram so I have to show some loyalty there too.” – Bradley Martyn


“If somebody wants to get my attention just be you and be real. You don’t have to do anything crazy.” – Bradley Martyn


“I think pressure is part of the thing that makes us who we are.” – Bradley Martyn


“I have never focused on my physique for any reason outside of being better in the gym. I don’t really have a life outside of that anyways lol.” – Bradley Martyn


“I like to spend time at Zoo Culture and hang out there even when I’m not training. We have people visiting Zoo Culture from afar every day so I like to try and be there to interact with people that follow and support me.” – Bradley Martyn


“I jumped out of a 4-foot pool for my first viral video. I’ve since squatted on a hoverboard and done a bunch of other ridiculous or impressive things that went viral since then.” – Bradley Martyn


“I have two female pit bulls that I adopted. One is named Bam and she’s the oldest. The other is named Haze. I try and take them everywhere with me. They are my family and have brought even more enjoyment and happiness to my life than I initially thought.” – Bradley Martyn


“I opened my gym Zoo Culture in May 2017 and I didn’t do it to make more money. I just wanted a place to film for youtube and workout. It was always a dream of mine so I did it. It is now doing well.” – Bradley Martyn


“I think about competing in the new Classic Physique division from time to time, but right now I’m still focused on building my brands: BMFIT, Zoo Culture, Origin Supplements, and Culture Cast.” – Bradley Martyn

“Being bigger gets you more attention, but that’s not always a good thing.” – Bradley Martyn

View our larger collection of the best Bradley Martyn quotes.

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How To Become Rich Like Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn did not become rich by luck. To become as rich as Bradley Martyn, you have to work smart.

Successful people become rich because they take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. They are in the right place at the right time and take the right action.

Thanks to the Internet, the world has changed massively in recent years. Nowadays it has become much easier to make money online.

Instead of looking for a 9-5 job and staying in your comfort zone, it’s better if you become your own boss as soon as possible.

You can learn how to build a digital asset that generates cash flow for you while you sleep to grow your wealth quickly.

If you seize this golden opportunity in time, you can become as successful as Bradley Martyn one day.

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