Book Review: Boss It by Carl Reader

Boss It is the starter guide for every aspiring entrepreneur. 

This book will show you how to turn your dream into an established business with both practical guidance and inspirational motivation.

You may be wondering if you should read the book. This book review will tell you what important lessons you can learn from this book so you can decide if it is worth your time.

At the end of this book review, I’ll also tell you the best way to get rich by reading and writing

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Lesson 1: Set up your business’ operational systems carefully to grow up healthy

After receiving your funding, developing your website, and making a few sales, you may be tempted to go full throttle. In any case, you have most likely not received a paycheck, so why not try to increase your earnings?

Because you’re already doing so much, it’s not a big deal if you’re having trouble finding new customers. Putting all of your eggs in one basket and expanding too quickly can result in things falling through the cracks. What if you fail to pay the supplier because you were distracted by a few emails? In this case, your supply chain is disrupted, resulting in production delays.

Unfortunately, you only have two hands. Trying to grow quickly will require you to juggle more tasks. To manage a lot of balls, you’ll need the right systems and processes in place.

Now that we’ve established the distinction between processes and systems, let’s define them. In a process, steps are taken to complete a task or deal with an event. Create a process for handling customer service requests, for example.

A system, on the other hand, is a collection of processes associated with a specific aspect of your business. Marketing, sales, operations, human resources, and financial management systems will be required by almost all businesses. It is critical that you develop KPIs for each of your company’s systems in order to ensure its health.

Tracking the number of employees who leave each year, for example, or the customers a company attracts through Facebook campaigns. Keep the KPIs for each system as low as possible and track only the most important values.

If you create processes, your system will run more smoothly. To be effective, these must be directly linked to the KPIs; they must also be clear and efficient, and they must include contingency plans.

These processes may appear difficult to design, but believe it or not, they are already a part of you. You simply need to translate your ideas into an operations manual for future employees to follow. You will eventually be able to manage the company without your presence.

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Lesson 2: Know who your customer is and how to locate them

Obtaining and retaining customers is the single most important factor in your company’s success. This is because consistent, dependable customers are the lifeblood of any business. You can also plan for the future based on the cash flow they provide.

A company that loses a customer suffers not only monetary loss, but also the additional cost of finding new customers.

The quality of a product, the location, and a flashy website are insufficient to attract new customers. To be successful with your product, you must first understand who your customers are – or who you want them to be – and how you can pique their interest.

Before you buy advertising, consider what your ideal customer might want. What is their background, what do they do, and what did they study? Is there anything important to them, and what do they want to achieve in life?

Because the ultimate goal is to understand your customer, you should ask as many questions as possible. Understanding who they are will improve your chances of attracting their attention.

You can pinpoint your ideal market by identifying your ideal customer. From a marketing standpoint, you can directly appeal to their values. Using cultural references that are meaningful to them or promoting yourself on websites they frequent are examples of how you can demonstrate how your product can benefit them.

Organic online marketing starts with the simple but critical step of developing a website, which must be supported by search engine optimization so that your products appear near the top of search engine results. Because business is increasingly becoming human-to-human, social media is an important component of this strategy. All of these methods can be “hacked” by purchasing better search results, launching social media campaigns, or hiring influencers.

Regardless of the method you use, you should have a clear marketing plan that tracks both expenditures and results. Because your budget is limited, make the most of it.

Lesson 3: Key customers are your business’s best friends

There will always be customers who you do not require, regardless of how valuable they are. Every customer is important in the beginning because it is critical to earn every dollar.

But how concerned are you about customers who are unlikely to return? Is it worth it to serve them if you can’t make money? Isn’t it better to avoid interacting with someone who is untrustworthy, dishonest, or does not share your values?

Because your company profits directly from each sale, you may be tempted to see the world through rose-colored glasses. As your company hires more employees, they may feel less inclined to serve the bad apples in the future. As a result, knowing who your key customers are is critical so you can do everything possible to keep them coming back.

The key to good customer service is a healthy customer service culture within a company. Your values and vision, as a leader, set the tone for employee culture, which is then carried over to your employees. This appears to be a simple task, but it is not.

Small businesses have historically competed with one another. Customers today, on the other hand, have grown accustomed to the low-cost and quick services provided by companies such as Google and Amazon.

As a result, they may have unrealistic expectations for your services. As a result, when it comes to customer service, quick response times are critical.

Unfortunately, if you fail to meet a customer’s expectations, which you will almost certainly do, they will likely complain on social media. If a customer threatens to leave a negative review in exchange for a discount, you must keep your cool, no matter how unfair this may appear. It makes no difference whether the negative review was justified or not; remain professional and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Finally, customer satisfaction can be measured through surveys. Make them simple and straightforward, with a focus on yes/no questions. Numbers can also be useful: What do typical customers spend? What is your customer retention rate? Knowing these figures should help you determine how satisfied your customers are.

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Lesson 4: To grow your business, you need to find the right people and set the right mood

Your company is now fully operational. You are no longer responsible for everything because you have hired employees who can make their own decisions. Your processes will automatically adapt to meet the needs of your business as it grows, eliminating bottlenecks in the process.

If you want to keep growing, you should consider scaling, such as expanding into new cities or allowing the business to function without you.

To achieve this, you must develop and retain new talent, as well as guide them into the future. The ultimate goal is to have a self-sufficient business.

It is critical for a company to not only have the right people working for it, but also to have the right systems in place to find and train them. Even though so much of running a business boils down to facts and figures, a great team requires engaging human complexity to succeed. Many businesses fail to plan and then rush recruitment, resulting in hiring mistakes.

When you know you need new talent, don’t just hire the first person who shows up with the right skills. Instead, take the time to find someone who is a good fit for your company.

Wrong hires are more than just a waste of money and time; they can also have an impact on team morale. Avoid this by starting recruitment before a position is needed. This allows you to make a deliberate decision without feeling rushed.

It won’t be long before you’re in charge of both a workplace and a company culture. This vibe is more than just ping-pong tables and boozy parties. You must cultivate attitudes and behaviors rather than allowing your company’s culture to develop naturally.

An excellent workplace culture promotes a shared identity and values, which are reflected in both the office decor and the guiding principles of operations, as well as clear leadership and a cohesive decision-making process.

At the end of the day, all of these factors start with you. Be mindful of your leadership style. Praise others in public, hire smarter people, and listen to others’ advice. Keep your ego in check and remember that even as the leader, you do not know everything.

About the Author

In the course of his career, Carl Reader has started and invested in countless businesses. 

He is chairman of d&t, a business advisory company, and made City AM’s 2017 list of the 100 top entrepreneurs.

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